BH (QT) 115 – The President (15)

Chapter 115 – The President (15)

Jian Yunxiu has become Dong Qinglin’s psychological problem.

He had lived in the shadow of Jian Yunxiu for four years in his previous life. No matter what, he couldn’t beat Jian Yunxiu. As long as he heard Jian Yunxiu’s name, he couldn’t sleep at night.

With the opportunity of rebirth, he thought that God finally took care of him, and everything that happened afterwards seemed to confirm this.

During a drunkenness, he met Gao Bohao, who was not worse than Yan Jing Ze.

After deciding to sever relationship with Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze’s attitude towards him changed drastically.

Having the memories of the next two years or so, practicing the piano for two more years, also allowed him to be appreciated by his teachers at school and to meet valuable people again.

Even Jian Yunxiu was plagued by scandals.

He was so complacent, he always felt that the world would revolve around him, but all this suddenly changed.

Yan Jing Ze was still pleasing him the day before, and suddenly turned his face against him and was with Jian Yunxiu.

Those friends of Yan Jing Ze who were still comforting him, suddenly they blacklisted him.

Even Jian Yunxiu was easily washed white.

He always felt that things shouldn’t be like this and that’s why he came to Jian Yunxiu.

However, seeing Jian Yunxiu, the hostility in his heart could not be suppressed.

Why can Jian Yunxiu always easily destroy everything he finally got? In his previous life, he loved Yan Jing Ze for four years, and he was willing to give everything for Yan Jing Ze, but when Jian Yunxiu hooked his fingers, Yan Jing Ze easily abandoned him.

This life…

Gao Bohao loves him and treats him very well, making him feel cherished, but because of Jian Yunxiu, they have quarreled several times.

At the beginning, he insisted that the person in the indecent photos was Jian Yunxiu, but Gao Bohao didn’t think so, and the two quarreled. Unexpectedly, Jian Yunxiu clarified the matter just after the quarrel.

After that, every time he expressed his dissatisfaction with Jian Yunxiu, Gao Bohao would stop him and let him not say anything. The anger in his heart naturally grew stronger.

Jian Yunxiu made him suffer, so he wouldn’t let Jian Yunxiu feel well.

He remembered that when he talked to Jian Yunxiu about his relationship with Yan Jing Ze in his previous life, Jian Yunxiu acted like he was in pain.

Dong Qinglin looked at Jian Yunxiu, looking forward to seeing Jian Yunxiu change his face.

However, Jian Yunxiu didn’t react at all. Looking at him quietly, Yu Ye was a little puzzled: “Yan Jing Ze was with you for two years? Are you his ex-boyfriend?”

“You could say that.” Dong Qinglin sneered and took a sip of water, “He probably doesn’t see me as a boyfriend, but only as a stand-in for Jian Yunxiu. He makes me wear the clothes that Jian Yunxiu likes, play the piano music that Jian Yunxiu plays, and even when I speak, he wants me to imitate Jian Yunxiu.”

Yan Jing Ze is twenty-eight and he has been an adult for ten years. If he has an ex-boyfriend, Yu Ye feels nothing.

But if Yan Jing Ze is looking for a stand-in, this is not so good!

Yan Jing Ze did this, didn’t he deceive others’ feelings? It was also an insult to Jian Yunxiu.

“He actually did such a thing?” Yu Ye was so angry that he slapped the table, and when he went to look at Jian Yunxiu, he saw Jian Yunxiu scraping the table with his nails again.

Usually when Jian Yunxiu did this, it was because he was a bit annoyed.

Yu Ye felt sorry for him. Yan Jing Ze’s ex-boyfriend suddenly came to the door. Jian Yunxiu probably didn’t know how to deal with it and he must be very sad.

But he didn’t know what to do with this matter.

Yu Ye was torn, when Jian Yunxiu suddenly asked Dong Qinglin, “You and Yan Jing Ze have separated, right?”

“On the morning when you and Yan Jing Ze came out, Yan Jing Ze kicked me out.” Dong Qinglin looked at this villa full of pictures of Jian Yunxiu with a sarcastic face, as if Yan Jing Ze had driven him out of this house: “The piano room upstairs is beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yan Jing Ze said that you knew from the beginning that you would be a stand-in and he gave you a salary,” Jian Yunxiu added.

Dong Qinglin’s breathing was stagnant, a little embarrassed, and suddenly said: “Yes, I knew I was your stand-in from the beginning, but I love him. I play the piano for him and cook for him every day. I have been with him all the time… Why should he be so unsympathetic to me?”

Jian Yunxiu’s nails were scraping out on the table.

Yu Ye got even hotter and stood up abruptly, “Yan Jing Ze is like this?” Hearing what this person said, Yan Jing Ze just drove this person out before going to pick up Yunxiu that day… What a disgusting thing to do!

Jian Yunxiu was still sitting there, his hand was scratching the table leg annoyingly, but his expression was very calm: “You avoided talking about receiving money, so you actually received money from Yan Jing Ze. The piano upstairs has never been touched and you have never lived here! You deliberately lied to me and tried to ruin my relationship with Yan Jing Ze. I don’t want to talk to you anymore, please get out!”

Jian Yunxiu was quite sure, Yan Jing Ze had never used the things in the piano room upstairs, but this person hinted that he had used it… this person is deceiving him!

Dong Qinglin’s face changed.

When he talked to Jian Yunxiu about himself and Yan Jing Ze in his previous life, Jian Yunxiu’s reaction was completely different from today. After looking at Yan Jing Ze’s reaction that day, he knew that Jian Yunxiu must have had an argument with Yan Jing Ze and might have even rejected Yan Jing Ze.

At least, until he died in his previous life, Jian Yunxiu did not move into this villa.

It was him, on the contrary, who had lived here for a while.

How come Jian Yunxiu’s attitude has changed now?

Dong Qinglin did not understand what was going on, yet the truth was actually very simple.

His entanglement with Yan Jing Ze in his previous life was much deeper than in this life. When he went to find Jian Yunxiu in his previous life, he directly said that Jian Yunxiu was a third party, plus some other things… Jian Yunxiu naturally couldn’t accept Yan Jing Ze with peace of mind.

“Yu Ye, let him go out.” Jian Yunxiu said again.

Yu Ye was still a little confused about the specifics at this moment, but he listened to what Jian Yunxiu said, and immediately looked at Dong Qinglin: “Please go out!”

At this time, the door of the villa was opened, and Yan Jing Ze walked in: “My dear, I’m back!” Today, Jian Yunxiu had to go out to work, so Yan Jing Ze did not go home early, but went to see his friends, had a meal with them, and also proclaimed his love with Jian Yunxiu.

Then, after learning from Yu Ye that Jian Yunxiu’s work was over, he immediately came back.

However, Yan Jing Ze did not expect that he would see Dong Qinglin after he came home.

“Why are you here?” Yan Jing Ze frowned. He has nothing to do with Dong Qinglin. What is Dong Qinglin doing here?

And looking at the appearance of Jian Yunxiu and Yu Ye, they seemed very angry. What did Dong Qinglin do?

“I…” Dong Qinglin wanted to get angry, but the angry look of Yan Jing Ze made him afraid. He would give in every time he saw Yan Jing Ze like this in his last life, and this time, he also subconsciously gave in: “I didn’t do anything, I just I just wanted to come and see you.”

“We’re okay, you don’t need to visit me,” Yan Jing Ze immediately said.

Dong Qinglin hadn’t seen Yan Jing Ze since that time when he signed the contract, but before that day, Yan Jing Ze’s attitude towards him had changed.

He came over this time, he actually wanted to see Yan Jing Ze’s attitude towards him.

Yan Jing Ze is really cold towards him.

Dong Qinglin remembered his own death and instantly went cold: “No need for you guys to kick me, I’ll go by myself.”

With that, he rushed outside.

The remaining three people didn’t care about him at all, and Yan Jing Ze had already looked at Jian Yunxiu cautiously at this time: “Yunxiu, I really have nothing to do with him.”

Jian Yunxiu took a deep breath and pointed to the cup used by Dong Qinglin on the other side of the table and said, “Throw that cup away!”

Yan Jing Ze immediately threw the cup into the trash can.

Seeing this, Jian Yunxiu glared at Yan Jing Ze and ran upstairs.

“Yunxiu, what are you going to do?” Yan Jing Ze asked quickly.

“Take a bath!” After Jian Yunxiu finished speaking, he turned a corner on the stairs and disappeared.

There is no doubt that Jian Yunxiu is angry.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Yu Ye: “What on earth did Dong Qinglin come for? What did he say?”

Yu Ye stared at Yan Jing Ze for a while.

If Jian Yunxiu did not say anything earlier, and if he only heard Dong Qinglin’s words, then Yan Jing Ze would definitely be a scumbag! But then Jian Yunxiu said that… that Dong Qinglin was lying?

Yu Ye told Yan Jing Ze all what Dong Qinglin said.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” How much does Dong Qinglin hate him to do this!

He had always felt that in the original historical trajectory, Dong Qinglin treated the original owner so badly and collapsed the original owner’s company with Gao Bohao because the original owner was stalking him. He stayed away from Dong Qinglin, so the two of them would not cross paths, only to have Dong Qinglin come to his doorstep to give him trouble!

Is this person sick?

Although Yan Jing Ze didn’t like Dong Qinglin from the beginning, he never thought about dealing with Dong Qinglin.

But today, Dong Qinglin talked nonsense in front of Jian Yunxiu, destroying his relationship with Jian Yunxiu, and he couldn’t restrain his anger.

So, Yan Jing Ze asked for Gao Bohao’s phone number and dialed it out.

When Gao Bohao answered the phone, Yan Jing Ze said: “Gao Bohao, give me an email, I have something for you!”

“Who are you?” Gao Bohao asked.

“I am Yan Jing Ze,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“What are you going to give me?” Gao Bohao was a little wary.

“Your boyfriend’s stuff,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“What did you do to Qinglin?” Gao Bohao was anxious, thinking that what Yan Jing Ze would give him was something bad about Dong Qinglin.

“Your email!” Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to chat with him.

Gao Bohao said an email address, Yan Jing Ze had an amazing memory, after listening to it, he remembered it, and immediately hung up the phone.

His living room and dining room are equipped with cameras!

Dong Qinglin can’t get along with him, destroying the relationship between him and Jian Yunxiu, he doesn’t mind doing the same.

The video of Dong Qinglin picking a fight captured by the surveillance today was sent to Gao Bohao together with the transfer records he had given to Dong Qinglin in the past two years, and a line of blood-red letters was written in the mailbox: “Gao Bohao, control your boyfriend and don’t let him pester me! I just thought that he looked like Jian Yunxiu, so I paid him to pretend to be Jian Yunxiu to make me happy. I didn’t have any intimate relationship with him at all!”

After sending these out, Yan Jing Ze was immediately comfortable.

Yu Ye had already left, it was time for him to go coax Jian Yunxiu… Yan Jing Ze went upstairs, but he couldn’t find Jian Yunxiu.

He thought at first that Jian Yunxiu would be in the piano room, but Jian Yunxiu was not there at all.

He went to Jian Yunxiu’s bedroom to look, there was no one there either, and even the bathroom in Jian Yunxiu’s bedroom, there was no sign of use.

Where is Jian Yunxiu? Yan Jing Ze was flustered.

Fortunately, at this time, he heard a noise in his own bedroom.

Yan Jing Ze hurriedly opened the door and went in, and then he was dumbfounded.

The sheets and covers on his bed were replaced with a pure white four-piece set that Jian Yunxiu had just bought and washed.

And Jian Yunxiu… was lying on the bed!

“What in the world were you doing downstairs? What took you so long to come up? You… still do not hurry up to take a bath!” Jian Yunxiu, who was wrapped up tightly in a blanket, looked at Yan Jing Ze with no good temper.

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This Gao Bohao is actually good. Too bad Dong Qinglin doesn’t know how to cherish his new life. Sigh.

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