Chapter 493 – Seeking Help from Second Brother-in-law

Tan Yunfang shook her head. “There’s no specific information yet, but what Tang Yuan’s boyfriend said seems to be true because he has a witness. After they parted, he regretted the argument and wanted to buy a gift to make amends. Coincidentally, he ran into a roommate while shopping. They finished shopping together, intending to calm her down a bit that day and come see her the next day. However, the next day, before he could leave, the school advisor called him for something, so he couldn’t come…”

Lu Xia didn’t know what to say after hearing this. The situation was just too coincidental!

“Do Tang Yuan’s family members know about this?”

“They do. The advisor called them.”

Lu Xia sighed again upon hearing this, and there was silence in the dorm.

Later, Tan Yunfang said, “After this happened, I couldn’t focus on the classes, so I plan to continue looking for her in the afternoon.”

Lu Xia and the others nodded. “We’ll go with you.”

At this point, Yu Wan asked, “By the way, Lu Xia, why didn’t you go home today? Don’t you need to take care of the children?”

Lu Xia realized this only now after hearing her words. She had forgotten about Jiang Junmo!

Since she wasn’t busy anymore, Jiang Junmo had started accompanying her home again for lunch. He was probably waiting for her in the classroom.

So, she quickly made plans with her roommates and hurried out.

However, as soon as she left the dorm building, she found Jiang Junmo waiting downstairs.

“How did you know I came back to the dorm?”

Jiang Junmo smiled at her. “Guessing. I didn’t see you in the teaching building, so I figured you must have returned to the dorm. Is something wrong?”

He had just noticed that Lu Xia seemed off.

Lu Xia sighed and didn’t keep it from him, telling him about the news she had just received.

“Do you think something might have happened to Tang Yuan?” she asked.

After hearing this, Jiang Junmo also turned serious but still comforted her. “Don’t worry, the public security in Beijing is generally good. When we go back, I’ll call my brother-in-law and ask. He should have some insights.”

“Brother-in-law? Oh yeah, how could I forget about your brother-in-law’s job!”

Her brother-in-law worked at the police station, so he would be perfect for finding out about this!

So Lu Xia quickly said, “Let’s go, let’s go home quickly.”

“Sure!” Jiang Junmo knew she was in a hurry, so he pedaled the bike swiftly.

Once they reached home, she didn’t bother feeding the babies and promptly had Jiang Junmo call his brother-in-law.

This startled both Grandpa Jiang and the others.

Lu Xia explained, and then Grandpa Jiang furrowed his brow. “We should definitely talk to your second brother-in-law about this. How can someone just disappear in broad daylight?”

“Right!” Lu Xia sighed again. At this time, there were no surveillance cameras on the road, making it difficult to find someone!

Meanwhile, Jiang Junmo had already connected with his second brother-in-law and told him about the situation. Upon hearing this, his second brother-in-law promised to help.

Lu Xia felt a little relieved. After quickly feeding the baby, she hurriedly ate a few bites and went back to school.

Jiang Junmo went back with her as well.

He wasn’t comfortable letting just a group of girls go looking for someone, especially now that one of them had already encountered a problem. He planned to take a leave of absence and help with the search.

However, when they arrived at the school, their requests for leave were rejected. The school was informed by the police station that afternoon that the matter was being taken seriously by the city’s police department, and they would be involved in the investigation.


Chapter 494 – Found


The school was surprised when they found out. After all, the public security bureau was the central bureau in the city, and they had reported the case to the local police station near the school.

They hadn’t expected the matter to be this significant, reaching all the way to the city. It was only then that the school realized the seriousness of the situation!

So, the local police station near them and the city public security bureau joined the investigation. It would be better for the students not to cause any further trouble.

So, the few who were rejected had to go back to attend classes.

But their minds were preoccupied with the situation; they couldn’t focus on anything.

Finally, enduring until the end of the school day, after returning home, Lu Xia called her second brother-in-law once again and learned that there had been no progress so far. She was very worried.

The next day, there was still no news.

On the third day, Tang Yuan’s family finally came.

Tang Yuan’s family included her parents and her brother. After meeting with the leaders of the police station and the school, they came to the dormitory and met the girls.

Tang Yuan’s parents looked refined and well-mannered, but at the moment, they appeared very tired, especially her mother, whose eyes were severely swollen, clearly from crying.

The only one who seemed somewhat composed was her brother.

Tang Yuan’s brother asked the girls in detail about the day she went missing and her relationship with her boyfriend.

The girls didn’t know much about these matters, so they shared what they knew, including how she and her boyfriend met and got together…

The Tang family didn’t look pleased after hearing all this. It was at this moment that Lu Xia and the others realized that Tang Yuan’s family probably didn’t know about her having a boyfriend.

The other girls exchanged glances, unsure of what to say. However, Tang Yuan’s family soon regained their composure and, relieved that the girls had noticed something was wrong and had promptly informed their counselor and helped in the search, expressed their gratitude.

Especially towards Lu Xia, Tang Yuan’s brother said, “I heard that it was Student Lu who knows someone at the public police station, which made them take this matter more seriously and deploy a lot of personnel for the investigation. Thank you!”

Lu Xia shook her head, “I didn’t do much, I just hope Tang Yuan is found soon.”

“Yeah, let’s pray to God that Yuan Yuan is found soon!” Mother Tang folded her hands and said tearfully.

The others felt a deep sense of discomfort.

But fortunately, with the help of the police station, they quickly got leads in the case.

The police interviewed many people and finally found the last person who had seen Tang Yuan that day.

It was said that she was waiting for a bus when she suddenly saw an old lady carrying a sack stumble in front of her. Tang Yuan went to help her up, and then, the old lady said something to her. Tang Yuan helped her carry the sack and walked away with her.

And then, no one saw her again.

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia instantly understood. Wasn’t this a classic abduction plot?

Thinking of this, Lu Xia’s face turned grim.

They hadn’t expected such blatant abductions to happen in Beijing!

This was the capital city!

After learning about this, the subsequent investigation had a direction.

The school didn’t inform them about the development of the events afterward; it was Lu Xia who learned a little from her second brother-in-law.

It seemed that many missing persons were involved, and the case had escalated.

The police had mobilized a significant number of officers.

Finally, a week later, they found Tang Yuan and successfully rescued her.

However, by this time, she had already traveled hundreds of kilometers away from Beijing!

Fortunately, her second brother-in-law told her that apart from being frightened, she had not suffered any other harm.

Only then did Lu Xia breathe a sigh of relief.

But because the subsequent cases were not yet concluded, this matter was not made public.

Tang Yuan did not return to school afterward.

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