Chapter 394 – Expecting Twins

“I smiled?”

Wei Chen touched his face with his hand. Did he really just laugh?

Before Wei Chen could react, Chen Li jumped onto him, wrapping his legs around his waist, overjoyed.

“Achen, you smiled! You look so handsome when you smile, so handsome!”

Though Chen Li had been with Wei Chen for many years and loved him to the core, seeing Wei Chen’s smile just now still gave him a thrilling sensation.

Handsome, incredibly handsome!

Wei Chen gently held onto Chen Li’s hips to prevent him from falling, hearing his excited voice. His lips couldn’t help but curve upwards.

Actually, smiling wasn’t that difficult, was it?

Dr. Wu came out from the inner hall and, seeing Chen Li and Wei Chen embracing, coughed a few times unreservedly.

Only then did Chen Li jump down from Wei Chen, not feeling embarrassed at all. “I was just too happy, Dr. Wu, thank you so much.”

Dr. Wu smiled and said, “Come inside with me, I’ll check your pulse again.”

“Okay.” Chen Li obediently followed Dr. Wu into the inner hall.

Dr. Wu’s ability to cure Wei Chen’s facial paralysis had made him a miraculous figure in Chen Li’s heart. Now, every word spoken by Dr. Wu was like a decree to Chen Li, who listened attentively to his advice.

Wei Chen followed along, worried.

Dr. Wu took Chen Li’s pulse, checked one hand, then switched to the other, and quietly observed Chen Li’s complexion, including the coating on his tongue. He also asked him a few simple questions.

After observing and questioning, Dr. Wu finally lowered his head to write a prescription.

“Dr. Wu, how is Li Li now?” Wei Chen asked anxiously as soon as Dr. Wu finished writing the prescription.

Handing the prescription to Wei Chen, Dr. Wu said, “He’s been recovering well these days. If you don’t have urgent matters, I suggest letting him recuperate here.”

The whole town of Dongyang had no factories. Although cars had been hidden away in recent years, the people in the town and villages mostly traveled by electric bikes in their daily lives. One could say that the environment in Taohua Village hadn’t suffered much pollution. The air was fresh, and unless it was a foggy day, you could see stars filling the sky at night. Life here had a slow, leisurely pace.

Compared to the capital, this is indeed a place suitable for recuperation. When it came to Chen Li’s health, even if Wei Chen had urgent matters, they suddenly didn’t seem so pressing. Of course, he decided to stay.

After leaving Dr. Wu’s place, Wei Chen made a call to the Sheng Jiaqi, informing him that his vacation would be extended by another month. Though Sheng Jiaqi didn’t outright disagree, there was an ocean of resentment in his tone.

But upon hearing that Chen Li needed to recuperate there, Sheng Jiaqi reluctantly accepted.

“Is the doctor reliable?” Sheng Jiaqi asked with concern. After all, in rural areas, there were many unqualified doctors. In his eyes, doctors from small villages weren’t as reliable as those from big hospitals.

“Reliable,” Wei Chen affirmed. “Dr. Wu cured my facial paralysis.”

“His surname is Wu, and he cured your facial paralysis?” Sheng Jiaqi was quite surprised. How long had Wei Chen been in Taohua Village? And yet, his facial paralysis was already cured?

But what intrigued Sheng Jiaqi more was the doctor’s surname. If it was the person he was thinking of, Wei Chen and Chen Li were truly fortunate. They had encountered the miraculous Doctor Wu, who many important figures in the capital couldn’t find.

However, no one would have expected that Doctor Wu, the miraculous healer, would be living in that small place—Taohua Village.

Wei Chen sensed familiarity in Sheng Jiaqi’s tone and asked, puzzled, “Chairman, do you know Doctor Wu?”

“If it’s the old man I’m thinking of, then you two are indeed lucky this time,” Sheng Jiaqi said. “Take good care of Chen Li’s recovery in Taohua Village. I’ll handle the company’s matters.”

“Thank you,” Wei Chen said sincerely.

“Don’t thank me. Now that you’ve encountered a miracle doctor, make sure to completely heal all of Chen Li’s ailments,” Sheng Jiaqi advised.

Chen Li was finally experiencing a turn for the better in his life. After enduring so much pain in the first twenty years of his life, the goddess of luck had finally smiled upon him. He could even encounter a miracle healer while on a trip.

Sheng Jiaqi smiled and shook his head, contemplating fate. Who could predict its twists and turns?

For Wei Chen and Chen Li, delaying their return to the capital was a source of great joy, especially for Qiuqiu.

Taohua Village’s peaches had hit the market. Qiuqiu drooled every day watching Father Lan pick peaches from the fields. If the adults weren’t watching, Qiuqiu could sneakily eat without stopping. However, whenever Chen Li stopped Qiuqiu, Mother Lan would intervene. Qiuqiu was chubby and sweet-mouthed, naturally endearing to everyone.

Of course, Mother Lan also regulated the quantity, not letting Qiuqiu eat too much.

Another thing was that Qiuqiu was starting school soon, and settling down in Taohua Village meant he wouldn’t have to go back to school. While Qiuqiu didn’t resist going to kindergarten, at heart, he was still a child whose playful nature often prevailed.

Not going to school meant that Qiuqiu truly let loose in Taohua Village. Today, he followed Mother Lan to the fields; tomorrow, he accompanied Father Lan to the mountains. Every day, he’d come back looking like a little mud monkey.

Qiuqiu loved playing with Chenchen, but unfortunately, Chenchen had a calm demeanor. Once he had a little toy, he’d sit on the floor and play for a long time, completely absorbed. No matter how much Qiuqiu called or played around, Chenchen remained unperturbed.

“Aping, your Chenchen is really so well-behaved!” Sometimes, when Chen Li got annoyed by Qiuqiu’s fuss, he’d look at Chenchen and sincerely exclaim, almost feeling like he wanted to swap kids with Lan Xiping.

Lan Xiping just smiled, but he also had some concerns. Chenchen’s temperament was overly calm; he didn’t show much of the typical liveliness of a child.

If Lan Xiping hadn’t taken Chenchen to the hospital for check-ups or had Dr. Wu examine him, all confirming no issues, he might have suspected that Chenchen had some psychological condition.

Seemingly sensing Lan Xiping’s worry, Chen Li patted his hand and reassured him, “It’s alright, Chenchen is just naturally quiet.”

“Mmm,” Lan Xiping acknowledged, knowing this well.

Wei Chen and Chen Li spent a whole month in Taohua Village. The slow-paced life during these two months made them feel considerably more relaxed.

Yesterday, Dr. Wu took Chen Li’s pulse for the last time. It was the final check because Dr. Wu mentioned that Chen Li’s body had been regulated back to normal, without any major issues.

Of course, Chen Li’s most pressing concern was whether he could stop adhering to dietary restrictions. After two months, Chen Li felt like his taste buds were fading away.

Under Chen Li’s hopeful gaze, Dr. Wu kindly nodded. “No need for dietary restrictions anymore, but remember, moderation is key. Crossing that line won’t be good.”

Chen Li nodded vigorously, indicating he understood.

Here, just after informing Dr. Wu about their understanding, Chen Li asked Wei Chen to take him to the street food market to grab something to eat.

Today, Chen Li and Wei Chen were going back to the capital.

If it were possible, Chen Li would have loved to settle down in this leisurely and tranquil village. However, their life’s center was ultimately in the capital, and Qiuqiu needed to return to school.

Qiuqiu had undergone quite a transformation. Despite running around the mountains and fields with Father Lan and Mother Lan every day, surprisingly, Qiuqiu hadn’t gotten tanned. He still looked fair-skinned, but with increased physical activity, he had slimmed down a bit.

Seeing Qiuqiu’s changes, Chen Li jokingly wished to leave Qiuqiu in Taohua Village for a few years of “reform through labor,” thinking he’d turn into a handsome young lad. Of course, that was impossible.

In the morning, the family bid farewell to the Lan family and embarked on the road back to the capital.

Upon returning, the family took a week to readjust. Those who needed to attend school went, those who had to teach went to teach, and those who had to work went back to work. Days slipped by unremarkably, and before they knew it, three years had etched into their memories.

Qiuqiu started primary school, and Chen Li, from being a lecturer, became a professor at Q University, all in just three years. During this time, Chen Li once again curated an art exhibition, propelling him directly into the realm of revered artists.

After three years, Sheng Jiaqi retired.

As guessed by the people in Changfeng Group, Wei Chen became Sheng Jiaqi’s successor, becoming the youngest chairman in Changfeng Group’s history.

However, not a single person within the Changfeng Group opposed this youngest chairman. In fact, over these years, Sheng Jiaqi had deliberately groomed Wei Chen, gradually delegating authority. Wei Chen, of course, didn’t disappoint Sheng Jiaqi, achieving remarkable results.

Time flowed silently like a stream, steadily moving forward.

Three years allowed for many changes. The silence surrounding the Chen family had been disrupted after several years, indicating progress in the research of a new kind of dr*g.

Wei Chen seemed to have sensed something, prompting an increase in the number of concealed bodyguards around the family. And finally, Jiang Ye returned.

He fulfilled his promise—he had always said he would return, not leaving Lan Xiping waiting in vain. As soon as Jiang Ye returned, he headed straight to Taohua Village to find Lan Xiping.

Wei Chen and Chen Li were unaware of what had transpired between Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye. However, shortly after Jiang Ye’s return, Chen Li and Wei Chen received wedding invitations from both of them. They were getting married.

It was a journey from bitterness to sweetness; the lovers finally became a couple.

Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye’s wedding took place in Taohua Village. Wei Chen and Chen Li purposely squeezed out a few days of leave. Qiuqiu insisted on going, and unable to resist Qiuqiu’s persistence, Wei Chen and Chen Li agreed. So, the three of them set off once again for Taohua Village.

No, perhaps this time it wouldn’t just be the three of them.

Because Chen Li and Wei Chen had encountered another unexpected event. Unlike the last time when they didn’t know until the surprise emerged, this time, when Chen Li began feeling unwell, Wei Chen promptly took him for a check-up.

The results of this examination confirmed it: Chen Li was carrying… two babies this time. Yes, Chen Li was pregnant with twins.

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