BH (QT) 220.2 – Educated Youth (5b)

Chapter 220.2 – Educated Youth (5b)

Gu Mingxiu was so angry that he wanted to beat Gu Yubao again, but Gu Yubao… he was actually a little frightened.

Before, Gu Mingxiu went to find Yan Jing Ze, he also followed.

His notebook is in the hands of Yan Jing Ze. He is particularly worried, and he knows very well that his brother is very good to him… He is looking forward to his brother taking back the handle that he had left in Yan Jing Ze’s hands. It’s best if his brother can still beat up Yan Jing Ze, and teach Yan Jing Ze a lesson, so that Yan Jing Ze will not dare to trouble them anymore.

Gu Yubao had many things in mind, but he didn’t dare to approach Yan Jing Ze’s residence, so he could only look at it from a distance.

After he saw his brother enter, Yan Jing Ze closed the door not long after, and then he saw nothing.

He was waiting anxiously and wanted to get closer to see when the door suddenly opened, and then his brother limped out and used his arm to wipe his tears.

Gu Yubao seemed to be struck by lightning for a while.

He had never seen his brother cry.

Later, he got a leech on his leg, was bitten by a snake, and was injured at work…His brother never cried.

Even if his parents died, his brother didn’t cry. When he was crying out of breath, his brother was raising money everywhere for funerals.

He thought that his brother would not cry.

But now, his brother is crying.

His brother should have been injured, was he beaten by Yan Jing Ze?

Gu Yubao thought so, and saw Yan Jing Ze come out carrying a stool with a broken leg.

Yesterday, when he cleaned the room for Yan Jing Ze, the stool was fine, but now the leg was broken… Yan Jing Ze beat his brother with this stool and broke the legs of the stool?

Gu Yubao was so angry for a while that he couldn’t help but jump out: “Yan Jing Ze, you…”

“What?” Yan Jing Ze looked at Gu Yubao with a smile. He didn’t want to smile, but he couldn’t help it.

Gu Yubao saw the happy smile on Yan Jing Ze’s face, he couldn’t help but shudder, he turned and ran.

His brother couldn’t even beat Yan Jing Ze, let alone him!

Gu Yubao ran all the way to the work place, and saw his brother holding a sickle, looking at him coldly: “Gu Yubao, where have you been?”

“I didn’t go anywhere…” Gu Yubao said, carefully looking at his brother.

His brother’s eyes were a little red, and his voice was not right. He didn’t know what Yan Jing Ze did to his brother…

“You work hard for me, don’t cause trouble!” Gu Mingxiu said.

“Good.” Gu Yubao did not dare to provoke his brother again, and hurriedly went to work.

As he did so, he suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable.

His brother is such a hard-hearted person, he would not cry easily.

He would cry today, it was definitely not only because of Yan Jing Ze’s beating, but also because of what he caused.

The things he had “written” could kill people and even destroy their home. His brother must be very scared.

Gu Yubao can’t help but feel guilty when he thinks so.

But he was even more depressed—why did Yan Jing Ze focus on him?

Yan Jing Ze still monitors him.

In the afternoon, Yan Jing Ze swayed over, and then said to Gu Yubao: “Gu Yubao, when you get off work, you can help me empty the toilet, and then cut a few bamboos for me and come back.”

Gu Yubao exploded, why is Yan Jing Ze so endless?

But before he could say anything, he listened to his brother: “I’ll do it…”

As soon as Gu Mingxiu spoke, Yan Jing Ze glared at him: “Let your brother do it! Go with Gu Yulan, you two will chop a few more bamboos for me. Just take them to your house and leave them at home. I will come over later in the evening. As for Gu Mingxiu… you go to my place when you finish work.”

Of course, Gu Yubao has to do this kind of rough work. As for Gu Mingxiu, just rest at home.

Gu Mingxiu stopped talking and lowered his head blushing. Yan Jing Ze…what does he want to do?

Seeing that his brother was soft, Gu Yubao felt that Yan Jing Ze was more powerful, and he could only agree to chop bamboo.

Oh, not only is he cutting bamboo, he also has to pour the toilet.

Yan Jing Ze talked to Gu Yubao and the others, and went to the town again.

Shangmu Village is only half an hour away from the town. When he came to town, the shops in the town were still open.

He spent five yuan to get a ticket from the village chief so he could buy a woodcutting knife. After he had eaten, he went to buy a woodcutting knife.

He bought some grain with the money he earned from selling his pen, and after spending it like this, there were only a few yuan left. Fortunately, he found a way to make money.

When he went to sell his pen before, he sat in the home of the family who bought his pen. Then he found that the chairs in the family’s home were made of bamboo, and there was a large bamboo forest near the river in their village.

People in their village would go there to cut bamboo if they wanted to use it. In spring, everyone can dig bamboo shoots to eat according to their ability, and the village chief doesn’t care about it.

After all, this kind of thing is not suitable for unified mining and unified points.

In this case, can he… dig bamboo to make bamboo products to make money?

After turning over the memory of the original owner, Yan Jing Ze felt that this was a good idea even more.

In Shangmu Village, many of the things that everyone uses are made of bamboo.

In addition to bamboo chairs and recliners, people also make bamboo beds, which are called Liangta.

In addition, the cups for drinking water are bamboo tubes, the soy sauce sellers use bamboo tubes to scoop the soy sauce from the sauce tank. The pole used to carry loads is made of bamboo, and the basket underneath is also made of bamboo.

It can be said that in the lives of people in Shangmu Village, bamboo is indispensable.

But most of the people in the village don’t know how to make these things and they have to spend money to buy them.

Other than that, let’s say making a bamboo chair, it’s not that easy.

But Yan Jing Ze was inexplicably confident and always felt that there was no problem.

Anyway, he intends to try it!

However, he is a foreigner and he is not popular in the village. It is not good for him to chop bamboo by himself. Let Gu Yubao do it, so the villagers won’t say anything.

Soon after work, Yan Jing Ze took Gu Mingxiu and Gu Yubao back home and started cooking.

When Gu Yubao cleaned his toilet and sent it back, his meal was almost done.

Gu Yubao went to cut down the tree. Yan Jing Ze took a bowl of rice from the pot and handed it to Gu Mingxiu, “Eat it.”

When the rice was almost ready, he poured in the rice that Gu Mingxiu hadn’t finished eating at noon, put it on the top of the pot and heated it up, and now he served it again and gave it to Gu Mingxiu.

It’s not that he intentionally gave Gu Mingxiu leftover rice, it’s because this leftover rice has meat and oil in it, which is much better than the freshly cooked rice.

“Let’s eat together,” Gu Mingxiu said.

Yan Jing Ze said: “I ate it at noon. This is for you. You can eat it.”

Seeing that Gu Mingxiu was a bit hesitant, Yan Jing Ze said again: “You are my lover. If I have something delicious, I must give it to you. If you have something delicious, will you also give it to me?”

“I will.” Gu Mingxiu nodded seriously and took out an egg: “For you.”

Yan Jing Ze couldn’t help laughing. He took the egg, peeled it, and broke it in half then handed half to Gu Mingxiu: “We’ll have half each.”

Gu Mingxiu wanted to push back, but Yan Jing Ze said: “Don’t reject it. Since we are going to be together, then we must share the blessings and share the difficulties in the future.”

These words are very pleasant to hear. Gu Mingxiu was stunned, then responded, and took the egg and ate it.

With a bowl of warm lard rice and half an egg on his stomach, Gu Mingxiu only felt that his whole body was comfortable.

Yan Jing Ze waited until he was full before saying, “Go, let’s go to your house.”

“Yeah.” Gu Mingxiu stood up, feeling a little embarrassed: “My house is a bit old, a bit broken…” In this village, when people want to be together with someone, they have to see the man’s house.

Generally speaking, if a man wants to marry a wife, the family should at least give him an empty room.

If the house is too old, dilapidated, and there is no room available, the woman will definitely feel dissatisfied after seeing it.

Gu Mingxiu is good-looking. People from other villages came to their village before and saw him at a glance. To learn about his situation, they would go to his house and then there would be no follow-up.

Thinking of the ruined house in his own family, thinking of his brother’s terrible mistake, his sister’s petty theft, and his brother who is stupid… Gu Mingxiu is really uncomfortable.

Yan Jing Ze said: “I’ve been in the village for almost two years, I still don’t know how your family is?”

After Yan Jing Ze finished speaking, he realized Gu Mingxiu’s thoughts, and then said: “I like you. It doesn’t matter what your family is like.”

Although the original owner lived a miserable life till now, but after two years, his parents will be rehabilitated, and he will have a good life in the future.

Yan Jing Ze knew very well that his choice to be with Gu Mingxiu was actually taking a very difficult path.

But he couldn’t help himself!

The first time he saw Gu Mingxiu, he felt that this person should belong to him. He would never let go of this person no matter what!

Even if he didn’t have a good life, he wanted to be with Gu Mingxiu.

When Gu Mingxiu heard Yan Jing Ze’s words, his body heated up and couldn’t help asking, “What do you like about me?”

“I like everything about you, you simply grew according to my preferences,” Yan Jing Ze said.

From the time he could remember, Gu Mingxiu has never been loved.

He wasn’t his stepfather’s son after all, so his stepfather wouldn’t like him.

What about his mother?

His biological father had another wife in his early years and he loved that woman deeply. His mother was a peasant daughter he later married.

His father didn’t like his mother, and his mother didn’t like his biological father, so naturally she would not like him much.

The only one who depends on him and needs him is his younger siblings.

Therefore, he is willing to be nice to his younger siblings.

But now, someone likes everything about him.

Gu Mingxiu suddenly wanted to kiss Yan Jing Ze.

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