Chapter 35.2 – Find a tall and handsome new boyfriend!

Jiang Yujin, after coming out of the dating agency, had a peaceful sleep, perhaps due to climbing those darn long stairs. His exercise quota for the day was fulfilled, allowing him a particularly sound sleep.

The next day, he boarded a car back to A City.

Similar to the arrival journey, the return trip was equally packed, filled with various noises mingled with the scent of snacks, drifting all the way back to A City. The only advantage of this trip compared to the previous one was probably the absence of a car filled with piglets in front of him.

Back home again, he greeted the beloved barbershop owner downstairs before heading upstairs without a care.

The high schooler returned that same night, wearing a coat that covered his entire arm.

Upon closing the door and lifting his gaze, the first thing he saw was someone lying on the couch, munching on melon seeds while watching TV. The person seemed engrossed, enjoying some funny scenes on TV. Noticing the movement at the door, Citizen Jiang turned around, slightly widening his eyes upon seeing him, surprised, “Oh, you’re back?”

He genuinely seemed surprised, as if he had completely forgotten about his own son and hadn’t noticed his absence throughout the journey.

Chen Jing: “…”

Chen Jing remained silent for a moment before saying, “My social practice is over.”

The person on the couch casually responded with a “Congratulations” before glancing at the coat on him, then raising an eyebrow, “You’re wearing a coat today despite the weather?”

Chen Jing mentioned feeling cold in the car. Jiang Yujin nodded, then turned back to the TV.

The high schooler went to his room with his backpack.

In his room, after putting down his backpack, Chen Jing took off his coat and happened to glance at his arm.

Several layers of bandages were wound around his arm, indicating that it had been wrapped for quite a while, faint traces of blood seeping through.

This happened when they managed to escape from the branch. He didn’t expect the SIU to appear at a critical moment last night. Taking advantage of the chaos, when the attention of the gatekeeper was drawn by the sudden appearance of the SIU, they blended into the crowd and passed through the main gate. After exiting, they encountered the SIU prepared to intercept all the researchers and had to pay a price to escape.

Apart from unexpected injuries, everything else was relatively okay. The USB drive was successfully brought out and is now in Xiao Pang’s hands. He’s still working on cracking the password, needing some time to access its contents.

With the background noise of the TV from outside, Chen Jing took out some alcohol wipes to change his bandage.

The high schooler in the room was tending to his own injuries, while the TV was playing the late-night news outside.

Citizen Jiang, who was asleep on the couch all night, was abruptly woken up by the cold the next morning.

The weather had changed drastically at this time; yesterday it was quite hot, but this morning witnessed a precipitous drop in temperature.

The first thing he did upon waking up was to yawn three times, as a sign of respect.

The TV, which had been on all night, was now turned off. There was a scattered blanket on the couch, likely placed there by the high schooler, but it seemed it had been kicked onto the floor.

The high schooler was still asleep. Between waking him up and preparing a surprise breakfast for both of them, Jiang Yujin hesitated briefly and chose to go out for breakfast alone.

The breakfast place wasn’t far, nearby actually. Glancing at his pajamas, Jiang Yujin opted to throw on a light jacket and swiftly headed out.

Conscience could testify; he originally intended to bring a thoughtful breakfast for the high schooler but ended up being engaged in conversation by some elderly folks he usually chatted with, and they warmly invited him to join their melon-eating session.

So, he tagged along with the elderly, munching on buns and later switching to gossip while cracking sunflower seeds.

Until one of the elderly men glanced at the time, slapped his thigh, and said, “Oh no, it’s time to go back and make lunch!”

The rest suddenly realized it was late and quickly dispersed.

Jiang Yujin glanced at the time and paused for a moment before dialing the high schooler’s number.

The high schooler was clearly already awake. He squatted on the roadside and kindly asked, “Do you want me to bring breakfast?”


After a brief silence, the person on the other end expressed gratitude but declined the offer.

Not having succeeded as a well-intentioned person, Jiang Yujin ended the call. As he hung up, a notification sound from his phone caught his attention, revealing a message from his gossip buddy, Xu Gao, who had just returned from another city and urgently wanted to share something with him.

Jiang Yujin kicked off on his electric scooter to meet up with his gossip buddy.

He arrived at the SIU building’s entrance while it was still early, about ten minutes away from the office’s lunchtime. Usually, this time was perfect for Xu Gao’s early exit, but today, things were different.

Precisely at noon, Xu Gao dashed out from the office, waving while running, resembling nothing less than a primary schooler dismissed from class.

Turning smoothly, he walked toward the restaurant with the ease of a primary school student, explaining to Jiang Yujin as he approached, “The boss was in the office today; couldn’t slip away early.”

Even the champion of early exits couldn’t overcome the boss today.

Jiang Yujin, with sympathy in his eyes, commented, “That’s really sad.”

The familiar restaurant, the familiar owner, and the ceiling fan spinning overhead—it was all familiar. Xu Gao leaned in and said, “I was sent on a mission to clear out an organization in another city a couple of days ago.”

He didn’t specify the organization or the method of clearance; those weren’t the focal points.

Xu Gao continued, “The information related to the organization from a couple of days ago was all brought in today.”

Jiang Yujin nodded, indicating he was listening.

“I saw Captain Xu going through the information today.”

Xu Gao cleared his throat.

Among the materials brought in was the registration forms from the dating agency for the past two weeks. Probably because several victims were registered at the agency, the person collecting the information brought this as well.

Captain Xu was looking at one of those registration forms, and as he passed by, he happened to see something. The person in the photo seemed familiar.

Unlike his usual demeanor, the person in the registration form’s photo was smiling, but it was a shallow smile that, once noticed, was hard to look away from—a smile with deceitful charm.

Xu Gao sincerely complimented, “You look really good when you smile.”

Upon hearing about the registration form, the smile on Jiang Yujin’s face, which had been a typical gossip-induced one, gradually changed.

As Xu Gao continued speaking, unaware of the change in the other’s expression, he said, “Seriously, that smile is striking. Captain Xu also stared at it for quite a while.”

He sneakily observed for a while, just as Captain Xu did.

However, for some reason, the expression turned inexplicably serious, and he went over the application form several times.

Jiang Yujin replied, “…Thanks.”

This time, Xu Gao finally noticed the change in his expression and asked with concern, “You don’t seem too well. Is something wrong?”

“It’s nothing,” Jiang Yujin tried to lift his heavy eyelids and replied, “I probably caught a cold; didn’t cover myself while sleeping last night.”

Xu Gao advised, “Take care of yourself, then.”

Jiang Yujin thanked him for his concern.

The meal was served, and Xu Gao had a few bites before continuing, “You should’ve told me earlier you were looking for a boyfriend; we have quite a few good-looking guys in our department. I can introduce you.”

A figure appeared at the door, but the person engrossed in speaking didn’t notice, entirely focused on his own words.

Jiang Yujin shoveled a mouthful of food and casually replied, “Then I want someone tall and handsome.”

Then, he sneezed twice in succession, fortunately quick enough to grab two tissues to cover his mouth.

Well, this time he had a genuine cold.

Xu Gao stood up and patted his back.

Although he wasn’t sure if patting someone’s back while they sneezed did anything, he did it anyway, and it didn’t seem to have any effect.

With drooping eyelids, Jiang Yujin took two more tissues, and then suddenly, someone placed a cup of hot water on the table. His companion was still futilely patting his back, so the water wasn’t from him.

Shifting his gaze, he noticed someone standing nearby.

Dressed in a simple black T-shirt and cargo pants, with smooth muscle lines, tall and handsome.

Xu Gao stopped patting his back and then greeted, “What a coincidence, Captain Xu.”


Jiang Yujin took the hot water, saying ‘thank you’.

He took a sip of the warm water and asked, “By the way, what did you just hear?”

Xu Tonggui lowered his eyes and simply replied, “Tall and handsome.”

Jiang Yujin then coughed violently twice, as if he were about to depart from this beautiful world at any moment.

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