Chapter 75.1 – Destroying the Headquarters (3)

This space was the newly formed battlefield of the strange species. Its vines covered the entire dungeon, and it knew every corner of this place like the back of its hand. It possessed human-like intelligence, unlike other strange species; it could predict human actions and react accordingly.

And its reactions were swift. After several attempts to attack were interrupted, the three high school students sustained varying degrees of injuries.

They became aware of the power gap between themselves and the strange species. After a prolonged struggle, they were starting to feel fatigued, their breaths uneven. However, the humanoid figure covered in vines seemed unaffected. Though they managed to cut off many of its vines, they would regenerate almost instantly, as if it had never been wounded.

Glancing at the humanoid figure, whose feet had transformed into vines and remained entangled in the flesh heap on the ground, Chen Jing signaled with his eyes to Xiao Pang and Zhang Xin.

Xiao Pang and Zhang Xin understood his intention. Instead of attempting to cut off more vines as before, they began to climb higher.

The dark red vines pursued them relentlessly.

Just as the main body’s vines were all trailing behind, forming an almost twisted skeleton, Zhang Xin raised her hand. The fire below suddenly intensified, turning completely golden-red. The dungeon, already tinged with dark red, became even redder, bathed in bright light. The growth of the flesh heap below gradually slowed down, left to its own devices. Xiao Pang leaped onto the railing, heading higher and leading the vines upward.

Chen Jing leaped down from above. The strange species below seemed to understand what they were planning. The vines that were initially reaching upward rapidly retracted.

However, the vines had already stretched too far. Chen Jing’s descent speed far exceeded its retraction speed. It watched as this person fell rapidly, feeling the burning sensation from below. It had no choice but to move upward.

The broken railing in Chen Jing’s hand gradually solidified. At the moment when all the vines left the pile of meat, he brought the sharp side of the railing against the legs of the thick vines.

After a flash of light, the vines growing on the legs all fell down, along with a section of the wall.

The falling wall, with its substantial weight, landed on the pile of meat below, burying it solidly and completely separating it from the strange species.

The flames continued to burn, climbing up the vines attached to the wall, incinerating all of them. The entire space was left with the humanoid creature now without legs. Having left the pile of meat, it could no longer restore itself to its original state as before.

The strange species possessed human intelligence but lacked the understanding of cooperation and synergy.

Chen Jing, who had cut off one of its legs, used the railing of the dungeon to support himself and jumped towards the strange species again.

One vine had been mostly cut off, but a thin strand remained connected. In an instant, the vine was restored to its original state. Apart from the support of the pile of meat, the creature also had self-healing capabilities.

Above, Xiao Pang quickly surveyed the surroundings, tearing large pieces of fabric from the special protective suits of the deceased on the ground. He stood up and tossed the fabric down, and Chen Jing caught it perfectly. After wrapping his hands with the fabric, Zhang Xin raised her hand in the distance, and the metal railing in his hand began to heat up.

When the heated metal railing swept across the vine, it emitted a sizzling sound, turning the vine charred and rendering it unable to regenerate.

The strange species became furious, perhaps losing its rationality. The vines wildly thrashed, launching indiscriminate attacks. The cells that could easily imprison people to death were turned into ruins by the thrashing vines.

At the cost of a fractured left hand, Chen Jing and the other two managed to deal with the strange species.

Aside from the remnants of the vines falling to the ground with a dull thud, there was silence.

Xiao Pang covered his wounds, asking softly, “Is it over?”

As if in response to his voice, a massive sound emanated from underground, shaking their eardrums.

The debris accumulated on the bottommost layer exploded.

The once-covered pile of meat had disappeared, and gigantic spiral tentacles crawled out from the ground, easily piercing through thick concrete with their barbs.

Without seeing the complete form of the monster, the three people above already felt a strong sense of crisis.

This strange species was on a completely different level from the one before.

Hardly able to react, beyond the range of visible movements, the three injured individuals were directly swept off the dungeon by the spiral tentacles, landing heavily on the ground.

A tentacle swept towards Chen Jing, and using his temporarily uninjured right hand, he quickly picked up the metal railing again, blocking the accurately aimed barbs. The barbs stopped just before piercing his throat, but he was pushed into a corner. The railing was also knocked away, twisted and deformed, finally landing with a clatter at the other end of the room.

“Chen Jing! On your right!”

Zhang Xin’s shout came from his side, and Chen Jing turned to see another tentacle attacking, with conspicuous barbs.

Zhang Xin and Xiao Pang were already occupied, and the warning was their utmost effort.

Behind him was a wall, and he had no weapon in hand, leaving him with no way to retreat.


Before the barbs struck, a metallic humming sound rang out.

The dungeon, which had once again fallen into darkness, emitted a faint light. A bloodied long sword stood upright next to the person who had fallen in the corner. It made a sharp sound as it rubbed against the barbs, even producing sparks.

A large hole was torn open at the top of the dungeon, and debris fell down, hitting the strange species that almost occupied the entire space.

A fourth person appeared in the dungeon.

A shadow flashed, and the long sword beside Chen Jing was taken away. The blade, reflecting the light from above, appeared snowy white.

In the blink of an eye, a massive tentacle, laden with spikes, fell to the ground. The incision was neat, but it could no longer regenerate.

Neither the suddenly appeared person nor the strange species could be clearly seen by the other three.

After finally settling down temporarily, a person stood on the top-level railing. He held a long sword, and his white hair moved slightly with the dungeon’s breeze. Half of his face was hidden in the darkness as he lowered his eyes, observing the creature below as if contemplating.

The three individuals below lifted their heads, their expressions changing.

It was 001.

The 001 they had searched for a long time but couldn’t find was now inexplicably present here.

—Without any explanation, they just accepted the identity of this person.

Even though they had never truly seen him, some people could always be recognized at a glance.

Although they didn’t know why he suddenly appeared here, it was clear that he had saved their lives.

Xiao Pang and Zhang Xin, holding their wounds, picked up weapons and stood ready again. Chen Jing looked at the figure above, his eyebrows slightly raised.

The person on the top level moved. He leaped directly from the railing, and the tentacles below completely disregarded the other three individuals, all reaching upward, attempting to intercept this rapidly descending person.

Its interception was destined to be in vain. A sharp gleam flashed, and limbs kept falling from the sky, smashing what was left of the dungeon. Floors collapsed, railings broke, and debris firmly embedded itself into the falling tentacles.

Old tentacles were cut off, new ones kept growing, but the newly grown tentacles no longer tried to obstruct. Instead, they changed their strategy, reaching toward the person’s back, quietly wrapping around him incessantly.

This strategy seemed successful. The constant commotion in the space finally began to quiet down. The dungeon, which had been mostly destroyed, reluctantly stabilized, no longer collapsing further.

After all the sounds had completely quieted down, a faint sound was repeatedly amplified.

It was the sound of a blade cutting through tight flesh, each strike causing a tingling sensation on the scalp.


In a certain moment, the tentacles that had tightly enveloped the person softened and hung down. The outer skin cracked inch by inch, releasing red blood. The colossal body began to descend slowly, thorns piercing into the cement, producing a sound of crumbling concrete.

From the wreckage of the strange species, a person walked out, white hair stained with blood. The sword he dragged behind him left a winding trail on the ground. The strange species behind him burst into pieces in silence, various fluids spilling all over, its body marked by neat incisions with no intact parts.

Absolute strength, violence, dominance.

He slightly raised his head, the light above illuminating emotionless light-colored pupils. A hint of red marks flashed in his eyes.

The three people finally saw the face of this person.

For a moment, it seemed like there was only the sound of breathing in the entire space.

Objectively speaking, he was handsome, with striking features that made it hard to look away.

Subjectively speaking, he felt familiar, a kind of familiarity seen many times before.

Xiao Pang and Zhang Xin’s eyes gradually widened in disbelief, momentarily forgetting to breathe.

Under the white hair was a face both unfamiliar and familiar, with pale eyebrows and eyes, only the eye corners stained with blood, adding a touch of bloody intent, not as lazy and drooping as usual.


It was difficult to articulate. The brains of the three individuals were rapidly processing information, as if about to explode, their worldview receiving a fierce impact.

Xiao Pang’s language system was in disorder, emitting meaningless sounds, “This… you, me, him…”


The man halted his steps. The hand that usually wouldn’t even lift a small suitcase was now dragging a long sword, its sharp blade deeply embedded in the cement ground, blood traces trickling down.

In the midst of the quiet, the person standing at the center of the dungeon lowered his eyebrows, bending over slowly with the handle of the sword in hand:


Indeed, he shouldn’t have had those two sips of alcohol after playing mahjong.

Jiang Yujin vomited while deeply reflecting on himself.

Alcohol is harmful!

Chen Jing: “…”

Zhang Xin and Xiao Pang: “…?”

For a moment, they couldn’t quite understand the current situation, feeling like they were in a dream.

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