Chapter 135 – Little Biscuit

Thinking about Cookie’s unusual behavior at the moment, Sheng Jiaqi felt a sense of crisis rising in his heart.

Could it be that someone had caused his usually proud son to reveal his emotions? Judging from his son’s appearance, this person must hold a significant place in his heart.

It can only be said that a father knows his son best. Sheng Jiaqi had already guessed some things based solely on Cookie’s abnormal reaction. However, he remained composed and continued with whatever he was doing, but kept a watchful eye in his heart.

Of course, he didn’t intend to interfere in his son’s love life; he just wanted to be there to support and guide him. Also, there was one thing Sheng Jiaqi didn’t want to admit: he couldn’t bear to part with his son.

Cookie’s mother passed away early, and he raised Cookie by himself since he was little. Now, with the feeling that Cookie might be with someone else, Sheng Jiaqi was certainly not pleased about it.

As for why Sheng Jiaqi knew it was another man and not Cookie marrying a woman, it was because even before Little Biscuit was born, Cookie had already come out to him in that regard, and he made it clear that he could only be the one who received (shou), not the one who took the lead (gong).

During the few minutes of conversation between Wei Chen and Cookie, Sheng Jiaqi’s mind had already turned upside down. But on the surface, he remained unchanged. After Cookie finished talking to Wei Chen, Sheng Jiaqi continued to discuss work matters and business with Wei Chen, imparting many principles between his words.

Though Wei Chen had been reborn ten years ago, in terms of experience, he was not even half as much as Sheng Jiaqi. With Sheng Jiaqi’s guidance, Wei Chen would avoid many detours.

One could say that Sheng Jiaqi was Wei Chen’s benefactor, but Wei Chen had spent his entire previous life solely focused on competing for power in the Wei family and ended up ruining a good opportunity.

Of course, in this life, Wei Chen would not repeat the same mistakes. He wouldn’t become a pawn of the Wei family again; he was Wei Chen, and he would carve out a path of his own, building a powerful haven for himself and Chen Li. When the storm against the Wei family arrived in the future, he could retreat with Chen Li unscathed.

Little Biscuit was an enthusiastic biscuit. When he saw Chen Li sitting on the sofa looking blank, and there was no one else around, he glanced at Cookie with his tender and soft eyes and asked, “Daddy, what does Uncle Chen like?”

Cookie rubbed Little Biscuit’s head and said, “Uncle Chen is very good at painting. Didn’t Little Biscuit want to learn how to draw? Let Uncle Chen teach you.”

Little Biscuit nodded and ran back to his room, wearing little slippers. He brought down a drawing book and a set of colored pencils, pattering back to Chen Li’s side.

He stood in front of Chen Li, looking up at him with innocent eyes, and asked, “Uncle Chen, our kindergarten assigned homework for drawing during the winter vacation, but I don’t know how to draw. Dad said you’re really good at it. Can you teach me?” Little Biscuit grinned, showing a row of small white teeth.

Chen Li was taken aback for a moment but then nodded and said in a soft voice, “Okay.” Although his voice was low, Little Biscuit heard it.

“Thank you, Uncle Chen!” Little Biscuit’s eyes lit up with excitement, waiting for Chen Li to teach him how to draw. Chen Li remained motionless, but Little Biscuit wasn’t in a hurry. He just looked at Chen Li with anticipation in his eyes.

Wei Chen noticed what was happening on this side, and he reached out and held Chen Li’s hand, giving it an encouraging squeeze. He said, “Li Li, go ahead, I’ll be right here.”

Encouraged by Wei Chen, Chen Li finally stood up and, guided by Little Biscuit, entered Little Biscuit’s room.

Wei Chen was a bit worried, and his gaze kept following Chen Li. He could sense Chen Li’s tense emotions, but he managed to suppress his nervousness and didn’t get up to accompany Chen Li inside.

Little Biscuit was a good kid, and he wouldn’t harm Li Li. Wei Chen reassured himself in his mind.

Even so, Wei Chen was still a little absent-minded.

Sheng Jiaqi noticed this and interrupted the conversation, saying, “If you’re really worried, go upstairs and have a look.”

Sheng Jiaqi knew about Chen Li’s situation and understood Wei Chen’s feelings.

“Sorry,” Wei Chen sincerely apologized and stood up from the sofa.

“I’ll take you up there,” Cookie walked over and led Wei Chen towards Little Biscuit’s room.

However, their footsteps stopped at the door, and they quietly stood at the doorway, watching the two figures inside the room, one big and one small.

Contrary to Wei Chen’s concerns, as soon as Chen Li picked up the paintbrush, he immersed himself wholeheartedly in it, just like before.

The atmosphere in the room was harmonious. Chen Li was painting, and Little Biscuit stood beside him, attentively watching. Perhaps because Chen Li’s painting was really excellent, Little Biscuit’s mouth remained wide open, and his big eyes were filled with amazement.

Cookie looked at Wei Chen and said softly, “You’re too nervous. Chen Li is already doing great.”

Wei Chen’s gaze fell on Chen Li, and his eyes showed various emotions flickering.

Yes, Li Li is doing great now.

Of course, Wei Chen also knew that it was because Little Biscuit was a child that Chen Li had the courage to be alone with him. If it were an adult, Chen Li wouldn’t dare to do that.

But so what? Compared to before, Li Li has made significant progress.

Wei Chen didn’t go inside the room; after watching for a while at the door, he followed Cookie downstairs. Sheng Jiaqi was still sitting on the sofa, holding a newspaper. When he saw them coming down, he folded the newspaper and said, “Feeling relieved now, huh?” There was a hint of satisfaction in Sheng Jiaqi’s tone.

His grandson might not be a genius, but he had high emotional intelligence. At such a young age, he already knew how to approach different people and quickly fit into a new environment.

Just like a moment ago, he wanted to approach Chen Li, but instead of going directly to Chen Li and saying, “Uncle, I want to play with you,” he learned from the side that Chen Li’s hobby was painting. So, he used painting as a reason to interact with Chen Li.

‘At such a young age, he was clever and crafty; I wonder who he inherited that from.’

Wei Chen couldn’t help but say, “Little Biscuit is indeed smart.” Little Biscuit was the first person, besides himself, whom Chen Li was willing to be alone with at their first meeting. Of course, this was partly due to Little Biscuit being a child.

Although Sheng Jiaqi had a smiling face, pride was almost overflowing from his eyes. Cookie, on the other hand, remained silent but was equally proud. After all, how could his son not be intelligent?

When Chen Li and Little Biscuit came downstairs before dinner, it was apparent that Chen Li was less tense than when he went upstairs earlier. Clearly, he had relaxed during the time spent with Little Biscuit.

Later, Wei Chen and Chen Li had dinner at Sheng Jiaqi’s place before heading back home. By that time, the heavy snow had stopped, and the night was gradually falling.

From 8:00 to 8:30 in the evening was Little Biscuit’s time at Sheng’s house. No matter how busy Sheng Jiaqi and Cookie were, they would stop whatever they were doing during this half-hour and accompany Little Biscuit.

Despite their busy schedules, Sheng Jiaqi and Cookie managed to spare this time for the child.

Little Biscuit saw his grandpa and dad walk into his room and showed them the painting that Chen Li had made at noon. When he spoke, his soft voice was filled with amazement, “Grandpa, Dad, look, Uncle Chen’s painting is amazing. I can really feel that spring is coming!” Although Little Biscuit’s words sounded smooth, his vocabulary was limited, and this was the best compliment he could come up with.

His winter vacation assignment was to draw a painting of spring’s arrival, and Little Biscuit had already finished his. In his eyes, spring was all about the color green. So, his painting was filled with green. Of course, he couldn’t draw much at his young age, but he firmly believed that spring had arrived, and no one was allowed to refute it, even his dad and grandpa!

Of course, Little Biscuit had his own sense of aesthetics. Previously, he insisted that his drawing met the kindergarten teacher’s requirement for spring’s arrival because his dad and grandpa’s paintings weren’t as good as his. In his view, his was the best, so he had the right to say spring had arrived, and no one could argue. However, after seeing the painting Chen Li made for him, Little Biscuit readily admitted that Uncle Chen’s painting was spring indeed! This time, he really wouldn’t accept any refutation!

Sheng Jiaqi and Cookie leaned in to look at the painting in Little Biscuit’s hand. They saw a vast expanse of white, still adorned in a wintry, silver-clad manner. Perhaps to cater to Little Biscuit’s age, Chen Li’s depiction of spring’s arrival had a cartoonish style. However, even with a cartoonish touch, the beauty of the painting was not compromised. The wintry scene appeared splendid.

When they noticed a hint of new green on the barren branches and a thin crack on the frozen river, the words ‘spring has come’ naturally came to their minds.

Sheng Jiaqi and Cookie couldn’t help but admire Chen Li’s remarkable skill in portraying the arrival of spring, with its melting winter snow and the emergence of new shoots on the bare branches.

“Yeah, your Uncle Chen is really talented!” Sheng Jiaqi picked up Little Biscuit and said.

Meanwhile, Cookie was still looking at the painting and soon noticed a signature in the bottom right corner. He pointed to the signature and asked Little Biscuit, “Is this Uncle Chen’s signature?”

Little Biscuit nodded and replied, “The teacher said we should sign our names after finishing a painting, so I asked Uncle Chen to sign his name here.”

Cookie noticed that the signature was purposeful, and that’s because the signature on this painting was the same as the one on the painting Sheng Jiaqi had bought at a high price, which was now hanging in the living room. Cookie noticed it first, but he let Sheng Jiaqi take a look since Sheng Jiaqi was more professional.

When Sheng Jiaqi looked at the signature on the painting, he saw a simple “Li” character—clearly written with a distinct style like a printed font. Because of this unique characteristic, Sheng Jiaqi knew that these two “Li” characters were created by the same person.

Li, Chen Li. No doubt about it. The painting he had bought and cherished was indeed painted by Chen Li’s hand.

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