Chapter 285 – Due Date

There was confusion, there was resistance, and there was brilliance.

Take, for instance, one of the paintings where the artist vividly blended two different time periods within one space. The collision between humiliation and glory, the moment when the bygone era stood in front of modern skyscrapers—this clash struck directly at the human soul.

You see, your sacrifices back then were not in vain. It’s precisely because of your sacrifices that such a prosperous era has come forth.

The clash of light and darkness, the impact of hate and joy, collided to create a breathtaking piece that praises the modern era’s development while also commemorating history. It honors the great ancestors who sacrificed blood for our nation!

Each of the other paintings holds its own significance, infused with a soul that, in a way that strikes the heart, showcases the most authentic aspects of our nation. This is an art exhibition that could set the entire world on fire!

The minister of Cultural Propaganda Department firmly believed this, which is why he agreed to Zhuge Yu’s request and wanted these twenty paintings to travel the world, allowing the world to see the real face of our nation, to understand it!

Zhuge Yu wasn’t surprised that the minister of Cultural Propaganda Department agreed to host the event, but he was taken aback by the requests. However, after a brief thought, Zhuge Yu agreed.

Since the Cultural Propaganda Department could take Chen Li’s paintings worldwide for exhibition, why wouldn’t they do it?

Zhuge Yu and the minister of Cultural Propaganda Department had a pleasant conversation, and they even shared a bottle of white wine before parting ways.

Zhuge Yu got extremely drunk; he was just too happy. Zhuge Feng came to pick him up and tossed him into the back seat of the car.

Zhuge Yu slept until noon the next day, a combination of jet lag and alcohol making his sleep unusually deep. His phone rang several times during that period, but he didn’t hear it.

When Zhuge Yu woke up and checked the missed calls on his phone, he realized Chen Yunlan and Sylvester had called him multiple times, obviously eager for news. He had forgotten to inform Chen Yunlan and the others in his drunken state yesterday. Zhuge Yu rubbed his slightly throbbing head due to the hangover and was about to call Chen Yunlan when his phone rang again. It was the minister of Cultural Propaganda Department, stating that the plan for hosting the art exhibition had been approved and the first exhibition must take place domestically, specifically during the national holiday in our country.

Zhuge Yu didn’t immediately agree, saying he needed to discuss it with the creator of the paintings.

After hanging up, Zhuge Yu immediately called Chen Yunlan. After discussing for a while, they agreed.

The main reason was the timing—it aligned with the national holiday, the time when Chen Li was due to give birth. By then, he could return home for the exhibition. Moreover, for an exhibition with this theme, the first location being in the country was also perfectly fitting.

The exhibition was set, with the organizers in place. Many subsequent matters didn’t require Chen Yunlan and Zhuge Yu’s attention. With several months remaining until the national holiday in China, there was ample time.

Of course, Chen Yunlan informed Chen Li about the exhibition. Chen Li was genuinely pleased to hear that the National Cultural Propaganda Department would host it.

Once Chen Li finalized the exhibition’s theme and completed the artworks, he didn’t need to worry about the exhibition anymore. He trusted the three elders implicitly because he knew they genuinely cared for him.

Indeed, these three elders surprised him, allowing his art to be showcased worldwide.

With twenty pieces completed and the exhibition plans settled, Wei Chen remained by his side, and Chen Li’s life once again slipped into indulgence. Eat, sleep, sleep, eat—Fang Yun and Chen Yunlan even schemed to fatten Chen Li up. With Wei Chen’s unconditional doting, Chen Li’s life now was unbelievably comfortable—a life he had never imagined.

Days passed, and Chen Li’s belly grew larger by the day. The baby inside was restless, moving around frequently. But each movement was a delight for Chen Li and Wei Chen, this expectant couple.

Spring came and went, and summer arrived.

As the due date approached, Wei Chen grew increasingly nervous by the day.

Ten days before Chen Li’s due date, Lan Xiping came again. This time, Lan Xiping would perform Chen Li’s cesarean section.

The estate had prepared a surgical room comparable to a hospital during this time. The surgical equipment inside was top-notch globally.

Although Lan Xiping was still a student, having experienced many major surgeries under Wang Kaiji’s supervision, despite not having performed as the primary surgeon, Wang Kaiji had repeatedly told Lan Xiping that he had the skills to lead a surgery.

Considering Chen Li’s situation, there were no doctors at this hospital who knew that men could give birth. The doctor who came regularly for Chen Li’s check-ups was just a clinic doctor and had no surgical experience.

Originally, Wang Kaiji was supposed to perform the surgery, but due to a major international medical conference coinciding with Chen Li’s due date, he couldn’t spare the time.

Chen Li was less anxious only when around Lan Xiping, which helped soothe his emotions and calm him down.

As a result, Lan Xiping had to step up to the challenge.

To prepare, Lan Xiping spent a month observing obstetrics and gynecology at Ci’en Hospital, personally witnessing several cesarean section surgeries.

Lan Xiping naturally arrived with Jiang Ye. It was his first time assisting in a surgery, so he felt nervous inside, but he couldn’t let that show.

When Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye arrived at the estate, Chen Li was still napping, and they were received by Chen Yunlan.

Chen Yunlan had a positive impression of Lan Xiping, especially since Lan Xiping had saved Chen Li last time. Despite being aware of Lan Xiping’s young age, Chen Yunlan trusted him due to their previous encounter.

Fang Yun, meeting Lan Xiping for the first time, had some doubts about what such a young doctor could do. Despite the skepticism, Fang Yun didn’t voice it out loud because she could sense Wei Chen and Chen Yunlan’s trust in this young individual.

Indeed, Wei Chen and Chen Yunlan had great faith in Lan Xiping. It wasn’t just because Lan Xiping had previously removed the psychological suggestion from Chen Li’s mind but also because Lan Xiping had a convincing force in his medical skills. Despite knowing it was his first surgery, they couldn’t help but believe in him.

When Chen Li woke up and saw Lan Xiping, he was pleasantly surprised. He held Lan Xiping’s hand and shared many words.

Lan Xiping, too, was astonished to see Chen Li after such a long time. In the past half-year, Chen Li had changed significantly, appearing rounder, shedding the timidity and wariness in his expressions. There was no trace of someone with autism anymore.

It seems that for the past half a year, Chen Li was taken care of very well, not only physically but also mentally. If this was Lan Xiping’s first time meeting Chen Li, and someone told him that the person in front of him was autistic, Lan Xiping wouldn’t have believed it. Chen Li now looks almost indistinguishable from a normal person.

This similarity wasn’t because Lan Xiping was a familiar person whom Chen Li trusted, but because Chen Li had truly changed. Lan Xiping believed that even if a stranger stood in front of Chen Li now, Chen Li wouldn’t feel as nervous and guarded as before; instead, he would be able to relax and communicate with that stranger.

After chatting with Chen Li, Lan Xiping also noticed that Chen Li’s emotions had become richer, and there were more emotions in his expressions. He didn’t even show any signs of prenatal depression!

This discovery made Lan Xiping very happy.

Obviously, Wei Chen also sensed this change. When he looked at Chen Li, there was a smile and tenderness in his eyes, and upon closer inspection, joy could also be seen. Wei Chen was also delighted by Chen Li’s transformation.

The baby in Chen Li’s belly was very punctual; on the day of the expected delivery, the baby was about to come out.

In the early morning, before Wei Chen woke up, Chen Li was awakened by the labor pains coming from his belly. He tightly grabbed Wei Chen’s hand.

Wei Chen had been in a very light sleep during this time. Even the slightest movement would wake him up immediately. As soon as Chen Li’s hand touched his arm, Wei Chen woke up.

“Li Li…” Wei Chen immediately got up and lifted Chen Li horizontally.

Chen Li, in pain, held onto Wei Chen’s clothes tightly, his face slightly contorted. “Achen… the baby is coming…”

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