Chapter 94 – Xu Aiguo, Don’t Blame Me!

Upon hearing her mother’s explanation, Xu Jinning realized that she had been sick and had a fever.

Moreover, her family had noticed that something was wrong with her since the afternoon, and they were so concerned that they even came to check on her before going to bed at night.

They all came, taking care of her until her fever subsided and she woke up.

Xu Jinning looked around at her family in the room and could see the deep worry and care in their eyes.

Her heart couldn’t help but skip a beat, and then it warmed up.

This must be the feeling of being cherished and loved by family.

It’s wonderful!

Xu Jinning had to admit that she must have been lucky enough to cross over, to land in such a good Xu family, and to become family with them.

No, not just the Xu family; they were her family now.

She had a family now, a complete one, with parents, brothers, and a sister!

The excitement and joy in her heart caused a tear to roll down Xu Jinning’s cheek.

Seeing her cry, her family felt even more distressed and worried.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Did you have a nightmare, or are you still feeling unwell? Should we go to the county hospital to check?”

Xu Jinning shook her head, slowly got up, and hugged Zhang Ailian in front of her.

“I’m fine. I… I did have a nightmare just now. I dreamt that you all didn’t like me and left me. I was scared.”

“Oh, so that’s it.” Zhang Ailian sighed in relief, then gently patted her back, saying, “Silly child, we’re right here with you. Don’t worry, Mom, Dad, and your brothers and sister will always be by your side.”

“Yes, we’ll always be with you,” Xu Xiangdong and the others immediately echoed.

“Mm.” Xu Jinning smiled through her tears.

At that moment, Xu Jinning figured it out – screw the female protagonist halo and cannon fodder losing IQ.

She was going to take control of her own life.

Her family, she would protect them well too!

She wouldn’t let anyone hurt them.

After comforting Xu Jinning for a long time, everyone except Zhang Ailian left.

The reason Zhang Ailian stayed behind was that she was afraid Xu Jinning might have another fever in the late night. By staying beside her, she would be able to know.

“Sleep now, Ningning. Mom’s here.”

Snuggled in Zhang Ailian’s embrace, smelling the unique scent that belonged to her mother, and being gently patted on the back, Xu Jinning eventually drifted off to sleep again in a peaceful state. This time, she slept soundly until dawn, without any nightmares.

As for Zhang Ailian, she woke up occasionally in the late night, touching Xu Jinning’s forehead to make sure she wasn’t running a fever again before falling back asleep, repeating this process several times…


In Anren County, the textile factory was particularly lively these days.

The reason? They were allocating houses!

As early as two years ago, the large vacant land behind the textile factory had started laying foundations for building apartment buildings.

At that time, rumors had spread among the factory workers that these were welfare houses under construction. Once completed, those who met the requirements could get allocated a house.

It wasn’t until recently that these welfare houses were finally completed.

And a few days ago, the allocation of these houses in the factory was officially confirmed.

While only old employees or those with higher positions were eligible for these houses, it didn’t dampen everyone’s excitement.

The atmosphere in the factory these days was always particularly lively. Whenever passing by, one could hear everyone discussing the allocation of houses.

The eligibility criteria for house allocation had been announced, and very few people met the criteria. However, there weren’t enough houses, so there would be another round of drawing lots.

Those lucky enough to be drawn could get a house, while those who weren’t would have to wait for the next opportunity.

Everyone understood this, considering the scarcity of welfare houses compared to the large number of factory workers.

This allocation method was considered fair.

Of course, individuals like Xu Aiguo and Cao Jiandang, who had relatively less seniority, currently did not qualify to participate in the house allocation.

The competition between the two regarding the workshop director position would be decided after the house allocation in the factory.

Cao Jiandang looked at the people going up on stage to draw lots, feeling a mix of emotions in his heart, unable to tell if it was jealousy or envy.

How he wished one of those going up to draw lots would be him.

But it wasn’t, it just wasn’t.

However, it didn’t matter much to Cao Jiandang because he heard the news again that the factory would set aside three houses for the workshop directors.

However, even though the workshop director hadn’t been selected yet, the people in their workshop already assumed that Xu Aiguo would be the workshop director.

This assumption stemmed from the fact that the deputy factory manager had entrusted Xu Aiguo with the management of a batch of high-quality fabric.

In fact, not only did others notice this, but even Cao Jiandang could sense that the higher-ups favored Xu Aiguo more for the position of workshop director.

But why? Why!

What was he, Cao Jiandang, lacking!

He was also a local from the county town, whereas Xu Aiguo was just a rural person.

He wanted to be the workshop director, and he wanted a house!

“… Congratulations to Hong Jianjun from the 4th workshop for drawing lot number 302 on the 3rd floor.”

At that moment, the stage echoed with heartwarming sounds as Hong Jianjun, who went up to draw the lottery, was moved to tears upon hearing that he had been selected.

“This is great, we have a house now. My eldest son can finally get married,” he exclaimed emotionally.

The audience below erupted into enthusiastic applause.

Cao Jiandang watched this scene on stage, and for a moment, he felt like the person up there, Hong Jianjun, had become him.

Just that fleeting thought was enough to excite Cao Jiandang’s heart.

He felt his entire bloodstream surging.

But soon, his heart turned cold again because he knew that it wasn’t him.

At that moment, Cao Jiandang remembered the constant nagging from his family every time he returned home.

His family had full confidence in him, believing that he could get either the workshop director position or a house.

Upon learning that the textile factory had been gradually allocating houses over the past few days, they were even more persistent in asking where his house was.

Cao Jiandang found it hard to imagine what his family would feel if they knew he hadn’t become the workshop director and hadn’t been allocated a house.

He couldn’t bear to think about it.

Of course, he didn’t want to continue living in that old rundown house anymore either.

He wanted to live in the spacious, new, and practically cost-free welfare houses within the factory!

But what stood in his way, preventing him from getting one of those welfare houses, was Xu Aiguo!

At that moment, the newspaper he had read earlier, with the report on it, surged back into Cao Jiandang’s mind.

If, just if, there was a problem with the batch of fabric Xu Aiguo was managing, and if he became the hero who saved that batch of fabric, then he would definitely become the workshop director, get a house, and maybe even be featured in the newspaper. His future would then be clear.

Cao Jiandang closed his eyes slowly, and a few seconds later, he opened them again, a hint of fierceness flashing in his eyes as he made up his mind.

So be it!

Xu Aiguo, I have no choice either.

Don’t blame me!

Blame yourself for competing with me for the workshop director position and welfare houses.

This time, consider it helping me out. In the future, when I get the chance in the factory, I will repay you.

With these thoughts in mind, Cao Jiandang kept convincing himself, and his determination grew stronger.

The plan to implement his ideas also formed in his mind…

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