Chapter 663 – Xie Guifang Stays at School

However, good times always passed quickly.

Just as Lu Xia enjoyed their time alone together, a summer vacation came to an end.

The kids who had gone to escape the heat also returned.

The yard started buzzing with noise and chatter again.

Lu Xia suddenly felt a bit out of place, but there was no choice but to accept it.

Fortunately, she was starting school again soon.

After this new school year began, their department welcomed a new teacher.

Lu Xia recognized this person; it was Xie Guifang, who had graduated this year.

In fact, Lu Xia hadn’t paid much attention to her after she went to college.

But occasionally, she heard about her, and it was said that she worked part-time at school due to some family difficulties. Her grades were also good, and she ranked in the top ten in her class.

But even so, if you looked at it solely based on grades, it was a bit of a stretch for her to stay at school.

So Lu Xia thought that the school’s decision to keep her was likely a compensation for the previous incident.

After all, being a substitute once had caused her to lose two years of her time for no reason, and the school had some unclear responsibility in that matter.

But no matter what, Lu Xia and she became colleagues.

At the same time, with the arrival of the new teacher, she started teaching the juniors, which meant she was teaching the same group of students as before.

This made her quite satisfied since she had already gotten to know them well.

From the looks of it, she might be able to continue teaching them until they graduate.

After Xie Guifang officially became a teacher at Peking University, she was quite nervous, possibly due to knowing Lu Xia, and she frequently requested leave for teaching matters.

She prepared her lessons with exceptional diligence, hoping to make the most of this opportunity.

Lu Xia silently nodded in approval, hoping she would adapt quickly.

Not long after the school year began, Lu Xia received her lecturer title.

When the other teachers in the office found out, they were genuinely happy for her and some even teased her to treat them to a meal.

Of course, it was all in good spirits. Even though university teachers earned decent salaries, treating everyone would still be a considerable expense. Lu Xia realized this and, after thinking it over, went home to bake some cakes. The next day, she brought them to the office to treat the teachers.

The teachers who received her cakes thought they were excellent.

Even Teacher Jiang, who had grown up abroad, declared them authentic.

“Lu Xia’s baking skills are really impressive. I’ve been in this country for so long, and I haven’t found any bakery that can make such authentic cakes. If you opened a bakery, I’d be a regular customer, at the very least, I’d visit every day!”

Lu Xia chuckled in response, “Well, you’ll be disappointed then. Baking is just a hobby of mine. I make cakes for my family sometimes, but I have no plans to sell them.”

Teacher Jiang sighed in disappointment, “Ah, Lu Xia, your family is truly lucky to enjoy such delicious cakes every day!”

Seeing his reaction, Lu Xia shook her head and smiled, “Jealous, are you? Then you should find someone who can bake for you!”

Teacher Jiang was clearly averse to the topic, and he immediately shook his head.

“No, no, I won’t. I’m not jealous anymore. I mean… I have to prepare my lessons now! Let’s not talk about it!”

The other teachers saw his reaction and shook their heads with smiles on their faces, understanding that he had been traumatized in some way.

Lu Xia guessed that it had something to do with Yu Shuping.

Speaking of Yu Shuping, Lu Xia noticed a change in her when she saw her this semester.

Although she hadn’t returned to her previous heavily made-up appearance, she had started wearing makeup again and looked quite beautiful every day.

However, Lu Xia had stopped paying attention to her. As long as she didn’t disrupt her class, she didn’t care about Yu Shuping’s personal choices.


Chapter 664 – Yu Shuping Gets Expelled


Not long after that, the school suddenly issued a notice that Yu Shuping had been expelled!

Lu Xia was quite surprised when she found out.

What had happened?

Wasn’t the previous incident in the past?

Why had she been expelled again? Did she get into trouble once more?

However, the school had kept this matter very hush-hush initially, and no information had leaked out, leaving everyone in the dark.

Lu Xia had planned to ask the class monitor/counselor about it after her class ended.

But before she could leave the classroom, Zhao Mingchao had already informed her of the reason.

It turned out that Yu Shuping had indeed gotten into trouble once more.

And this time, it was something that damaged Peking University’s reputation!

It was said that after ending her previous relationship, Yu Shuping had been obedient for a while and started to focus on her studies.

But after experiencing the luxurious life, it became difficult for her to return to a simple life.

After the summer vacation, she had initially intended to find a job to earn some money. However, as she hadn’t graduated, she couldn’t secure any high-paying job and had to settle for odd jobs that paid very little.

But for someone who had experienced a lavish lifestyle, such meager earnings were beneath her notice.

So, she took a dark path once again!

This time, she didn’t become a third party in relationships but went straight to work in nightcl*bs as an esc*rt!

What’s more, when she first started, due to her association with Peking University, she used her reputation as a top student to gain attention.

She managed to make a considerable amount of money using her b*dy.

But as the saying goes, there are no secrets that time does not reveal.

Peking University also had its share of affluent individuals, and some had relatives or friends who had visited nightcl*bs. Over time, the news spread.

Eventually, some Peking University students found the situation embarrassing and asked their families to investigate. They identified the person involved and reported the matter to the school’s leadership.

The school leaders were furious when they learned about it and recognized the negative impact it could have on Peking University’s reputation.

In the end, they issued a notice expelling Yu Shuping in an attempt to minimize the damage.

It seemed that people who knew about the incident didn’t want to spread the news further to avoid being associated with it.

Lu Xia was astonished by this whole story. She asked, “This… she really had quite the audacity! But I thought this hadn’t become common knowledge. How did you find out?”

Zhao Mingchao replied, “I heard it from students in other departments. Back then, they came to our class to confirm if it was true, and gradually, everyone in the class found out.”

Lu Xia sighed, “Alright, I understand. Let’s not talk about this anymore, for the sake of all of us.”

Zhao Mingchao nodded, “I know, teacher. I just told you; I won’t mention it to others.”

Lu Xia said, “Okay.”

Although the school had strict rules against spreading this information, it still became common knowledge.

In the office, the teachers discussed it several times, and the school even held a special meeting on the matter. They added an extra session of ideological education for all the students, hoping to strengthen their values, dissuade them from going down the wrong path, and encourage them to focus on their studies and contribute to the country.

In any case, Yu Shuping vanished from Peking University as swiftly as she had appeared.

Lu Xia never saw her again after that.

However, a few years later, she encountered Yu Shuping’s former husband in her third sister-in-law’s logistics company. By then, he had become a manager in the company.

He had gone through significant changes since their first meeting. He had become hardworking and self-reliant, had bought a house in Beijing, remarried, and now had a pair of children. He doted on his wife, known as a good husband in the company, and he seemed genuinely content with his life.

It was clear that he was doing well.

When Lu Xia heard about this, she thought about Yu Shuping. She wondered if she would have any regrets if she knew about these developments.

Of course, that was a story for another time.

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    But, we could never know what an anomaly such her could think of. Now that she lost the “capital” (of being Peking University’s student) to sold her “services”, she might not even aware that her lavish lifestyle might hollow out a manager’s salary, leaving her family not able to buy a house and how she damaged her own health (fertility)… She might took extreme measure to attack his wife. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜žπŸ˜‘πŸ’’

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