Chapter 435 – There was also a child

At this moment, facing the curious gazes of everyone, Ye Nan unexpectedly chose to keep them in suspense. “Did you all notice that Li Hua didn’t come to class today?” he asked.

Tang Yuan nodded immediately. “Yes, we noticed. We don’t know what happened. Is this related to him?”

Upon hearing her question, others also became interested. Could this really be related to someone they knew?

Ye Nan nodded with a complex expression. “Indeed, this is related to him, and Li Hua was taken away by the police last night.”

“What?!” Everyone was shocked to hear that he had been taken away by the police!

Lu Xia exclaimed, “How could… Could it be that he killed someone?”

Ye Nan shook his head. “Although he didn’t directly kill someone, it’s close.”

“What exactly happened?” Yu Wan curiously asked, and the others looked at Ye Nan nervously.

Ye Nan sighed. “Well, I just found out about this today as well. It’s related to the person who jumped *ff the building. You probably won’t guess who she is. Surprisingly, she’s someone we know!”

“Ah? Someone we know? Is it a classmate from our class?” Tan Yunfang thought for a moment and then shook her head. “That can’t be right. Everyone except Li Hua was in class today, so there were no missing students!”

Ye Nan shook his head. “She’s not a student from our school.”

However, when Lu Xia heard this, her face turned pale. She had some recollection in her mind, as the person seemed to have long hair, indicating she was a girl. This made her think of the recent events involving Li Hua.

So, she guessed, “Is it… Xie Yunyun?”

The other people in the dormitory were stunned when they heard this, and some couldn’t believe it. How could it be her?

But Ye Nan nodded. “You guessed it right. It’s her!”

“Oh my God!” Upon learning this, everyone was too astonished to speak.

On the side, the junior student Hu Cuihua, who was just watching the commotion, curiously asked, “Who is Xie Yunyun? Do you all know her?”

Since the events from the previous semester had faded from discussion, Hu Cuihua was not aware of it.

So, Lu Xia explained Xie Yunyun’s identity to her and added, “She used to be our roommate, and she lived in your bed.”

After explaining, Lu Xia felt a bit regretful. After all, with this revelation, would Hu Cuihua be scared?

However, Hu Cuihua was surprised for a moment and then exclaimed, “Wow, she’s really bad! But now that this impostor is gone, and I’ve moved in, it’s quite a coincidence!”

Seeing her focus on this aspect and not being scared, Lu Xia felt relieved.

Then, Tan Yunfang, with a complex expression, asked, “Why would it be her? Why did she do this?”

Indeed, everyone was quite curious about this. Despite Xie Yunyun’s wrongdoings, she was still a life, and they had lived together for a long time. Her sudden death in such a manner left them with mixed feelings.

At this moment, Lu Xia suddenly remembered something Ye Nan had mentioned earlier. “So, is this related to Li Hua? Did he kill her?”

Ye Nan shook his head. “No, she should have committed su*cide. When she jumped, Li Hua was in the dormitory and not at the scene, so it shouldn’t be him.”

“Why was Li Hua arrested then?”

Ye Nan sighed again. “Because Xie Yunyun left a su*cide note before jumping. But the most important thing is not that. Besides the su*cide note, on the rooftop where she jumped, there was also a newborn baby girl. When the police found her, she was already frozen…”

“What?!” The people in the dormitory were once again shocked. Good Lord, so the baby also died?


Chapter 436 – Taking the Child along


Both Lu Xia and Tan Yunfang were mothers themselves, so hearing about the loss of a young life saddened them deeply. This was especially true for Lu Xia, who was currently pregnant. Upon hearing the news, she instinctively placed her hand on her belly, feeling heartache for the innocent child.

“So, what really happened? Did Xie Yunyun kill the child, or did she leave it unattended to freeze to death?” Lu Xia asked.

Ye Nan shook his head. “I’m not entirely sure, but the latter seems more likely. According to the school’s investigation, she had probably been hiding on the rooftop the night before, and it happened to snow that night. Even adults would get cold if they stayed there all night, let alone a newborn baby.”

“In her su*cide note, she mentioned wanting the child to go with her,” Ye Nan added.

The others fell silent upon hearing this.

“So, what exactly happened that made her so determined to take the child with her in de*th?” Tan Yunfang wondered.

“Ah, I haven’t seen the contents of the su*cide note, but I’ve heard that it was related to Li Hua,” Ye Nan replied.

Lu Xia suddenly remembered, “Didn’t the school check on her before and say she wasn’t pregnant? How did she suddenly have a child?”

Her remark triggered a recollection among the other dormitory members. That was indeed a contradiction.

“…It could be that the timing was off, right? Maybe she was pregnant when she came to the school but still in the early months. Then, when the school investigated, it was around July, and she would have been only three or four months pregnant, not visibly showing. So, it wouldn’t have been apparent,” Tan Yunfang reasoned.

Lu Xia did the math and realized that it made sense. “So, you’re saying that she might have been genuinely pregnant when she came to the school, but she intentionally made her belly look bigger to deceive everyone?”


At this point, Ye Nan spoke again, “I heard that the school’s investigation, combined with what was in her su*cide note, has shed some light on what happened. It seems she found out that Li Hua had deceived her because he was already married with a child. Initially, Li Hua was nice to her, especially after she became pregnant. He promised to marry her if she gave birth to a son.”

“She was captivated by these sweet words, especially when she felt helpless. She clung to Li Hua, even when his visits became less frequent, especially after the incident with his rural wife. She held onto hope,” Ye Nan explained.

“But unexpectedly, she had an accident before giving birth, which caused her to fall. The baby was prematurely born, and she managed to get her neighbor to take the child to the hospital just in time. She fought to give birth to a daughter.”

“However, after the incident, Li Hua never came to visit her again! On top of that, she had sustained injuries while giving birth, and the doctor told her it would be difficult for her to conceive in the future. The child wasn’t healthy either, requiring proper care. But she had no breast milk, and she couldn’t afford to buy formula. Helpless, she decided to come back to the school.”

“However, due to the previous incidents at the school, security was tightened, and only students with valid IDs could enter. She couldn’t get inside. As she saw her child growing weaker, and her own health deteriorating, Xie Yunyun finally decided that she must find Li Hua.”

“So, on the previous night, in the dark, when the security wasn’t paying attention, she sneaked into the school with the child. She managed to find Li Hua’s dormitory and had someone call him out…”

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