The Sweetest Marriage Ch.398 (End)

Chapter 398 – The Whole Story Concludes

This matter was like a thunderbolt thrown into the calm surface of a lake, instantly stirring up colossal waves.

Upon hearing the news, Wei Chen and Chen Li immediately went to find Lan Xiping. However, when they knocked on Lan Xiping’s door, the one who opened it was Jiang Ye, whom they thought had already left with the plane that had crashed.

“Jiang Ye, are you okay?” Chen Li asked in surprise. The tension that had been building up in their hearts suddenly relaxed, but it also felt incredulous.

Wei Chen also looked at Jiang Ye and only said after a moment, “It’s good that you’re okay.”

Jiang Ye invited them inside and explained with a smile, “Due to a minor issue, I didn’t board the plane and fortunately escaped this disaster.”

“Sorry for making you worry,” Jiang Ye said.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Chen Li waved his hand and smiled. “A false alarm is the best outcome.”

If there was a word that could be considered the best word at this moment, Chen Li would feel that it was ‘false alarm’.

Lan Xiping walked over and said, “Indeed, a false alarm is the best outcome.” There was still a hint of paleness on his face, evidently not taking the news lightly.

While Lan Xiping and Chen Li chatted, Wei Chen and Jiang Ye went to the kitchen to discuss matters. Lan Xiping watched their departing figures with a darkened expression; he felt that this plane crash was not as simple as it seemed.

After this incident, a hidden undercurrent would likely surge, making the entire capital far from peaceful.

“Xiping, what’s wrong?” Chen Li asked, seeing Lan Xiping in a daze.

Lan Xiping shook his head and said, “It’s nothing. Why don’t you bring Yuanyuan and Pangpang over?”

There was no need for Chen Li to know about these things; he just wanted him to be happy. Wei Chen probably didn’t want Chen Li to worry either.

“I was too rushed when coming over.” Chen Li smiled.

Did he really not know anything? That was impossible. Chen Li knew that all his family and friends around him were concerned for him, trying to keep all the unpleasant things away from his world. He accepted their good intentions, pretending not to know anything. This way, whether it was Wei Chen or other family and friends at home, they could do their things more confidently.

Since he couldn’t help with anything, he would obediently be someone who “knew nothing” and not cause trouble for them.

In the study, Wei Chen and Jiang Ye were discussing the details of the plane crash. The whole thing was quite suspicious, happening at a critical juncture when Jiang Ye was supposed to be on the plane that crashed.

It was too coincidental, and ironically, it made people more suspicious.

“Is it really just a regular plane crash?” Wei Chen voiced his speculation.

Jiang Ye’s gaze darkened. His face was frosty as he replied, “No, the captain’s family was kidnapped and threatened.”

Externally, it was announced that the plane encountered severe turbulence, resulting in an accidental crash. However, the investigation results quickly emerged, revealing that it was members of the Chen family who had kidnapped the families of the flight crew.

The captain’s family had no choice but to do this, sacrificing their own lives to ensure the safety of their loved ones. It was a conspiracy against Jiang Ye, a ruthless plot that didn’t hesitate to bury hundreds of people on the plane. With the plane crash, hundreds of families were plunged into darkness.

When the internal suspicions were confirmed, Wei Chen’s expression revealed his deep concern. The Chen family had gone insane, targeting over a hundred innocent lives and families.

However, this also indicated that the Chen family was now cornered and desperate. Dark’s leader had been captured. The evidence against the Chen family was in the hands of the Dark’s leader. With the Dark leader’s capture by the Chinese government, the people associated with the Chen family in prison and the organization were on edge.

Therefore, the Chen family took on the task of resolving the Dark situation. While the failure to develop the new dr*g was regrettable, for both the organization and the Chen family, silencing the Dark’s leader permanently was crucial to ensuring their safety.

The military understood this psychology and baited the Chen family into revealing themselves. This was just the beginning.

Later, Lan Xiping performed surgery on the Dark’s leader, successfully saving him from death. However, externally, it was claimed that the Dark’s leader’s heart condition was beyond Lan Xiping’s help, and shortly after, Dark was declared dead due to a heart attack.

In reality, Dark’s leader, now out of danger thanks to Lan Xiping’s treatment, was under military control. With the military’s methods, extracting valuable information from the Dark’s leader’s mouth was only a matter of time. The Chen family, desperate, resorted to any means to go after Jiang Ye.

“Are you still going to the United States?” Wei Chen asked.

The Chen family seemed to have lost their minds, holding on to any thread of hope. If Jiang Ye still went there now, the danger would be no less than in the previous years.

Jiang Ye replied, “Yes, I must take care of things there.”

Jiang Ye’s purpose in going to the United States this time was to thoroughly resolve his father’s affairs. Cutting off this path would also be a blow to the Chen family.

Wei Chen patted Jiang Ye on the shoulder and said, “Take care of yourself.”

“I will,” Jiang Ye nodded solemnly. He had his family behind him, and he couldn’t afford any mishaps.

Soon, Jiang Ye left for the United States again. This time, he would be away for almost half a month. In the following period, everything seemed calm and uneventful.

Time passed quickly, and it was New Year’s Eve again. Snowflakes fell gently, decorations adorned the surroundings, and the festive atmosphere grew stronger. However, for the Chen family, this night was destined to be anything but peaceful.

Police and military forces stormed into their residence, swiftly taking control of every corner of the Chen family’s property. The military had obtained crucial information from the Dark’s leader including evidence of the Chen family’s dr*g trafficking activities over the years.

With irrefutable evidence against them, the Chen family became prisoners on New Year’s Eve. The night became more brilliant as fireworks lit up the sky, and the midnight bell signaled the arrival of the new year.

It was at this time that Wei Chen received a call from Jiang Ye. Neither of them had the mood to exchange New Year’s greetings because, during the operation, Chen Yuntang and Chen Yunqi, the two brothers, were not captured.

To make matters worse, Jiang Ye’s father arrived in China, adding another layer of uncertainty. Like a ticking time bomb, no one could predict what would happen next.

After New Year’s Eve, the Spring Festival arrived. Wei Chen and Jiang Ye found themselves busy once again, unaware of the hidden developments taking place.

After more than half a month of busyness, Wei Chen returned to his normal life. Throughout all this, Chen Li didn’t inquire about anything. However, there was an underlying unease in Chen Li’s heart. During the night, he would often wake up inexplicably, finding comfort in seeing Wei Chen peacefully lying beside him.

At this moment, Wei Chen didn’t say anything. He tightly embraced Chen Li, using his warmth to provide comfort.

A few days later, classes resumed at Q University. Chen Li returned to teaching, and he keenly noticed that more people were protecting him.

Chen Li didn’t mention anything about the protection, but he tried to decline invitations from teachers or students, returning home right after classes to reduce the burden on those protecting him.

On the other hand, Wei Chen started personally picking up and dropping off their son, Qiuqiu, each day, no longer allowing him to go to school alone.

Although Qiuqiu couldn’t understand fully, he could sense the tense atmosphere at home and obediently let Wei Chen take care of the transportation.

Days continued to pass, and if it weren’t for the increasing number of people protecting Chen Li, he would have felt like nothing had happened.

Until one night, when Wei Chen came back, he tightly embraced Chen Li, saying in his ear, “Li Li, everything is over. It’s in the past.”

Chen Li reached out and hugged Wei Chen back, gently kissing his face. “It’s good that it’s over.”

Chen Li knew that when Wei Chen said this, everything had settled.

Later, Chen Li learned from Wei Chen that the reason the operation succeeded was because Lan Xiping once again took risks alone. The two Chen brothers coerced a relative of Lan Xiping, enticing him to lure Lan Xiping out, attempting to kidnap him and use this to force Jiang Ye to help them leave the country.

Seeing through their plan, Lan Xiping turned the tables, he used this to persuade Jiang Ye and decided to take the risk alone. This strategy lured out the Chen brothers and Jiang Ye’s father, leading to their capture.

With the arrest of the Chen brothers and Jiang Ye’s father, the imminent danger disappeared completely.

“By the way,” Wei Chen recounted the events to Chen Li, adding, “It seems like Xiping is expecting.”

“He’s pregnant?” Chen Li was extremely shocked, but at this moment, he also greatly admired Lan Xiping’s courage.

He must have made a significant decision to face such a dangerous situation. Chen Li somewhat understood Lan Xiping’s motivation — he wanted to provide a stable and secure environment for his unborn baby, which prompted him to take such a risk.

Wei Chen nodded, saying, “I really admire him.” Wei Chen and Chen Li shared the same thoughts.

Lan Xiping seemed ordinary, but in the face of difficulties, he showed great resilience and determination. This resilience and determination paved the way for Lan Xiping to achieve a happy and beautiful future. Chen Li deeply agreed with this.

The next day, the dr*g trafficking case led by the Chen family was revealed to the public, causing a nationwide uproar.

The dr*g trafficking case involving the Chen family implicated numerous officials and became the largest dr*g trafficking case in the history of China since its founding. Public opinion online was unprecedentedly strong, with many hoping for severe sentences, even heavy ones, for the officials involved.

Amidst the public outcry, a month later, the trial for this major dr*g trafficking and production case commenced. It was a trial open to the entire society, with countless journalists filling the courtroom and official media broadcasting the trial live on various online platforms. Even the central television’s legal channel was broadcasting the entire trial.

This case stirred immense public reaction, with citizens flooding the live streaming platforms to follow the trial.

Wei Chen, Chen Li, Jiang Ye, and Lan Xiping sat in the audience seats, remaining there throughout the trial. For Jiang Ye, the Chen family represented the murderers of his mother, and for Wei Chen, all the pain and despair in his previous life were inflicted by the Chen family.

Now, they had finally joined forces to bring them to trial, releasing the long-held breath within them.

The trial’s verdict was announced:

Patriarch Chen, due to his advanced age, received a life sentence.

Chen Shixian, Chen Shijing, and their sons Chen Yunqi and Chen Yuntang were sentenced to death.

This marked the first time in China’s history that the death penalty was imposed on former high-ranking officials. When the judge finished reading the verdict, cheers erupted from both the journalists and the audience in the courtroom, as well as from the online viewers watching the live broadcast.

The net of justice was wide, sparing none. Despite the Chen family’s attempt to cover the sky with one hand, they eventually faced the death penalty.

Wei Chen silently watched as the Chen family members were escorted out of the courtroom by special forces. The looming threat that had hung over him since his rebirth had finally been resolved.

A warm hand rested on Wei Chen’s, and when he turned, he saw Chen Li’s smiling face – eyes full of deep affection.

“Achen, let’s go home,” Chen Li said.

“Okay, let’s go home.”




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