Chapter 323 – Buying New Year Goods at the Department Store

Saying goodbye to Grandma Liu, Jiang Junmo and Lu Xia bid farewell and noticed that many people in the vicinity had come out.

It seemed they had overheard their conversation, but no one greeted them, probably because they didn’t recognize them.

However, Jiang Junmo and Lu Xia thought that these people would be their neighbors in the future, so they smiled and nodded.

After leaving the alley, they went to the nearby state-owned restaurant to have a meal. Lu Xia ordered the braised pork that she had been craving. It turned out that the best-tasting braised pork was still made by the chefs in the capital city.

After a hearty meal, they took a car to the department store.

Since their third sister worked in logistics, they didn’t go to find her and just started browsing around.

Lu Xia had been to this department store before, but in the past few years, the variety of items being sold had become even more extensive.

They didn’t buy New Year goods first, instead, they explored each floor and ended up buying a set of clothes each.

During their years in the countryside, they hadn’t acquired many new clothes. The few pieces they had brought with them were sufficient. Even if there were patches later, they were still better off than the rural folks.

But with the upcoming school term, they needed to tidy up, so they bought some personal items.

There wasn’t much else they wanted to buy. Grandpa and the others probably didn’t lack anything. After some thought, they purchased some pastries to share and finally headed back with their New Year goods.

By the time they got home, it was already afternoon.

Grandpa was teaching Kang Kang how to play chess.

Lu Xia looked surprised. Could Kang Kang, being so young, understand?

But seeing how serious he looked, it seemed he was genuinely trying to learn.

However, as soon as his parents came back, he immediately lost interest and ran over to his mother with a smile.

Lu Xia held her son for a while, took out some pastries for him to eat, and then, together with Jiang Junmo, started arranging the New Year goods.

The New Year was just two days away, and the preparations had to be made.

After dinner, Grandpa heard that they had already been to the small courtyard area and didn’t say much. He only remarked, “If you’re thinking of renovating, you can ask your Grandpa Dong. He might know someone.”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “I’ll ask Grandpa Dong another day. Once the renovation is done, we’ll move over.”

Grandpa Jiang didn’t say anything in response, he only asked, “And what about Kang Kang?”

Jiang Junmo didn’t hide anything and explained their previous thoughts.

Grandpa Jiang frowned upon hearing this, “What good kindergartens are there over there? Kang Kang can’t get into the employee’s kindergarten, and the others probably aren’t legitimate either. It’s better to go to the military district kindergarten. He’ll be among familiar faces there, and he won’t get bullied.”

After listening, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo considered it but didn’t make an immediate decision.

“We’ll go over there and take a look first. If there’s nothing suitable, we’ll figure it out.”

Grandpa Jiang waved his hand, “Alright, you young folks decide for yourselves. Just don’t let Kang Kang suffer in any way.”

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were speechless after hearing this. They were his biological parents, how could they ever let him suffer?

But understanding that Grandpa cared about Kang Kang, they didn’t say anything more.

The next day, before the New Year arrived, the two of them went to pay their respects at Grandma’s grave.

According to Jiang Junmo, they would be busy after the New Year with many visitors, so they decided to go early.

Grandma’s grave was on the outskirts. Over the years, with the care of the Jiang family, it seemed well-maintained. After Jiang Junmo brought Lu Xia there, he bowed three times in front of the tombstone.

“Grandma, Junmo is back, and he’s married and has a child now. You can rest assured, right? I will live well.”

Lu Xia also followed, “Hello, Grandma. I’m Lu Xia. Please rest assured, we’ll have a good life from now on.”

After a few more words, they left.

Looking at Jiang Junmo’s expression, it seemed he was feeling quite alright. Although moved by Grandma’s love for him, she had left too early. He was too young back then, with only a few vague memories remaining now…


Chapter 324 – Savings Passbook


After returning home, preparations for the New Year were in full swing.

On New Year’s Eve, Lu Xia helped Aunt Wang thoroughly clean the house.

Meanwhile, Jiang Junmo was busy writing couplets with Grandpa at the table, and Kang Kang watched excitedly from the side, eager to join in.

Even though it was a holiday for Aunt Jiang, she ended up getting called away by a phone call in the morning, and nobody knew when she would be back.

However, judging by Jiang Junmo and the others’ expressions, they seemed used to it.

Fortunately, Aunt Jiang returned in the evening, just in time for the New Year’s Eve dinner.

However, she looked visibly exhausted, and Lu Xia was a bit concerned.

“Aunt, do you want to rest in your room for a while and I’ll call you when it’s time to eat?”

Aunt Jiang smiled and shook her head. “It’s alright. I had a surgery, I’m a little tired after standing for a long time, I’ll just sit and rest for a while.”

Lu Xia didn’t insist after hearing that.

In the evening, with Aunt Wang around, the New Year’s Eve dinner was lively, especially with Kang Kang’s lively and cheerful presence.

This year marked the fifth New Year’s Eve that Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo had spent together. Finally, they were using electric lights instead of oil lamps!

However, there was no Spring Festival Gala on TV, and after dinner, nobody stayed up late.

Grandpa Jiang was getting older and went to bed early, Aunt Jiang was tired and went to her room to rest, and Kang Kang, who had been overly excited during the day, was already fast asleep.

After helping Aunt Wang tidy up, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo went to their room with Kang Kang.

They didn’t specifically stay up late; they just lay in bed and chatted, eventually falling asleep without realizing.

Early the next morning, after breakfast, the house was bustling with activity.

People kept coming to offer New Year’s greetings.

There were neighbors, Grandpa’s old comrades, and even some of his former subordinates.

By the second day of the lunar year, the sisters who were married had all returned, making the house even livelier.

Kang Kang received a lot of red envelopes, which he happily stored in a little bag specially sewn by Jiang Junmo. He looked like a little money manager, making everyone laugh.

Of course, as elders, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo gave out more red envelopes themselves.

The stream of visitors continued until the sixth day of the lunar year, by which time Lu Xia had the chance to get to know all of the Jiang family’s relatives and friends.

Of course, it was also the first time she, the newly returned granddaughter-in-law, made her official debut for the first time. With her status as a university student, everyone treated her kindly, and no one looked down on her.

On the seventh day of the lunar year, with fewer people at home, they went to pay their respects at Grandma Jiang’s grave.

Upon returning, Grandpa Jiang handed them a savings passbook.

“This is from your parents, along with the initial compensation money. Since you plan to renovate the house, keep this money for yourselves.”

Jiang Junmo accepted it without declining, but he noticed that the amount in the passbook was notably higher than expected.

“Grandpa, did you add more to it?”

Jiang Grandpa waved his hand. “It’s not much. I just rounded it up for you. We weren’t around for your wedding, and we didn’t prepare anything for you then. When the time comes, buy whatever you need with this.”

Lu Xia also saw the amount and honestly, she hadn’t anticipated it being so much. She immediately wanted to refuse.

“Why say you didn’t prepare anything? Over the years, thanks to the things you sent to the countryside, we’ve been able to live well. Without your support, we wouldn’t have had such a good life! Your words now truly make us feel ashamed.”

Grandpa Jiang chuckled at her words. “Alright, a family doesn’t keep track of these things. Just live well from now on!”

Hearing his response, both of them realized that it wasn’t appropriate to refuse any further. They could only accept the gift.

However, they both thought that whether it was Grandpa or Aunt Jiang and the other family members, their kindness and care went beyond material considerations. The love and support between family members couldn’t be measured in terms of money or anything else. All they could do was to be filial and show their gratitude to Grandpa and the others.

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