Chapter 137 – Three Wild Boars

Seeing this, Jiang Junmo smiled and said, “Next time I write a letter, I can ask the family for more meat tickets.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia gave him a displeased look and retorted, “Don’t talk nonsense. Your family already subsidizes you with those meat tickets. How can you shamelessly ask for more?”

Jiang Junmo smiled, “They do leave some for me. Grandpa gets a lot of meat tickets every month, and he shares some with me, enough for me to eat.”

“Still. You’re married now and can’t always rely on your family’s subsidies. Besides, we can buy meat from the village. When they slaughter pigs, let’s go early and try to buy more,” Lu Xia suggested.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you,” Jiang Junmo agreed.

While the two were talking at home, they heard shouts from outside. Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo thought something had happened and hurriedly went out to see.

They noticed that everyone in the village was running in one direction. Curious about what was going on, Lu Xia approached Aunt Cuiyun, who happened to be nearby, and asked, “Auntie, do you know what everyone is doing?”

Aunt Cuiyun immediately recognized Lu Xia and smiled, “Oh, Educated Youth Lu, you don’t know? It’s Educated Youth Su, she’s amazing. She single-handedly found the wild boar’s den!”

“What? Educated Youth Su? …Do you mean Su Man?” Lu Xia asked.

Before she could figure it out, Aunt Cuiyun continued, “Yes, that Educated Youth Su, Su Man. She went up the mountain, dug traps, and caught three wild boars—two big ones and one small. Can you believe how daring she is? A young girl daring to go up the mountain like that.”

Lu Xia now understood. Su Man had gone up the mountain again and had another successful hunt, capturing three large boars.

She must have extraordinary courage and some kind of protagonist halo. Otherwise, who would dare to venture into the mountains alone?

It seemed she was going to attract attention again.

Aunt Cuiyun finished speaking and hurriedly said, “Oh, I have to go and see. Three wild boars! There must be a lot of meat!”

Watching Aunt Cuiyun’s figure disappear quickly, Lu Xia stopped and waited for Jiang Junmo. Jiang Junmo had also heard Aunt Cuiyun’s words and walked up to Lu Xia, speaking seriously, “From now on, you’re not allowed to go up the mountain alone.”

Lu Xia smiled and replied, “Of course, I wouldn’t dare to go up the mountain alone. Do you think everyone is Su Man? She not only faces no danger but also gains something every time.”

However, with this thought in mind, Lu Xia’s eyes flickered as she probed, “Don’t you think Su Man is amazing? Whenever she goes into the mountains, she always finds something, but others can’t.”

Jiang Junmo frowned upon hearing this. “It’s too dangerous! We can’t have a lucky mentality about such things.”

Clearly, he disagreed with her approach.

Lu Xia smiled and didn’t continue the topic with him.

When the two arrived at the foot of the mountain, they saw several strong men from the village carrying three wild boars down.

Although there were two big ones and one small one, the small one weighed around two hundred catties (100kg), not to mention the bigger ones. It took four people to carry each one. It was clear that these were no small catches.

The villagers were excited upon seeing the wild boars.

Especially when they saw Su Man coming down behind, everyone crowded around to ask her questions.

Su Man answered briefly and then proactively spoke to the village head, “Village head, these wild boars are still fresh. They must have died not long ago. I suggest dealing with them immediately. If they are left for too long, they won’t be good to eat. Besides, the New Year is coming, and everyone in the village is looking forward to having meat.”

The village head immediately smiled and said, “Alright, let’s deal with them right away. We were planning to slaughter pigs tomorrow, but we can do it together today. Those who want to buy meat or exchange work points for meat, go home and prepare. We’ll distribute the meat and give out money later at the threshing ground.”


Chapter 138 – Buying Pork


The villagers were excited upon hearing the news.

“That’s great! With so much meat, there will definitely be enough for everyone.”

“Yes, this year, my family plans to exchange for more meat. My second son is getting married after the New Year.”

“Same here, we haven’t had meat for a whole year, and the children are craving it.”

“Can’t believe Educated Youth Su is so capable! A young girl catching wild boars with traps.”

“Yeah, thanks to Educated Youth Su, otherwise, we wouldn’t have enough meat this year. The village chief was worried before, but now it’s all good!”

“Indeed, Educated Youth Su is a great person. Brave and contributing to the village.”

Upon hearing the discussions in the village, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo exchanged glances and went back to prepare.

However, Lu Xia still had doubts in her mind. Did Su Man really just give all the meat to the village? Even though it’s now a rule that everything found in the mountains belongs to the public, she had caught those wild boars with her own traps. What was her intention behind giving the meat directly to the village?

Lu Xia couldn’t figure it out, but she knew Su Man wouldn’t do something without a reason. There must be something else she wanted, but Lu Xia had no idea what it could be.

However, that didn’t concern her. Right now, she just wanted to hurry and go buy some meat.

Lu Xia went home to get money and containers for the meat and then went with Jiang Junmo to the threshing ground.

By this time, there were already many people there, all waiting in line.

The village chief, the accountant, and the scorekeeper were there too, calculating how much money each person could get after exchanging their work points for grain for the year. This time, they were distributing money together with the meat.

After the family in front of Lu Xia exchanged their work points for grain, they received 50 yuan and 80 cents. The family was delighted and thought it was quite a lot, so they boldly bought five catties of wild boar meat.

This made other people envy them.

“The Yao family is doing well this year!”

“Yeah, a family of eight, and even their son can work. They earn a lot of work points!”

“That’s right, five catties of meat, they’re really willing to spend!”

“Ah, my family can only afford to buy half a catty to satisfy our craving.”

When it was Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo’s turn, the accountant glanced at them and coldly said, “After you repay the grain you borrowed with your work points, there’s no money left for you to receive.”

Lu Xia didn’t care about his attitude and still smiled, saying, “I know, we plan to use our own money to buy some meat.”

The village chief, seeing this, immediately spoke up, “Pork is 70 cents per catty, and wild boar meat is 50 cents per catty.”

Then he explained, “This price is cheaper than what you can get at the supply and marketing cooperative. They would charge 20 cents more per catty. We offer it at this price because we’re all villagers, so it’s cheaper for everyone.”

Lu Xia certainly knew that the meat at the supply and marketing cooperative was the cheapest at 78 cents per catty, but the quality was not as good. Good meat could cost up to 1 yuan.

So, the village’s offer was indeed a good deal, and they didn’t even need meat tickets.

Without hesitation, Lu Xia said, “I want pork. Give me five catties of pork belly, one catty of pork tenderloin, one rack of pork ribs, and two pig trotters.”

Everyone around was stunned by her order; they didn’t expect her to buy so much.

Seeing their surprised expressions, Lu Xia smiled somewhat sheepishly, “Since coming to the countryside, we haven’t eaten much meat. Educated Youth Jiang’s health isn’t good, so he needs to eat better. Now that it’s cold, meat can be stored for a long time, so I plan to buy more.”

If it wasn’t for being too high-profile, she would have bought half a pig directly.

She was really craving meat, and it wasn’t easy to go out during the winter. They didn’t have many meat tickets left, and the few catties of meat she had in her space were also taken out and eaten with some excuses.

Now they truly had no meat left.

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