Chapter 286 – Big Chubby Little Guy

Chen Li was indeed about to give birth. As Wei Chen carried him out of the room, Chen Li’s amniotic fluid broke.

Today, everyone in the manor was on high alert. At the slightest noise, they all woke up. Even the doctor who had been conducting check-ups for Chen Li moved into the manor. Apart from informing Lan Xiping about Chen Li’s condition, they could assist Lan Xiping during the surgery.

With everyone awake, Chen Li was wheeled into the operating room. Wei Chen, under Lan Xiping’s command, changed into sterile surgical attire. Once the door closed, it shut out all the concerned eyes outside.

Chen Li didn’t feel much pain; he was given local anesthesia shortly after entering. The pain in his stomach became imperceptible.

But the baby was about to arrive, and Chen Li was still somewhat nervous. He tightly held Wei Chen’s hand, constantly speaking to him.

Wei Chen reciprocated, holding Chen Li’s hand, giving him strength.

Meanwhile, after a deep breath, Lan Xiping began to work methodically. Although it was his first time performing surgery, he had witnessed this scene many times. He didn’t tremble at all during the operation, displaying no signs of panic, while people outside anxiously paced back and forth.

Finally, at the tensest moment for everyone, a loud cry echoed from the operating room.

Chen Li had given birth!

The surgeon, Lan Xiping, was unfazed by the newborn. His movements were precise and swift while suturing the wound. Wei Chen held the baby, covered in bloodstains, and couldn’t help but tear up.

Chen Li had fallen unconscious. Lan Xiping moved him to rest, then directed Wei Chen to bathe the newborn.

The baby seemed spirited, crying incessantly, as if trying to announce his arrival to the world.

After the baby was bathed, they weighed him. He was around nine pounds, a big, chubby little guy, explaining why he felt heavy when held.

It was too early to tell whom the newborn resembled, but Wei Chen was convinced the baby looked like Chen Li. His eyes were still closed, yet it was evident they were large, with thick, curly eyelashes.

After holding the baby for a while, Wei Chen asked Lan Xiping to take the newborn outside while he stayed with Chen Li.

Chen Li was still unconscious, sleeping peacefully. His swollen belly from months ago had now subsided, with a few beads of sweat on his forehead.

Wei Chen gently wiped away the sweat from Chen Li’s forehead and leaned in to kiss him. “Li Li, you’ve worked hard.”

Half an hour later, Chen Li woke up. After everyone outside had a chance to see the baby, he finally returned to Wei Chen’s hands. When Wei Chen noticed Chen Li waking up, he placed the baby beside the pillow for Chen Li to see.

The little baby was fast asleep at this moment. Chen Li’s gaze fell upon the baby’s face, showing both joy and surprise. However, what slipped out of his mouth was, “Achen, he’s quite ugly.”

It was the plain truth. The red, wrinkled face resembled a little monkey, with sparse hair on his head, chubby cheeks—undeniably a bit unattractive.

“He hasn’t fully opened up yet. Once he does, he’ll look fine,” Wei Chen explained, not expecting Chen Li to say that.

Chen Li reached out and gently touched the baby’s tender cheek, laughing, “Achen, I love him.”

This kind of love was different from the love he felt for Wei Chen, Chen Li knew.

His love for Wei Chen was about wanting Wei Chen to always treat him well, with his focus solely on him, not allowing room for anyone else in his heart.

But the love for the little baby was about wanting to give him all the goodness in the world, hoping for his healthy growth.

Wei Chen tenderly replied, “I love him too.”

He was their child, the result of their love, the big treasure they had been anticipating for so long. How could they not love him?

They would give him their best and purest love, ensuring that their hardships wouldn’t be experienced by their baby.

Wei Chen and Chen Li’s eyes met, filled not only with profound love but also with twinkles of joy, radiating an air of happiness.

Two incomplete individuals found each other, understood and loved one another, and with the fruit of their love, they became a complete family. They joyfully shared the news with their relatives back in China.

When Grandfather Qu heard that Chen Li had given birth to a big, chubby little guy, he couldn’t contain his laughter over the phone.

The speakerphone was on, and Chen Yunlan was also present. Wei Chen glanced at Chen Yunlan, and upon receiving a nod, Wei Chen spoke to the person on the phone, “Grandfather Qu, could you help us pick a name for Qiuqiu?”

Qiuqiu was the baby’s nickname chosen by Chen Li. When the baby was in Chen Li’s belly, Chen Li’s round belly resembled a ball, so Chen Li had told Wei Chen that when the baby was born, he must be called Qiuqiu.

Naturally, Wei Chen agreed with Chen Li, so once the baby was born, his nickname was already decided: Qiuqiu.

Grandfather Qu was the oldest and most respected, so having him choose a formal name for Qiuqiu was quite normal. It was also a blessing for Qiuqiu.

“Let’s call him Ze, Bai Ze’s Ze.” Grandfather Qu had already thought of a name before. When Wei Chen asked him to pick a name for Qiuqiu, Grandfather Qu immediately came up with it.

Bai Ze, an ancient auspicious beast, brings blessings to the world. It’s a holy creature, a benefactor.

Because of the baby, Chen Li managed to escape a disaster at that time. The baby was a lucky star, bringing auspiciousness to Chen Li. So, naming him Ze seemed most fitting.

“Thank you, Grandfather Qu. Then, Qiuqiu will be named Qu Ze,” Wei Chen accepted the name. Qiuqiu was their lucky star.

“Why the surname Qu?” Grandfather Qu was puzzled for a moment. Why would Qiuqiu have the surname Qu, not Wei or Chen?

“Yes. Grandfather Qu, this is something I discussed with Li Li. Let Qiuqiu have the surname Qu,” Wei Chen reiterated.

Wei Chen had discussed the issue of the baby’s surname with Chen Li. Both had the same opinion: their child should carry the Qu surname. Grandfather Qu had only two children in his life, neither of whom were still alive. When Grandfather Qu pass away, the Qu family line would end. Wei Chen and Chen Li didn’t want to see that happen. Thus, they decided to have their child bear the Qu surname, continuing the Qu family legacy.

Wei Chen also discussed this matter with Chen Yunlan and Fang Yun. Chen Yunlan immediately agreed. He felt there was no need to continue the Chen family name. Fang Yun had no objections either; the Wei family name wasn’t necessary.

Grandfather Qu was moved and choked up at last. He hadn’t expected these younger generations to care for him so much.

The Qu family finally had someone to carry on the legacy.

So, the full name of Chen Li and Wei Chen’s son, Qiuqiu, was decided.

Qu Ze, a baby who would bring luck to his two fathers, was the precious treasure of Wei Chen and Chen Li.

Qiuqiu’s arrival made the estate lively.

Among everyone on the estate, only Fang Yun and Mary had experience raising children. Whether it was Chen Yunlan, Wei Chen, or Chen Li, they were all beginners; even their way of holding the baby was incorrect, let alone preparing formula milk for the child.

The three grown men were fumbling while making formula milk. Either the milk powder was scattered everywhere, or water spilled all over. However, both Chen Yunlan and Wei Chen had excellent culinary skills, so they quickly learned and soon got the hang of it.

But Chen Li couldn’t do it, no matter how many times. He still couldn’t make formula milk. However, he persisted.

This procedure was wrong, it would be corrected next time, but the previous procedure was wrong again, so there wasn’t a single time when it was right.

So, this time after preparing the formula milk, Chen Li forgot again that vigorously shaking the bottle after preparing the milk isn’t allowed. Subconsciously, he felt it would melt faster and more evenly this way.

Wei Chen noticed Chen Li’s action and immediately corrected him.

Afterward, Chen Li looked at Wei Chen with a defeated expression and asked, “Achen, why can’t I do such a simple thing?”

Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s hair and jokingly said, “Who said it’s simple? It’s quite challenging, Li Li, it’s normal if you can’t learn it.”

Right then, Chen Yunlan passed by and chimed in, “Yeah, it’s tough. Dad still doesn’t know how to do it!”

Of course, Chen Yunlan is now very skilled at preparing formula milk. In order to appease Chen Li’s discontent, he had to join Wei Chen in joking around.

Chen Li’s mood improved a bit and said, “Okay, if it’s that difficult, I won’t learn it.”

He then went to the living room and took Qiuqiu from Fang Yun’s hands, holding him clumsily, afraid of hurting the small Qiuqiu.

Fang Yun noticed Chen Li’s incorrect way of holding the child and immediately corrected him. Chen Li carefully followed Fang Yun’s instructions on how to hold Qiuqiu, being gentle and careful.


Suddenly, Qiuqiu started crying, startling Chen Li. His expression changed immediately, looking like he might cry too. “Mom… Mom… why is Qiuqiu crying?”

Suppressing a smile, Fang Yun said, “Qiuqiu might need a diaper change. You should change it for him.”

Chen Li had never changed a diaper before, but his eyes lit up. “Mom, please teach me how to change a diaper!”

“Alright.” Fang Yun took Qiuqiu and placed him on the changing table, teaching Chen Li how to change the diaper.

Chen Li couldn’t make formula milk, but he quickly learned how to change a diaper. After Fang Yun taught him once, Chen Li almost mastered it. Excited, with shining eyes, he held up the just-changed diaper and went to find Wei Chen.

“Achen! Achen!” Chen Li rushed to the kitchen, holding up the diaper for Wei Chen to see.

“Achen, look, I can change a diaper!”

Wei Chen turned to Chen Li, smiling, “Li Li, you’re amazing!”

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