Chapter 328 – The Boss’s Surname is Xie

At this moment, Wei Zhenxiong could only bluff.

He knew well why he divorced Fang Yun. If Fang Yun didn’t hold ten percent of Wei’s family shares, he wouldn’t have endured years with that timid and uninteresting woman. He wouldn’t have subjected himself to Fang Yun’s constraints.

Truth be told, Wei Zhenxiong wasn’t satisfied with this marriage either.

Although he hadn’t acquired Wei’s family shares from Fang Yun in this divorce, for Wei Zhenxiong, it was a kind of liberation. Despite the regret of losing Fang Yun’s shares, without the constraints of those shares, he felt freer to indulge himself.

Yet, not long after, his father attended Wei Hua’s wedding in the capital city. Upon returning, he called Wei Zhenxiong and scolded him harshly. His words were laden with regret, regret for Wei Zhenxiong divorcing Fang Yun, which had distanced Wei Chen from the Wei family.

Initially unaware of the reason, Wei Zhenxiong stood stupefied for a while. Upon careful inquiry, he discovered that Chen Li, Wei Chen’s partner, had a significantly altered background.

Chen Li turned out to be the grandson of Old Master Qu!

This was nothing short of a bombshell for Wei Zhenxiong, leaving him incredulous. If Chen Li was indeed Old Master Qu’s grandson, why was the Chen family treating him in such a manner? Why weren’t they cherishing him and exploiting Old Master Qu’s status for their gain? Wei Zhenxiong’s mind raced with possibilities!

He couldn’t digest this news; disbelief lingered in his mind until he witnessed the gradual downfall of the Chen family in Shanghai. Only then did he realize that their downfall might be a repercussion of mistreating Chen Li!

As unbelievable as it seemed, the facts were right in front of him, and Wei Zhenxiong couldn’t deny it.

Chen Li was Old Master Qu’s grandson!

So, what had he and his father done? They had personally pushed the God of Wealth away!

Old Master Qu had been living peacefully in Shanghai for the past few years; this was an open secret. If Wei’s family had treated Chen Li well during his marriage to Wei Chen, if Wei Zhenxiong hadn’t divorced Fang Yun, if Wei Chen hadn’t been so disappointed with the Wei family, they would have surely received Old Master Qu’s assistance.

With Old Master Qu’s connection, the Wei family’s influence was bound to elevate several levels in the city, possibly extending its success nationwide! Regrets overflowed! Both Wei Zhenxiong and Old Master Wei deeply regretted.

This Chinese New Year, Wei Chen didn’t return home as expected by Wei Zhenxiong and Old Master Wei.

Given this circumstance, they no longer cared about matters of pride or dignity. Old Master Wei promptly decided: Wei Zhenxiong had to go and find Wei Chen!

“When the mountain does not come to me, I go to the mountain,” they thought.

The stability of the relations on Old Master Qu’s side had to be ensured at all costs!

So, at this moment, facing Wei Chen, Wei Zhenxiong felt a slight lack of confidence. Sensing Wei Chen’s somewhat mocking gaze, all Wei Zhenxiong could do was bluff.

“Where’s your mother?” Wei Zhenxiong coughed a few times, trying not to appear nervous. “Let her come out; I want to talk to her in person.” If he couldn’t get results from Wei Chen, Wei Zhenxiong shifted his attention to Fang Yun. After being married to her for over twenty years, he had some understanding of her character.

A few kind words, a little coaxing, and Fang Yun would come back. She couldn’t really want to grow old alone.

“She’s out,” Wei Chen replied indifferently. He could easily see through Wei Zhenxiong’s intentions. “If you want to wait, then wait.” With that said, he had no intention of entertaining Wei Zhenxiong, leaving him sitting on the sofa as he walked away.

Furious at Wei Chen’s lack of time for conversation, Wei Zhenxiong shouted after him, “Wei Chen, you—”

Wei Chen paused but didn’t turn back. “If you can’t wait, you can leave now.” After saying that, he walked upstairs.

Unfilial! This unfilial child! Did he even consider his father? If it weren’t for Chen Li, he wouldn’t bother meeting this unfilial child. Who knows if he’s even his biological son? Why should he grovel before him?

Wei Zhenxiong’s face contorted in anger, thinking about Chen Li’s connections. Despite feeling helpless, he didn’t leave. Even if he had to be shameless today, he would stay in Wei Chen’s house. As for what came next, that could be discussed later.

Upstairs, Wei Wei accompanied Qiuqiu playing with toys on the carpet. When Wei Chen entered, Wei Wei looked up at him, a mix of emotions in his gaze. There were questions he wanted to ask but didn’t dare to voice them.

Wei Chen walked over and tousled Wei Wei’s hair. “It’s okay. You’re safe here.” He could somewhat sense Wei Wei’s fear after that incident—it cast a shadow that would likely accompany Wei Wei for a long, long time.

Wei Wei nodded with trust and smiled, “Yeah, I know.”

“Da… Da…” Qiuqiu reached out, calling for his dad, wanting Wei Chen to hold him.

Wei Chen bent down and lifted Qiuqiu, then asked Wei Wei, “Where’s your brother Chen Li?”

“Uncle Yunlan called, and Brother Chen Li went to pick it up,” Wei Wei replied.

Calculating the time, Chen Yunlan should be arriving in the US now. This call was probably to confirm his safe arrival.

Just as Wei Chen thought, Chen Yunlan indeed called to confirm his safe arrival. Having just left the airport and considering the time difference, it wasn’t sleeping hours, so he decided to call Chen Li.

“Alright, I’ll take care of myself here in the US,” Chen Yunlan responded to Chen Li’s concern, feeling content. This sense of fulfillment was something he had never experienced in the over twenty years of self-exile.

After exchanging a few words with Chen Li, Chen Yunlan hung up the phone.

At that moment, a black car stopped in front of Chen Yunlan, and a person in a black suit stepped out.

“Mr. Chen, please get in the car,” the person in the black suit said respectfully.

Chen Yunlan furrowed his brow slightly. “Who are you? I don’t remember asking anyone to pick me up.”

“Our boss sent me to pick up Mr. Chen. The boss has arranged accommodation and meals for Mr. Chen in the US. Please rest assured,” the person in the black suit replied respectfully.

“Who’s your boss?” Chen Yunlan asked, feeling a faint suspicion.

“Our boss’s surname is Xie,” the person in the black suit answered without hiding anything.

Chen Yunlan muttered to himself in his mind, “As I thought,” guessing that only that person would arrange his accommodations.

If it were in the past, Chen Yunlan would have surely declined Xie Chunsheng’s kindness. But now, as he tried to refuse, the words just wouldn’t come out. The memories of that New Year’s Eve kept lingering in his mind, challenging his thoughts boldly, making it impossible for him to reject Xie Chunsheng’s kindness.

“Mr. Chen, please,” the person in the black suit gestured again.

This time, Chen Yunlan didn’t hesitate and went straight into the car.

As soon as he settled in, Chen Yunlan’s phone rang; it was Xie Chunsheng calling.

Before Chen Yunlan could react, he had already pressed the answer button.

There was no way he could hang up now, so Chen Yunlan had no choice but to answer the call.

“Hello, Yunlan.”

As soon as the phone reached his ear, Xie Chunsheng’s deep voice came through the phone, “I assume my people have come to pick you up since you’re in the US?”

“They have,” Chen Yunlan replied.

Xie Chunsheng gently instructed, “Let him be your driver for these days. If you need anything, just ask him. Once I’m done with some matters on my end, I’ll come over.”

“You…” Chen Yunlan couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. His palms were sweaty. “You don’t need to come over.”

A low chuckle came through the phone, “Yunlan, I have business matters to attend to…”

Chen Yunlan: “…”

He realized he might have misunderstood Xie Chunsheng’s intentions, thinking Xie Chunsheng would come to accompany him.

Xie Chunsheng seemed to sense what Chen Yunlan was thinking and added, “Of course, handling business matters is secondary. The main reason is that I wanted to come and accompany you.”

As the words fell, Xie Chunsheng didn’t receive a response from Chen Yunlan because Chen Yunlan, feeling like he’d been scalded, instantly hung up the phone. On the other side of the world, Xie Chunsheng wore a pleased smile as he looked at a photo on his desk, his expression tender.

In the picture, Chen Yunlan still had a youthful appearance, smiling freely. His arms were wrapped around a boy’s neck, love evident in his eyes with no attempt to conceal it.

The boy held by Chen Yunlan had a hint of timidity in his gaze, but when looking at Chen Yunlan, his eyes overflowed with intense affection. They leaned against each other intimately.

Long fingers brushed over the photo, a deep voice filled with unspoken longing and affection.

“Lanlan… Do you know I’ve returned?”

Chen Yunlan was oblivious to Xie Chunsheng’s thoughts at that moment. He belatedly realized he had been played by Xie Chunsheng but didn’t feel angry—just a bit flustered.

However, soon enough, Chen Yunlan suppressed the turmoil in his heart. He was nearly at the end of his life; where could there be any feelings of excitement?

“Mr. Chen, we’ve arrived,” said the person in the black suit, opening the car door for Chen Yunlan.

Stepping out of the car and seeing the building in front of him, Chen Yunlan was surprised. He thought he would be taken to a hotel under Xie Chunsheng’s name, but the structure before him clearly wasn’t a hotel.

“Where is this?” Chen Yunlan asked.

“This is the boss’s house. The boss asked me to bring you here,” the person in the black suit replied, leading Chen Yunlan inside. It was a villa built halfway up the mountain, with tight security. Just from the car drop-off to the villa, Chen Yunlan encountered several patrolling security teams.

Though Chen Yunlan was curious, he didn’t voice his thoughts. Under the arrangements of the person in the black suit, he was guided to a bedroom.

After a few instructions from the person in the black suit, they left. Not long after, a servant pushed in some food, taking care of him meticulously.

After dinner, Chen Yunlan took a hot bath, washing away the exhaustion. Lying on the bed afterward, he stared at the ceiling absentmindedly.

Xie Chunsheng… Are you really… Qu Ran?

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