Chapter 235 – Feeling Jealous

Hearing this, Lu Xia nodded and let out a sigh, “According to what you’re saying, they seem to be a good match.”

“Yes,” Sun Shengnan also nodded, “They do seem like a good match.”

Lu Xia smiled, “As long as they’re happy together. When is the wedding date? I should go and give them a gift.”

Sun Shengnan wasn’t dwelling on it, “Five days from now. This time, I heard that the Hu family is planning a proper wedding ceremony. We educated youths should go and show our support for Yu Fang.”

Lu Xia understood, “Alright, I’ll be there.”

Yu Fang’s wedding took place at the educated youth spot, and Lu Xia went there a day in advance to deliver her gift.

This time, she didn’t prepare something extravagant; her relationship with Yu Fang was average. She gave her a bar of soap, which was still thoughtful.

On the day of the wedding, Lu Xia also attended. Initially, she thought of sending Jiang Junmo since she had to leave someone at home to look after the child. However, Jiang Junmo said it was a women’s event, and he wasn’t familiar with them, so he let her go instead.

Although he said that, Lu Xia knew he was just trying to give her a chance to get out of the house since she had been stuck there during her postpartum period. Therefore, Lu Xia didn’t refuse.

The Hu family’s wedding was quite grand this time. Combined with the fact that Hu Jianjun had made some achievements, many people from the village attended. It was a stark contrast to Zhou Lai’er, who had only gone to register last time.

Lu Xia wondered how Zhou Lai’er must be feeling now.

However, since yesterday when Lu Xia went to the educated youth spot to deliver the gift, she hadn’t seen Zhou Lai’er around. She probably stayed indoors, not daring to come out. After all, the matter was already settled, and further trouble would only make her situation worse.

After attending the wedding, Lu Xia returned home and found Kang Kang lying on the kang, awake and quietly playing.

Initially, she thought raising a child would be difficult—crying and fussing would be a hassle. But she didn’t expect Kang Kang to be such a well-behaved little baby. He hardly ever cried unless he was hungry or needed a diaper change.

He was so adorable it made her heart ache.

When Lu Xia came home and saw him lying awake, curiously gazing around the room, she couldn’t resist picking him up and giving his chubby cheek a kiss.

“Aw, is my little Kang Kang curious about the world? When you’re a bit older, Mommy will take you out to explore.”

Jiang Junmo, seeing how affectionate she was, felt a twinge of jealousy. He couldn’t help but assume that since they had the baby, Lu Xia’s attention was completely diverted. So he deliberately said seriously: “Don’t keep kissing him. He might catch a cold.”

Lu Xia paused at his words and then turned to him with a deadpan expression, “Are you suggesting my kisses are toxic? Then why haven’t they poisoned you?”

Jiang Junmo immediately shook his head in denial, “No, your kisses aren’t toxic. It’s just that babies have weaker immune systems, making them prone to getting sick.”

Lu Xia wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth or just making it up, but seeing his serious expression, she hesitated a bit, “Really?”

“Of course, it’s true. My aunt said so. If you don’t believe me, you can write a letter and ask her next time.”

Lu Xia was speechless. She had to be truly desperate to write a letter just to inquire about something like that.

“Alright, I got it. I’ll be more careful in the future.”

Jiang Junmo finally heaved a sigh of relief, “Good, just be careful.”

Seeing him unconsciously grinning, Lu Xia didn’t know what he was so happy about and didn’t bother to ask.

With the village about to resume work, Jiang Junmo had already discussed with Lu Xia that she would stay at home to take care of the child and not go to work.

In the countryside, many women work while carrying their children or leave them with the elderly at home.

Since neither Lu Xia nor Jiang Junmo had older family members at home, they didn’t want Lu Xia to carry the baby to work. So, they decided it was better for her not to work. Besides, they weren’t in dire need of the work points.

Jiang Junmo was even worried that Lu Xia might find it tiring, so he had a rocking crib specially made at the village carpenter’s. When it was ready, they could put Kang Kang inside and gently rock him to sleep, making it much easier than carrying him.


Chapter 236 – Zhuang Hongmei’s Situation


Lu Xia not only stopped going to work, but this year, due to having a child, she couldn’t go into the mountains either. She couldn’t gather wild vegetables and such from the mountains.

Jiang Junmo noticed her fondness for wild vegetables and considered buying some from the village for her.

Later, he thought it might be too conspicuous, so he joined the educated youths during their off hours a few times to gather some. They managed to store enough for themselves, but it wasn’t possible to send any back home.

So, Jiang Junmo secretly bought some from Sun Shengnan’s place.

Initially, Sun Shengnan had thought of giving them some if they liked it, but Jiang Junmo insisted on paying for it, especially since they intended to send it home.

Sun Shengnan and Liu Jun thought about it and realized selling to anyone was the same, so they directly sold it to Lu Xia and the others.

After Jiang Junmo dried the vegetables, he sent some back home. It was a fair exchange, but this was the only time in the past year they had done such a thing.

As the weather gradually warmed, it was already spring. Lu Xia didn’t need to work, and she didn’t want to stay home all the time either. So, occasionally, she would take Kang Kang out for a stroll.

Of course, she didn’t go far, just around the doorstep.

On this day, when she took Kang Kang out, she unexpectedly saw Zhuang Hongmei.

To be honest, if she hadn’t come closer, she might not have recognized her.

Zhuang Hongmei had changed so much now; she had become incredibly thin, almost skin and bones. Moreover, she looked considerably older. If one didn’t know any better, they might think she was in her thirties.

But Lu Xia wondered what had happened to make her change like this.

At this moment, Zhuang Hongmei also noticed Lu Xia. Seeing her with a chubby baby in her arms, she couldn’t help but feel jealous.

Why did everything good happen to her!

Thinking about Jiang Junmo’s reputation as a good man in the village recently, her jealousy intensified.

And when she thought about her own husband, Chen Er, Zhuang Hongmei was filled with regret.

She still didn’t understand how she had been so foolish as to marry Chen Er back then.

Initially, when he gave her gifts, she thought it was a win-win situation. But as she received more, she felt he treated her well. She believed that marrying him might lead to a good life. After all, her family favored sons over daughters, and since she could walk, she had been doing chores and endured beatings as she grew up. She had never experienced such kindness before.

Besides, despite Chen Er’s poor reputation, he treated her well, and his family indulged him. She thought that marrying him would make her happy.

However, after marriage, Chen Er’s attitude gradually became indifferent. She realized her mistake, but fortunately, she became pregnant. She believed that if she gave birth to a son, she would become the heroine of the family, and Chen Er would treat her well again.

But when she got pregnant, the Chen family’s attitude towards her changed. Despite treating her well earlier, she never expected to give birth to a daughter.

Her status in the Chen family plummeted, and she was forced to start working even before completing her postpartum period. Coupled with poor nutrition, she had no milk to feed her baby girl, who was left starving and unable to cry.

She didn’t even know if her baby would survive.

She regretted it, but it was too late.

Thinking about the leverage she held against Cheng Yujiao, she decided to blackmail her and ask for money.

Before, she had helped Cheng Yujiao spread rumors about Su Man, and everyone knew about it. Although Cheng Yujiao hadn’t cared about her blackmailing, she willingly offered her more money when Zhuang Hongmei promised to continue helping her.

After receiving the money, Zhuang Hongmei thought about how Cheng Yujiao had acted superior, as if giving her alms. She clenched her teeth in resentment. She didn’t expect to encounter Lu Xia again, looking so content and happy.

Although jealousy consumed her, she knew she couldn’t do anything now. It was better to avoid trouble. She lowered her head and quickly walked away.

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