The Abandoned Son Ch.99

Chapter 99 — Lin Xiao Regrets

After Ye Fan sent Bai Yunxi to the company, he took Wu Haoqiang to the shooting site.

“Little Uncle, you are shooting a drama here?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes!”

When the assistant director saw Ye Fan coming, he immediately greeted him, “Young Master Ye, why are you here? You don’t have a scene today.”

Ye Fan carried Wu Haoqiang by the collar, brought Wu Haoqiang to the front, and said, “I brought him here to look around. Tang Yuxuan hasn’t come yet? I heard that he will come today.”

The assistant director frowned and said, “Yes, he will come over, but it’s not time yet.”

“Then call him and let him come over?” Ye Fan said.

The assistant was stimulated by Ye Fan’s words and the corners of his mouth twitched a little. Tang Yuxuan is a movie star! It’s already good that he agreed to take time out of his busy schedule to make a cameo appearance, so how can he rush it?

“This is not good.”

Ye Fan turned on the phone and said, “What’s wrong with that? I’ll give him a call.”

The assistant wanted to stop him, but the phone was already connected.

Ye Fan’s phone call didn’t take long before Tang Yuxuan came over. The assistant director looked at Tang Yuxuan, who came in a hurry, with blood on his face!

Liang Xin looked at Tang Yuxuan, frowned, and said, “This Emperor Tang, when did he become so accommodating?” When Ye Fan called, Tang Yuxuan really came over in a hurry, why?

Lu Ying smiled and said, “It’s always a good thing that Emperor Tang is willing to come here!”

“Young Master Ye!” Tang Yuxuan greeted respectfully.

“This is my nephew.”

“Hello Emperor Tang, I’m your fan!” Wu Haoqiang waved his hand towards Tang Yuxuan with a shy face, wearing a well-behaved look on his face.

“Hello little friend!”

Ye Fan rolled his eyes and secretly said: Wu Haoqiang, this stinky boy, clearly said that he was a fan of him, but when he met Tang Yuxuan, he changed his words.

“Emperor Tang, can you give me an autograph?”

“Yes,” Tang Yuxuan said.

Wu Haoqiang took out a large stack of cards from his backpack and handed them to Tang Yuxuan. Tang Yuxuan looked at the thick stack of cards and twitched the corner of his mouth. Tang Yuxuan signed Wu Haoqiang’s cards very seriously.

Wu Haoqiang took a mobile phone and snapped a photo of Tang Yuxuan’s signature.

“What are you doing?” Ye Fan asked.

“This is evidence, lest those guys think I lied and fool them with a signature written by a random person,” Wu Haoqiang said.

“Do you often lie to people, so you have a bad reputation?” Ye Fan asked.

Wu Haoqiang’s face flushed slightly, and he said, “I don’t lie often!”

Wu Haoqiang squatted beside Tang Yuxuan and chatted with Tang Yuxuan. Tang Yuxuan chatted with Wu Haoqiang very patiently.

“Little kid, do you admire Emperor Tang very much?” Liang Xin asked.

Liang Xin looked at Wu Haoqiang and thought to herself: Kids nowadays are incredible! They know how to hug thighs at such a young age. They have natural advantages since they are young.


“Then who do you admire more, Emperor Tang or your little uncle?”

“Of course it’s Little Uncle!” Wu Haoqiang said without thinking.


“Little Uncle is very powerful. I was kidnapped before, and Little Uncle found me.”

“How did he find you?”

“Little Uncle made a paper man to find me.”

Tang Yuxuan: “……” What is a paper man?

“Your uncle is really good. Two days ago, a few of my fans tried to trouble him without thinking, and ended up being trapped in the basement for a few hours,” Tang Yuxuan sighed.

Before, his fan group discussed all his latest works. However, these days, his fan group discusses gossip and ghosts, as well as the news about him and Ye Fan.

“Oh, I haven’t heard of it,” Wu Haoqiang tilted his head.

“It’s finished.” Tang Yuxuan took a long time to sign his name.

“Thank you, Emperor Tang, can you take a picture with me?”

Tang Yuxuan smiled and said, “Of course.”

“Young Master Tang looks good!” Ye Fan said.

Tang Yuxuan smiled and said, “You flatter me, Young Master Ye.”

“Would you like to buy a jade pendant and talisman, five million per piece! It can keep you safe,” Ye Fan said.

Tang Yuxuan nodded and said, “Okay!” Ye Fan sold six jade pendants to Tang Yuxuan, and also sold more than a dozen talismans, and he was credited with tens of millions in an instant.

Wu Haoqiang looked at Ye Fan with admiration and said, “Little Uncle, you can really make money!”

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay…”

Tang Yuxuan’s generosity made Ye Fan a little surprised. Ye Fan felt that he could expand his network in the entertainment industry. Stars in the entertainment industry make money quickly, and they are particularly willing to spend money on their face. If he refines some beauty pills or something, it will be very popular.

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Royal Hotel.

Lin Jie walked around the hotel and said, “How about the money on the card?”

“It still hasn’t been taken away,” Lin Xiao said.

Lin Jie said full of despair: “What do we do now?”

Lin Xiao was full of regrets. After Lin Jie bought the talisman from Wu Haoqiang, the more Lin Xiao thought about it, the more resentful she became, so she froze the card without telling Lin Jie.

As a result, after Lin Jie used the talisman, Li Jiabao immediately regained consciousness, but he will be in a daze again for a short period of time.

Lin Jie immediately thought, the talisman is effective, but the effectiveness is not quite enough. As long as there are enough talismans, her son can return to normal.

The talisman is effective, Lin Jie is very grateful. Lin Jie immediately wanted to contact the child to buy the talisman again.

Lin Jie immediately investigated Wu Haoqiang’s origins, but because Wu Sihan said a word in advance, Lin Jie didn’t get any news from the airline.

“Auntie, it’s all my fault.” Lin Xiao’s heart was full of regrets. After finding out that the talisman was valid, she immediately lifted the ban on the card, but no one ever went to withdraw the money.

“The airline wouldn’t tell me, it seems that this kid’s origin is not simple,” Lin Jie said.

Lin Xiao guessed that Wu Haoqiang should have already gone to withdraw the money, but he did not get the money. Now, the child should hate them deeply.

Lin Jie closed her eyes and said tiredly, “Search hard, you will always find it. If I knew earlier, I should’ve asked him who his uncle was.”

Lin Xiao clenched his fists, her heart was full of regret and apology. Li Jiabao had been in a daze for several years. No one knows how much effort Lin Jie had spent on Li Jiabao. Now, it was easy to have a turnaround, but she ruined it.

Lin Jie looked at Lin Xiao. Although she knew that Lin Xiao was well-intentioned, she was still somewhat upset. Wu Haoqiang had told her how to use the talisman long ago, but Lin Xiao asked her to throw it away and not be so superstitious. Fortunately, she didn’t listen to Lin Xiao’s words, otherwise, she would have missed such an opportunity to restore her son in vain.

Lin Xiao looked at Lin Jie’s expression and felt a little guilty. How could she know that the little kid they met on the plane casually really had something in his hand that could cure Li Jiabao. There are really real taoist masters out there, there are really some mysterious and powerful sects!


Ye Fan and Bai Yunxi took Wu Haoqiang to the amusement park.

Ye Fan looked at the crowded amusement park, and said depressedly: “There are too many people in this place.”

“But it’s fun!” Wu Haoqiang said.

Bai Yunxi raised the paper in his hand and said, “Don’t worry, I have a ticket, we can enter the express lane.”

Ye Fan pouted and said, “There’s nothing fun here. In fact, I can fly with the sword! Flying with the sword is much more exciting than what’s here.”

“Little Uncle, can you take me to fly with your flying sword?” Wu Haoqiang asked curiously.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes.”

“What about me?”

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi and said with some difficulty, “You seem to be a little overweight.”

Wu Haoqiang puffed up his cheeks, looked at Ye Fan speechlessly, and said to himself: Little Uncle is really too honest! Whether it’s for men or women, the word overweight can’t be mentioned. It’s no wonder that my little uncle still hasn’t caught Young Master Bai till now. My little uncle is too stupid.

Bai Yunxi’s face darkened, Ye Fan took Bai Yunxi’s hand, and said in a pleasing manner, “I can’t do it right now. When I become stronger in the future, I will be able to fly with you.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

Bai Yunxi rubbed Wu Haoqiang’s head and said, “Xiaoqiang, do you want to take a roller coaster ride?”


“Let’s go.” Bai Yunxi dragged Wu Haoqiang away, and Ye Fan quickly followed, “Wait for me!”

Lin Xiao stood on tiptoe and looked around eagerly.

Lin Jie looked at Lin Xiao, whose face was covered in sweat, and said, “Xiaoxiao, what’s wrong with you?”

“I seemed to see that child just now, but in a blink of an eye, the person disappeared again,” Lin Xiao said.

“You really saw him? Children are all about the same size, could you be wrong?” Lin Jie said with some expectations and some fear of disappointment.

Lin Xiao frowned and said, “It should be him!”

After Li Jiabao recovered a little, Lin Jie used her methods to search for Wu Haoqiang anxiously for a long time, but there was no news.

In desperation, Lin Jie brought Li Jiabao, who had recovered a lot, to the amusement park to play, trying to adjust her mood.

Lin Xiao looked around for a while and said, “Auntie, otherwise, you take Jiabao, and I’ll go search.”

Lin Jie nodded and said, “There are so many people here, let’s find them separately.”

Ye Fan and Bai Yunxi took Wu Haoqiang to frantically play around, but the three of them didn’t even know that someone was looking for them.

“Little Uncle, I want to play that,” Wu Haoqiang pointed to bungee jumping.

Ye Fan looked at the high platform and said, “Why are you like those boring ghosts who like to jump high? Che, just this piece of junk. Jump once and you have to pay 200 yuan.”

Bai Yunxi said angrily, “What nonsense are you talking about? Xiaoqiang wants to play, let him play.” This guy, Ye Fan, actually compares his nephew to a ghost. This guy, Ye Fan, can sell millions worth of talismans casually, but is still very stingy sometimes.

“Little Uncle, I’m going!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Go, go, even if you fall down accidentally, I will catch you. Don’t be afraid and rush forward bravely.”

Bai Yunxi glared at Ye Fan angrily, and said, “What’s your crow’s mouth?”

Ye Fan: “…”

“Xiaoqiang, I’ll accompany you up!”

Wu Haoqiang nodded hurriedly and said, “Okay, thank you Little Uncle Bai! Little Uncle Bai, you are more mature than my little uncle.”


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