Chapter 84 – Full of Contradictions

He Keqiang entered Wei Chen’s office and found that there was an additional person inside, although that person didn’t count as one of Wei Chen’s regular employees.

This person seemed to be an artist, with a flashy dressing style that was hard on the eyes, as if he wanted to wear all the colors at once. His hair had turned slightly gray, indicating that he was probably quite old.

He Keqiang couldn’t understand why someone of such old age would still like these gaudy things. And to wear them all at once, without feeling embarrassed?

Indeed, the people around Wei Chen, one after another, seemed to be more and more eccentric!

He Keqiang couldn’t help but show his disdain on his face, and then he looked at Wei Chen, his feeling of disdain not diminishing in the slightest.

Wei Chen was currently handling some documents when He Keqiang walked up to him, placed his hands on Wei Chen’s desk, tapped on it, and caught Wei Chen’s attention. He couldn’t help but smile and say, “Director Wei, have you heard the news? Our former director, Lin Xin, got promoted and became the Deputy General Manager.”

“Hmm,” Wei Chen replied indifferently, “Please convey my congratulations to him.” There was no expression on his face as he turned his attention back to the computer screen. “Our former director plans to hold a thank-you banquet and would like to invite you, Director Wei. They hope you can grace the occasion.”

He Keqiang extended the invitation, although there was indeed a thank-you banquet planned, but Lin Xin didn’t actually intend to invite Wei Chen. He Keqiang casually mentioned it, just to provoke Wei Chen. If Wei Chen agreed and attended, it would be an awkward situation for him.

“Please convey my thanks to Deputy General Manager Lin,” Wei Chen’s gaze remained on the computer screen as he replied, “But I won’t be going.”

He Keqiang laughed, “Director Wei, are you afraid of an awkward situation? After all, didn’t you previously believe that you would be promoted to Deputy General Manager?”

Wei Chen finally shifted his gaze towards He Keqiang and said, “Manager He, you’re overthinking.”

He Keqiang continued to smile, even more brilliantly, “I hope it’s just my overthinking. Otherwise, Director Wei, it would be quite painful for you.” After enjoying Wei Chen’s “disappointed” expression to his heart’s content, He Keqiang leisurely walked out of Wei Chen’s office, feeling a sense of satisfaction from beginning to end. It felt so good to suppress Wei Chen like this.

“They’ve pushed you so far, why don’t you fight back?” Zhuge Yu listened to the whole conversation and couldn’t help feeling angry for Wei Chen. But Wei Chen didn’t reply, he just continued with his work.

Zhuge Yu wanted to say something more, but seeing that Wei Chen didn’t appear to be in a hurry, he gradually calmed down. Although he was a bit impulsive, he wasn’t a fool. Based on his interactions with Wei Chen over the past few days and Zhuge Feng’s opinion of Wei Chen, he knew that Wei Chen wouldn’t remain indifferent when being bullied. At the moment, it seemed like nothing was happening, but he probably had a big move planned and was just waiting for the right moment to execute it. The tides would turn when that happened.

Zhuge Yu looked at Wei Chen and then at Chen Li, who was earnestly drawing, and thought to himself, “Chen Li is better. So obedient and talented in drawing. I just don’t know when he will agree to learn drawing with me.”

With a heavy sigh in his heart, Zhuge Yu realized that the revolution was not yet successful, and this old comrade still needed to make efforts!

Wei Chen’s authority had been undermined on the third day after Lin Xin became the Deputy General Manager.

Although Wei Chen still held the title of a director, with just a few words from Lin Xin, He Keqiang took over all of Wei Chen’s work. If it weren’t for Zhuge Feng’s intervention from above, Lin Xin probably would have directly removed Wei Chen from the position of Marketing Department Director without any considerations.

When He Keqiang finished the handover of work, his triumphant appearance made the employees of the Marketing Department feel an itching desire to punch his smug face.

However, they still remembered the message Wei Chen had conveyed to them through Lu Wei, so although they felt resentful, they didn’t show it. They continued to work under He Keqiang just as they did under Wei Chen, but their enthusiasm noticeably decreased, and their efficiency dropped from before.

Just when everyone thought Wei Chen would go to Zhuge Feng to complain, he acted as if nothing had happened. He arrived and left work on time, looking relaxed. Those who wanted to see some drama on Wei Chen’s face didn’t realize that Wei Chen had a poker face. Even if his emotions were raging inside, he showed no signs of it on the surface. Furthermore, Wei Chen didn’t have any emotions at all.

He Keqiang was on cloud nine, feeling like he was walking on air every day. However, within a couple of days, He Keqiang’s brow furrowed. He realized that he couldn’t handle the work left behind by Wei Chen. The previously outstanding performance quickly showed signs of decline within two days of He Keqiang taking over, even with the cooperation of the Sales Department.

Wei Chen was well aware of the situation, but he wasn’t in a hurry. The declining performance wasn’t his concern now; it was the newly appointed Deputy General Manager in charge of the Marketing and Sales Departments.

Seeing the performance drop right after taking office was extremely embarrassing for Lin Xin. With so many eyes in the company watching, his position as the Deputy General Manager was probably not secure. In the past few days, he had been summoning his subordinates for meetings, and both He Keqiang and the Sales Department were scolded by him every time.

Zhuge Feng learned about this but just shook his head lightly and sighed, “If you don’t have a diamond, don’t pick up porcelain.” After that, there was no further action. It seemed that he was going to let them continue their struggles.

However, Zhuge Feng also knew that the current situation wasn’t due to the lack of abilities from Lin Xin and his group but because Wei Chen’s abilities were too strong. He had set the bar too high, making it difficult for them to adapt.

With no work pressure, Wei Chen had a leisurely time at the office. When he wasn’t studying the stock market, he watched Chen Li draw and taught him how to read. When the mood struck, he would even share a deep kiss with Chen Li. Life was very carefree.

Of course, during this time, if Zhuge Yu didn’t come to his office on a fixed schedule every day, Wei Chen would feel that the days were even more carefree.

Wei Chen didn’t know why Zhuge Yu had been so idle during this period. Almost every day at nine o’clock, Zhuge Yu would appear in his office. On the first day, he borrowed Chen Li’s drawing tools, but from the second day onwards, he brought his own tools. He would often spend the entire day in Wei Chen’s office, treating it as his own art studio.

However, Zhuge Yu’s presence in Wei Chen’s office was not in vain. During the process of drawing, he would invisibly guide Chen Li with some knowledge of art. Chen Li, like a sponge, absorbed the knowledge taught by Zhuge Yu every day.

Wei Chen had to admit that Chen Li was becoming more and more accustomed to Zhuge Yu’s presence. Sometimes, even when Wei Chen wasn’t in the office, Chen Li could let go of his guard towards Zhuge Yu a little and wasn’t as tense as before.

This was the result that Zhuge Yu was happy to see, or rather, this was his purpose in getting close to Chen Li. He wanted to use Chen Li’s love for art to strengthen their relationship, allowing Chen Li to accept him and become his disciple.

Undoubtedly, Zhuge Yu was sincere in his intentions, and Wei Chen didn’t deny this. Although Wei Chen wasn’t an art major, he could see Chen Li’s progress day by day. When he saw the look of excitement in Chen Li’s eyes as he mastered a technique, Wei Chen was happy for him. As for Zhuge Yu’s interruptions in his and Chen Li’s world, Wei Chen didn’t resist as much.

Wei Chen’s heart was conflicted. On one hand, he wanted Chen Li’s world to revolve around only him, but on the other hand, he hoped that Chen Li could step out of the dark world and embrace the colorful world.

So, when Wei Chen saw Zhuge Yu slowly opening Chen Li’s heart through his favorite art, Wei Chen couldn’t express the mixed emotions he felt. Was he sad? No, he was actually happy for the step Chen Li took. But even though he felt happy, Wei Chen didn’t feel completely at ease because Chen Li’s focused gaze lingered on someone other than himself.

However, despite the inner turmoil, Wei Chen didn’t show any signs of it on the surface. He remained gentle when he was with Chen Li, just as before.

On this day, like usual, Wei Chen observed the fluctuations of the stock market in front of his computer while Zhuge Yu and Chen Li drew together. After Zhuge Yu finished a painting, he stood behind Chen Li and watched him draw. Occasionally, he would give a few pointers, and Chen Li would immediately absorb them and apply them in his next stroke.

During these few days, Zhuge Yu became even more determined to take Chen Li as his student. In just a short time of being together, Zhuge Yu had a more direct experience of Chen Li’s talent in painting and his quick understanding. He believed that with his and the old man’s guidance, given time, Chen Li’s achievements would surpass Chen Yunlan, who betrayed his master.

Whenever Zhuge Yu thought of Chen Yunlan, his anger flared up. He took a deep breath and drank a glass of cold water to calm himself down. When he looked at Chen Li, who was focused on his drawing, Zhuge Yu couldn’t remember feeling angry anymore. All that was left in his heart was a feeling of affection.

After guiding Chen Li to complete a painting, Zhuge Yu looked at Wei Chen beside the desk and said, “You’re so free right now. Why not go back to Q University and teach? There’s a professor in the School of Economics who needs someone to cover their classes. I think you’d be perfect for it.”

Zhuge Yu wasn’t making this up. Wei Chen himself graduated from Q University’s School of Economics, and he held dual doctorates in Marketing and Financial Management. It would be more than enough for him to substitute for this professor, considering they were teaching only second-year courses.

“Is there really only one professor in Q University’s School of Economics?” Wei Chen didn’t fall into Zhuge Yu’s trap and immediately pointed out the critical issue, giving Zhuge Yu a cold gaze.

In the vast Q University School of Economics, if a professor needed to take leave, couldn’t they find another teacher to substitute? Did they really need to bring in an outsider like him?

Zhuge Yu didn’t expect Wei Chen to see through his carefully crafted excuse so quickly. He could only be frank with Wei Chen, feeling somewhat embarrassed as he said, “I asked that professor to specially spare a period of time for you to teach.”

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If you don’t have a diamond, don’t pick up porcelain – Don’t take on a job without the right tools/skills/abilities

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