Chapter 231 – The Book of Songs

After chatting for a while, Jiang Junmo returned home, and seeing this, Sun Shengnan also went home to cook.

“How’s it going? Bored at home?”

Lu Xia shook her head, “You brought Sun Shengnan over to keep me company. How could I be bored?”

Jiang Junmo smiled, “Did the child give you any trouble?”

“No, sleeping like a pig, hasn’t woken up.”

Jiang Junmo leaned over to take a look, “I think he’s going to wake up soon.”


After that, Lu Xia noticed the package that Jiang Junmo had brought in.

“Why did they send so many things again? Didn’t we say not to let them send anymore? The previous batch was enough for a long time.”

Jiang Junmo shook his head, “I mentioned it in the last letter, but who knows what they’ve sent this time? Let’s open and see.”

Saying that, he started to open the package.

This time, they first looked at the contents, mostly nutritional supplements, things like red dates and longan, which are hard to find now. It was obvious that they were meant to help her recover.

Lu Xia felt warm inside; the Jiang family was really kind to her.

Jiang Junmo looked at it and smiled, “Perfect timing. You’ll have plenty to eat during your postpartum recovery. They’re making sure you get well.”

Lu Xia rolled her eyes at him, “More recovery? Look at any other woman in postpartum who gets to eat as well as I do. If I keep recovering like this, I’ll end up as round as a ball.”

Jiang Junmo remained composed, “A bit of weight is good. Giving birth is taxing, you need proper recovery. Listen to me on this! Your opinion isn’t being considered.”

Lu Xia sighed and decided not to argue further.

Then, Jiang Junmo started reading the letters again. The content was mostly similar, showing concern for their lives and now their child. Some of the elders gave detailed advice on taking care of the child. The aunt and several sisters specifically instructed Lu Xia to focus on her postpartum recovery and leave the rest to Jiang Junmo.

Lu Xia chuckled as she read.

At the end of the letter, Grandfather wrote that he stayed up all night, buried himself in books, and finally came up with three names. He wrote them down and left the decision to them.

Lu Xia became interested at this point.

“Oh? Tell me, what names did Grandpa come up with?”

Jiang Junmo glanced and said, “The first one, Jiang Chen’an, taken from the Book of Songs: ‘The heavens gave birth to me, and I reside in peace (Chen’an).’ The meaning is auspicious and elegant, signifying a bright future!”

Lu Xia nodded, “Nice, it sounds really good! The meaning is great too.”

“The second one, Jiang Qichen, from the Book of Songs: ‘So awakened shall be those tribes of the Huai; They will come presenting their precious treasures.’ Qichen means treasures, signifying something precious and beautiful.”

Lu Xia was satisfied, “This one is nice too, Qichen is indeed our treasure.”

Jiang Junmo didn’t say anything, and continued, “The third one, Jiang Luming, also from the Book of Songs.”

“Oh, I know this one, ‘With pleased sounds the deer call to one another, Eating the celery of the fields,’ right?” Lu Xia chimed in.

Jiang Junmo laughed, “Exactly, that’s it. ‘Luming’ means young deer, and ‘ming’ suggests making a remarkable sound. Together, it implies agility and elegance, with ambitious aspirations.”

Lu Xia nodded again, “This one is good as well! All three names are great. Seems like Grandpa is skilled at naming.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Junmo sighed, “I knew it would be like this.”

“What’s wrong?” Lu Xia was curious.

Jiang Junmo smiled and shook his head, “My grandfather loves the Book of Songs. Originally, the names for girls are chosen from the Book of Songs, and for boys from the Songs of Chu. But when my grandfather named me, he insisted on picking from the Book of Songs, which annoyed my grandmother.”

Lu Xia also chuckled, “So, what about your other sisters and cousins?”


Chapter 232 – His Name Contains Our Names


Upon hearing her question, Jiang Junmo couldn’t help but smile. “My grandpa only named me. The names of the younger generations weren’t given by him.”

Without waiting for Lu Xia to ask further, he continued, “My uncle originally had four children. The eldest sister was born early. At that time, my aunt was still serving as a resident doctor in a local military unit. She didn’t want her daughter to be restricted by being a girl, so she named her Chengzhi. When my eldest cousin brother was born, he was named Chengcun. For the other children, there was no need to come up with special names; they were named Chenggao and Chengyuan.”

Lu Xia was surprised. She remembered that his uncle’s family only had two children, right?

Meanwhile, Jiang Junmo let out a sigh and continued, “My eldest cousin sister died accidentally during a mission. She was only 18 years old at the time and hadn’t started her own family. As for my third cousin brother, he passed away due to illness when he was five years old. So now, in my uncle’s family, there’s only my eldest cousin brother Jiang Chengcun and Jiang Chengyuan.”

“Ah, I see,” Lu Xia said with a touch of sadness in her voice.

Jiang Junmo paused for a moment and then continued, “As for my parents, when they had my eldest sister and second sister, they were twins. The same goes for my third and fourth sisters. They had two consecutive sets of twins, which brought a lot of joy to the family. My grandma personally named them Jiarong, Jiarui, Jiaxin, and Jiamin.”

Due to the consecutive twin births, my mother’s health became weak. They thought there wouldn’t be more children after that, but unexpectedly, I came along.

After I was born, they initially wanted to give me a name starting with ‘Jia’ like my sisters. However, my grandfather insisted that since my grandmother had named the previous children, he should name me this time. My grandmother couldn’t argue with him, so she agreed. That’s why he named me Junmo.”

Lu Xia nodded, amused by the image of Jiang Junmo’s grandparents fighting for the right to name their grandchild.

“Your sisters’ names sound really nice. Your grandmother seems to be a literate person.”

“Yes,” Jiang Junmo nodded. “In the Republican era, our family had a strong literary background. My grandmother attended a women’s high school and even had the opportunity to go to college. But she chose to join the military and that’s how she met my grandfather.
Despite her claims of not being attracted to my grandfather’s rough exterior, they actually got along very well. They’ve been together for decades, and my grandfather has always pampered my grandmother.
Even after my grandmother passed away, my grandfather almost followed her. It was the family’s persuasion and the difficult situation at home that kept him going.
Thankfully, he’s in a better condition now and his health has improved quite a bit.”

Lu Xia breathed a sigh of relief. She remembered Jiang Junmo mentioning before that his grandparents’ generation married early, so they had children and even grandchildren at a relatively young age. And now, his grandfather is only in his seventies.

As for Jiang Junmo’s grandmother, she actually had more children than just his father and his uncle. She had two more daughters, but unfortunately, they passed away unexpectedly. With his father included, out of four children, only one remained. It must have been really heartbreaking!

It was those times that wore her health down, leading to her early passing.

After talking about all this history, they returned to the present.

After looking at the three names, both of them hesitated, unsure which one to choose.

“Which one do you like?” Jiang Junmo asked.

Lu Xia thought for a moment, “The first two, Chen’an and Qichen, have deeper meanings and aren’t as straightforward. How about you?”

Jiang Junmo’s preference was the opposite of hers. “I like the last one, Luming.”

“Oh? Why is that?” Lu Xia was curious.

Jiang Junmo smiled, “The first two are indeed good with nice meanings, but the third one is also good. Moreover, the third name contains the character for ‘deer/Lu,’ which sounds the same as your surname. I think my grandfather might have chosen this with that in mind. That’s why I’m leaning towards this name.”

Lu Xia’s eyes welled up with tears upon hearing this reason. She had to turn her head and take a moment to compose herself before responding casually, “Sure, that’s a good choice. If you like the third one, go for it. Jiang Luming sounds nice too, it has a strong and melodious sound.”

Jiang Junmo chuckled, pretending not to notice her emotional reaction. “Alright, then it’s decided. Our first child’s name will be Jiang Luming!”

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