Chapter 233 – Postpartum Period is Over

After finalizing the name, Jiang Junmo took out some writing paper. “I need to write a letter to my grandfather. He’s probably waiting for it. But we should also remember the other two names; they can be saved for future children.”

At first, Lu Xia was quite moved, but upon hearing this, she couldn’t help but twitch her lips. “Well, you’re thinking far ahead. We don’t even know if we can raise this one properly, and you’re already thinking about the next.”

Jiang Junmo didn’t mind her tone. “Of course, Kang Kang is a bit pitiful. He needs some siblings, or else while others have a group to play with, he’ll be all alone and vulnerable to b*llying.”

Lu Xia saw him going on and on, losing track, and not caring whether he was making sense or not. She rolled her eyes at him. “If you’re about to write a letter, then be quiet and get on with it. Write your letter.”

Jiang Junmo quickly hushed, obediently writing his letter.

In the meantime, Lu Xia found the opportunity to reflect on Jiang Junmo’s words. She hadn’t expected that his four sisters were actually two sets of twins. She had initially thought that his family, after having so many daughters, decided to have a son due to a preference for male children.

So, that’s how it is!

Although she had seen his sister at the station before, she hadn’t paid much attention, and it hadn’t been evident that there were two sets of twins.

Were they fraternal twins then?

Lu Xia was puzzled and planned to ask Jiang Junmo about it when the chance arose.

Considering both their families had a history of twins, there was a high likelihood of their future children inheriting the trait. This thought made Lu Xia quite excited.

The next day, Jiang Junmo sent a letter back home, assuring them that everything was fine and that the child’s name had been chosen, putting their minds at ease.

Afterward, Lu Xia continued with her challenging postpartum period.

Finally, after enduring a full month, Jiang Junmo claimed it was too short a time and asked her to continue. Lu Xia’s resistance was futile, and she persevered for another ten days.

Unable to hold on any longer, despite the fact that it was winter, she felt like she was about to rot.

During this time, Jiang Junmo strictly followed the instructions given by his aunt on how to take care of Lu Xia during her postpartum recovery.

Though she was allowed to clean her body with warm water, washing her hair was not allowed due to the season and the absence of a hair dryer. Even though the house was warm, they didn’t want to risk her catching a cold, as improper postpartum recovery could lead to lifelong health issues.

So, Lu Xia had to endure over forty days with greasy hair.

Eventually, she couldn’t stand it any longer and protested.

After closely observing her, Jiang Junmo noticed she was recovering well. He finally relented.

On the day marking the end of her postpartum period, Jiang Junmo boiled several pots of water for Lu Xia to bathe. She washed herself twice and washed her hair multiple times. If it weren’t still a bit chilly, she might have continued bathing more.

Jiang Junmo spent the entire morning fetching water and helping her bathe.

After bathing, Lu Xia finally felt refreshed, taking in deep breaths of the clean air.

The only regret was that, just after her bath, Jiang Junmo didn’t let her go outside. She spent another day indoors, only being allowed out the next day.

By this time, it was already March.

Wild vegetables and plants were starting to grow.

Lu Xia had just finished her postpartum period and had to take care of the child, so she wouldn’t be able to go foraging for wild vegetables like she did the previous year.

Fortunately, Sun Shengnan brought her plenty, including some of last year’s small root vegetables and shepherd’s purse.

Seeing Sun Shengnan made her quite happy. During her recovery period, Sun Shengnan would occasionally visit her and share the latest news from the village.

Little did Lu Xia know, this time was no exception.


Chapter 234 – Yu Fang’s Prospective Partner


After Sun Shengnan arrived, she asked Lu Xia discreetly, “Have you heard that Yu Fang agreed to find a partner in the village?”

Lu Xia nodded, “I heard from Shen Qingqing last time. What’s going on? Did you get news?”

Sun Shengnan nodded as well, “Yes, we have. It’s almost settled. Can you guess who it is?”

Lu Xia was puzzled, “Who? Do I know them?”

Sun Shengnan had a meaningful look, “Yes, you know them, and they also have a connection with the educated youth spot.”

“Who? Could it be Hu Jianjun?” Lu Xia said casually.

Sun Shengnan clapped her hands, “Exactly him!”

Lu Xia was surprised, almost finding it hard to believe. “What? Really him? How is that possible?”

“Why not? Mother Hu personally took charge in this matter. Originally, they wanted Big Sister Xu to act as the matchmaker, but Big Sister Xu thought it was a bad omen since the last time she played matchmaker for him, it didn’t turn out well. So, she refused. Later, they asked the village chief’s wife for help.
When the village chief’s wife went to approach Yu Fang, Zhou Lai’er saw her. When she heard that it was for Hu Jianjun, she immediately caused a scene…
She even wanted to physically confront Yu Fang, but after years of hard work, Yu Fang was physically stronger than her. She didn’t have the upper hand, so she resorted to verbally attacking Yu Fang.
As you know, Yu Fang is a woman of few words and doesn’t know how to insult others. Feeling unlucky, she rejected the proposal from the village chief’s wife.
Originally, this matter could have ended like this, and to be honest, Yu Fang wasn’t to blame. After all, she wasn’t the one who asked for a matchmaker.
But Zhou Lai’er wouldn’t let it go. She berated Yu Fang daily, and when Yu Fang wasn’t around, she would secretly break her belongings.
As a result, even though Yu Fang was usually patient, her temper flared up, and she agreed to meet with Hu Jianjun.
Then they met, and I don’t know what Hu Jianjun said, but in the end, the two of them finally got together!
By the time Zhou Lai’er found out, it was too late. They were already set to marry, and the wedding date was decided. They were going to have it done before Hu Jianjun started working at the factory.
Zhou Lai’er once again caused a commotion with Yu Fang. This time, Yu Fang couldn’t bear it anymore and directly approached the village chief. After learning about the situation, the village chief spoke to Zhou Lai’er and warned her that if she continued causing trouble, he would report her to the educated youth office and have her sent away.
If she were to be sent away by the village, the educated youth office would definitely see it as her having made a mistake. She would likely be sent to an even more impoverished village, and it wouldn’t compare to this place. This would essentially force Zhou Lai’er to calm down.”

Listening to this, Lu Xia was so surprised that her mouth fell open. She had never imagined the situation to be so intense.

“Does Yu Fang really intend to marry Hu Jianjun? Not just to spite Zhou Lai’er?”

Sun Shengnan shook her head, “No, although Yu Fang doesn’t talk much usually, she’s quite perceptive. Moreover, she’s not that young anymore. She’s turning 23 this year. After thinking about it for so long, she realizes it’s hard to find a suitable match in the countryside.
While Hu Jianjun had some conflicts with Zhou Lai’er before, everyone knows the real story. Moreover, compared to other options, his situation is already quite good.
Furthermore, I heard that the factory even provided him with a dormitory after he started working. Because he’s a retired soldier, he would be given priority for housing assignments in the future.
You can say his situation is relatively good in the countryside.”

Lu Xia agreed with this assessment.

“So, why did Hu Jianjun choose Yu Fang?”

“Probably because he has high standards? He doesn’t want a village girl; he wants someone educated. But he’s not young anymore, he’s been divorced, and he has a disability. Educated young girls likely won’t be interested in him. Even if they are, it’s probably because of his job.
On the other hand, Yu Fang, after living in the village for these years, is well-known among the villagers. She’s honest, a hard worker, and educated. She’s definitely a more suitable match compared to those other options.”

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