Chapter 395 – Children are safe

When Wei Chen and Chen Li arrived at Taohua Village, there were still a few days left until Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye’s wedding.

As soon as the two arrived, they found Lan Xiping.

In these years, Lan Xiping had been learning by Dr. Wu’s side. He had exceptional talent in medicine and had mastered Wu Lao’s medical skills to the fullest. Dr. Wu often exclaimed about not having much left to teach him.

Although Dr. Wu said so, when he said these words, he had a self-deprecating expression.

“I believe you’ve also noticed, Li Li is pregnant. He’s been reluctant to admit it lately, so I hope Xiping, you can help him check.” Wei Chen didn’t give Lan Xiping any time to react; he directly announced the news.

“Yes, Aping, quickly take a look at me. I’ve been feeling off lately, always dizzy, and the smell of oil makes me nauseous,” Chen Li also said, pitifully resting his head on Wei Chen’s shoulder.

However, Lan Xiping didn’t find it surprising. When he saw Chen Li’s complexion just now, he had already noticed some clues.

Now hearing Wei Chen say that Chen Li wasn’t feeling well, Lan Xiping quickly went over to check his pulse.

“It’s nothing, just the usual symptoms of pregnancy.” Lan Xiping quickly concluded where Chen Li’s body had issues. Chen Li’s body was very healthy at the moment. Although not as robust as a bull, his resistance and other aspects were above the average person’s level.

Upon hearing Lan Xiping’s words, Wei Chen took a sigh of relief.

Seeing Wei Chen’s nervous appearance, Lan Xiping couldn’t help but smile, “Wei Chen, you’re overly concerned. When I was pregnant with Chenchen, the pregnancy symptoms were so severe. Both Chenchen and I were fine, right?”

Chen Li couldn’t help but whisper, “Your body at that time, we didn’t see any problems even after staying up all night for surgery.”

Lan Xiping couldn’t help but pat Chen Li on the shoulder, saying, “Let’s not bring up the past.”

Thinking back, Lan Xiping felt extremely fortunate. When he was pregnant with Chenchen and still didn’t know about it, he had to operate a surgery that lasted for more than ten hours. Fortunately, Chenchen was strong enough and didn’t leave his father.

Chen Li also realized that he had said something he shouldn’t have. He chuckled, “You’re about to become the groom, hurry and attend to your duties. Wei Chen and I are not other guests; we won’t be polite to you like other guests.”

Lan Xiping naturally didn’t stand on ceremony with them. After leaving the couple some space, he turned and left.

When Lan Xiping closed the door and turned around, he saw that Jiang Ye had somehow appeared at the doorway without him noticing, startling Lan Xiping.

“You scared me. When did you come over?” Lan Xiping asked.

Jiang Ye didn’t say anything; he just tightly embraced Lan Xiping as if wanting to merge into his flesh and blood.

Lan Xiping couldn’t help but feel concerned. “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Ye just nuzzled against Lan Xiping and didn’t answer.

Lan Xiping could sense Jiang Ye’s emotions and sighed lightly, hugging Jiang Ye back. “I’m fine.”

Jiang Ye probably overheard his conversation with Chen Li and Wei Chen, feeling guilty for not being by his side during that time.

But things had passed, and both he and Chenchen were healthy, living well. Now Jiang Ye, Chenchen’s other dad, had also returned. Wasn’t this the best outcome?

The busy days of preparing for the wedding passed quickly, and finally, the wedding of Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping arrived.

As Lan Xiping belonged to a minority ethnic group, the wedding was held in accordance with the traditions of his hometown, rich in ethnic colors.

Originally, Chen Li and Wei Chen were supposed to be groomsmen, but with Chen Li being pregnant and the responsibilities associated with being groomsmen, it was not suitable for Chen Li to exert himself. Wei Chen was also taking care of Chen Li, so both of them avoided the hectic duties of groomsmen.

Lan Xiping’s wedding was unique, and Chen Li watched attentively. Even though he couldn’t understand a word when the groomsmen from both sides sang together, it didn’t affect his emotional engagement with the ceremony.

The wedding passed amidst joy and excitement. The food at the wedding had a strong oily taste, and Chen Li didn’t dare to eat much. As a food lover, it was the first time he felt a resistance to food.

Knowing that Chen Li was pregnant, Mother Lan specially prepared light dishes for him. Chen Li and Wei Chen stayed at the table for a while and then excused themselves.

On the other hand, little Qiuqiu was happily feasting at the children’s table.

After the lively event, the Lan family returned to quietness, destined to be a sleepless night, but of course, this was for the main characters of the wedding today.

Ever since Chen Li became pregnant, he had been more inclined to sleep. Shortly after the banquet, Chen Li went back to the room to sleep. When Wei Chen came back to help, Chen Li was already deeply asleep.

Wei Chen kissed Chen Li’s forehead and lay down beside him. Chen Li seemed to sense Wei Chen’s return; his eyes didn’t open, but he rolled into Wei Chen’s embrace.

Wei Chen carefully avoided putting pressure on Chen Li’s belly and closed his eyes while embracing him.

Outside the window, the chirping of insects, a sound absent in the capital, came in rhythmic waves. Silver moonlight slipped through the window.

The moonlight gently enveloped the bed, creating a picture of peaceful happiness.

After the wedding, Wei Chen and Chen Li stayed in Taohua Village for a few more days. Wei Chen had work, and Chen Li had classes, so they returned to the capital with Qiuqiu.

As for Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye, it seemed they had no plans to return to the capital.

However, the night before Wei Chen and Chen Li left, Wei Chen had a long private conversation with Jiang Ye. No one knew what they discussed. However, when the conversation ended, both of them had relaxed expressions, suggesting that it was nothing major.

Back in the capital, Chen Li continued attending classes. His pregnancy was not very obvious, and his belly didn’t show much, so even walking on campus didn’t reveal his condition.

However, after the end of the semester, Chen Li submitted a leave application and took a one-year leave directly, citing health reasons. The school, considering Chen Li’s previous medical history, generously approved the leave.

Wei Chen also shifted the focus of his life back to the family. If there wasn’t someone capable below him, Wei Chen probably would have taken leave like Chen Li to concentrate on taking care of him.

But as Chen Li’s pregnancy progressed, Wei Chen had to take on responsibilities at the company while still making time to be with Chen Li.

“Achen, you don’t have to be like this,” Chen Li, pregnant with twins, had a belly that seemed to inflate like a balloon, making walking uncomfortable.

Wei Chen kissed Chen Li’s eyelids and massaged Chen Li’s swollen feet, saying, “It’s okay. Without you around, I have no interest in work.” A faint smile graced Wei Chen’s lips, adding a touch of warmth to his handsome face.

However, outsiders probably couldn’t see Wei Chen smiling like this. Over the years, Wei Chen had become accustomed to a stoic demeanor, even though his poker face had softened. He still wasn’t accustomed to showing a smile in front of others, except when facing Chen Li and the children. Only then would he reveal a gentle smile.

Chen Li also raised his head to kiss Wei Chen and said with a smiling face, “Achen, having you is really great.” The two exchanged a passionate and warm atmosphere that radiated from them.

Two months before Chen Li was about to give birth, Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping returned to the capital. However, Old Master Sheng liked Chenchen, his great-grandson, so he asked Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping to stay at the Sheng residence.

Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye lived in the Sheng residence for two months before moving back to their previous house, which was in the same neighborhood as Chen Li and Wei Chen.

When they moved back, Jiang Ye prepared a sumptuous dinner and invited Chen Li’s family over.

However, during the dinner, Chen Li went into labor!

He even broke his water at the dinner table.

Lan Xiping and Wei Chen rushed Chen Li to the hospital.

As the car left the neighborhood, Wei Chen’s hands were trembling. Lan Xiping comforted Chen Li in the back seat and, seeing Wei Chen in this state, quickly reassured him, telling him not to be nervous.

For the first time in his life, Chen Li made a joke at Wei Chen’s expense, saying, “Why are you so nervous? It’s not the first time. Just drive carefully.” By this time, Chen Li was already sweating profusely from the contractions.

Wei Chen took a few deep breaths to calm his nervous emotions and said to Chen Li, “Alright, I’ll drive carefully.” With the most important person in his life on board, he wouldn’t allow any accidents.

With this belief, although Wei Chen was nervous, the drive was steady, even though they ran three red lights along the way.

Ci’en Hospital, upon receiving the call, had the stretcher ready. As soon as the car stopped at the hospital entrance, the stretcher was promptly brought over.

Chen Li was wheeled into the operating room.

Jiang Ye stayed at home to take care of Qiuqiu and Chenchen, the two children.

Qiuqiu was very worried about Chen Li. Shortly after Chen Li was taken to the hospital, he started crying. He was so concerned about his dad; he feared that something might happen to him.

Jiang Ye scooped Qiuqiu into his arms, comforting him and explaining that Chen Li was at the hospital to give birth to his little sibling.

Qiuqiu’s emotions quickly settled down, but he insisted that his daddy was giving birth to a little sister. No matter what Jiang Ye said, Qiuqiu firmly believed that Chen Li was giving him a sister.

Unable to convince him otherwise, Jiang Ye let Qiuqiu think what he wanted. After all, the disappointment would be Qiuqiu’s to bear when the truth became apparent.

In the hospital, Wei Chen watched as Chen Li was wheeled into the operating room. He sat in a chair in the corridor, dazed.

Although it wasn’t Chen Li’s first childbirth, it was the first time he was expecting twins, and his belly was so large that even turning over at night was difficult.

Sometimes, Wei Chen couldn’t help but worry, looking at Chen Li’s belly, wishing he could bear the pain for him.

Wei Chen didn’t know how long the surgery lasted; he just sat there, lost in his thoughts, his long fingers tightly entwined.

When the lights in the operating room went out, Lan Xiping walked out.

Wei Chen immediately stood up, asking, “Xiping, how’s Li Li?”

“Don’t worry, both father and children are safe. Congratulations, Chen Li gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl,” Lan Xiping announced.

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