Chapter 101 – If Ye Chan is not found tonight, she will die!

Zhang Changzheng’s eyes narrowed instantly, and his heart raced.

Meanwhile, Xu Jinning’s thoughts continued.

【The ones who kidnapped Ye Chan are none other than her in-laws, Wu Lao’er’s parents. This couple colluded with people from abroad and should be caught!】

Colluded with people from abroad?!

Zhang Changzheng’s gaze instantly darkened.

【Their collusion is for an ancient tomb of the Dahe Production Brigade. This tomb dates back to the Warring States period and contains not only a lot of gold and silver treasures but also strategic resources. For the country, it’s an extremely important wealth!】

Ancient tomb, gold and silver treasures, strategic resources—these words made Zhang Changzheng’s breath momentarily hitch.

On the other hand, Xu Jinning continued to recall the plot.

This plot is from the novel “Reborn: Sweet Wife in the 80’s” with Jiang Xiao as the female protagonist.

The Wu couple had long colluded with people from abroad for the ancient tomb in the mountains of Dahe Production Brigade.

Decades ago, Country R invaded the country, and later, Country R surrendered and hastily retreated. However, due to lack of time, they left behind strategic resources in a mountain midway.

At that time, they also happened to discover an ancient tomb with gold and silver treasures, which tempted them greatly, but they couldn’t take it with them at the time.

So, along with the strategic resources, they left everything in that ancient tomb.

These strategic resources were vast in quantity and extremely important.

That’s why the people from Country R never forgot about it; they just didn’t dare to show their faces for the time being.

Seven or eight years ago, they managed to turn the Wu couple by exploiting their greed, selfishness, and ruthlessness, making them help locate the ancient tomb at that time and subsequently relocate the resources once found.

However, they weren’t very sure about the exact location of the ancient tomb because there was a major earthquake here over twenty years ago, causing some geographical locations to shift. Therefore, they needed the local Wu couple to confirm it in the mountains.

They promised that as long as the Wu couple helped find and relocate the tomb, they would take them to Country R, making them citizens of Country R, enjoying endless wealth and glory.

【…The Wu couple searched in the mountains for seven or eight years and finally found clues recently, even locating the place.】

【It was when they were excitedly discussing this matter that their daughter-in-law, Ye Chan, happened to overhear.】

【Ye Chan was shocked and knew that what her in-laws were doing was wrong. She followed them to the mountains and saw the location of the ancient tomb.】

【But Ye Chan was very unlucky. Just as she was about to leave, a snake bit her foot. Ye Chan quickly covered her mouth, but there was still a sound.】

It was because of this sound that Ye Chan was discovered.

Ye Chan wanted to escape, but she was bitten by a snake. Although the snake was not venomous, it still caused her a wound and made her movement inconvenient.

Moreover, she was not as familiar with the mountains as her in-laws.

So, she was soon caught up with.

Her father-in-law directly picked up a stone and smashed it on the back of Ye Chan’s head.

Ye Chan fainted on the spot.

Originally, they wanted to hit her a few more times and directly kill her. Because they knew their secret absolutely couldn’t be discovered by a third person, let alone their daughter-in-law, not even their son.

They knew that if their secret was exposed, death awaited them.

So, Ye Chan had to die.

But Ye Chan couldn’t just die like that.

So, they dragged the unconscious Ye Chan to the entrance of a cave.

That cave entrance was dug by people in the past for hunting wild boars, very deep and in a secluded location.

They threw Ye Chan in and then moved a large stone to seal the entrance.

This way, even if Ye Chan was still alive at this moment, after a few days, she would naturally die.

In fact, it turned out just as they had planned.

On the fourth day when they returned and moved the large stone, Ye Chan in the cave was already dead.

In this book, it was written that Ye Chan died on the third night.

Hungry, injured foot, without water for three days, Ye Chan’s endurance had reached its limit.

【…So tonight, if Ye Chan is not found, then Ye Chan will die dead.】

In the plot, Ye Chan died. Later, even when the police found this place, they only thought she died because her foot was bitten by a snake and then accidentally fell into the cave, unable to come out and be found, so she died.

The Wu couple later contacted people from Country R and successfully relocated the things inside the ancient tomb, leaving only a box of gold that they couldn’t take away in time.

But at that time, the Wu couple had already gone to Country R, even taking their favorite youngest son and two grandsons.

The box of gold left behind was later accidentally found by Jiang Xiao, who then kept it for herself, laying the foundation for her future wealth.

At that time, when readers, including Xu Jinning, read this part, they were all criticizing and cursing the author.

It’s completely immoral.

How could the Wu couple succeed and let Ye Chan die?

And Jiang Xiao got away with taking that box of gold.

The book didn’t explain how the Wu couple and the children they took to Country R were doing, but Jiang Xiao, who got the gold, was living a luxurious life.

Xu Jinning was getting anxious. What should she do? How could she tell Zhang Changzheng?

Xu Jinning wanted to remind Zhang Changzheng to go to the mountains to search, but when the words were on her lips, she fell silent as before.

Zhang Changzheng clearly saw Xu Jinning’s intention to remind him but couldn’t voice it.

He remembered the first time he saw Xu Jinning, the image of Xu Jinning talking about his original ending in her mind.

He didn’t know why Xu Jinning knew these future events, as if she were all-knowing.

But Zhang Changzheng believed in Xu Jinning.

“Comrade police officer, please help find Sister Ye Chan. It’s been three days since she disappeared, and I’m afraid if we delay any longer, her situation will become dire,” pleaded Wen Yulan.

Zhang Changzheng nodded, casting a glance at the little girl, then said, “I will. We’ve searched many places these past two days, but now I think we need to go back to the mountains again. I’ll go to the county office now to arrange for more colleagues to join the search.”

Xu Jinning’s eyes lit up when she heard this.

【Yes, you need to go to the mountains to search, to that place…】

Zhang Changzheng noted down the address and didn’t delay. He got into a car and headed to the county town to quickly arrange for more manpower to search.

After all, this wasn’t just a case of a woman going missing anymore. It involved the collusion of the Wu couple with Country R, as well as the ancient tomb and strategic resources.

It was a serious matter that couldn’t be underestimated.

Although Xu Xiangdong came to see Wen Yulan, he couldn’t stay too long, or it would reflect poorly on Wen Yulan’s reputation.

So, shortly after Zhang Changzheng left, Xu Xiangdong left with Xu Jinning.

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Wu Lao’er – Wu family’s second son

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