Chapter 80 – Pan-Fried Salted Fish

In the end, the members of the SIU tactfully expressed their appreciation for Captain Xu’s assistance and stated that they would take the suspect back. A group of people watched as Captain Xu put another person into the car, personally fastened the seatbelt, and silently saw the two individuals off.

After the vehicle had driven a certain distance, the previously quiet place instantly exploded. Those who arrived later, unable to witness the scene firsthand, could only listen to others’ narratives with regret and frustration.

Driving from the outskirts into the city, with lights gradually illuminating on both sides, Citizen Jiang, with lifeless eyes, on the co-driver’s seat, slightly raised himself, interrupting Captain Xu’s lecture on the hazards of alcohol to say, “Let’s pause for now. I won’t go home today; I’ll go to your place.”

The lecture on this side hadn’t ended yet. If he went home now, it would mean another mixed lecture with two people. Xu Tonggui glanced at him and changed direction.

The lecture finally ended when they were close to home. Although Jiang Yujin didn’t pay much attention, his ears had been strained. When it concluded, he breathed a sigh of relief, unbuckled his seatbelt, and prepared to quickly jump out of the car upon arrival.

Before he could jump out, someone held down his head, pressing down on his messy hair, inexplicably reducing his height by 2 centimeters.

Xu Tonggui leaned over and handed him the coat placed on the back seat, instructing him to put it on, saying, “It’s windy outside.”

Once again, Citizen Jiang assumed the role of Captain Jiang.

Familiar with the route, they entered the building. The person who usually slouched on the sofa upon entering the door quickly found and occupied the bathroom after entering this time.

An unusually proactive behavior must have a reason behind it.

After the person came out of the bathroom, Xu Tonggui knew what was on his mind.

Jiang Yujin had preemptively taken possession of someone surnamed Xu’s pajamas.

After moving in together, the victim, Mr. Xu, only had this set of pajamas left here. The suspect, Mr. Jiang, who had listened to the lecture all the way, was very vindictive and decided to ensure that Mr. Xu had no pajamas to wear tonight.

It was indeed a powerful retaliation.

Rolling up the overly long sleeves of his loose pajamas, Jiang Yujin comfortably lay on the sofa with a lazy posture, facing the person across from him. He hugged the large goose and laughed, “I’ve already put it on. You can’t take it off me, can you?”

His attitude was arrogant, showing no signs of remorse whatsoever.

—Citizen Jiang, upon reflection afterward, felt that he probably shouldn’t have said those words that night. Because his clothes were indeed taken off by someone.

He was grabbed and thrown onto the bed along with the big goose. The person on top embraced him, and he, in turn, held onto the goose. The grip on the goose’s hand kept tightening, and sweat began to emerge subtly.

After the salted fish was fried until both sides turned slightly red and thrown into the sea, it initially struggled a bit, but in the end, it had to lie completely flat, drifting with the current.

Jiang Yujin slept until broad daylight the next day without anyone waking him up in advance, having a satisfying rest.

The pillow was soft, and the bed was warm. He turned over, habitually hugging the big goose, but found nothing. So, he opened his eyes.

There was no one else on the bed besides him, and the big goose was not on the floor either.

He got up and put on slippers, then left the room.

Yesterday evening, Xu Tonggui had brought him to take a bath again. The pajamas were back on him, with the sleeves thoughtfully rolled up. However, the pant legs were very long, resembling an automatic floor-cleaning machine. He tried lifting them a couple of times but found it futile, so he let them drag on the floor.

There was a sound in the kitchen, accompanied by a pleasant aroma. Jiang Yujin approached.

Hearing the noise from behind, Xu Tonggui, holding a ladle, turned around and looked into the eyes of the person standing not far away. “Awake?”

Jiang Yujin asked, “Where’s my goose?”

Only after speaking did he realize that his voice was quite hoarse, akin to the effects of a night of heavy drinking.

“It got wet, so I washed and sun-dried it outside,” Xu Tonggui replied. “Go freshen up first, and after that, have some red date tremella soup to soothe your throat.”


Jiang Yujin initially wanted to say something, but as memories came rushing back, he recalled holding onto the big goose tightly last night. Consequently, he chose to keep quiet.

Before heading to freshen up, he went to the balcony to check on his sunbathing goose and incidentally saw the clothes he had taken off and the beddings.

After inspecting the balcony, he went to the bathroom. Mechanically brushing his teeth, he glanced at the mirror. As his eyes widened, he couldn’t believe the redness around them, resembling someone who had been through an intense experience. After seeing himself, he inexplicably wanted to punch himself.

…He really had been through something intense.

Citizen Jiang decided not to look in the mirror anymore and quickly lowered his head to finish brushing his teeth.

Sitting at the dining table, sipping on the red date tremella soup in his hand, he brought up the matter of his eyes to the person sitting beside him.

Xu Tonggui said, “It doesn’t look very good.”

He even smiled, showing genuine approval.

Jiang Yujin: “…”

He had wondered why this person had been staring at his eyes all night.

Indeed, there were many p*rverts in the world.

Not dwelling on that topic, Jiang Yujin asked, “Aren’t you going to work today?”

Xu Tonggui replied, “Took a day off.”

The consequence of taking a day off was that he spent the whole day watching soap operas with Citizen Jiang. Without the big goose around, he acted as a human pillow for the entire day.


After witnessing the thrilling scene last night, news spread instantly among the gossip groups in various departments of the SIU headquarters.

The next morning, when everyone came to work at the HQ, they carried an inexplicable sense of anticipation, occasionally pretending to pass by the office of the SIU captain.

No wonder they found it strange before. At some point, a person who used to work endlessly suddenly started leaving on time every day. Some even witnessed him buying groceries with what looked like a high school student.

Now looking back, Boss Jiang in the agency, did have a son who had just graduated from high school.

The gossip enthusiasts in the HQ were looking forward to it, but today was different from usual. Their usually punctual Captain Xu didn’t show up on time this time. Someone inquired and found out that he had taken the day off.

After a brief contemplation, everyone showed a knowing expression.

A day later, when Xu Tonggui returned to work at the office, he received the attention of everyone around him.

Passing by, the gossip leader in the HQ, Xu Gao, seemed to have a lot to say but hesitated. His eyes conveyed a complex expression.

Xu Tonggui: “…”


Before his throat fully recovered, Citizen Jiang refused to go home. Once he was feeling better, he finally embarked on the journey back home.

When he returned, his big son happened to be at home, working on assignments in the living room.

Some people did homework here before the college entrance exams, and after the exams, they corrected their assignments here. Noticing the two people coming back, Chen Jing conscientiously left the long sofa by the entrance for the person who would inevitably collapse upon entering and got up to pour some water.

He had thought before that if this person wasn’t too lazy, he could take care of himself alone. However, now he reconsidered that thought.

Some people could be endlessly lazy. When lying down, they needed someone to act as a human leg rest and a TV stand. Additionally, they required someone to serve tea and water. If there was only one person, it would indeed be overwhelming.

As he handed the water to Jiang Yujin, Chen Jing mentioned that he had a class gathering tomorrow night, so he wouldn’t be home for dinner.

He wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about these gatherings, but as the class monitor, he had no choice but to attend.

After taking a sip of water, Jiang Yujin continued to focus on the TV.

Xu Tonggui asked, “Will it go on for long? If it’s too late, I can come to pick you up.”

After some time, Chen Jing finally could clearly realize and accept that these words, usually spoken by ordinary parents, were now being uttered by Xu Tonggui.

Just like real parents.

Turning his head from the TV, Jiang Yujin casually exposed some embarrassing details about someone, saying, “He reads the ‘Stepfather’s Handbook’ every night.”

Chen Jing raised an eyebrow.

Xu Tonggui took a sip of water.

Jiang Yujin leaned over, took a sip from Xu Tonggui’s cup, and then collapsed back, saying, “I’m going to meet a friend who works at the aquarium tomorrow night and have dinner outside.”

Before the other two could react, he added, “I won’t drink, or at least not excessively.”

The two people looked somewhat skeptical, but he interpreted their gaze as trust.

Citizen Jiang, trusted by others, left the house the next afternoon, approaching dusk.

He probably had some real magic on him. The two main laundry forces at home washed his clothes clean and neat, but once he put them on, they gradually became wrinkled. The clothes he changed into in the morning were already crumpled when he left in the afternoon.

Chen Jing left the house after Citizen Jiang.

The dinner location was prearranged, and someone had already shared the location of the restaurant. When he arrived, quite a few people were already there, and upon seeing him, they greeted with a shout of “Class Monitor.”

The classmates in their class did well in their exams this year, and after finishing, without the pressure, they all seemed to be genuinely happy.

Next to the restaurant was a river, and from the window of the room they booked, they could see a portion of the river.

As dusk fell quickly, after everyone gathered, they chatted for a while. By the time the dishes were served, the sky had completely darkened. The river that was once clearly visible turned pitch black, and the streetlights on both sides couldn’t illuminate the center of the river.

Everyone was chatting, and a few guys who often borrowed homework from Chen Jing approached, offering cola instead of alcohol, expressing gratitude for his great favor.

They even bowed with cups in hand, thanking him like he was a god of wealth. Laughter filled the room, and Chen Jing’s lips curved into a slight smile as he joined in the laughter.

Amidst the cheerful atmosphere, the sound of splashing water reached their ears.

The sound was faint, almost inaudible when it reached this side, but Chen Jing heard it. He set down his water cup, stood up from his seat, and walked towards the window, gazing towards the river.

In the dim light of the street lamps, in a place where it could be faintly illuminated, a figure wearing crumpled clothes, someone who should be having dinner with friends, flashed by and quickly skimmed over the water surface.

Chen Jing: “…”

Someone asked him, “Is there something outside?”

“No,” he replied expressionlessly, closing the window without hesitation. “It’s nothing.”

Really, some people never seem to worry about anything.

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