Chapter 661 – Yu Family Meets Chang Yi

It wasn’t until they were seated in the private dining room that Yu Wan’s sister-in-law curiously asked, “I heard your boyfriend also has a stake in this restaurant. Doesn’t that mean he’s one of the owners here?”

Yu Wan nodded, “Yes, they have a share, but it’s only thirty percent.”

“Thirty percent is still quite a lot! This place looks expensive, and I guess it attracts wealthy customers!”

After saying this, Yu Wan’s sister-in-law seemed like she wanted to continue, but she was stopped by Yu Wan’s brother.

In fact, Yu Wan’s sister-in-law had been quite upset. Since Yu Wan had a good job and looked nice, she had originally intended to introduce her to some relatives on her side of the family.

One of those relatives happened to be her cousin, who was good-looking, had a good job, and was a government official. They seemed like a perfect match.

However, Yu Wan hadn’t even met him and had immediately refused. Not only did she refuse, but she also didn’t seem interested in finding anyone at all. Yet, she turned around and found herself a boyfriend, and to make it even more frustrating, he was a chef!

This made her feel like she had wasted her efforts.

She was not in a good mood, so she wanted to see what was so good about this chef of hers!

To prevent his wife from asking more questions, Yu Wan’s brother asked, “Do we need to order some dishes?”

Yu Wan shook her head, “No, Chang Yi and the others have already prepared the dishes. They’ll be served shortly.”

“Is he personally cooking them?” Yu Wan’s mother inquired.

Yu Wan nodded, “I believe so.”

“In that case, I’m looking forward to it!”

As they spoke, the waitstaff began serving the dishes one by one.

“So quickly?”

The Yu family was quite surprised. They didn’t expect the food to arrive so promptly. It was obvious that everything had been prepared in advance. This showed that they were being taken seriously, which pleased them considerably.

Back in the kitchen, after Grandpa Chang saw that Chang Yi had finished preparing the dishes for the Yu family, he took the spatula from him.

“Alright, leave the other private rooms to me. You go change your clothes, get rid of the kitchen smell, and hurry to meet your prospective in-laws. Don’t keep them waiting!” Grandpa Chang said.

Chang Yi nodded without any delay. He headed to the staff room at the back, changed into fresh clothes from head to toe, washed his face, and made sure he no longer smelled of cooking. After a deep breath, he walked toward the Yu family’s private dining room.

Meanwhile, the Yu family, seeing the bountiful spread of dishes on the table and smelling the enticing aromas, were struggling to resist the urge to start eating.

Yu Wan’s nephew was especially tempted, his mouth watering.

However, they refrained from eating in advance, knowing that they were about to meet the young man from the other side.

Father Yu and Mother Yu, though, were feeling quite satisfied. It seemed that, as their daughter had said, this young man was indeed a skilled chef.

At this moment, Chang Yi finally reached the door and mustered his courage to knock.

Upon hearing this, Yu Wan excitedly got up and opened the door.

Father Yu and Mother Yu exchanged glances, feeling a bit exasperated, but Yu Wan didn’t notice. She greeted Chang Yi with a smile, saying, “You’re here! Come on in; my parents have been waiting for you.”

Chang Yi felt a bit awkward but understood that this was a moment he couldn’t avoid. So, he followed her inside.

Upon seeing Yu’s parents, he greeted them with a bow, saying, “Hello, Uncle and Aunt. I’m Chang Yi.”

At their first sight of Chang Yi, Father Yu and Mother Yu were satisfied. He looked like a well-behaved young man, and he was good-looking. While they had hoped their daughter would find a partner who excelled in all aspects, they knew that such individuals were not easy to come by. But seeing Chang Yi, they could tell that their daughter had found someone who had captured her heart, and that did bring them some contentment.

Mother Yu immediately smiled and said, “No need to be formal; please have a seat. The dishes you prepared smell so delicious, and we’re all eager to try them. Some of them are unfamiliar to us.”

Chang Yi promptly began introducing the dishes to them. In an effort to make Father Yu and Mother Yu feel at ease, he spoke as much as he could, despite feeling somewhat out of his element.


Chapter 662 – Rare Alone Time


As the meal went on, Father Yu and Mother Yu grew increasingly satisfied with Chang Yi. After all, they saw his meticulous care for their daughter, and in a marriage, it’s often the small things that matter.

So, at this point, they felt more at ease.

Towards the end of the meal, Grandpa Chang, who had finished his work, also joined them to chat with the Yu family. With his vast life experience and broad knowledge, he quickly established a friendly atmosphere, even better than the earlier interaction with Chang Yi.

When the Yu family left and Chang Yi and his grandfather saw them off, both families had already discussed the topic of the young couple’s marriage.

Lu Xia only learned about the meeting with prospective in-laws afterward.

She asked Yu Wan, “How did it go? It seems your parents are quite pleased with Chang Yi!”

Yu Wan nodded, wearing a relaxed smile. “It went well, and when they got back home, they talked to me again and realized that I’m not just acting on impulse, so they agreed.”

“Really? So, are your families discussing marriage plans now?”

Yu Wan nodded, saying, “Yes, we are discussing it. But it might still take some time. After working in your family’s restaurant, the Chang family has earned a salary and made some money. So, they plan to renovate the house, especially our new home. We’ll have the house fixed up, and then we’ll talk about it.”

“Wow, it sounds like the Chang family values you a lot!”

Yu Wan blushed at the comment but was also quite pleased.

“They’ve also given quite a significant dowry. I didn’t expect them to have so much to offer!”

Hearing about the types of dowry items, Lu Xia sighed.

The fact remains that the Chang family, although they had donated houses and shops, was once a well-to-do family. Even though they had concealed some antiques and valuables when they returned, they never seemed to have used them. Perhaps they were still apprehensive about their situation.

Yu Wan’s situation had a good outcome, and Lu Xia was happy for her.

As her own summer break began after final exams, she had some free time on her hands.

Just a few days into her vacation, the oven she had ordered previously was finally delivered. She had almost thought they had forgotten about it.

The delivery person explained that they had sent one before, but it got damaged during transportation, so they had to send a replacement. Lu Xia didn’t get angry; she was just glad it had arrived.

She bought some ingredients and started experimenting with cake recipes. After several days of trying, she finally managed to bake a delicious cake that Jiang Junmo particularly enjoyed.

However, she couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed that the kids weren’t there to taste it.

During this summer break, the younger kids had clamored to go on a summer vacation with their grandfather. Initially, Lu Xia had been reluctant to agree, but Jiang Junmo had come over to persuade her, saying that they should take the children with them.

After thinking it over, Lu Xia gave her consent. The kids were old enough to take care of themselves and, with Kang Kang around, she felt more at ease.

When the kids heard that she had agreed, they were thrilled and didn’t show any reluctance at all, which annoyed Lu Xia. So she decided not to make them any cake when they returned!

With the children away, Lu Xia also granted a vacation to the housekeeper, allowing her to return home to spend quality time with her grandson. She would return after the summer break ended.

The house was now just occupied by Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo. Although Jiang Junmo still had to work during the week, it was a rare opportunity for Lu Xia to stay home and cook for him. In no time, he had gained a bit of weight, thanks to her delicious meals.

On weekends, they went on dates, cherishing the precious time they had alone together. It felt like they were back in the honeymoon phase. They realized that, since having kids, most of their time had revolved around taking care of the children. This period of spending time alone made their relationship feel even closer and more intimate.

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