Chapter 305 – Returning to Work After the Leave

Chen Yunlan didn’t bring up the incident where he was dr*gged by Chen Shihuai and Chen Yunsheng again, and naturally, no one else would mention it in his presence. That event seemed like an interlude, casting a small stone into their lives.

However inconspicuous it appeared, everyone knew that beneath the surface, there was a tumultuous undercurrent. It was unknown when this undercurrent might stir up a colossal wave.

Wei Chen and Chen Li were acutely aware of this, and so was Chen Yunlan. Consequently, they were exceptionally cautious every time they went out. During this special period, many things demanded extra attention.

Indeed, caution was warranted. On the last day of the National Day holiday, the bodyguard responsible for protecting them apprehended a suspicious woman outside the residential area where Wei Chen and Chen Li lived. She was carrying a fruit knife.

This woman was familiar to Chen Li, Wei Chen, and Chen Yunlan—she was Chen Yunsheng’s wife, Du Lixun.

If you were to ask Chen Li who he feared the most during the dark days of his past, he would undoubtedly say it was Du Lixun.

Chen Li was sensitive; he could sense that all the abuse he had suffered before was instigated by Du Lixun. It could be said that Du Lixun was the one who pushed him into the abyss.

Chen Li thought that when Du Lixun appeared before him again, he would be afraid, timid, and lose his composure. Surprisingly, this time, Chen Li didn’t experience any fear; instead, he remained composed and indifferent, without any ripples in his heart.

Wei Chen was attentively observing Chen Li’s reaction at all times, and naturally, this time was no different. He held Chen Li’s hand tightly, silently imparting strength to him. Feeling Wei Chen’s concern, Chen Li turned to look at him and offered a faint smile.

Wei Chen instantly understood the meaning behind Chen Li’s smile. The worry in his eyes dissipated, softening immediately.

His Li Li had stepped out, completely emerging from those gloomy memories.

Du Lixun’s hands were restrained by the bodyguard, and the fruit knife had long been discarded. Yet, there was no hint of fear on her face at this moment; instead, her eyes brimmed with hatred, fixed firmly on Chen Li.

This is Du Lixun. Initially, neither Wei Chen nor Chen Li, including Chen Yunlan, recognized the disheveled, mostly white-haired madwoman before them as the prestigious Du Lixun from the Chen family.

Du Lixun has gone mad.

That was Chen Yunlan’s thought—regardless of her appearance or mental state, Du Lixun was now a lunatic!

She resented Chen Li, believing he ruined everything for her, caused the death of her daughter, landed her son in jail, and led to her family’s downfall. Her heart had been consumed by hatred. Yesterday, hearing that her husband and father-in-law were taken to the police station was the last straw that broke her, prompting her to recklessly carry a fruit knife today, intending to vent her fury on Chen Li.

Fortunately, during this period, Chen Li and the others were vigilant enough. They apprehended her before Du Lixun could act. Otherwise, no one could predict the outcome.

Du Lixun was ultimately taken away. As for where she was taken, Chen Li didn’t inquire. Regardless of the location, that was the fate Du Lixun deserved, not worth any sympathy.

In the blink of an eye, the National Day holiday had passed. Wei Chen had to return to work at Changfeng, while Chen Li didn’t have to go back to Q University for classes. His art exhibition was still ongoing, and due to his exceptional painting skills and outstanding performance, the leadership at Q University’s School of Fine Arts unanimously agreed to allow Chen Li to graduate early.

Of course, if Chen Li chose to return to Q University for classes or to teach Q University students, he would be warmly welcomed.

Chen Li received this news from Zhuge Yu and was thrilled, pacing around the house with Qiuqiu in his arms.

However, for the time being, Chen Li didn’t plan on attending classes. He sensed that the security around the residential area had been significantly reinforced.

Although Wei Chen hadn’t mentioned it, Chen Li had already guessed that something significant might be about to happen in the near future. That’s why Wei Chen had been so protective.

Knowing this, Chen Li naturally wouldn’t go out and cause trouble for Wei Chen. He stayed home every day, taking care of Qiuqiu and painting. After all, he didn’t have much inclination to go out.

Wei Chen returned to work after his leave and was indeed assigned to the Transportation Department. Perhaps, some people were afraid he might get involved in something he shouldn’t, so they directly arranged a small managerial position for Wei Chen.

It was said to be a junior manager, but he didn’t hold any real power. None of the documents from the Transportation Department ever passed through his hands. Wei Chen didn’t have the chance to delve deeper. Even when he wanted to visit the grassroots level, the Transportation Department’s manager would intercept him, chatting away without discussing anything relevant.

Wei Chen claimed he was sent to the Transportation Department to experience grassroots work. However, for certain reasons, upon arriving there, he was treated like an idol, worshipped by others.

Wei Chen remained unperturbed, clocking in and out punctually. The Transportation Department found it puzzling. He’d come daily to talk to Wei Chen, addressing him as the deputy general manager, ignoring Wei Chen’s attempts to correct him.

Next week, a shipment was expected from Country D—cars from several well-known brands. These were the cars Changfeng Group had purchased well in the previous quarter, with a few customers having already placed orders, some of them urgent.

However, nobody in the Transportation Department informed Wei Chen about this. If it weren’t for Wei Chen learning about these orders from the Marketing Department, he wouldn’t have known about the impending arrival of this shipment in China.

Wei Chen, however, feigned ignorance, choosing not to bring up this matter when chatting with the transport manager. He only spoke about when he could genuinely experience grassroots work.

The transport manager chuckled, “Deputy General Manager Wei, let’s not beat around the bush. What’s your status? How could you truly experience grassroots work? The chairman has sent you down here just to silence the gossip. It’s merely a formality. You’d better stick to being your junior manager. When your punishment term ends, you’ll return to your high and mighty position as deputy general manager. There’s no need to suffer here at the Transportation Department.”

Wei Chen, hearing this from the transport manager, stopped dwelling on the topic. He casually returned to his computer, checking the stocks.

Only when he truly entered the Transportation Department did Wei Chen realize it was a closed-off system. Even if he had entered, prying open this system was an arduous task.

Nonetheless, Wei Chen remained unperturbed. It was only a few days. Sitting there without doing much was akin to a timed bomb for certain people. Given time, they’d naturally grow anxious, and in that urgency, flaws would reveal themselves.

Seeing Wei Chen return to checking stocks, the transport manager furrowed his brows and stepped out of Wei Chen’s office.

The Transportation Department indeed held Wei Chen in esteem, specially arranging an office for him.

Wei Chen watched the transport manager leave, his slender fingers playing with a pen, expressionless, his eyes filled with darkness.

When it was time to leave work, Wei Chen left punctually, the first one from the Transportation Department.

As the transport manager exited his office, Wei Chen had already disappeared.

Wei Chen was too quiet, and his quietness sparked intense unease within the Transportation Department manager. Consequently, the manager took the elevator and headed for Chen Yunzeng’s office.

Chen Yunzeng hadn’t left work yet and was engrossed in documents when the transport manager knocked. Chen Yunzeng didn’t lift his head but simply uttered a “come in.”

Glancing around, the transport manager closed the door and even made sure to lock it, fearing someone might eavesdrop on their conversation.

“General Manager Chen,” the transport manager approached Chen Yunzeng’s desk with utmost respect.

Only then did Chen Yunzeng raise his head, looking refined behind his gold-framed glasses. “Has Wei Chen made a move?”

The transport manager shook his head, “He hasn’t done anything.”

“Isn’t it good that he hasn’t done anything? Do you want him to do something?” Chen Yunzeng countered.

The transport manager hurriedly shook his head, “Director Chen, that’s not what I meant. It’s just that because Wei Chen hasn’t done anything, I feel uneasy.”

Putting down the documents in his hand, Chen Yunzeng asked, “Explain.”

“Director Chen, you should know better than me what kind of person Wei Chen is. He’s someone with means; how could he be content with inactivity? When he managed the Logistics Department, there were earth-shattering changes. Now that he’s in our Transportation Department, would he really do nothing?” The transport manager expressed his concerns. “Moreover, the current situation is obviously a covert struggle. If Wei Chen truly intends to do something behind the scenes, it’ll be hard for us to notice.”

Chen Yunzeng stayed silent, observing the transport manager until the manager became uncomfortable. Only then did Chen Yunzeng speak, “I understand your concerns. For now, don’t do anything. Observe for a few more days. See how Wei Chen reacts when this shipment arrives.”

Naturally, the transport manager adhered to Chen Yunzeng’s directive, nodding repeatedly. “Understood, I’ll leave then.”

“Go ahead.” Chen Yunzeng nodded. As the transport manager reached the door, Chen reminded him, “Remember, don’t create chaos on your own, to avoid giving the enemy an advantage.” His gaze behind the golden glasses exuded coldness.

“Alright.” The transport manager’s forehead beaded with cold sweat. He knew Chen Yunzeng wasn’t just advising him; it was a warning.

Once the transport manager left the office, Chen Yunzeng leaned back in his chair, hands interlocked—a habitual posture when contemplating problems.

The computer screen, now dark, reflected Chen Yunzeng’s stern face. The forced refinement and elegance were replaced by a coldness in his eyes, even a hint of fierceness.

“Wei Chen, you better stay as you are now, doing nothing. Otherwise…” His eyes narrowed slightly, a glint of coldness flashing through them.

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