Chapter 134 – The World Is So Small

The Dream Cup dust had settled, and this time, the completion caused quite a sensation, surprising even the organizers of the Dream Cup. Nonetheless, it ended smoothly, bringing the Dream Cup a good reputation. When the organizing committee wrapped up, they did so with smiles on their faces.

Although the Dream Cup had concluded, the popularity of “Light” was still soaring. With “Light” now exhibited at the National Art Gallery, the number of daily visitors kept increasing. This fervor was expected to last for quite some time.

In stark contrast to “Light,” its author, Chen Li, remained relatively unknown, deliberately guided that way. After all, Chen Li was not yet ready to appear in public, and this outcome was for the best.

As time continued to march forward relentlessly, the festive season of the country, the Spring Festival, was just around the corner. Beijing had already started to exude the atmosphere of celebration with red lanterns, couplets, and paper-cut decorations adorning the streets. The world was immersed in a joyful ambiance.

With the arrival of the Spring Festival travel season, those who had previously scrambled to get into the capital city were now eager to leave, heading home for the holidays.

For the people of China, reunion was the most important event of the year. No matter where they were, their hearts were always at home. Celebrating the Chinese New Year with family was the pursuit of most Chinese. However, Wei Chen had no intention of returning to Shanghai this year, even though the housekeeper had reminded him to go home for the New Year a month ago.

For Grandpa Wei, family reunion was of paramount importance. When traditional festivals arrived, he always demanded that his descendants, no matter where they were, come back home for the New Year.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Wei Chen was the only one who didn’t go back home, which made Grandpa Wei very upset. If Wei Chen didn’t return for the Spring Festival, Grandpa Wei might directly summon him back to Shanghai and not allow him to leave again.

Wei Chen understood the seriousness of the matter. In the end, he agreed with the housekeeper’s suggestion and said he would go back home for the New Year. After the call ended, he made plans to visit Chairman Sheng’s home before returning to Shanghai. It had been delayed due to various reasons, but yesterday, Wei Chen had already informed Chairman Sheng that he and Chen Li would visit him if he had the time. Chairman Sheng readily agreed.

On this day, heavy snow fell once again, blanketing the world in white with splashes of red, and the atmosphere of the Spring Festival was in the air. Wei Chen didn’t prepare any other gifts and decided to bring a painting by Chen Li as a token of gratitude.

It wasn’t that Wei Chen valued Chen Li’s painting too much, but during the Dream Cup auction, he noticed that Chairman Sheng’s disappointment flashed across his face when he failed to bid for Chen Li’s painting. Wei Chen thought Chairman Sheng must have liked Chen Li’s art, so bringing one of Chen Li’s paintings as a gift seemed appropriate.

Around noon, the snow outside had eased up a bit, and Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand as they left the house. As the Spring Festival travel rush had begun, the flow of cars on the streets of the capital city was much lighter than usual. Wei Chen’s car smoothly made its way to Chairman Sheng’s home without any traffic jams.

As they rang the doorbell, someone quickly came to open the door. It was a young boy, who greeted them politely, “Hello, uncles.” His voice was soft and cute. It was Chen Li’s first encounter with a child, and his curious gaze fell on the boy. He didn’t answer the boy’s greeting, but there was no fear in his eyes either.

“Hello,” Wei Chen replied, trying to make his voice sound gentle.

“Grandpa, your guests have arrived, two handsome uncles,” the boy turned around and ran back into the villa, shouting.

“I know,” Chairman Sheng’s voice came from upstairs.

When Wei Chen and Chen Li arrived in the living room, Chairman Sheng was already there.

“Chairman Sheng,” Wei Chen walked over and handed the wrapped painting to him. “A small token of appreciation.”

Chairman Sheng accepted the painting with a smile and didn’t bother with excessive formalities. He asked the housekeeper to serve them hot tea since it was snowing outside, and it must be very cold.

Of course, Chairman Sheng knew the value of this painting. While others didn’t know who the author of “Light” was, he knew it very well. Zhuge Yu’s student, currently the only one, was Wei Chen’s husband.

A painting from Wei Chen’s husband’s hands now held considerable value, and he also wanted to collect it. He regretted not being able to acquire Chen Li’s painting at the auction. Therefore, when Wei Chen personally brought Chen Li’s painting as a gift, Chairman Sheng was genuinely pleased.

The room had a warm and cozy atmosphere. As Chen Li curiously surveyed the surroundings, his gaze fell on the painting in the middle of the living room. His pupils contracted slightly, showing a hint of surprise. He hadn’t expected to see his own painting here.

As soon as Chairman Sheng sat down, the little boy who had opened the door rushed into his embrace, asking to be held. When Chairman Sheng picked him up, the little boy laughed happily.

Chairman Sheng teased his grandson while introducing him to Wei Chen and Chen Li, “This is my little grandson, nicknamed Biscuit. You can call him Little Biscuit.”

Upon hearing his grandpa mention his name, Little Biscuit quickly sat down. After his grandpa’s introduction, he repeated, “I’m Biscuit, and you can call me Little Biscuit, uncles.”

“Biscuit, these two uncles are Uncle Wei and Uncle Chen,” Sheng Jiaqi introduced Chen Li and Wei Chen to Little Biscuit.

“Uncle Wei, Uncle Chen,” Little Biscuit obediently greeted them with a sweet voice. Then, he looked at Wei Chen and said, “You are also Uncle Wei. Biscuit knows another Uncle Wei.”

Wei Chen didn’t know how to chat with children, and when he heard Little Biscuit’s words, he didn’t know how to respond, creating an awkward atmosphere.

As for Chen Li, he didn’t expect anything different. He was shy, and even though the child was adorable, Chen Li didn’t dare to approach him.

Thankfully, Grandpa Sheng spoke up to ease the atmosphere. He gently patted Little Biscuit’s bottom and said, “Go check if your dad is awake; the sun is shining on his bottom.”

“Grandpa, today is a snowy day, there’s no sun,” Little Biscuit replied earnestly. Then, he laughed and ran upstairs to wake up his dad.

“Your grandson is adorable,” Wei Chen complimented genuinely.

“He’s a little rascal,” Grandpa Sheng smiled, showing affection in his eyes. He seemed to dote on this grandson very much.

When Wei Chen and Grandpa Sheng got together, they would discuss nothing but business matters, using all sorts of obscure business jargon that others without expertise in the field wouldn’t understand.

Not comprehending, Chen Li sat quietly, occasionally sipping a cup of hot tea while observing the decor around him.

Upstairs, they could hear Little Biscuit’s soft voice.

“Dad, you promised we’d go to the amusement park today,” Little Biscuit said.

In a somewhat drowsy voice, his father replied, “But it’s snowing heavily today; we’ll have to postpone the plan, Biscuit.”

“But just now, Grandpa said the sun was shining on his bottom. Dad, does that mean it’ll be sunny later?” Little Biscuit argued.

His father was rendered speechless by the retort.

Little Biscuit grinned and said, “Dad, I know it’s snowing today and not suitable for going out. I just said that to tease you.”

His father rubbed his nose playfully and scolded, “You little rascal!”

Little Biscuit hugged his dad’s neck and laughed joyfully.

When the father and son came downstairs and saw the people in the living room, the father raised an eyebrow in surprise. He didn’t expect to encounter familiar faces at home.

“Dad, we have guests today, Uncle Wei and Uncle Chen,” Little Biscuit introduced on his own.

Sheng Jiaqi commented, “What were you up to last night? Still awake, huh? Your head must be spinning from lack of sleep.” He fired off a series of questions like a machine gun, a far cry from the wise and mighty Chairman Sheng. He seemed like a nagging father.

“Dad, I’m fine, no need to worry,” Cookie replied, leading Little Biscuit over to where they were.

“Let me introduce, this is an employee of dad’s company, Wei Chen, and this is Chen Li, his husband,” Sheng Jiaqi said to his son, and then turned to Wei Chen, introducing, “Wei Chen, this is my son, Sheng Qi.”

“Dad, no need to introduce. I know Mr. Wei. Didn’t expect to see you at my house. It’s a small world,” Sheng Qi said and smiled, showing his teeth.

“Long time no see, Mr. Qi. Thanks again for your help last time,” Wei Chen stood up and thanked Sheng Qi, and Chen Li followed suit.

Without Sheng Qi’s assistance during the Dream Cup, Wei Chen could have managed, but the process would have been much more difficult.

“It was just a small favor, and I have to thank Mr. Wei for telling me that little secret. It’s been quite useful,” Sheng Qi said, smiling. He couldn’t forget how amusing it was to see Wei Huo, a big man, jumping around like a frightened squirrel when he encountered a mouse. It was just too funny.

“Useful or not, as long as it helped Mr. Qi,” Wei Chen replied, his eyes lightly smiling. He knew how much Wei Hua feared animals with “mouse” in their names, and now Wei Hua’s embarrassing display of fear was bound to repeat itself.

Wei Chen had absolutely no sympathy.

“It was useful, very useful indeed. I hope Mr. Wei will tell me more useful information in the future,” Sheng Qi said happily.

“Of course,” Wei Chen readily agreed, “If there’s a chance, I will share more with Mr. Qi.”

Sheng Qi was satisfied this time. He happily lifted Little Biscuit and kissed him on the forehead multiple times.

Little Biscuit didn’t understand why his dad was so happy but still returned the affection with many kisses.

“You guys know each other?” Sheng Jiaqi finally recovered and asked. “The world is so small. My son and Mr. Wei didn’t seem to have any connections, but unexpectedly, they know each other,” Sheng Jiaqi said.

Moreover, his son seemed busy with something related to Wei Chen. Sheng Jiaqi was quite sensitive to matters concerning Sheng Qi. In just a few words exchanged with Wei Chen, he sensed something amiss.

Sheng Qi was his son; he had raised him personally, so he understood him better than anyone. How could he not notice that there was something off in his excitement just now? Otherwise, how could his usually arrogant son show his joy so openly?

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