Becoming the Villain’s White Moonlight [Quick Transmigration]

Title: “Becoming the Villain’s White Moonlight [Quick Transmigration]”

Author: Shi Jin

Chapters: 58


In every novel, there are always some villains with tragic pasts and twisted personalities, acting as stumbling blocks on the protagonist’s life path.

Chen Luosong, as calm as pine trees, with a stable temperament and a charming smile, is an outstanding employee of the Transmigration Bureau dedicated to reforming villainous characters.

He has reformed not limited to but including young masters of wealthy families, fallen 18th-tier celebrities, and the banished son of a demon lord.

The solitary pine will quietly accompany until spring’s warmth, and even on abandoned planets, it will bloom fervently.

[World One] The son of the wealthiest man in the world was kidnapped by human tr*ffickers, endured hardships in exile, and suffered poverty and cold. After news of his father’s death spread, the person claiming to be his father’s secretary brought him back, giving him a home and truly making him a complete person.

[World Two] An actor who offended someone and got blacklisted was dragged onto a drinking table. The person sitting at the head of the table helped him adjust his pulled-down collar.

This person led him out of adversity, propelled him onto the big screen, and stood under the bright spotlight.

[World Three] The banished son of a demon lord was adopted by a gentle but frail mortal in the human world.

① 1v1, with Gong being one person, the ending is HE, in some worlds Shou will be with Gong, in others not, Shou leaves after completing the rescue mission [Highlighted]


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