Chapter 91 – Xu Jinning was stopped

So, he just took the watch, what’s wrong with that, just like Ningning said, what’s that, ‘compensation for mental distress’?

At least he didn’t make Cui Zhiqiang die, didn’t exchange one life for another.

So, now he wouldn’t lend money to Cui Zhiqiang.

Seeing Xu Xiangbei’s firm attitude, Cui Zhiqiang knew that he wouldn’t be able to borrow money this time.

But why!

If it weren’t for you, Xu Xiangbei, not going that night, I wouldn’t have ended up like this.

Xu Xiangbei, why, why! It’s all your fault, it’s because of you that I’ve ended up like this, why won’t you lend me money!

“Because… if I had gone that night, what awaited me would have been death!” Xu Xiangbei said.

Upon hearing Xu Xiangbei’s deliberate response, Cui Zhiqiang suddenly realized, his resentment and unwillingness were too strong, so much so that he had blurted out everything on his mind just now.

He looked at Xu Xiangbei in shock and panic, instinctively took a step back, “Ah, Abei, what are you saying, why can’t I understand?”

“How can you not understand?” Xu Xiangbei’s expression was serious for the first time, pressing closer step by step, “Those watches, weren’t they a trap, just to marry Zhang Xiaoyan, just for a job position, weren’t you planning to report me, to use my life to help you rise to the top?”

He knew, how could he know!

Fear filled Cui Zhiqiang’s eyes.

“Cui Zhiqiang, how could you think that after what you’ve done, I would still consider you a brother, still lend you money? Where do you get the nerve? Do you know what awaits you for your actions? It’s called reaping what you sow. When you harbor evil thoughts and act upon them, someday, you will pay the price for your wicked intentions and deeds!”

Xu Xiangbei’s steps pressed closer and closer, leaving Cui Zhiqiang no room to retreat.

His words filled Cui Zhiqiang’s heart with endless fear!

“No no no, you’re talking nonsense, I didn’t, I didn’t.”

Cui Zhiqiang’s face turned pale as he desperately denied, then turned around and ran without looking back.

He fled in panic, running fast as if afraid Xu Xiangbei would catch up to him.

Xu Xiangbei watched Cui Zhiqiang’s retreating figure, lips tightly pressed, saying nothing.

In fact, when Cui Zhiqiang begged him, there was a moment when Xu Xiangbei considered lending him the money, or rather, he wondered if Cui Zhiqiang wouldn’t have ended up like this if he hadn’t taken those watches.

But it was just a fleeting thought, cut off by him and denied.

If he hadn’t been fortunate enough to hear Ningning’s thoughts and avoid that trap, his fate would have been worse than Cui Zhiqiang’s. Would Cui Zhiqiang pity him then, would he regret it? No, Cui Zhiqiang wouldn’t!

He also realized that people like Cui Zhiqiang shouldn’t be allowed to climb higher. The higher Cui Zhiqiang stands, the more people he will hurt and betray.

Watching Cui Zhiqiang’s back for a long time until it completely disappeared, Xu Xiangbei turned and left.

In the future, he and Cui Zhiqiang should have no further interaction and won’t contact each other again.


Xu Jinning was unaware of the incident between Xu Xiangbei and Cui Zhiqiang.

Today was a rare day where her elder sister Xu Fanghua was at work, and Cai Shumin also had something to do, so they didn’t come to tutor her.

She had rare free time, it had been several days, and she finally could step out of the house.

As soon as she stepped out, she encountered three people.

Shen Hongling, Xu Yu, and Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law.

They were all carrying large and small bags, as if they were going on a long journey.

Judging by Shen Hongling’s appearance, it seemed like she had come specifically to find her.

“Aunt Hongling, do you need something from me? What’s all this about?”

“Ningning, I have something to tell you.”

Xu Jinning nodded, indicating that she was listening.

“Ningning, Aunt is planning to take Yuyu and my mother-in-law to the capital for medical treatment.”

“Oh, really?”


Then, Shen Hongling shared her speculation that she didn’t think Xu Yu was stupid, suggesting that he might have a different illness, and planned to take him to the capital for treatment, including getting her mother-in-law’s eyes checked.

In fact, ever since she was able to exchange so much money from Big Black Ten, she had been planning this.

However, it wasn’t easy to go out now; she needed a referral letter, had to arrange everything, buy train tickets, and so on…

Until today, everything has been completely settled.

In other words, today is the day they plan to take the train.

However, she hasn’t told anyone about this matter.

But she feels that she must tell Xu Jinning.

So, before leaving, she brought Yuyu and her mother-in-law with her.

[Yes, go to the capital with Yuyu and your mother-in-law.]

[Only by going to the capital can they get better.]

[Besides going to the capital, you also need to go to the First People’s Hospital of the capital and find Director Liao Ming. He’s the one who can help Yuyu!]

Xu Jinning felt very excited.

Actually, before recognizing Xu Yu and later meeting Shen Hongling, she deliberately reminded them that Xu Yu was not stupid and it might be something else. She suggested that if Shen Hongling had the means, she could take Xu Yu to a big city for checkup.

She could only say so much; there wasn’t much else she could do.

She didn’t expect that Shen Hongling would take all of these words to heart and now plans to take Yuyu and her mother-in-law to Beijing for treatment.

This is really great!

Xu Jinning sincerely felt happy for them.

Shen Hongling silently noted down the name of Director Liao Ming from the First People’s Hospital in Beijing.

She increasingly felt that coming to find Xu Jinning today was the right decision.

She also became more convinced that Xu Jinning was their family’s lucky star and Yuyu’s benefactor.

“Ningning, it’s because of you that I had the idea of taking Yuyu to the capital. If, if Yuyu gets better this time, your contribution will be indispensable…”

“No, I…”

“Ningning, please listen to me first, really, if Yuyu gets better, I will definitely repay you through her.”

“I was just speculating…”

Shen Hongling deeply understood that Yuyu’s luck, or rather their family’s luck, began from the moment they met Xu Jinning, from the moment she could hear Xu Jinning’s thoughts…

Shen Hongling also understood the principle of repaying kindness.

Wait, wait for their return.

This kindness must be repaid.

After bidding farewell to Xu Jinning, Shen Hongling quietly left with Xu Yu and her mother-in-law.

Their departure was only known by the captain who issued the referral letter, Xu Jinning, and those who happened to see them leaving. However, the others only saw Shen Hongling leaving with Xu Yu and her blind mother-in-law.

Later, when they found out that Shen Hongling had taken Xu Yu and her mother-in-law to the capital for treatment, everyone was surprised.

“What? Taking Xu Yu to the capital for treatment? But Xu Yu is a fool, how can he get better?”

“That’s the capital, a faraway place. Shen Hongling has the money to go there, and she dares to go?”

“She’s gone, and she even took her blind mother-in-law. I really don’t know what Shen Hongling is thinking.”

“Well, you all know that Hongling actually always believed that Xu Yu wasn’t a fool, just ill, so she’s been wanting to take him for treatment. But going to the capital now, isn’t this too much?”

“It’s good that they went, they can come back with peace of mind.”

Shortly after Shen Hongling left Qinghe Production Brigade with Xu Yu and her mother-in-law, a woman from the Dahe Production Brigade arrived here.

She intercepted Xu Jinning, who had finished her walk and was planning to return home…

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