Chapter 155 – Harmony and Family

Until last night’s unexpected drunken incident, she didn’t realize how serious things had become.

However, Jiang Junmo’s reaction was beyond her expectations.

In fact, Lu Xia had sensed before that Jiang Junmo might have some feelings for her.

But it was only after hearing his words tonight that she realized how deeply Jiang Junmo already cared for her.

After carefully considering his cautious inquiry, Lu Xia gave her answer.

Undoubtedly, Jiang Junmo’s conditions were excellent for this era.

Even if they divorced after returning to the city, she probably wouldn’t find anyone better.

Moreover, Jiang Junmo had always treated her well, respecting and cherishing her. Even his family was understanding and accepting of her, even though they hadn’t met her yet, without any troublesome relatives.

This kind of marital relationship made her feel comfortable, so it was only natural for her to develop feelings for him after spending so much time together.

Lu Xia had never been in a relationship before, and now she had encountered such a wonderful person, technically her husband, so giving it a try seemed reasonable.

Besides, she couldn’t bear the thought of letting such a good man slip away to someone else.

So she agreed.

Lu Xia also admitted that her feelings for Jiang Junmo weren’t as pure as his were for her from the beginning until now.

That was because she didn’t understand love before and had watched many TV dramas and novels about family ethics and love in the modern era, so she had more considerations.

Moreover, their thoughts and attitudes towards life were naturally different due to the different times they lived in.

But in the future, Lu Xia would try her best to get along and blend well with him, to try loving and giving, and to work hard on their family.

She believed that everything would get better!

It was only after saying “yes” that Lu Xia suddenly realized that, until this moment, her uneasiness throughout the day had finally settled, and even her confusion about this era after transmigrating had slowly dissipated.

And it was at this moment that Lu Xia finally admitted that she had actually fallen for Jiang Junmo a long time ago!

So now they were a mutual affectionate couple, and it felt great. In this era, she finally had a home and family…

That night, they didn’t do anything intimate; they just held each other and fell asleep…

The next morning, after waking up, they looked at each other, feeling a bit embarrassed.

But after opening up to each other, they seemed to have entered the honeymoon phase.

When they were together, they couldn’t help but be affectionate towards each other.

Even during the past few days playing cards at the cadre school, others could sense that their relationship seemed to have changed.

Su Man took a close look at them and sighed, “Ah, the violent att.ack of a couple in love. As a single dog, I can’t handle it!”

Although the others hadn’t heard the term “single dog” before, they had a general idea of what it meant and could relate to it.

Being married for so long and still so affectionate, it seemed that Educated Youth Lu and Educated Youth Jiang’s relationship was really good!

In the past few days, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo almost went to the educated youth spot to play cards every day, but after the first time, Gu Xiangnan didn’t join them.

It was said that it was because Cheng Yujiao, who was still recuperating, found out that Gu Xiangnan was playing cards with Su Man and started to make a fuss again.

During the New Year’s, Gu Xiangnan didn’t want to argue with her, so he simply stopped playing.

But it was also said that Gu Xiangnan was planning to build a house and move out. He wasn’t doing it alone; he was going to partner with Li Yi to build a house.

In addition, Su Man had long had similar plans, which meant that after the thaw, two more houses would be built at the educated youth spot.


Chapter 156 – Gu Xiangnan’s Plans


The people at the educated youth spot were envious when they heard about it. Moreover, before starting construction, these two groups of people came together to visit Lu Xia’s home and planned to use their house design as a reference for their own.

However, it was said that after Cheng Yujiao heard about it, she clung to Gu Xiangnan, wanting to live with him.

How could Gu Xiangnan agree to that? In fact, he planned to move away from the educated youth spot to get away from her. The past six months in the countryside had been a torment, and he could barely stand it anymore.

Furthermore, he had already written to his family before the new year, asking them to see if they could send Cheng Yujiao back home or talk to her family about her situation.

After all, he had only helped her out as a neighbor. If they thought she was his responsibility, that wouldn’t be good.

Besides, he didn’t know how to handle Cheng Yujiao. If she continued to cause trouble, she would offend both the villagers and the people at the educated youth spot. It might become difficult for him to return to his hometown if things got worse.

He didn’t want Cheng Yujiao to think that she could come to him for anything. He didn’t want to help, but not helping would also create problems, and he would gain nothing in the end.

He really didn’t want to deal with it, so he planned to build his own house and move out. To avoid Cheng Yujiao’s interference, he even convinced Li Yi to live with him, he didn’t need money, just someone to live with him.

After being rejected by Gu Xiangnan, Cheng Yujiao insisted on building her own house.

However, she had been avoiding work for the past six months, and she had spent a lot of money on her hospitalization for the leg injury. Although she brought quite a bit of money when she came to the countryside, after all this time, it was almost gone.

In addition, she had quarreled with her family when she quit her job and came to the countryside, and they hadn’t contacted her during her time there. She felt too embarrassed to write to them and ask for money, so she could only turn to Gu Xiangnan for help.

Of course, Gu Xiangnan wouldn’t lend her any money. He directly refused, citing that it wasn’t safe for her to live alone.

This made Cheng Yujiao extremely angry. After all, Su Man was living alone too, so why was she allowed to do it?

But getting angry didn’t help. After all, she couldn’t move because of her leg, she didn’t have much money left, and she couldn’t afford to build a house. So she could only accept her fate for the time being.

On the eighth day of the first lunar month, the educated youths who went home for the New Year began to return one after another. Among them, Sun Shengnan was the first to come back.

Originally, it should have been a happy occasion for her to be able to go home, but when Sun Shengnan returned, her eyes were swollen, and she looked as if she had lost her spirit, appearing much older.

Even the strong sense of competitiveness that she had always carried seemed to have disappeared.

The people at the educated youth spot didn’t know what happened to her after she went home, but they could tell that her mood was not good. So, they didn’t chat with her much and gave her space.

However, unexpectedly, the next day, Sun Shengnan came to find Lu Xia.

As soon as they met, she asked Lu Xia if she deliberately prevented her from taking anything back home.

Hearing her question, Lu Xia raised an eyebrow and asked, “Why do you ask that?”

Sun Shengnan looked at her with complicated eyes and continued, “Actually, you probably also think I shouldn’t go back, right?”

Before Lu Xia could answer, she continued, “On my way back, I realized that you and everyone else probably believe that my family doesn’t care about me. You just didn’t want me to feel upset, so you suggested that I bring nothing with me.”

At this point, Sun Shengnan laughed at herself. “You were all right. Such a simple test made me see the true face of my family. I can’t believe they forgot about me in just four years…”

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