Chapter 288 – Becoming an Older Brother

The sound of Qiuqiu’s crying was like a bucket of cold water poured down, instantly extinguishing the couple’s enthusiasm. Wei Chen and Chen Li couldn’t help but exchange a glance, sensing that there would be many days like this in the future.

“Li Li, you keep washing up, I’ll go and check.” Wei Chen casually grabbed a towel to wrap around himself and stepped out of the bathroom.

When Wei Chen lifted Qiuqiu, he could feel the warmth coming from the diaper, so he deftly changed it.

By the time Wei Chen finished changing the diaper, Qiuqiu, who was awake, refused to lie down in the crib and insisted on being held by Wei Chen. As soon as his head touched the crib, Qiuqiu’s expression changed, and he was on the verge of crying in the next second.

Wei Chen, helpless, could only pace around the room while holding Qiuqiu. When Chen Li emerged from the bathroom after his shower, Qiuqiu was still awake, staring with big eyes, glancing around.

Seeing Wei Chen still in a towel, Chen Li reached out to take the heavy Qiuqiu, instructing Wei Chen to go change.

However, Qiuqiu had already decided on Wei Chen. As soon as he was in Chen Li’s hands, he made a crying expression. Chen Li quickly walked around the room with Qiuqiu, but he was still unwilling and wanted Wei Chen to hold him.

With quick movements, Wei Chen changed into pajamas and promptly took Qiuqiu back. The crying Qiuqiu in the previous moment instantly stopped upon being in Wei Chen’s arms.

“Little troublemaker!” Chen Li playfully poked Qiuqiu’s nose but didn’t exert much force. “Always stealing Achen from me!”

Chen Li realized that Qiuqiu was most attached to Wei Chen. As long as Wei Chen was around, Qiuqiu absolutely wouldn’t let anyone else hold him. If someone else tried, he would cry, and even Chen Li couldn’t manage. Wasn’t this akin to competing with Chen Li for Wei Chen?

Wei Chen sensed the complaint in Chen Li’s tone but also detected a hint of indulgence. He held Qiuqiu, leaned in, and briefly kissed Chen Li’s lips, exchanging a fiery moment. Finally, he uttered a rare endearment, “Li Li, I’ll always belong to you.”

Satisfied, Chen Li finally returned to bed, his features curved with contentment.

Children wake up and fall asleep quickly. Before long, Qiuqiu had fallen asleep. One good thing about Qiuqiu was that once he slept, nothing, not even loud noises, could wake him except when he was hungry or needed a diaper change at night. Therefore, he was easy to handle at night, sleeping soundly. After feeding him this time, Qiuqiu would sleep through until morning, making him quite an easy child to care for.

With Qiuqiu asleep now, Wei Chen put him back in the crib. As soon as Qiuqiu lay on his small bed, he raised his hands, kicked a few times, and then laid down in a starfish position.

After covering Qiuqiu with a small blanket, Wei Chen climbed into bed.

As soon as Wei Chen got into bed, Chen Li, who was still awake, nestled into Wei Chen’s embrace, claiming his embrace.

They both reached out and tightly embraced each other. Wei Chen gently kissed Chen Li’s forehead.

Later, Chen Li looked up at Wei Chen, his eyes sparkling. “Achen, shall we continue?” They had been interrupted by Qiuqiu in the bathroom earlier, so it was only natural to resume now.

As Chen Li spoke, his hands mischievously slipped into Wei Chen’s pajamas.

“Okay,” Wei Chen’s voice became husky. With a swift movement, he pinned Chen Li beneath him, capturing his lips, and Chen Li naturally responded fervently.

Qiuqiu slept soundly in the crib. Despite the intense movements from the adjacent bed, Qiuqiu remained undisturbed, sleeping peacefully and even blowing a small saliva bubble.

The passionate encounter continued for a while. When it concluded, it was already late in the night. Wei Chen glanced at the time; Qiuqiu was likely hungry. After soothing the exhausted Chen Li to sleep, Wei Chen got up to prepare formula for Qiuqiu.

Once Wei Chen finished preparing the formula, the scent seemed to wake Qiuqiu up.

Just as Qiuqiu was about to cry, Wei Chen picked him up and gently fed him.

Qiuqiu hadn’t fully awakened; his cries were merely instinctual due to hunger. After drinking the milk, he fell asleep again.

Wei Chen finally returned to bed and slept while holding Chen Li.

Days passed uneventfully, one after another. Suddenly, another month had flown by, and it was time for Wei Chen and Chen Li to return to their home country.

That day, Wei Chen and Chen Li woke up early, packed everything for Qiuqiu, and headed to the airport. Chen Yunlan naturally accompanied them back.

From the foreign country to their home country, Qiuqiu cooperated throughout the journey without much crying, making things much easier for the couple.

When the plane landed at the capital’s international airport, more than ten hours had passed. Qiuqiu had drunk milk twice on the plane and was now peacefully nestled in Wei Chen’s arms, curiously observing this unfamiliar world with his big, rolling eyes.

Wei Hua and Cookie came to pick up Wei Chen and Chen Li. Little Biscuit was there too, and upon seeing Qiuqiu in Wei Chen’s arms, his eyes were filled with curiosity.

“Uncle Chen Li, is this Xiao Qiuqiu?” Little Biscuit’s gaze landed on Qiuqiu, asking in a soft voice.

Chen Li nodded. “Yes, he’s Qiuqiu.”

Little Biscuit approached Wei Hua and extended his arms, gesturing to be lifted. “Big Dad, can you lift me up to see Xiao Qiuqiu, my little brother?”

Wei Hua lifted Little Biscuit without hesitation. Little Biscuit leaned closer to see Qiuqiu, and their eyes met. Little Biscuit couldn’t help but exclaim, “Xiao Qiuqiu’s eyes are so big and beautiful! He’s so adorable!”

Almost at first sight, Little Biscuit fell in love with Xiao Qiuqiu and couldn’t stop expressing his fondness for him on the way back, admiring everything about him.

When they arrived at the Sheng family’s home, Little Biscuit eagerly introduced Qiuqiu to everyone. His expression clearly stated, “Qiuqiu is already mine,” displaying a possessive attitude.

Grandfather Qu, upon hearing that Wei Chen and Chen Li would return today, had arrived from Shanghai a few days earlier and was now staying at the Sheng family’s house. He had been waiting eagerly on the couch for Wei Chen and Chen Li’s return.

Upon their arrival, Grandfather Qu didn’t rush to see his great-grandson being held by Wei Chen. Instead, he thoroughly scrutinized Chen Li multiple times, confirming that he had gained a lot of weight compared to before they went abroad. Only then was he satisfied and went to see the chubby little boy in Wei Chen’s arms.

“They look the same… really identical.” Even though he had seen what his great-grandson looked like through video calls, seeing him in person was different. As Grandfather Qu looked at Qiuqiu, memories of Qu Ran’s childhood flooded his mind, filling him with immense excitement.

“Qiuqiu, my precious, I’m your great-grandpa.” Grandfather Qu gently held Qiuqiu’s chubby little hand, filled with excitement.

Qiuqiu wasn’t paying much attention, still looking around. Eventually, his gaze settled on Grandfather Qu and stayed there, not moving. His chubby little hand firmly grasped one of Grandfather Qu’s fingers.

Feeling the soft and tender touch, Grandfather Qu’s eyes became teary with excitement.

“Grandfather Qu…” Wei Chen tried to say something but was immediately interrupted by Grandfather Qu. “Don’t call me ‘Grandfather Qu,’ just call me Grandpa.” This was an acknowledgment of Wei Chen’s status as his grandson.

Wei Chen complied readily. “Grandpa, would you like to hold Qiuqiu?”

“Can I hold him?” Grandfather Qu’s gaze remained fixed on Qiuqiu, his hands itching to hold him.

However, Grandfather Qu was worried about his age, fearing that he might lack the strength and might accidentally harm his precious great-grandson. What if Qiuqiu recognized him and then got hurt?

“Grandpa, you can hold him.” Chen Li reassured him. “Qiuqiu isn’t shy with strangers.”

Although Qiuqiu was very attached to Wei Chen, occasionally, he was willing to be held by others.

Chen Li’s reassurance helped Grandfather Qu regain his composure. He reached out and took Qiuqiu from Wei Chen’s hands. For someone who had seen so much in his lifetime, it was surprising that he felt nervous and sweaty-palmed because of his great-grandson.

Grandfather Qu found it somewhat unbelievable himself. However, the moment he held Qiuqiu, all his thoughts vanished. His entire focus was drawn to the little soft bundle in his arms. Despite feeling excited, nervous, and worried when Little Biscuit was born, it was nothing compared to what he felt now.

Concerned about accidentally harming Qiuqiu, after holding him for a while, Grandfather Qu returned him to Wei Chen. Qiuqiu seemed reluctant to leave Grandfather Qu, holding onto his finger until the end.

Today, the Sheng family had prepared a feast to welcome Chen Li, Wei Chen, and the arrival of Qiuqiu, a new addition to the family.

As they sat around the large round table, the family joyously enjoyed their meal halfway through the gathering. Grandfather Qu, accustomed to living alone in Shanghai, felt a bit uncomfortable with so many people at the table initially. However, witnessing the gathering of four generations erased any discomfort. Looking at his two grandsons and the adorable great-grandchildren, all uneasiness disappeared, leaving only joy in his heart.

During the meal, Wei Hua held Cookie’s hand and addressed the whole table, “Cookie and I are getting married. In fact, we already have our marriage certificate.”

Suddenly, a figurative bombshell dropped, but it didn’t cause any ripples of surprise among those present. After all, Wei Hua and Cookie entering matrimony was a very natural occurrence for everyone. Sheng Jiaqi had already given his consent to Wei Hua and Cookie’s relationship. Both were not young anymore, it was time for them to start a family. Moreover, Little Biscuit had already taken to calling Wei Hua ‘Big Dad.’ Any opposition at this point would have been meaningless.

Although there was no surprise, there were many congratulations extended around the table. Wei Hua and Cookie graciously accepted them.

In fact, Wei Hua and Cookie had already obtained their marriage certificate a few months ago. Grandfather Qu and Sheng Jiaqi were already aware of this. Grandfather Qu wouldn’t interfere in his descendants’ marriages; as long as they were happy, that was what mattered. Besides, he had met Wei Hua a few times and had a favorable impression of him. Since Cookie liked him and Little Biscuit was their biological child, their union seemed like the natural course of events.

As for Grandfather Wei’s side, Wei Hua had informed them. Upon learning about Wei Hua’s intention to marry a man, Grandfather Wei was furious. However, the Wei Corporation in the capital was under Wei Hua’s control, and surprisingly, Grandfather Wei found that he couldn’t do anything about Wei Hua’s decision.

After the satisfying meal, Wei Hua and Cookie dropped another bombshell.

Standing hand in hand, Wei Hua smiled mischievously at everyone while Cookie had a joyous expression. “Well… we have another piece of news for you all…”

“Little Biscuit is going to be a big brother!”

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