Chapter 94 – Theme: Desire

“I planned to have Chen Li participate in this year’s Dream Cup. It’s a rare opportunity that comes once every four years,” Zhuge Yu said seriously to Wei Chen in his office. As expected, Zhuge Yu wanted to transfer his privilege to Chen Li, as others had speculated.

Wei Chen looked at Chen Li with a gentle expression and said, “You don’t have to tell me. This is Li Li’s own matter. Let him make the decision.”

Chen Li felt Wei Chen’s gaze and turned to look at him, his eyes focused.

In a sense, Wei Chen was not only Chen Li’s husband but also his guardian. He knew Wei Chen wouldn’t obstruct Chen Li’s decision, but it was necessary for Wei Chen to be aware of this matter. That’s why Zhuge Yu spoke to Wei Chen, showing his respect.

“Chen Li,” Zhuge Yu called Chen Li’s name, bringing his attention back.

Chen Li looked at Zhuge Yu. After more than two months of being together, Chen Li’s resistance towards Zhuge Yu had gradually diminished. It could be said that besides Wei Chen, Zhuge Yu was the only person who could approach Chen Li without him feeling afraid.

“Chen Li, the Dream Cup is about to begin. Do you want to participate?” Zhuge Yu finished speaking and realized that Chen Li didn’t know what the Dream Cup was, so he explained it to Chen Li.

Chen Li listened attentively and fell into silence after hearing the explanation, as if contemplating something.

Just when Zhuge Yu thought that Chen Li didn’t understand his words, Chen Li slowly nodded.

Zhuge Yu immediately smiled and said, “Then I will submit your application form.” It turned out that Zhuge Yu had already prepared Chen Li’s application form and was waiting for Chen Li’s agreement.

Zhuge Yu became excited like a child in his fifties. As he sat in front of the computer to submit the application form, he hummed happily.

After submitting the application form and his recommendation letter, the Dream Cup organizing committee replied within a few minutes. The message was similar to previous years, introducing the Dream Cup and its competition rules, and wishing the participants good luck. There was nothing much to see, so Zhuge Yu quickly glanced at it and focused his attention on the theme of this year’s Dream Cup.


With simplicity, without elaboration, just one word was given, maintaining the usual style of the Dream Cup.

Each edition of the Dream Cup had a theme, but the organizing committee never attempted to restrict participants’ interpretations of the theme. Typically, when a theme was announced, only one word was provided without any further description. This time followed the same style, presenting the theme and leaving the rest for the participants to freely express themselves.

Zhuge Yu shared the theme with Chen Li, who fell into contemplation upon seeing the word “Desire.” What did Chen Li desire now? He didn’t know himself. With Wei Chen by his side, Chen Li felt like he had gained the whole world, and there seemed to be nothing else worth desiring.

Wei Chen noticed Chen Li’s confusion and walked over, holding Chen Li’s hand, and said, “It’s okay, we’ll take it slowly. We still have over a month, right?”

Only then did Chen Li relax and stop dwelling on the question.

Zhuge Yu wasn’t in a hurry either. Being an artist himself, he knew inspiration was elusive. If one tried to force it, they would be left grasping at straws. However, inspiration often came unexpectedly.

“Rest well recently. If you can’t come up with a painting, don’t push yourself,” Zhuge Yu advised.

Chen Li nodded, indicating understanding.

Afterward, Zhuge Yu meticulously explained the competition’s important points to Chen Li. By the time Zhuge Yu finished, the sky had darkened, and night was about to fall.

After bidding farewell to Wei Chen and Chen Li, Zhuge Yu directly drove home.

However, Wei Chen was unaware that his every move over the past few months in the capital had been under surveillance. Whatever he did today would reach the ears of Old Master Wei almost the next day.


Shanghai, Wei Family Mansion.

Old Master Wei hung up the call from the capital and rubbed his forehead. The butler entered and came over to massage his temples.

Having served the old master for decades, the butler could be said to be the person who understood him the best in the entire Wei family. Seeing the old master’s current demeanor, he knew that the old master had something on his mind.

“Is the master troubled by Young Master Chen’s affairs?” the butler asked.

The old master sighed and said, “I can no longer control Achen as I used to.”

“Young Master Chen is like the master. Once he sets his mind on something, it’s difficult to change. I think when he went to the capital instead of returning to the Wei family, he must have had the desire to make a breakthrough. After all, Young Master Chen is still young and full of ambition,” said the butler, applying just the right amount of pressure with his hands and speaking calmly.

“I rarely hear you speak up for Achen,” the old master closed his eyes, resting, but his question was sharp.

The butler’s movements didn’t cease, and his expression remained unchanged. “After all, I have watched Young Master Chen grow up.”

The old master fell silent, closing his eyes as if falling asleep. His thoughts were still on the phone call from noon, and Zhou Tongpeng’s frustrated tone seemed to linger in his ears.

“Old Wei, your grandson is worthy of being taught by you personally. He is truly a mischievous devil. Didn’t you want me to trip him up? But now? He almost overpowered me. Discreetly pretending to be sidelined, idling away the days running around with that fool from the Chen family at school. I thought he was out of ideas, but who would have expected that he had set a trap waiting for me. Now I’ve stepped into the abyss. Old Wei, beneath this trap lies a mountain of swords! This time, I’m afraid. Can I concede defeat? If you want someone to temper your grandson, find someone more capable. He has truly grasped your essence!”

After Zhou Tongpeng finished speaking, he hung up the phone. The old master remained stunned for a moment before reacting.

The old master’s feelings were quite complex at the moment, not knowing whether he felt more gratified or angry. “Old Zhang, make a call to Achen,” the old master opened his eyes, a hint of weariness present.

“Alright,” the butler immediately dialed Wei Chen’s phone.

When the call from the Wei family came, Wei Chen had just finished showering and stepped out of the bathroom. When he saw the caller ID on his phone displaying the Wei family’s number, his gaze paused for a moment, then he casually answered the call.

“Young Master Chen,” the butler’s respectful voice came through the phone, the emotions indecipherable.

“Mhm,” Wei Chen responded, treating it as a reply.

“The master wants to talk to you,” the butler said.

Wei Chen wasn’t surprised. If the Wei family called, it could only be the old master.

Shortly after, the old master took the phone from the butler, his voice soft and calm, devoid of any emotion. “Achen, find some time to visit the Wei residence.” There was no exchange of pleasantries between grandfather and grandson, only direct and pointed words.

Wei Chen was somewhat surprised and replied, “Okay.”

After receiving Wei Chen’s answer, the old master ended the call, leaving people unsure of his intentions.

Others may not be able to guess, but Wei Chen understood.

The old master had finally made a concession to him.

Wei Chen, being such a astute person, how could he not know about his visit to Changfeng Group and the fact that the old master, though not saying anything directly, had set a trap for him? He understood the old master well. The old master wouldn’t speak his mind outright, and if you went against his wishes, he wouldn’t show his anger openly. Instead, he would employ tactics to make you fail, to make you realize that you couldn’t possibly defeat him, and ultimately, it would be you who would have to compromise, not the old master.

In his previous life, Wei Chen didn’t understand this principle and often went against the old master’s wishes, stumbling and falling repeatedly on the path of his growth. In this life, Wei Chen understood this principle, but there were things he would still persist in. However, he hadn’t expected the old master to make a compromise.

Wei Chen found it somewhat ironic.

But why did the old master compromise? Wei Chen knew deep down that it was all because, through the events of the past few months, the old master had seen his value in the capital, understood his connections there, and knew that this compromise could bring about the development of the Wei family in the capital.

Although Wei Chen hadn’t visited the Wei family in the capital, from the tone of the old master’s phone call, it was evident that the development of the Wei family in the capital was not as expected by the old master. That’s why the old master chose to compromise at this time.

Because this compromise was the best choice for the Wei family at this point.

This compromise wasn’t because of Wei Chen’s persistence. It was simply due to Wei Chen’s value.

But now, this compromise probably came a bit too late. His father, Wei Zhenxiong, had already been stationed at the Wei family in the capital for over two months. The rights that should have been obtained were already in his hands. Sending Wei Chen to manage the Wei family at this time would inevitably lead to a struggle.

The old master was well aware of this, but so what? It appeared to be a compromise, but in reality, it was still a punishment for Wei Chen, a test for him.

Wei Chen understood this, but his heart remained calm.

Meanwhile, a storm was raging within Changfeng Group at this moment. Even as night fell, darkness couldn’t prevent the arrival of this tempestuous storm.

In the conference room on the top floor of Changfeng Group, a high-level meeting that had started at noon was still ongoing. The participants in the meeting kept their heads down and dared not look directly at the chairman sitting at the head.

A person who had always been smiling and amicable, once angered, became incredibly terrifying.

“So, you all have decided not to give me an answer today, is that right?” The Chairman of Changfeng Group stood at the head, expressionless, but the anger and aura emanating from him made it impossible for anyone to meet his gaze.

“What’s this? Have you all suddenly become mute? When you elected Lin Xin, you weren’t like this.”

The people below remained unresponsive, but Zhou Tongpeng’s face turned ominously dark. Lin Xin was his person, and now this trouble was caused by Lin Xin’s actions. The once well-laid plan had been ruined by Lin Xin, and Zhou Tongpeng was filled with raging anger, wanting nothing more than to tear Lin Xin apart right now.

Lin Xin sat with his head lowered, wishing he could find a hole to crawl into. He never expected things to escalate to this point!

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