Chapter 300 – Before the Wedding

A day passed in the blink of an eye. For many, it was just an ordinary day during the National Day holiday. However, for Wei Hua and Cookie, it was a special day. Of course, for Wei Chen and Chen Li, it was also special, but Chen Li remained clueless, thinking today was just about being a groomsman.

The wedding took place in a hotel in the capital city. Sheng Jiaqi booked the largest banquet hall in the hotel, accommodating a hundred tables.

Despite prior expressions from Wei Hua and Cookie about wanting a low-key wedding, perhaps there was a generation gap. What Sheng Jiaqi understood as low-key might have been different from Wei Hua and Cookie’s interpretation.

The banquet was scheduled to start at three in the afternoon. However, by two o’clock, various luxury cars had already parked in the hotel’s parking lot. People descending from these cars were prominent figures in the capital’s business circles.

With Sheng Jiaqi’s many years of operation in the capital, his connections were substantial. Moreover, being part of the Sheng family, the son’s wedding naturally attracted these big shots from the business world. Those who hadn’t received an invitation were likely feeling anxious.

These business magnates were just a portion of the guests; another part comprised individuals from the political and military sectors of the capital. Although Sheng Jiaqi started out in the business world, the Sheng family behind him is not. Old Master Sheng was still sharp and spirited despite his age. The Sheng family’s influence in the capital was as strong as their surname suggested.

Naturally, on this joyous occasion for the Sheng family, their associates and acquaintances were eager to attend.

At this moment, in the lounge, Cookie held his hands tightly together, occasionally glancing at the door. Even though the marriage certificate had been signed, and the wedding was about to take place, he felt a bit nervous.

In contrast, Chen Li, also dressed formally, seemed much more relaxed. Snacks were laid out in the lounge, and Chen Li casually picked up some. Whenever Cookie’s gaze fell on him, Chen Li just continued munching away.

“Xiao Li, aren’t you nervous at all?” Cookie couldn’t help but ask. He knew Wei Chen and Chen Li were going to conduct the wedding together, but he was unaware that Chen Li was kept in the dark. Now, he was starting to admire Chen Li’s composure.

Both were getting married, but how did Chen Li manage to stay so composed and calm?

Chen Li picked up a piece of cake and looked at Cookie with confusion. Why should he be nervous? He’s just a groomsman today.

Cookie thought Chen Li was excessively composed and couldn’t understand his feelings. He poked his hand again and took a sip of water from the table.

At that moment, the door to the lounge was pushed open, and a little kid’s head popped in. As soon as he met Cookie’s gaze, he flashed a big smile. “Daddy, you look so handsome!” With that, like a bullet, he dashed into Cookie’s arms. Cookie hugged Little Biscuit in a small suit and planted a kiss on the boy’s puffy cheeks. “Little Biscuit, you look handsome too!”

Sitting on Cookie’s lap, Little Biscuit looked up at him. “Daddy, are you nervous?”

Cookie honestly nodded. “A little bit.”

“Daddy, lower your head a bit, I have something to tell you.” Little Biscuit made a mysteriously playful expression. Cookie obliged, and Little Biscuit whispered in his ear, “Big Daddy will pick you up outside, so don’t worry.”

“Okay, I won’t be nervous,” Cookie nodded, feeling oddly calmed by the message Wei Hua had Little Biscuit relay to him.

Once Little Biscuit completed his task, he hopped off Cookie’s lap and scampered over to Chen Li. With a soft tone, he said, “Uncle Chen Li, you don’t need to be nervous either.”

Chen Li lifted his lips slightly. “Alright.”

With that, Little Biscuit darted out of the lounge. As the messenger, he was quite busy today.

In another lounge at the venue, Wei Hua and Wei Chen were together. Both dressed impeccably in suits, tall, with good looks that naturally attracted attention wherever they stood, even in the lounge.

Wei Hua seemed composed at the moment. However, this usually cheerful person appeared as stiff as Wei Chen, hardly smiling. Even when he occasionally did, it seemed incredibly forced, evidently showing extreme nervousness.

Glancing at Wei Chen, who was nonchalantly checking the stock market on his phone, Wei Hua couldn’t resist asking, “Achen, aren’t you nervous at all?”

Wei Chen raised his head. “Not nervous.” He genuinely wasn’t. While he valued this wedding greatly, he was an experienced person now. The nervousness he felt during the previous wedding, even though it was just him and Chen Li, couldn’t compare to what he felt now.

Seeing Wei Chen genuinely relaxed, Wei Hua diverted the topic to ease his own nerves. “Achen, do you think Grandpa has arrived yet?”

Shaking his head, Wei Chen replied firmly, “Not yet.”

In these past few days, Wei Chen had figured out why Grandfather Wei suddenly decided to attend Wei Hua’s wedding. It wasn’t because Grandfather Wei knew about Sheng Qi’s family background. Instead, he wanted to gauge Chen Li’s attitude, someone he had hurt in the past.

This made sense. If Grandfather Wei knew about Sheng Qi’s family background, he would have rushed to the capital after that phone call, to meet the Sheng family and show respect and importance. However, since Grandfather Wei hadn’t come immediately, it indirectly confirmed that his true purpose wasn’t solely about this wedding. Considering it was just around 2:30, Grandfather Wei, who didn’t think much of this wedding, wouldn’t arrive at the scene so quickly. He might arrive closer to 3:00, being the last one to arrive, emphasizing his superior status.

Wei Hua quickly grasped why Wei Chen mentioned Grandfather Wei’s absence at the wedding scene. The reasons behind it were not difficult to understand.

Chen Yunlan and Sheng Jiaqi were welcoming guests. Chen Yunlan, an internationally renowned artist, wasn’t known within these circles. So when Sheng Jiaqi introduced him, he referred to Chen Yunlan as “family.”

Well, weren’t they family indeed?

Now that Chen Li was supposed to address Sheng Jiaqi as uncle, and Chen Yunlan was Chen Li’s father, the relations were all interconnected.

Certainly, outsiders were unaware of the intricate details. They simply assumed that Chen Yunlan was the guardian representing the man marrying Sheng Jiaqi’s son today.

While many guests were surprised that Sheng Jiaqi’s son was marrying a man, same-sex marriage laws had been in place for many years. Though some were surprised, very few found it repulsive. Of course, given Sheng Jiaqi’s status, even if someone found it distasteful, they wouldn’t foolishly show their disapproval.

As the wedding drew closer, more guests arrived, and the identities of those attending became increasingly astounding.

Representatives from the Chen family in the capital arrived. Not only did Chen Yunqi and Chen Yuntang, who were in the same generation as Cookie, come, but even their father, Chen Shijing, and Chen Shixian were present. These two individuals currently held significant positions in both the military and political spheres in the country, and being from the prestigious Chen family, their status was unquestionable. Worth noting was the unexpected arrival of Chen Shihuai and Chen Yunsheng.

Seeing the Chen family entering, Chen Yunlan merely furrowed his brow, refraining from going to greet them. He had a premonition that this visit from the Chen family might not bode well.

Sheng Jiaqi was somewhat aware of the grudges between Chen Yunlan and the Chen family. He smiled and personally welcomed the Chen family members into the venue.

After exchanging a few words with the Chen family, there was another commotion at the entrance. This time, it was the Sheng family arriving—almost the entire Sheng family had turned up, from Old Master Sheng down to Sheng Tianqi and Sheng Tianle.

Naturally, it was their family’s wedding, so the presence of the Sheng family members was understandable and unsurprising.

The simultaneous arrival of the Sheng and Chen families stirred up many people present, igniting their curiosity. They attended the wedding today partly due to Sheng Jiaqi’s prestige but, more importantly, to establish connections and expand their social circles.

With the two influential forces in the capital present, even if they couldn’t establish connections, they wanted to make their presence known in front of these influential figures!

When Old Master Sheng arrived, Chen Shijing and Chen Shixian naturally approached him. After exchanging greetings and chatting for a while, they all entered a dedicated lounge, awaiting the commencement of the wedding ceremony.

Just when everyone thought these were the most significant figures attending, someone else walked in.

As everyone recognized this person, their gazes froze, and inwardly, they couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise!

“How did they manage to invite this retired bigwig to the wedding?”

But what astonished everyone even more was when Sheng Jiaqi, the main figure of the event, personally went to welcome this significant individual and instead of addressing him as “Old Master Qu,” referred to them as “Father!”

When Sheng Jiaqi married Old Master Qu’s daughter, it was a low-key affair. Except for a few big shots in the circle, no one knew who Sheng Jiaqi’s in-laws were.

However, at this moment, when Sheng Jiaqi addressed him as “Father,” everyone who didn’t know was astounded—Sheng Jiaqi’s in-laws turned out to be the Qu family!

So, had the Sheng and Qu families been in a longstanding alliance?

It was an absolute bombshell that left some attendees struggling to react, staring blankly as Sheng Jiaqi escorted Old Master Qu into the lounge. After a while, they began whispering among themselves, their perception of Sheng Jiaqi changing once again. Naturally, they held Sheng Jiaqi in even higher regard now, understanding that behind the Sheng family stood not only the Sheng family but also the Qu family!

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