Chapter 165 – Li Aiguo

Seeing Lu Xia’s emotional reaction, Jiang Junmo thought she was happy and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“This is your first year after getting married, of course, you should receive red envelopes. Even I have some, though not as much as yours. Don’t worry, all the children in the family have received theirs.”

Lu Xia’s eyes became slightly moist upon hearing this. So, they really considered her as part of the family.

“Thank you, Mo Mo. Thank you and your family for being so kind to me!”

Seeing Lu Xia moved, Jiang Junmo felt a bit sorry for her. She was such a naive girl, easily touched by such gestures.

He walked over and hugged her, saying, “It’s me who should thank you for choosing me.”

The two of them embraced each other. Lu Xia was about to say something when suddenly they heard someone calling from outside, breaking the warm atmosphere in the room.

Lu Xia hurriedly composed herself, wiped her eyes, and asked Jiang Junmo to go out and see what was happening.

With a sigh, Jiang Junmo touched her head, stood up, and went outside.

After a while, he returned and directly pushed the bicycle placed in the back room outside.

Lu Xia, seeing this, hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

“It’s Li Aiguo. His wife is about to give birth, and the village’s midwife is not available at the moment. They plan to go to the neighboring village to find one. Li Aiguo came to borrow the bicycle, but I didn’t ask for any money.”

Lu Xia understood and said, “I see. You should hurry and take the bicycle out. Don’t delay things.”


After Jiang Junmo pushed the bicycle outside, Lu Xia saw Li Aiguo, his hair in disarray, riding the bicycle hastily.

Lu Xia knew Li Aiguo. He was also an educated youth, but he had been in the countryside for many years, one of the earliest groups that arrived in 1968.

Later, he got married in the countryside and married Wu Xiuhong, the daughter of the village’s Women Association director, Director Xu. Now, he worked as a teacher in the village’s elementary school.

Though Director Xu was often called “Big Sister Xu”, she was actually not that old. In normal circumstances, people should address her as “Aunt Xu”, but because she had been in charge of women’s affairs in the village for many years and had been the Women Association director, the elderly in the village always addressed her as “Big Sister Xu.” Others followed suit, and as time went on, it became a habit, and no one bothered to change it.

Big Sister Xu only had one son and one daughter. The son was still young and unmarried, while the daughter was the one who married Li Aiguo.

Although Li Aiguo didn’t have much interaction with their family, they occasionally exchanged a few words since they were all educated youths.

Lu Xia’s impression of him was of a scholarly person who wore glasses and was always meticulously groomed, looking like a scholar.

It was said that he and his wife had a love marriage. Although Big Sister Xu didn’t want her daughter to marry an educated youth, Wu Xiuhong insisted, and she had no choice but to agree.

After marriage, Li Aiguo treated his wife very well. To reassure her family, they lived at the bride’s house. However, Li Aiguo had a salary and could support them both. He also occasionally gave financial assistance to the family, so no one in the Wu family felt dissatisfied.

Moreover, the two of them had been married for many years without conceiving a child. It was said to be due to Wu Xiuhong’s health, but Li Aiguo never blamed her and remained devoted to her.

As a result, people in the village envied Wu Xiuhong, thinking she had married a good husband.

However, just when everyone thought they wouldn’t have a child, unexpectedly, Wu Xiuhong got pregnant last year, surprising everyone in the family.

They were worried about the child’s birth, so during the pregnancy, they didn’t let her do any work.

Now, it was about time for her to give birth.


Chapter 166 – Temptation of Watching a Movie


Of course, all of this was what Sun Shengnan and the others had said while chatting with Lu Xia. They even mentioned that they had never seen Li Aiguo’s hair in such a disheveled state before.

So, when Lu Xia thought about Li Aiguo’s anxious appearance just now, she couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed that he hadn’t reached this level of urgency before. She really wanted the female educated youths to see his appearance just now.

However, on second thought, Li Aiguo’s anxiety was probably because he was genuinely worried about his wife. It seemed that the two of them were truly in love with each other.

This was indeed rare. It was hard to imagine a village girl getting along well with an urban educated youth.

“What are you thinking about?”

Jiang Junmo returned to the room after putting away the bicycle.

Lu Xia smiled and said, “I was just thinking that it’s the first time I’ve seen Li Aiguo so anxious.”

Jiang Junmo understood. How could a husband not be anxious when his wife was giving birth?

“Let’s go to the county town tomorrow.”

The topic changed so quickly that Lu Xia was a bit caught off guard. “Why go to the county town? It’s so cold outside!”

Jiang Junmo felt a bit wronged. “Let’s go to see if they have what you mentioned. You’ve been stopping me these days.”

Lu Xia blushed upon hearing this. She felt that Jiang Junmo was becoming more and more unrestrained. During her dangerous period, of course, she wouldn’t allow any intimacy to avoid any accidents. She didn’t expect that when she casually mentioned preparing protective measures for the future, he would take it to heart so quickly.

“Let’s talk about it later. It’s too cold now, and I don’t want to go out.”

However, Jiang Junmo insisted and even used the temptation of going to watch a movie to coax her.

In this era without mobile phones, TVs, the internet, or novels to read, staying at home every day was boring to death.

So, the suggestion of watching a movie did indeed make Lu Xia feel tempted.

Seeing her interest, Jiang Junmo continued, “We can also go to the place we visited last time and see if we can buy some meat.”

This suggestion made Lu Xia’s heart pound even more!

During the Lunar New Year, they bought quite a bit of meat, but it wasn’t enough for everyday consumption, and they occasionally sent some to Senior Brother Xu’s place.

Now, it was already past the Lunar New Year, and the meat had long been eaten up.

There was no way she wasn’t tempted.

As a result, Lu Xia thought about it and could only agree, “Alright then, let’s go there tomorrow. If there’s anything else we want to buy, we can make a list and buy them all together.”


The next day, the two of them woke up early and went to the town to ride a bus.

Fortunately, not many people were going to the county town now, so there were still seats available on the bus. However, the lack of ventilation inside the bus made it quite suffocating due to the various odors.

Finally, they arrived in the county town, and after getting off the bus and taking a breath of fresh air, Lu Xia finally relaxed.

“What do we do first?”

Jiang Junmo thought for a moment and said, “Let’s watch a movie first. Otherwise, it would be inconvenient to carry things around.”


This time, there were quite a few more people at the movie theater compared to last time. After buying tickets and entering the screening hall, they found that most of the seats were already taken. It seemed that people were not busy at this time.

They watched another war movie this time, as it was the most common genre in this era.

Still, Lu Xia enjoyed it immensely.

After the movie, she still felt a bit unsatisfied.

Seeing this, Jiang Junmo smiled and suggested, “Do you want to watch another movie later?”

Lu Xia shook her head. “Let’s do it another time. Sitting here for too long is uncomfortable. We finally came to the county town, so let’s go for a stroll.”


However, before they started wandering around, they went to the state-owned restaurant to have a meal first and then proceeded to the department store.

Once there, they didn’t actually have much to buy. They just bought some needles, thread, and other sewing materials, as they had enough of everything else at home.

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