BH (QT) 116 – The President (16)

Chapter 116 – The President (16)

Yan Jing Ze looked at Jian Yunxiu who was lying on his own bed and was stunned.

Jian Yunxiu’s meaning… is it the same as he thought?

When he was in a daze, Jian Yunxiu had grabbed the quilt and covered his head.

Yan Jing Ze awoke from a dream and hurriedly went into the bathroom.

The bathroom in his room showed signs of being used and there were a few more toiletries added. As for who used the toiletries in the bathroom… No need to think about it.

Yan Jing Ze rushed into the bathroom.

Jian Yunxiu listened to the sound of water coming from the bathroom and put his head out of the quilt again.

He grabbed the sheet underneath him nervously, regretting it a bit.

Dong Qinglin came to the door, he was very uncomfortable at first, but then he became alert and even aroused strong hostility.

He could feel that Dong Qinglin wanted to destroy his relationship with Yan Jing Ze.

And he didn’t want it to be destroyed by Dong Qinglin.

But what should he do?

In fact, he has always been unlikable. When he was a child, his family didn’t like him, and when he grew up, his classmates didn’t like him either.

He doesn’t know how to communicate with people and he has a cleanliness addiction.

In the past, he tried hard to integrate into the larger group, but once he showed something, such as shaking hands with someone and couldn’t help but wash his hands, such as unwilling to eat food outside, those people would always be unhappy.

Slowly, he got used to being alone.

Yan Jing Ze likes him now but will he find him annoying after a long time?

And no matter what, Dong Qinglin also accompanied Yan Jing Ze for two years, but he spent only a few months with Yan Jing Ze.

More importantly, he couldn’t let go of Yan Jing Ze, and did not want to be separated from Yan Jing Ze.

He felt that he should do something to defend his love.

So after going upstairs, he gritted his teeth and entered Yan Jing Ze’s room.

Although he didn’t spend much time with people abroad, he had always observed those around him, and he noticed that after two people fall in love, they tend to live together and something happens.

Even if there is no love, some people will go to the hotel together.

There are still many people who have invited him straightforwardly, wanting to have something with him, of course he refused them all.

When Yan Jing Ze asked him to live in, he felt that Yan Jing Ze wanted to sleep with him.

He had made such preparations a long time ago, and even wanted to give it a try, but Yan Jing Ze actually prepared a separate room for him.

After that, although Yan Jing Ze would accompany him every day, he never even had a hot kiss.

He admits that he likes how they are getting along now, but lovers living together, it doesn’t seem to be like this…

He entered Yan Jing Ze’s bathroom.

It’s just that he really didn’t expect that Yan Jing Ze didn’t come until he took a bath and lay on the bed.

From the bathroom, the sound of Yan Jing Ze while taking a bath has not stopped. Suddenly, the bathroom door opened.

Jian Yunxiu hid in the quilt again.

Yan Jing Ze took a shower, rushed out and didn’t even blow his hair, and then saw a person wrapped up in a quilt.

Without hesitation, he dug out the person inside and kissed him, the kind of hot kiss…

The original owner is not young, he knows everything he should know, and of course Yan Jing Ze also knows.

But before, he really never thought that he could get Jian Yunxiu so quickly.

Jian Yunxiu is so cute and innocent. Sometimes he feels that some of his thoughts are too nasty. He always wants to wait for a while, cultivate his feelings and then develop.

As a result… Jian Yunxiu actually took the initiative!

Happiness came so suddenly that he was totally unprepared…

The insufficiently prepared Yan Jing Ze took a lot of effort to eat the person, and could not resist to taste more.

Playing the piano requires a certain amount of physical strength, so Jian Yunxiu has always exercised, but what he calls exercise is to do some simple exercises at home, so the whole person is still limp in the end.

When everything was over, Jian Yunxiu’s legs were trembling.

But he still insisted on taking a shower.

“I’ll carry you to wash,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Jian Yunxiu nodded in a daze and added, “And change the sheets!”

“Let’s go to your room to sleep,” Yan Jing Ze gave him a kiss.

Jian Yunxiu had no objection and nodded.

Yan Jing Ze couldn’t hold it back, and hugged him again, and kissed him indiscriminately.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t follow the rules when he kissed. Jian Yunxiu helplessly reached out his hand to cover his mouth: “Take a bath!”

Jian Yunxiu took a bath and lay down and fell asleep, but Yan Jing Ze was too happy and fell asleep very late.

The next day, he was awakened by the sound of washing.

As soon as he woke up, he saw Jian Yunxiu brushing his teeth and washing his face, his face flushed.

“Yunxiu…” Yan Jing Ze walked over, trying to kiss him, but Jian Yunxiu ran away: “You haven’t brushed your teeth yet!”

Yan Jing Ze couldn’t help laughing.

While Yan Jing Ze was washing up, Jian Yunxiu went to the piano room—Jian Yunxiu left the door open and the nice sound of the piano came down from upstairs.

Listening to the music of the piano, Yan Jing Ze went to make breakfast with great energy, and called Secretary Zhou by the way, telling Secretary Zhou that he was not going to work.

Secretary Zhou: “…” President, have you been a little too unprofessional recently?

But it is also very amazing. President Yan recently stayed in the company for no more than three hours a day but still managed to do all the work he should do.

The power of love is so powerful?!

So, the president in the president novels is always free to appear beside the heroine at all times, because they can all suddenly increase work efficiency after having love?

Regardless of what is going on, Secretary Zhou can’t do anything if the president doesn’t come to work. The only thing she can do is to put together all the documents that need to be reviewed by Yan Jing Ze, and then send them to Yan Jing Ze.

However, Secretary Zhou was still sorting out the files, and saw a woman in her thirties with her curly permed hair walking from outside with a man about her age.

Seeing Secretary Zhou, the woman stopped: “Where is Yan Jing Ze?”

“Ms. Wang, President Yan did not come to the company today,” Secretary Zhou said.

The woman in front of her was none other than Yan Jing Ze’s own sister, Wang Yingli.

Wang Yingli’s name is a match for Yan Jing Ze’s previous name Wang Shengchao, but even so, Wang Yingli did not think about changing her name.

She doesn’t want to follow Yan Guoqi’s surname!

“Where is he?” Wang Yingli asked.

“President Yan is at home.”

Wang Yingli glanced at the documents in Secretary Zhou’s hand: “Are you going to send him documents? Perfect, take me with you.”

“Yes, Ms. Wang.” Secretary Zhou said with a smile: “Wait a minute, I have a few more documents to get below.”

Secretary Zhou left after speaking, and went to the bathroom to call Yan Jing Ze: “President Yan! Ms. Wang is coming to see you! We are at the company now and we are leaving now!”

When Yan Jing Ze received the call, he had just made the porridge and was taking it to the piano room to feed Jian Yunxiu.

Jian Yunxiu went to play the piano as soon as he woke up, playing happily for a while, and then playing messily, not knowing whether he was happy or unhappy…

But no matter what Jian Yunxiu thinks, he is very happy, so happy that he can’t wait to feed Jian Yunxiu the porridge.

Of course, Jian Yunxiu would not let him feed.

Jian Yunxiu washed his hands and slowly drank porridge on the small coffee table on the terrace.

Since Jian Yunxiu came, Yan Jing Ze had let the babysitter who had lived in the villa leave, only have housekeeping come every few days to clean the house in full force.

For this reason, a lot of the beautiful flowers that were planted on the terrace suddenly died.

When Jian Yunxiu was free, he would actually take care of these flowers, watering and other things, and then probably because of too much watering, some of the flowers were watered to death…

Jian Yunxiu moved some flower pots in an attempt to cover them up, but Yan Jing Ze never forgets, and sees it all in his eyes.

In the future, it is better to plant well-supported plants on his terrace.

While thinking about this matter, he suddenly learned that his sister was coming… Yan Jing Ze was a little worried.

The family members of the original owner are mainly his parents and sister.

The father of the original owner feels guilty to the original owner, so he lets the original owner do whatever, as for the original owner’s mother and sister…

Like the original owner’s father, these two people, more or less, feel guilty to the original owner, but compared to the original owner’s father, they are much stricter on the original owner.

If he had not crossed over, seeing the original owner and Dong Qinglin entangled, even the company was left alone, the two women would have been very angry, and even struck out at Dong Qinglin, trying several times to teach Dong Qinglin a lesson.

Then, the original owner disowned his relatives and started yelling to cut off relations with them.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” The original owner is really a white-eyed wolf. His mother and sister are really kind to him, but he is willing to cut off his family for Dong Qinglin.

Now the sister of the original owner is coming…

Yan Jing Ze immediately looked at Jian Yunxiu: “Yunxiu, my sister is coming.”

“Huh?” Jian Yunxiu was anxious.

Last night, Yan Jing Ze hugged him and said a lot of love words. Jian Yunxiu’s alertness that had arisen because of Dong Qinglin’s appearance was suddenly gone. He was very happy, but now, Yan Jing Ze’s sister is coming?

What if Yan Jing Ze’s sister doesn’t like him?

“Yunxiu, I will work hard for you later,” Yan Jing Ze kissed Jian Yunxiu.

Jian Yunxiu didn’t know what to do and then saw Yan Jing Ze quickly go downstairs.

What did Yan Jing Ze mean when he said he was going to work hard for him?

Jian Yunxiu was so distracted that he could only continue to play the piano – the piano calmed him down.

Jian Yunxiu had been worried before, afraid that he would not be able to write the ten songs in the new solo album, but now he is not worried at all.

From yesterday, when Dong Qinglin came, to the present, his mood has been ups and downs, changed and changed, and his inspiration has been constantly emerging…

What’s ten songs? Keep falling in love and let him write a hundred songs!

No wonder his teacher kept saying that musicians need feelings.

With this in mind, Jian Yunxiu played a melody that particularly matched his current mood.

As for Yan Jing Ze… After Yan Jing Ze went downstairs, he went to the kitchen to wash and cut a lot of ingredients.

After checking the time, he took out the sheets and quilts that had been washed in the washing machine, and then went upstairs.

“Yunxiu, my sister is coming soon,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Jian Yunxiu stopped playing, “What should I do?”

“Come here.” Yan Jing Ze beckoned to Jian Yunxiu and asked Jian Yunxiu to come next to the terrace.

Jian Yunxiu came to the terrace and saw Yan Jing Ze standing there with the undried sheets, and he couldn’t help but wonder: “Why aren’t the sheets dried?”

He has to wash a lot of things every day, and usually they are directly dried after washing.

“Here it comes!” At this moment, Yan Jing Ze saw his sister’s car approaching. He immediately put the sheets in Jian Yunxiu’s hands and said: “You go to the terrace to dry it! Be sure to dry it well for my sister to see!”

After he finished speaking, he ran downstairs again, rushing quickly through several stairs.

Jian Yunxiu: “…” He didn’t wash his hands after playing the piano! He thinks this bed sheet needs to be washed again!

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