Chapter 665 – Cousin’s Wife Is Pregnant Again

Due to the issue with Yu Shuping, the English department had been in a slump for some time.

And at this time, Lu Xia received a message from Aunt Jiang.

Cousin’s wife is pregnant!

After hearing this, Lu Xia didn’t know what to say. In theory, the one-child policy had been implemented in the country a few years ago, but it was not strictly enforced among the general population. If someone had more children, they would just have to pay a fine.

However, for public servants, the policy was very strict, and violating the national policy could lead to direct dismissal. Cousin and his wife were both in the military, so if their situation was discovered, it would likely be thoroughly investigated.

But this time, cousin-in-law seemed to be exempt from any trouble because she belonged to a minority ethnic group, and the policy allowed them to have one more child.

However, Lu Xia still felt somewhat speechless upon hearing the news. After all, she knew the reason behind her cousin-in-law’s sudden change of heart. She wondered why Cousin had agreed to it.

The main reason cousin-in-law gave for wanting to return home was that her pregnancy had caused significant physical discomfort, and she no longer had the energy to work and take care of her child. In addition, Cousin was quite busy, and he had recently received a new assignment, so she wanted to come back.

Uncle and Aunt Jiang had agreed to it, but since Cousin was away, only Aunt Jiang could go to pick her up.

She had already taken a leave of absence and was planning to leave the next day.

After hearing this, Lu Xia helped prepare some food for her journey on the train and saw her off the next day.

When she returned home that night and told Jiang Junmo about the situation, she found it strange. “Why do you think Cousin agreed to let her have another child?”

Jiang Junmo paused for a moment after hearing her question. “Cousin wouldn’t agree. I suspect his wife must have done something.”

Lu Xia didn’t say anything more upon hearing this.

A few days later, Aunt Jiang brought cousin’s wife and their child, Ning Ning, over.

That evening, after Lu Xia finished work, she went to see them. Cousin-in-law still had a cold demeanor, but perhaps due to severe pregnancy symptoms, she didn’t look well and had lost some weight.

She noticed that Lu Xia had brought along some nutritional supplements. Cousin-in-law, for once, showed a smile and said, “I heard, little sister, that you’ve opened a restaurant, and the food is really delicious. I’ll have to go try it sometime.”

Lu Xia smiled and replied, “Sister-in-law, feel free to visit. The meal is on me.”

Initially, Lu Xia didn’t pay much attention to this, but later, she received a call from Wang Qiuying, informing her that her cousin’s wife had visited the restaurant without making a reservation. Lu Xia instructed her staff to arrange for her in one of the VIP rooms she had kept for special guests.

Luckily, they always ordered extra ingredients just in case.

At first, Lu Xia thought she was merely curious about the restaurant. However, when she went to the restaurant at the end of the month, she was surprised to learn that her cousin-in-law had visited six times that month, and each time, she remembered to put the bill on her head.

This puzzled Lu Xia. It wasn’t about the money, but she was under the impression that her cousin-in-law wasn’t in good health. So why was she going out so frequently?

Lu Xia asked Wang Qiuying, “Did she come by herself?”

Wang Qiuying shook her head and said, “She came by herself the first time, but the subsequent visits were with some friends.”

Lu Xia was surprised. Cousin-in-law’s hometown wasn’t here; where could she have found a friend in the capital city? However, she didn’t press the matter at the moment. Instead, she settled the bill for the month.

Even though it was her restaurant, she had to settle her own bills as it involved profit-sharing and accounting for the business.

After paying the bill, she inquired about the restaurant’s performance for the month. When she returned home, she told Jiang Junmo about the situation.

Jiang Junmo frowned upon hearing this. Their family had unique circumstances and typically didn’t get too close to others to avoid being scrutinized.

So, this matter indeed needed thorough investigation.


Chapter 666 – Cousin-in-law’s Clever Operation


Afterward, Jiang Junmo inquired with some people and what he found left Lu Xia at a loss for words.

It turns out that when cousin-in-law came back, she didn’t have to work, and Ning Ning had Aunt Wang to look after her. This made her life much more relaxed. Moreover, the family took good care of her, ensuring she ate well, and her health improved considerably.

However, because Aunt Jiang and the others had to work during the day, cousin-in-law was often left alone at home, feeling bored. To alleviate her boredom, she began going out for a stroll.

Grandpa Jiang was concerned about her unfamiliarity with Beijing, so he arranged for his security officer, Xiao Zhang, to pick her up and drop her off.

Yes, the previous Xiao Yu had already returned to the army after completing his assignment, and the new one was called Xiao Zhang, a cheerful young man.

After Xiao Zhang drove Cousin’s wife around Beijing for a while, she started to find it uninteresting. It was then that she decided to dine at Lu Xia’s restaurant.

Afterward, she attempted to socialize with the residents of the residential compound, perhaps thinking of expanding her network. However, the people in the compound had their own social circles, and she came across as cold and unlikable, so they were not inclined to befriend her.

At some point, she overheard someone mentioning that Lu Xia’s private restaurant in Beijing was quite famous, not to mention pricey. To dine there, one had to make a reservation well in advance; otherwise, even if you had the money, you couldn’t get a table.

Cousin-in-law took note of this information and, the next time she met with everyone, she casually offered to treat them to a meal at Lu Xia’s private restaurant.

Initially, the others hesitated, knowing how difficult it was to secure a reservation there. However, cousin-in-law reassured them, pledging that Lu Xia was her younger sister, and they could dine there anytime.

And so, half-believing, they went with her to the restaurant. What they found was beyond their expectations; not only did they have a reservation, but they were seated in a better, more spacious private room.

Thanks to this strategy, cousin-in-law smoothly integrated into their social circle. Occasionally, she would take everyone out for meals, and they didn’t have to spend their own money.

The reason Wang Qiuying didn’t recognize them was that she had married out early, and most of the women with whom cousin-in-law interacted were newer daughters-in-law who had married into the compound.

Lu Xia was at a loss for words when she heard this. Was cousin-in-law trying to build a relationship with others by using her things?

She almost wanted to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Who would have thought that cousin-in-law, who appeared to be disinterested in worldly affairs, would have such a personality?

“Does she think my restaurant is run by my family or something?” Lu Xia wondered aloud.

Jiang Junmo replied, “That’s probably what she thinks.”

Lu Xia sighed and asked, “What should I do about it?”

In theory, she wasn’t short of money, and it wasn’t a big deal for cousin-in-law to dine at her restaurant. However, she couldn’t help but feel like she was taken advantage of, and it left her feeling uncomfortable.

But making a big issue out of it would make her seem petty, especially considering how generous her Uncle had been to them.

Jiang Junmo reassured her, “Don’t worry; I’ll handle it.”

Lu Xia inquired, “How will you handle it?”

“I’ll call my cousin tomorrow and have him deal with it.”

“Is that okay?”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “It’s his wife’s matter, and he’s the one to talk to about it. Don’t worry, everyone in our family knows who you are. Look at your sisters-in-law, none of them are constantly freeloading at your restaurant.”

Lu Xia nodded and said, “Alright, when you talk to him, be subtle about it. Don’t be too direct; he’s already troubled enough.” After all, they had only learned about cousin-in-law’s return when he was away on a mission.

Jiang Junmo chuckled, “Don’t worry; I’ve got this.”

After that conversation, cousin-in-law finally stayed home and focused on her pregnancy. She no longer mingled with others every day.

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Chapter 666 is dedicated to Lu Xia’s cousin-in-law. The author really called her a demonic entity. Hahaha! XD

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