Chapter 287 – Full Moon of Qiuqiu

Having received Wei Chen’s praise, Chen Li was very excited. Changing Qiuqiu’s diaper felt like accomplishing a great task. His big eyes sparkled with excitement and anticipation.

Wei Chen prepared the formula and approached with the bottle, gently rubbing Chen Li’s head with a tender gaze.

Chen Li discarded the soiled diaper and followed behind Wei Chen, his gaze fixed on Wei Chen’s hands, indicating a clear desire to feed Qiuqiu personally.

Qiuqiu wasn’t much of a crier, but when he did cry, it was fierce. He would only calm down when carried around. At this moment, he seemed hungry and began crying in Fang Yun’s arms.

Wei Chen swiftly went over and took Qiuqiu into his arms. Despite not recognizing people yet and not being a month old, once in Wei Chen’s embrace, Qiuqiu stopped crying and lay peacefully in his arms.

After a few days of learning, Wei Chen had mastered the art of holding Qiuqiu comfortably. He cradled Qiuqiu effortlessly, placing the bottle near his mouth. Qiuqiu eagerly latched on and started drinking, clearly hungry.

Chen Li stood by, watching Qiuqiu drink milk intently, even unconsciously swallowing saliva. It wasn’t that Chen Li wanted to breastfeed but witnessing Qiuqiu enjoy the milk triggered this involuntary reaction.

It had been over ten days since Qiuqiu was born. Chen Li had recovered well, the surgical incision had healed, and he was energetic, able to move freely.

Seeing Chen Li’s reaction, while feeding Qiuqiu, Wei Chen whispered in his ear, “I’ve prepared your favorite dish in the kitchen. Sneak in later and have some. Remember to eat it sneakily.”

Chen Li’s eyes lit up instantly. He nodded eagerly at Wei Chen, then tiptoed and planted a kiss on Wei Chen’s cheek!

These days, his diet had been extremely monotonous, mostly postpartum meals. Despite being a foodie at heart, eating almost the same things every day made him weary. He felt his taste buds fading away due to the lack of variety.

Later on, when the two elders, Chen Yunlan and Fang Yun, were busy entertaining Qiuqiu in the living room, Chen Li sneaked into the kitchen. Upon seeing the oily dish Wei Chen had hidden in the pot, Chen Li felt his craving intensify.

He glanced at the living room, noticing that Chen Yunlan and Fang Yun were occupied, and happily indulged in the extra meal Wei Chen had prepared for him.

However, Chen Yunlan and Fang Yun couldn’t possibly be unaware of this.

Chen Yunlan said to Wei Chen, “You spoil him too much.”

Wei Chen gently squeezed Qiuqiu’s hand, his expression soft, “I asked Lan Xiping. There aren’t many issues now.”

Chen Yunlan naturally welcomed someone doting on her son, feeling happy for Chen Li. He then inquired about another matter, “Now that Xiao Li has given birth, when do you plan to return to the country?”

“Let’s wait until Qiuqiu grows a little more,” Wei Chen replied.

However, he knew he couldn’t delay too long. Firstly, he had been on leave for quite a while, and no company would allow a high-ranking executive to be on leave for so long. The board’s pressure was being managed by Sheng Jiaqi. Sheng Jiaqi, upon learning that Chen Li had given birth, had called him asking about his return, indicating some pressure.

Moreover, Grandfather Qu also eagerly awaited seeing his great-grandchild. Due to the time difference and Grandfather Qu’s age, video calls were not practical. Despite occasional calls, Grandfather Qu couldn’t help but focus on Qiuqiu. He was extremely eager to see his great-grandchild.

Considering these factors, Wei Chen and Chen Li couldn’t stay in the foreign country for much longer.

Compared to when Qiuqiu was just born, he had grown a lot. His facial features had developed, with large eyes, thick eyelashes, and a little mole on the upper lip, making his lips slightly pouty, resembling Chen Li. He was simply adorable, almost like a carbon copy.

When Grandfather Qu first saw Qiuqiu, he was stunned for a long time. Then he showed Wei Chen and others an old photo, one of Qu Ran’s when he had just turned one month old. It was a photo from a distant era but incredibly well-preserved without any wrinkles or overexposure.

The photo was black and white, the pixels weren’t great, but on careful examination, wasn’t it just like Qiuqiu!

Qiuqiu resembled Chen Li, but there was a slight difference in the nose. Chen Li inherited Chen Yunlan’s, which was slightly pointed. However, from the photo, it was evident that Qiuqiu inherited his great-grandfather Qu Ran’s nose, not very pointed but round and cute. Coupled with his chubby face, he was undeniably adorable, anyone who saw him would fall in love.

Perhaps due to the uncanny resemblance between Qiuqiu and Qu Ran, Grandfather Qu adored Qiuqiu immensely. Normally restrained with his emotions, Grandfather Qu couldn’t help but repeatedly call Qiuqiu ‘baby’ during their second video call.

Of course, Grandfather Qu was also very kind to Chen Li. Knowing that Chen Li was in the postpartum period, he had air-shipped a lot of precious medicinal herbs, emphasizing that Chen Yunlan should take good care of Chen Li, feeling that Chen Li was too thin!

Chen Yunlan and Fang Yun thought it was reasonable to use these precious medicinal herbs without any consideration of cost and incorporated them into Chen Li’s diet. However, with the current hot summer season, these supplements became too heat-inducing.

Finally, one day, Chen Li had a nosebleed—clearly, it was just too hot!

Realizing this, Chen Yunlan and Fang Yun moderated their approach, allowing Chen Li some relief.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed, and Qiuqiu had reached his full moon celebration. Chen Li had finally finished his postpartum confinement. When he learned he could leave the confinement period, he leaped up, wrapping his legs around Wei Chen’s waist, brimming with joy.

Wei Chen knew how uncomfortable Chen Li had been during the confinement month. Fang Yun was the only one who had experienced it, and under Fang Yun’s supervision and insistence, Chen Li’s bathing frequency significantly decreased.

Considering it was peak summer, how could Chen Li endure it? Most importantly, no exposure to drafts or air conditioning! Chen Li had protested in front of Wei Chen many times, so Wei Chen could only secretly turn on the air conditioning for him.

Now, finally free from the arduous confinement period, how could Chen Li not be ecstatic?

“Achen! Tomorrow, I’m taking a good, long bath for a few hours,” Chen Li hung onto Wei Chen, his eyes curved with excitement.

“Alright, I’ll help you bathe tomorrow,” Wei Chen spoke with a smiling expression, his eyes filled with doting affection. Then, he used his hands to gently lift Chen Li, noticing that he had become much softer than before and wasn’t in the state of being skin and bones anymore. In fact, even his butt was a bit softer. After a slight shake, he nodded, ‘Hmm, he’s gained some weight.’

With the efforts of Chen Yunlan, Fang Yun, and Wei Chen, Chen Li had finally put on some weight.

“Achen, am I fat now?” Chen Li had some self-awareness, holding onto Wei Chen’s neck, looking down at his stomach, which seemed to have accumulated some flesh, soft to the touch, no longer as firm as before.

“You’ve gained a bit,” Wei Chen gently shook him again, then planted a kiss on Chen Li’s youthful, plumped-up face, “But I also like it.”

Chen Li smiled, leaning down to meet Wei Chen.

But just as things were getting affectionate, Qiuqiu cried, expressing his discontent at being overlooked.

As soon as Qiuqiu cried, Chen Li immediately hopped off Wei Chen’s lap and hurried to the baby crib, lifting Qiuqiu into his arms. Qiuqiu had just woken up, with drool bubbles around his mouth. A few gentle shakes from Chen Li stopped his crying, and he extended his chubby little hand, wanting to touch Chen Li’s mouth.

“Let’s go. We shouldn’t keep our parents waiting too long,” Wei Chen walked over and took Qiuqiu from Chen Li’s arms.

Today marked Qiuqiu’s full moon celebration. Even though there wasn’t a grand ceremony in the F Country, some acquaintances were invited for a simple meal.

Chen Yunlan prepared a table full of delicious dishes. Sylvester brought a gift, and Wei Hua happened to be in F Country for a business deal. He arrived at the estate just in time for the gathering.

Qiuqiu looked chubby and adorable, naturally attracting everyone’s affection. Both Sylvester and Wei Hua, after holding Qiuqiu, didn’t want to let go.

It was a simple celebration, but everyone enjoyed themselves. Perhaps inheriting Chen Li’s love for food, whenever others ate, Qiuqiu demanded to have something too. If you didn’t offer him something to nibble on, he would definitely fuss.

However, at this stage, Qiuqiu couldn’t eat anything. So, Wei Chen would give him a pacifier, and Qiuqiu would quietly lie in the crib, sucking on it, while gazing at the stars hanging above.

After the banquet, Wei Chen and Chen Li scheduled a video call with Grandfather Qu. As soon as Grandfather Qu answered the call, his gaze stuck to Qiuqiu.

Grandfather Qu couldn’t resist asking, “When are you planning to return to China?” He missed his grandson and great-grandson.

Wei Chen and Chen Li had discussed this matter before. So, when Grandfather Qu asked, Wei Chen promptly replied, “In about a month, once Qiuqiu is a bit older.”

Old Qu understood, “Alright.” Although he dearly wanted to see his grandson and great-grandson, he knew Qiuqiu was still too young for air travel. He decided it would be better to wait until Qiuqiu was a bit older before planning their return. It would be more convenient for Qiuqiu too.

After the call with Grandfather Qu, Wei Chen received several calls from China—Cookie, Sheng Jiaqi, and Qiuqiu’s two godfathers, Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping. They all congratulated Qiuqiu on his full moon and generously sent red envelopes as gifts. Wei Chen accepted them all graciously without hesitation.

Wei Hua had business matters to attend to. After delivering his blessings and gifts to Qiuqiu, he departed from the estate, and Sylvester didn’t linger either.

As the banquet drew to a close, Qiuqiu fell asleep while still using his pacifier, sleeping soundly.

In the living room, Wei Chen and Chen Li sat side by side. With Fang Yun and Chen Yunlan also present, Wei Chen began discussing his plans for the upcoming month.

Naturally, Chen Yunlan intended to accompany them back. His visit this time was solely to take care of Chen Li, and now that Chen Li was returning, he no longer had a reason to stay. Furthermore, in a little over two months, the art exhibition he was involved in would be opening, so he needed to return to lend a hand.

Fang Yun lowered her head in thought. Wei Chen’s gaze rested on her. “Mom, what about you?”

“I don’t plan to go back,” Fang Yun said. “Life here is good. I intend to relax here. Wei Wei has already started attending school here. Changing schools again would be troublesome.”

For Fang Yun, being in China at this point was emotionally challenging. She didn’t want to return at this time. The air here was good, the scenery beautiful, her interactions with Carl and Mary were pleasant, and Wei Wei was happy here. Without the cautiousness she had at the Wei household, she wanted to stay.

Whether it was seen as cowardice or escapism, she simply didn’t want to return to China at the moment.

“Alright, then, you can stay,” Chen Yunlan said. “This estate is empty anyway. Your help in managing it would be appreciated. I owe you for that.”

Fang Yun politely responded, “I should be the one thanking you for providing a place for Wei Wei and me.”

After exchanging polite words, Chen Yunlan and Fang Yun ended the topic.

As the night deepened, Qiuqiu slept soundly. Chen Li, having been released from his postpartum restrictions, indeed took the long bath he had mentioned before to compensate for the previous weeks without bathing.

Wei Chen also fulfilled his promise and entered the bathroom to help Chen Li bathe. However, after months of abstinence, their desires couldn’t withstand any form of arousal.

They hadn’t been alone for long when the crying of Qiuqiu from outside interrupted them. It was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over the heat in the bathroom, instantly cooling things down.

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