Chapter 330 – Wei Yan’s Wedding

Time flew by, and the Chinese New Year holiday came to an end. Wei Chen returned to his work post.

Chen Li stayed at home taking care of Qiuqiu, living a leisurely life. However, with too much free time on his hands, occasionally Chen Li would daydream, always thinking about doing something. At these times, he would hand Qiuqiu over to Fang Yun and spend a few hours in the studio.

While tidying up the room once, Chen Li came across a document lying in the drawer—a letter of employment handed to him by Chen Yunlan before the New Year. Q University of Fine Arts intended to hire him as a teacher.

Nearly a month had passed, and Chen Li hadn’t made a decision yet. Seeing the letter again, he paused for a moment, then placed it back in the drawer.

In the evening, when Wei Chen finished work and returned home, Chen Li was still in the studio painting. Wei Chen took Qiuqiu from Fang Yun’s hands and went to find Chen Li.

Surprisingly, Chen Li wasn’t painting but staring blankly at the evening glow outside on the balcony, lost in thought. Wei Chen approached, and Chen Li didn’t notice until Wei Chen stood beside him. Qiuqiu leaped over wanting Chen Li to hold it, and only then did Chen Li react.

He reached out and took Qiuqiu, smiling at Wei Chen. “Achen, you’re back.”

“Yeah,” Wei Chen nodded, reaching out to ruffle Chen Li’s hair. “What were you thinking about just now?”

Chen Li had never hidden anything from Wei Chen, so this time he shared his thoughts openly. “I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately. I want to find something to do, but I don’t know what.”

During the worst of his autism, Chen Li had shut himself away from the world, not letting anyone in. He didn’t want to go out until Wei Chen appeared, slowly unlocking his heart. More people who cared about him began to show up, making him aware of other emotions. His once dark life gradually filled with colors, becoming more vibrant.

Most people appreciated his art, and through his paintings, he began to recognize his own worth. Before, Chen Li had wanted nothing more than to isolate himself from the crowd, creating his own solitary world. But now, after connecting with people and starting to accept them, during idle times, Chen Li found himself wanting to return to the midst of the crowd.

Wei Chen undoubtedly understood Chen Li. He put his arm around Chen Li’s shoulder and said, “Li Li, how about this? Q University will start classes in a few days. You can go there to audit, like before. It doesn’t matter what classes, just follow your interests.”

Wei Chen remembered Q University sending an employment offer to Chen Li but also understood Chen Li’s concerns. That’s why he hadn’t suggested Chen Li accept the teaching position at Q University’s School of Fine Arts.

With Chen Li’s current abilities, teaching undergraduates at Q University’s School of Fine Arts would indeed be well within his capability. However, Chen Li didn’t have that much confidence in himself.

Instead of letting Chen Li, who felt uncertain, take up the role of a teacher, it seemed better to have him return to Q University to audit courses. Regardless of the subject or specialty, it would not only broaden Chen Li’s knowledge but also allow him to observe how other teachers conducted their classes.

Listening to Wei Chen’s suggestion, Chen Li considered it seriously, his face showing genuine contemplation. He found it quite reasonable and felt a bit excited.

Despite this excitement, Chen Li had some concerns. He looked up at Wei Chen, his face displaying conflicting emotions. “If I go to attend classes, who will take care of Qiuqiu?”

In a few days, Fang Yun would take Wei Wei to study abroad, and both Wei Chen and he would be away. Who would take care of Qiuqiu then? The reason Chen Li hadn’t returned to Q University to continue his studies was to wait until Qiuqiu was a little older before returning himself.

Qiuqiu seemed to respond upon hearing its name, lifting its head and making a crisp sound in acknowledgment. Chen Li leaned down and planted a kiss on Qiuqiu’s soft face, causing it to giggle and continue playing with its fingers.

“Don’t worry about Qiuqiu,” Wei Chen reassured, tightening his embrace around Chen Li. “You can trust me with that. When I’m at work, I can take care of Qiuqiu. Do whatever you want to do. I don’t want anything to hold you back.”

“Achen.” Chen Li stood up and buried his head in Wei Chen’s chest. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. He didn’t know what to say to Wei Chen; he just kept calling Wei Chen’s name, full of deep affection.

Wei Chen’s gaze softened, and in a low voice, he replied, “Hmm. I’m here.”

Qiuqiu found itself squished between the two dads but seemed delighted rather than bothered. It reached out to hug one dad, then the other, happily giggling.


Wei Zhenxiong had stayed in the capital for a few days. Since the incident on the third day of the Lunar New Year when Wei Chen had driven him away, he hadn’t gone to find Wei Chen. Instead, he had been in contact with the Chen family, planning something behind the scenes.

A few days later, Wei Zhenxiong returned to Shanghai.

As soon as he arrived at the Wei family’s place, he was summoned by Old Master Wei, who naturally was concerned about Wei Chen’s situation.

Wei Zhenxiong exaggerated a bit, but he kept silent about the dirty deeds he had done himself. He had no intention of informing Old Master Wei about his collaboration with the Chen family.

After listening to Wei Zhenxiong’s account, Old Master Wei sighed heavily but didn’t find it surprising at all. When Wei Zhenxiong went to the capital, he had already anticipated such consequences. He hadn’t expected Wei Chen to be so resolute, though.

“Forget about it,” Old Master Wei waved his hand. He couldn’t blame Wei Chen entirely. It was the actions of both Wei Chen and Wei Zhenxiong that had made things so ugly, causing Wei Chen to become thoroughly disillusioned.

Recalling the incident, Wei Zhenxiong felt annoyed. “Dad, are we just going to let it go like this? He’s still a child of our Wei family. What does this situation mean now? Does he not have any regard for our Wei family? His wings have grown strong, and he wants to fly away like this?”

Old Master Wei stared at Wei Zhenxiong for a while, his expression turning serious. “Zhenxiong, this is ultimately a matter concerning our Wei family, and I don’t wish for anyone else to get involved.”

“What are you saying, Dad?” Wei Zhenxiong’s breath hitched unintentionally, feigning ignorance. “Of course, I know. This is a family matter. I understand the principle of not airing family grievances in public.”

Seeing the seemingly sincere expression on Wei Zhenxiong’s face, Old Master Wei eased his suspicion slightly. “Our Wei family has come this far, not without difficulty. In the eyes of outsiders, the Wei family is a piece of meat to be carved. I’m reminding you now, never let the Wei family fall into a dangerous situation for your own benefit.”

This was both advice and a warning from Old Master Wei. He understood his son, fearing that Wei Zhenxiong might stray down the wrong path and endanger the entire Wei family.

Because he understood Wei Zhenxiong, Old Master Wei had never considered handing over the Wei’s family business to him. Instead, he had brought Wei Chen by his side for early grooming.

Wei Zhenxiong nodded in acknowledgment of his father’s words. “I understand.” However, his hands clenched tightly, filled with resentment.

This was the problem—he felt his father never gave him enough trust, always thinking he couldn’t handle things. The Wei family was supposed to be inherited by him. Why skip him and make Wei Chen the heir?

He didn’t even know if Wei Chen was his son, if he was the legitimate bloodline of the Wei family. Why did his father trust and value Wei Chen so much?

Old Master Wei wasn’t sure if Wei Zhenxiong had taken his words to heart. Of course, it would be best if he did, but if he hadn’t… the consequences would be Wei Zhenxiong’s own doing.

“Knock, knock.”

The study’s door was knocked, and the voice of Housekeeper Zhang came through. “Sir, Young Master Yan is here.”

“Let him in.”

Old Master Wei was somewhat surprised. After all, aside from unavoidable occasions, Wei Yan wouldn’t usually return home. He hadn’t even come back for the Chinese New Year today, so why was he here now?

With Old Master Wei’s permission, Housekeeper Zhang gestured for Wei Yan, who was waiting nearby, to enter. “Young Master Yan, please come in.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zhang.” Wei Yan pushed the door open and entered the study.

Inside the study, Old Master Wei had finished speaking with Wei Zhenxiong. Seeing Wei Yan coming in, he glanced at him lightly. “You’re here.”

Wei Yan nodded and presented an invitation card he held. “Grandfather, I plan to hold the wedding on Lantern Festival.”

“You’re getting married?” Old Master Wei furrowed his brows. Wei Yan hadn’t mentioned this to him before.

“Yes,” Wei Yan replied, with a hint of confidence.

Old Master Wei didn’t press further. If Wei Yan chose to inform him today, he wouldn’t interfere.

Upon reflection, Old Master Wei realized belatedly that despite thinking he had everything in control within the Wei family, the younger generation was gradually slipping away from his grasp—Wei Chen, Wei Hua, and now Wei Yan. Even if they distanced themselves from the Wei family, he couldn’t do anything to stop them.

Should he prevent Wei Yan from marrying the person he didn’t even know from the invitation? The events involving Wei Chen and Wei Hua had made him more lenient. He decided to let the younger generation pursue what they desired, to prevent future grudges.

“Well, you’re not young anymore. It’s indeed time for you to settle down.” Old Master Wei put away the invitation card. “If you need anything, just tell Zhang. He’ll help with the arrangements.”

Wei Yan was somewhat surprised by his grandfather’s unexpectedly easy-going attitude. Though he didn’t show it, he nodded. “Alright, Grandfather, I’ll take my leave.”

“Very well.” Old Master Wei nodded. Then, as if remembering something, he asked Wei Yan, “Will Achen and Ahua come back to attend your wedding this time?”

Wei Yan somewhat understood the old man’s meaning but didn’t disclose it directly. He answered truthfully, “I plan to talk to them about it. I’m not sure if they’ll have the time to come back.”

“I see. You may go about your business.” Old Master Wei waved his hand, allowing Wei Yan to leave. He didn’t reveal any emotions on his face, but there was likely some sense of disappointment in his heart.

He intended to use Wei Yan’s wedding as an opportunity to talk to Wei Chen and Wei Hua about the affairs of the Wei family. He couldn’t trust handing the Wei Corporation over to Wei Zhenxiong at all.

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