Chapter 317 – This is Your Home

The others finally learned from this conversation that they had returned from getting into university.

“Oh! Well done! You actually got into university! Which one did you pass? My kid didn’t make it this time.”

Finally, Grandpa Jiang could now show off. He had held back when Jiang Junmo and the others hadn’t returned yet, but now that they were back and the admission notices had arrived, how could he miss the opportunity to brag?

So, with a loud voice, he exclaimed, “My grandson and granddaughter-in-law both got into Beijing University! Haha, they did pretty well on the exams this time, and the school is satisfied with them too.”

“Wow, Peking University! Impressive!”

“Wow, that’s amazing, Junmo. Both you and your wife got in? I heard the number of applicants was particularly high this time, and only a few were accepted. It’s really great that you could get in. Your wife is quite good as well. She’s a pretty young girl and matches you perfectly. Where’s she from?”

Lu Xia smiled, “I’m from the capital city too.”

“Oh, that’s great. Local people, it’s convenient to visit your parents.”

With everyone talking all at once, Lu Xia was getting overwhelmed. When their faces were about to stiffen from smiling, Grandpa Jiang finally had enough of showing off and led Kang Kang back to the house.

Back home, he seemed to remember something and turned to Lu Xia, asking, “Since your family is also from the capital city, would you like to visit them after coming back? Our in-laws haven’t met yet. Would you like to meet them?”

Lu Xia heard this and fell silent, unsure how to respond. After all, her relationship with the Lu family wasn’t straightforward.

Seeing this, Jiang Junmo spoke up, “Grandpa, don’t worry. We have plans for that matter.”

Grandpa Jiang could tell there was something more to this, but he didn’t press further.

However, Lu Xia felt it wasn’t right to keep it a secret, so after thinking for a moment, she decided to be honest. “There’s no need to meet them. When I went to the countryside, my family assumed I would never return to the city, so they cut ties with me in their letters. I haven’t been in touch with them for many years.”

Having lived for so many years, Grandpa Jiang had seen a lot and knew that things weren’t always simple. He didn’t think Lu Xia was at fault, but he felt a pang of sympathy for her.

With a gentle smile, he said, “It’s alright, child. From now on, this place is your home. Treat it as your own home, and we are all your family.”

Hearing this, Lu Xia felt her nose tingle, almost bringing tears to her eyes. “Thank you, Grandpa.”

Afterward, the two of them went upstairs to unpack their things. Seeing Lu Xia looking somewhat downcast, Jiang Junmo assumed she was still worried about the earlier conversation, so he reassured her, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Grandpa is very understanding.”

Lu Xia smiled, “I’m not worried. I just feel fortunate to have met someone as wonderful as you and to have such a good family.”

Jiang Junmo smiled at her words. “Meeting you is my fortune too.”

The two exchanged a smile and didn’t get overly sentimental. They began unpacking.

There were quite a few things they had brought back. By the time they were almost done, when they were descending the stairs, Uncle and Aunt had returned.

Uncle Jiang had an elegant appearance and demeanor, somewhat resembling Jiang Junmo. He was also quite gentle in his attitude toward her.

Aunt, while seeming a bit stern at first glance, was no different from a regular mother. She was concerned about Jiang Junmo and Lu Xia while chattering away, putting Lu Xia’s mind at ease.

Because many people were coming in the evening, both Aunt Jiang and Lu Xia joined Aunt Wang in preparing dinner. Even Uncle and Jiang Junmo didn’t remain idle. They were in the living room, peeling garlic.

Aunt Jiang was easy to talk to. As they worked, she talked about Jiang Junmo’s childhood. Seeing that Lu Xia was interested, she continued on, and in the end, she said, “We never expected him to turn out this well. Xiao Xia, we have to thank you for taking such good care of him.”


Chapter 318 – Family Feast


Hearing this, Lu Xia felt a bit embarrassed. “Where is that true? Actually, he takes care of me more often in daily life. There are many things I don’t know how to do, especially taking care of children. He handles all sorts of things, big and small.”

Aunt Jiang smiled after hearing this. “Junmo was precocious from a young age. Due to health reasons and lack of playmates, he wanted to learn whatever he saw at home. He not only learned household chores from a few sisters but also got interested in surgery for a period. He learned how to cut and suture from me. Believe it or not, he did quite well. If he had been stronger back then, I would have wanted him to study medicine.”

“Really?” This was something Lu Xia hadn’t heard about before.

However, Aunt Jiang’s tone grew tender as she continued. “He didn’t have many playmates when he was young. He grew up with a few sisters. The only two male friends were my two mischievous boys. The second one was older and didn’t play with him much, and he went to the army early.

The youngest is your cousin. He’s very spirited and can’t sit still. He’s always running around outside. When Junmo was home, he could only play with his sisters.

Because he was so handsome when he was young, we used to say that if he were a girl, he would be like a lady of the house, not venturing outside the house, but he’s adept at every household chore.

I used to think, whoever marries our Junmo is in for a treat.”

Lu Xia chuckled, “Well, I’m enjoying that treat now!”

Aunt Jiang laughed at her response. She found Lu Xia interesting and straightforward, clearly satisfied with her.

But just to make sure she’d feel comfortable, Aunt Jiang reiterated, “We don’t have a lot of complicated matters in our family. Your Uncle and I are usually busy. Treat this place as your own home, and feel free to live comfortably.”

“Alright.” Lu Xia nodded with a smile. She truly liked the Jiang family.

Seeing her agree so readily, Aunt Jiang added, “Your sisters are great too. They are sincere people. They should like you.”


As they chatted, Lu Xia’s sisters-in-law arrived one by one.

Upon their arrival, they all warmly inquired about Jiang Junmo. Seeing that he was indeed much better, they were all overjoyed, and some even shed tears of happiness.

Of course, they didn’t neglect Lu Xia either. They got close to her and chatted a lot. Clearly, they regarded Jiang Junmo’s recovery as her accomplishment, which was indeed true. However, she was a bit overwhelmed by their attentiveness.

Lu Xia also noticed that her sisters-in-law seemed like good people.

Her nephews and nieces were well-behaved. However, with so many of them, she couldn’t remember which was which.

That evening, the family had a lively dinner. Before the sisters left, each of them held Lu Xia’s hand, encouraging her to come and visit their homes often.

Finally, their worries about their younger brother, who they’d been concerned about for so many years, getting married were put to rest. They were all genuinely happy.

Of course, the happiest one that night was Kang Kang. He was truly the center of attention. Not only did Uncle and Aunt Jiang dote on him, but Uncle also carried him the whole time.

Each aunt also showered him with affection, and even the older cousins were captivated by his adorable looks. In short, he was well-liked by everyone, regardless of age.

The family feast brought everyone joy. The only regret was that Uncle’s two children were still in the army and couldn’t be present. However, this was a fact they couldn’t change. Once you entered the army, you were not free to come and go, and asking for leave wasn’t easy. Everyone understood this.

At bedtime, Lu Xia’s tension from the journey finally relaxed.

Kang Kang had fallen asleep long before. After all the excitement of the day, he was out like a light.

Jiang Junmo had noticed Lu Xia’s nervousness and anticipation throughout the journey and had been on edge for days in advance. Now that he saw her adapting well and feeling comfortable, he finally felt at ease.

However, he decided they would move out after the New Year. He didn’t want Lu Xia to feel uncomfortable living with the elders, always being cautious and on edge. It was too tiring, even though she wouldn’t need to do that in his house. But for her, it would surely be an adjustment, and she wouldn’t be able to do things as she pleased with so many concerns.

So, the best solution was to move out.

Lu Xia had no idea that Jiang Junmo had already considered so much for her. Tired from the day’s events, she soon fell asleep after lying down.

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