Chapter 289 – The Reason

If Wei Hua and Cookie getting married was within everyone’s expectations, then Cookie’s pregnancy was a genuine bombshell, leaving everyone present feeling a bit dizzy.

Evidently, Wei Hua and Cookie had discussed this matter beforehand, so at this moment, Little Biscuit was happily laughing, circling the table, grabbing each person’s hand in turn and saying, “I’m going to be a big brother.”

Once everyone caught on, they extended their congratulations to Wei Hua and Cookie once again. It’s double happiness, double happiness! No, not double happiness, with Wei Chen holding the child in his arms now, it’s triple happiness!

The elders at the table were overjoyed, and even Grandfather Qu couldn’t stop smiling broadly. This consecutive series of surprises made him feel extremely content.

Sheng Jiaqi only got to know about his son’s impending fatherhood at this moment. He glared fiercely at Wei Hua and Cookie—this was like making decisions without consulting, acting first and explaining later!

However, he couldn’t control the curve of his lips, betraying his genuine delight.

This dinner was indeed full of surprises.

After dinner, Chen Li held Qiuqiu in the living room, watching cartoons. Little Biscuit sat beside Chen Li, but instead of focusing on the cartoon, his gaze fell on Qiuqiu in Chen Li’s arms.

“Uncle Chen Li, Xiao Qiuqiu looks really handsome.” Little Biscuit reached out and pinched Qiuqiu’s chubby hand, saying, “The hands are so soft and tender, it’s really comfortable to pinch.”

Qiuqiu had just finished drinking milk and obediently lay in Chen Li’s arms. Little Biscuit glanced at him with his round, wide eyes, wanting to hold Xiao Qiuqiu’s hand. He tried to grab it a few times, finding only air. He didn’t cry, just kept looking at Little Biscuit.

Little Biscuit instinctively placed his hand on Qiuqiu’s, and immediately, Qiuqiu tightly held onto Little Biscuit’s hand.

Chen Li watched the two children playing, cradling Qiuqiu cautiously, afraid the baby might slip from his arms. He couldn’t concentrate on the cartoon anymore.

At this moment, Wei Chen was called to Sheng Jiaqi’s study. Wei Chen was to return to Changfeng to work the day after tomorrow, and Sheng Jiaqi had a lot to discuss and clarify with Wei Chen, especially since Wei Chen had been on leave for several months.

The Changfeng Group hasn’t experienced any major personnel changes in the past few months, but there have been some dissatisfied members within the board of directors, all due to Wei Chen.

Although Wei Chen has been on leave for quite some time, his position remains intact due to Sheng Jiaqi’s influence. This means that whenever Wei Chen resumes, he’ll still hold the position of Deputy General Manager and Director of the Marketing Department at Changfeng Group. In the eyes of some, Wei Chen is seen as simply occupying these positions without doing anything productive, which naturally invites resentment. Both roles are significant and highly coveted within the entire company—how could Wei Chen be allowed to waste them?

It can be said that Wei Chen’s carefree stay in the foreign country for so long was possible because Sheng Jiaqi shielded him from the pressure coming from the company. However, as this pressure increased, even Sheng Jiaqi found it difficult to withstand. So, upon learning of Chen Li’s childbirth, Wei Chen was summoned back.

Naturally, Wei Chen knew of Sheng Jiaqi’s sacrifices on his behalf. Thus, as soon as Qiuqiu and Chen Li’s situation permitted air travel, he promptly flew back. He even refused the one-week grace period offered by Sheng Jiaqi, deciding to return to work the day after tomorrow.

“Achen, do you have any plans for your return to the company?” Sheng Jiaqi asked Wei Chen.

“Yes.” Wei Chen nodded and revealed his plan, “I intend to take control of the Transportation Department.”

Having worked at Changfeng for so long, Wei Chen discerned that the Chen family’s primary focus within the company was the Transportation Department. It was also the area they were most protective of, not wanting anyone to meddle in. Surely, there were undisclosed secrets within this department.

However, Sheng Jiaqi furrowed his brows, speaking with a serious tone, “I don’t advise you to touch the Transportation Department right now.”

Since its inception, the Transportation Department had always been under the control of the Chen family. Sheng Jiaqi was well aware of the illicit activities the Chen family had been conducting through this department, exploiting its special nature during import and export. Yet, the Chen family held the reins so tightly that Sheng Jiaqi couldn’t gather any evidence to break their chain of interests.

This feeling of helplessness persisted from the moment Sheng Jiaqi became Chairman of Changfeng Group. Given the Chen family’s high regard for the Transportation Department, if Wei Chen were to intrude, it could endanger his life.

Sensing Sheng Jiaqi’s distress, Wei Chen’s confusion deepened, “Why?” He voiced his inner doubts.

“There’s nothing I can’t tell you. But once you hear it, I hope you’ll drop this idea.” After hesitating for a moment, Sheng Jiaqi continued, “The Chen family has had control over the Transportation Department. Exploiting its peculiarities, they’ve engaged in illegal smuggling activities during imports and exports.”

“Illegal smuggling?” Wei Chen seized upon the crucial point but wanted to inquire about the specifics of the Chen family’s smuggling operations. However, judging by Sheng Jiaqi’s reaction, it seemed unlikely that he would divulge those details.

“Yes, they use Changfeng Group’s cover to conduct some illegal activities. It’s just that there’s a lack of direct evidence. Otherwise, how could the Chen family maintain control over the Transportation Department?” Sheng Jiaqi spoke gravely about this, reaching out to pat Wei Chen’s shoulder. “Achen, let me be frank with you. The Chen family values the Transportation Department greatly. So, I must be upfront with you: once you interfere with the department, the Chen family will immediately target you. It’s a dangerous choice, and I genuinely advise against it.”

“Uncle Sheng, in that case, I’m even more determined to have a meeting.” Wei Chen replied, his gaze carrying an unprecedented determination.

“You…” Sheng Jiaqi intended to persuade Wei Chen, but faced with Wei Chen’s resolute gaze, he relented. “Tell me, why? You seem to have significant hostility towards the Chen family?”

This question had been lingering in Sheng Jiaqi’s mind for a long time. Perhaps Wei Chen hid it well, and everything he did at Changfeng Group appeared to be at his discretion. However, upon closer observation from his perspective, it wasn’t hard to discern Wei Chen’s confrontation with the Chen family.

Wei Chen didn’t deny it. “Indeed, my goal in joining Changfeng Group was for the Chen family.”

“Because of Chen Li?” Sheng Jiaqi guessed, finding it puzzling. After all, the Chen family in Shanghai was responsible for hurting Chen Li, who was now cornered in the city. In theory, Wei Chen’s goal had been achieved, so what grudge could there be with the Chen family in Beijing?

Wei Chen shook his head. He naturally wouldn’t disclose to Sheng Jiaqi that he had reincarnated. He knew about the future animosity between the Chen family and the Wei family and was taking precautions to prevent it.

Before today’s conversation, Wei Chen wasn’t aware of the Beijing’s Chen family’s impending actions against the Wei family. However, upon hearing from Sheng Jiaqi about the reason the Chen family held control over Changfeng Group’s Transportation Department, Wei Chen had already faintly guessed the cause.

Seeing Wei Chen remain silent for a long time, Sheng Jiaqi thought it might be a difficult topic for Wei Chen and was about to suggest dropping it. However, Wei Chen spoke up.

“Uncle Sheng, do you know how the Wei family made its fortune?” Wei Chen asked in return.

“The transportation industry.” Although the Wei family didn’t wield much influence in Beijing, their transportation business was significant nationally. In fact, the first privately owned port in China belonged to the Wei family, and even now, the port’s throughput remained considerable on a global scale. This port generated substantial profits for the Wei family annually.

The development in China had been rapid, and the Wei family seized the opportunity. While maintaining the transportation industry, they established Wei Real Estate, focusing on the development and construction of commercial land.

Sheng Jiaqi wasn’t foolish, perhaps even clever. When questioned by Wei Chen, Sheng Jiaqi immediately grasped the implications in Wei Chen’s words.

The Chen family had their sights set on Wei’s port, intending to utilize it to expand their smuggling operations!

Even though Wei family had shifted attention to Wei Real Estate, transportation remained their lifeline. Chen family aimed at this crucial industry, prompting Wei Chen’s actions against them.

Understanding the underlying reasons, Sheng Jiaqi looked at Wei Chen and solemnly said, “The Transportation Department of Changfeng Group is my thorn. Achen, I wish you success.”

This indicated agreement to Wei Chen’s plan for Changfeng Group’s Transportation Department.

“Thank you, Uncle Sheng.”

Sheng Jiaqi said, “If you face any difficulties, come to me. We’re in a partnership from now on.”

Eliminating Chen family’s influence from Changfeng would significantly weaken them, granting them peace for a long time.

Since his and Wei Chen’s goals aligned, he decided to collaborate with Wei Chen.

Wei Chen nodded. “Good.” With Sheng Jiaqi’s support, he was undoubtedly stronger than fighting alone.

When Wei Chen emerged from Sheng Jiaqi’s study, an hour had passed. Besides discussing matters about Changfeng Group’s Transportation Department, they delved into work-related topics. Time flew by, and Xiao Qiuqiu had already fallen asleep. By the time Wei Chen came out, it was late. Chen Li and Wei Chen spent the night at the Sheng family’s home, while Qiuqiu, being easygoing, adapted quickly, unlike other children.

“Achen, come here quickly!” Chen Li saw Wei Chen entering and whispered excitedly, his eyes shining, though the reason for his excitement remained unknown.

Wei Chen quickly walked over upon hearing the words and naturally wrapped his arms around Chen Li’s waist, feeling his fleshiness without groping as before. “What’s wrong, Li Li?”

“Achen, I just saw Qiuqiu smiling,” Chen Li said in a tone of discovering a new world.

“Really?” Wei Chen was also pleasantly surprised, his gaze falling on the peacefully sleeping Qiuqiu.

Qiuqiu was also very considerate. The moment Wei Chen’s eyes fell on him, the corners of his mouth curled up into a faint smile.

“You see, Qiuqiu really smiled,” Chen Li, proud and surprised, noticed it too.

Wei Chen was equally amazed. It was his first time seeing Qiuqiu smile. The slight upward curve of the lips was a mirror image of Chen Li’s expression.

Next, the couple did nothing but gaze at the sleeping Qiuqiu, watching him intently. Every time Qiuqiu’s lips curved into a smile, the couple felt amazed, wanting to pick him up immediately and shower his chubby face with kisses.

As rookie dads, even the smallest change in their child, even just a meaningless smile, brought immense joy and pride to this pair of rookie dads.

“Look, my son, he’s smiling!”

As the night deepened, Qiuqiu continued sleeping soundly. The two new dads watched him for a while longer, only going to bathe and sleep when Qiuqiu hadn’t smiled for a long time.

After a long flight today, they practically fell asleep as soon as their heads touched the pillows.

In the latter part of the night, due to jet lag, Qiuqiu woke up.

Not hungry or in need of a change, Qiuqiu didn’t cry. A small night light illuminated the room, providing a faint glow, and Qiuqiu, surrounded by familiar scents, wasn’t afraid at all, just staring with round eyes at everything around him.

At over two months old, Qiuqiu was starting to move slowly by himself, kicking his legs now and then, reaching out his hands, and soon enough, he had turned himself around, facing outward.

Wei Chen’s sleep had become somewhat light. When Qiuqiu woke up, Wei Chen woke too. Seeing Qiuqiu wasn’t crying, he let him play by himself.

Wei Chen got up quietly, tucked in another blanket beside Qiuqiu to prevent him from falling off the bed if he moved, then went to prepare formula milk for him, estimating it was time for a feed.

As expected, shortly after Wei Chen finished preparing the milk, Qiuqiu started to fuss. Wei Chen quickly picked him up and put the teat in his mouth.

As soon as Qiuqiu’s lips touched the teat, he eagerly sucked on it, reaching out a hand to grab Wei Chen’s lip, happily drinking his milk.

When the bottle was nearly empty, Qiuqiu fell asleep again. With this sleep, it was already dawn.

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