Chapter 329 – Prompt Departure

Chen Li concluded the call with Chen Yunlan and turned around to see Wei Chen standing behind him, asking, “Don’t you need to accompany him downstairs?”

Chen Li wasn’t sure how to address Wei Zhenxiong, so he simply used ‘he’ to refer to him.

Wei Chen walked over and pulled Chen Li into his arms, gently planting a kiss on Chen Li’s forehead, saying, “No need, let him stay by himself.”

Putting an arm around Wei Chen’s waist, Chen Li was momentarily at a loss for words. He simply rubbed against Wei Chen in what seemed like a comforting gesture.

Wei Chen’s eyes softened with a gentle smile. “Li Li, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Yeah,” Chen Li nodded, but he didn’t leave Wei Chen’s embrace.

Today, Wei Zhenxiong was really being persistent. Ignored by everyone, he ended up sitting alone in the living room for over an hour, refusing to leave.

After more than an hour, Fang Yun returned.

As soon as Fang Yun entered, she noticed someone in the living room. At first, she thought the figure looked familiar, assuming it was a visitor. However, when she saw the face of the person in the living room, Fang Yun’s expression turned dark.

“What are you doing here?” Fang Yun asked coldly, devoid of any of her previous compromising demeanor. There was absolutely no hint of emotion in her eyes.

In her eyes now, Wei Zhenxiong probably appeared less than a complete stranger.

“Fang Yun, you’re back?” Wei Zhenxiong, oblivious to the coldness in Fang Yun’s eyes, tried his best to appear gentle.

After being married for over twenty years, he naturally knew Fang Yun’s soft temperament. He believed that a few kind words now would soften Fang Yun and make her return to him, even though they were already divorced.

Wei Zhenxiong was optimistic, and seeing Fang Yun again filled him with admiration. At first glance, he almost didn’t recognize the woman before him as his ex-wife Fang Yun, whom he had spent more than twenty years with.

Fang Yun, when dressed up seriously, was surprisingly dazzling!

If previously Wei Zhenxiong had considered remarrying Fang Yun out of pressure from the elders, now he was somewhat willing.

Wei Zhenxiong’s gaze towards Fang Yun was very direct. He even stood up, intending to hug her.

“Fang Yun, it’s been a while. I’ve missed you a lot,” Wei Zhenxiong said, thinking he was being affectionate.

Fang Yun dodged Wei Zhenxiong, her disgust evident in her eyes. “Wei Zhenxiong, quickly get far away from me!”

Wei Zhenxiong was taken aback, utterly unprepared for Fang Yun’s reaction upon seeing him. He had envisioned tears, tantrums, but never this assertive command for him to leave.

Nevertheless, Wei Zhenxiong still believed that Fang Yun’s strong exterior was just a facade, convinced that she had forgiven him deep down, especially since she had come seeking him herself.

“Fang Yun, I was wrong. I truly know I was wrong.” Wei Zhenxiong forcefully held Fang Yun’s hand, passionately expressing, “Let’s remarry. I’ll treat you well.”

“Remarry?” Fang Yun chuckled in exasperation at Wei Zhenxiong’s audacity. “Wei Zhenxiong, who gave you such audacity? Do you think I can’t live without you?”

“Wei Zhenxiong, let me tell you! I’ve never lived so freely. Without you, I’ve discovered life’s joys. Every breath is sweet with freedom. And you? What are you? I must have been blind in my past life to marry you, to endure for almost half my life!”

“Wei Zhenxiong, I don’t want to see you again. I don’t even want to hear your voice or your name. Get far away from me as fast as you can!”

After this outpouring of words, Fang Yun felt a sense of relief wash over her. As she had said, she had been blind to endure so many years for such a worthless man, pushing her own son away.

Looking back now, she realized how foolish she had been for over two decades.

Thankfully, she had finally seen the light. There was still a chance to mend things; her son had forgiven her. Her new life was just beginning, and she’d have to be insane to plunge back into the same misery.

However, despite Fang Yun’s speech, Wei Zhenxiong listened and, in a show of dominance, grabbed Fang Yun’s shoulders, saying, “Fang Yun, I know you resent me now, but I swear, I’ll treat you well from now on! I’ll cherish you in my heart!”

“Forget it, Wei Zhenxiong. Some things never change,” Fang Yun attempted to push Wei Zhenxiong away, but her strength couldn’t match his. She struggled but couldn’t break free, resorting to kicking Wei Zhenxiong in frustration.

Wei Zhenxiong was determined today to get an answer from Fang Yun, driven by an impulse that made him immune to the pain of her high heels kicking at him. He attempted to overpower her, pinning her down on the couch, intending to force himself on her.

“Get off, Wei Zhenxiong! Get off!” Fang Yun felt utterly disgusted, struggling with all her might.

Wei Zhenxiong disregarded her pleas, even seeming deranged. “Fang Yun, let’s remarry. I miss you, truly miss you!” He leaned in again towards Fang Yun.

Just as Wei Zhenxiong was about to proceed, he suddenly felt someone lifting him from behind. Before he could comprehend what was happening, he was thrown against the wall, followed by a heavy blow landing on his face.

Stunned, Wei Zhenxiong struggled to gather his senses. He stared incredulously at Wei Chen. “Wei Chen, how dare you hit me? I’m your father!”

Wei Chen’s face was icy, his demeanor unyielding. Without answering Wei Zhenxiong’s question, he grabbed his collar, dragged him to the door, flung it open, and tossed him out swiftly, as if executing a well-rehearsed move.

“Get lost!” Wei Chen finally spoke, his voice chilling.

Startled by Wei Chen’s intimidating presence, Wei Zhenxiong hesitated, but before he could react, the door slammed shut forcefully.

Soon after, security arrived and escorted Wei Zhenxiong away.

Muttering to himself, Wei Zhenxiong drew curious glances from the residents, feeling utterly embarrassed and humiliated.

Perhaps Wei Chen had instructed the security not to involve the authorities while escorting Wei Zhenxiong out, as the guards remained relatively polite.

“Move it! Hurry up!” The security guard urged Wei Zhenxiong, who, feeling ashamed, left in a huff.

Not long after he departed, someone blocked his path.

“Get out of my way!” Wei Zhenxiong, in a foul mood, didn’t hold back his tone, even venting his frustration.

“Mr. Wei, please, remain calm.” The person smiled, seemingly unfazed by Wei Zhenxiong’s attitude.

Realizing the person might know him, Wei Zhenxiong looked up. “Who are you?”

“Our young master mentioned that since you’ve rarely come to the capital, he’d like to invite you for a meal as a gesture of hospitality,” the person replied, ignoring Wei Zhenxiong’s question directly.

“Who is your young master?” Wei Zhenxiong asked, furrowing his brow.

The person replied, “My young master’s surname is Chen. He also mentioned that since the last cooperation failed, this time there’s a new collaboration in mind involving Mr. Wei.”

Wei Zhenxiong fell silent, scrutinizing the person for a while, as if contemplating something. Eventually, he made a decision, nodding, “Lead the way.”

“Mr. Wei, please.”

Following the person, Wei Zhenxiong got into the car, now realizing who the ‘Young Master Chen’ referred to.

He had previously collaborated with him, and considering the failed collaboration and the fact that they shared the last name ‘Chen’ in the capital, it could only refer to the Chen family.

With this thought, Wei Zhenxiong’s eyes narrowed slightly, a hint of determination flashing through them.

Mending things with Chen Li, however, was not an easy task. After today’s ordeal, he had reached his limit. He didn’t want to negotiate with his dignity at stake and was inclined towards collaborating with the Chen family. Although the relationship with them might not be as solid as with the retired Old Master Qu, the Chen family was currently flourishing.

In Wei Zhenxiong’s mind, collaborating with the Chen family seemed more straightforward and direct than trying to please Chen Li and getting involved with Old Master Qu. In an instant, he had made up his mind.


After Wei Chen threw Wei Zhenxiong out, he turned and entered the living room.

Fang Yun sat on the sofa, looking somewhat lost in thought. Chen Li sat beside her, quietly accompanying her.

Wei Chen approached and sat beside Fang Yun, reaching out to hold her shoulder. “Mom, I shouldn’t have let him in.”

Fang Yun came to her senses, shaking her head. “This has nothing to do with you. I’m grateful we’re divorced.”

Wei Chen squeezed her shoulder, unable to find words of comfort, simply staying by her side.

“Achen, I’m fine,” Fang Yun placed her hand on top of Wei Chen’s, smiling.

She truly was fine.

Today’s incident only reaffirmed Wei Zhenxiong’s flaws, making her more grateful that she had moved on from that deep pit.

“It’s good you’re handling it well,” Wei Chen breathed a sigh of relief, fearing Fang Yun might dwell on it.

“With a man like that, what’s there to dwell on?” Fang Yun asked casually, appearing unaffected by the recent events.

“Alright.” Fang Yun stood up. “Today’s been a bit chaotic. I’m a bit tired. I’ll rest upstairs. Lunch is in your hands, Achen.”

Wei Chen nodded. “No problem. I’ll call you when lunch is ready.”

“Okay,” Fang Yun said, heading to her room.

Watching her leave, Wei Chen still felt worried. He regretted not giving Wei Zhenxiong a thorough beating and felt he had let him off too easily.

“Mom will be fine,” Chen Li sensed Wei Chen’s worry, leaning his head on Wei Chen’s shoulder.

“I know she will,” Wei Chen affirmed.

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