Chapter 396 – Yuanyuan and Pangpang

When Lan Xiping mentioned the safety of father and son, Wei Chen finally breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “What about Li Li?”

“Chen Li is still under the effect of anesthesia. You should go see the two little babies first. The girl came out first, and the boy was a minute or two later, already crossing midnight. So, although they are twins, their birthdays are one day apart,” Lan Xiping reminded, finding it quite interesting.

I wonder if, as they grow up, the boy will blame his godfather for delivering him via C-section a few minutes later than his sister, making him a day younger. Lan Xiping found the thought amusing.

“I understand. Xiping, thank you,” Wei Chen said, slightly smiling at Lan Xiping.

“No problem, go see the babies quickly.”

When Wei Chen arrived at the nursery to see the freshly born “little buns,” the medical staff had already cleaned them, leaving them spotless. They had soft, almost hairless heads, resembling little monkeys with wrinkled, rosy faces that didn’t reveal Wei Chen and Chen Li’s good genes.

But even so, to Wei Chen’s eyes, they were the most beautiful and adorable.

He watched the two newborns through the glass, his dark eyes filled with tenderness.

After about half an hour, Wei Chen remembered to call Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng.

Chen Yunlan had been helping take care of Chen Li at home, but he had to attend an academic forum yesterday and left. Little did he know that Chen Li would give birth shortly after his departure.

Glancing at the sky outside, realizing it was now early morning, Wei Chen thought for a moment and decided to make the call.

When Chen Li went into the operating room, he didn’t inform them, and if he didn’t call now, they might scold him tomorrow for not letting them know. Wei Chen dialed the number.

Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng were already asleep when Wei Chen called.

However, receiving a call at this late hour from Wei Chen suggested it was related to Chen Li.

As the call connected, Chen Yunlan immediately asked, “Is Xiao Li about to give birth?” Chen Li’s due date was around this time, so it must be the reason for Wei Chen’s late-night call.

Wei Chen replied, “They have been born—a pair of dragon and phoenix. The larger one weighs 3 kilograms, and the smaller one is 2.5 kilograms. They are healthy, and Li Li is fine too.”

Twins, and surprisingly, the weight of the newborns was similar to that of a single baby. It’s no wonder that when Chen Li was pregnant, his belly looked inflated, almost double the size compared to when carrying a single baby. It’s a good thing it was a C-section; if it were a natural delivery, it would have been quite challenging.

“Already born?”

Indeed, Chen Yunlan’s mood wasn’t very good. Chen Li was about to give birth, and he didn’t even call him!

“Yes, already born,” Wei Chen remained calm.

“I won’t say it on the phone; Xiao Ran and I are on our way,” Chen Yunlan said, quickly hanging up the phone.

Xie Chunsheng, who was nearby, got the gist of the conversation. While Chen Yunlan and Wei Chen were on the phone, he had already prepared their clothes. Like they were going to war, the two of them hurriedly headed to Ci’en Hospital.

When they arrived, Chen Li was already awake, and Wei Chen was by his side.

Seeing the two dads coming in, Chen Li smiled and said, “Dad, you’re here? Have you seen the little babies?”

Although Chen Li’s voice sounded a bit weak, he looked quite spirited.

Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng finally felt relieved.

“Not yet. We came to see you first,” Chen Yunlan said, walking over to ruffle Chen Li’s hair. “You’ve worked hard, Xiao Li.”

Chen Li nodded in agreement, his eyes welling with tears. “Yeah, it was tough.”

Being pregnant and dealing with a growing belly had been quite challenging for Chen Li. However, the toughest part was not being able to eat many things he craved. Chen Li planned to indulge in a feast once everything settled down, making up for the months of cravings.

Knowing Chen Li so well, Wei Chen bent down to kiss Chen Li’s face and said with a smile, “Li Li, you’ve worked hard. We’ll take you to eat delicious food later.”

Chen Li’s eyes lit up, looking at Wei Chen. “Really?”

When it came to food, all the fatigue on Chen Li seemed to disappear in an instant.

Wei Chen nodded, “You’ve given birth to two chubby babies for us again, so we must treat you well.”

“Yeah,” Chen Li smiled, as if he could already picture himself a month later, enjoying various treats with each bite.

“Oh, by the way, what are the babies’ names?” Xie Chunsheng asked.

Wei Chen replied, “Li Li has chosen their nicknames. As for their full names, I asked Grandpa, and he said let Uncle Xie and Dad decide.”

Xie Chunsheng was somewhat excited at this, “Can I really name the little babies?”

“Dad, you’re the babies’ grandpa. Why can’t you name them?” Chen Li didn’t like Xie Chunsheng saying otherwise and quickly retorted.

“Yes, yes, Dad misspoke,” Xie Chunsheng quickly apologized. “I’ll go back and think about what names to give the two little babies.”

Chen Yunlan also added, “I’ll think about it too. They are our precious grandchildren, and we must give them names with significant meanings. We can’t just pick randomly.”

“What’s the nickname for the little babies then?” Chen Yunlan finally asked.

Though not entirely unexpected, there was still a bit of disbelief in Chen Yunlan’s heart. After all, “Qiuqiu” for a nickname seemed a bit…

Excitedly, Chen Li declared, “Big sister is called Yuanyuan, and little brother is called Pangpang.”

Chen Yunlan, in response, looked silently at Wei Chen, as if to say, couldn’t you have stopped your husband from choosing such names and picked something nicer?

Wei Chen just gazed tenderly at Chen Li, his eyes filled with a smile.

It didn’t matter what they were called; as long as Li Li was happy, that was all that mattered.

“Alright, as long as Li Li is happy,” Chen Yunlan compromised. “Let’s go see Yuanyuan and Pangpang now.” He emphasized the names Yuanyuan and Pangpang.

Chen Li seemed oblivious to any objection, still reveling in the joy of the nicknames he had chosen.

As Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng left the hospital room, the discussion inside could still be heard.

“Achen, do you also think Yuanyuan and Pangpang suit them? Similar to the nickname of Qiuqiu, and they sound pleasant, right?”

Actually, Chen Li preferred the names Yuanyuan and Gungun, but he felt the latter sounded a bit unappealing, so he settled for Pangpang.

Wei Chen, with a straight face, said, “As long as Li Li thinks they sound good.”

Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng exchanged glances upon hearing this, both smiling helplessly.

The next day, Jiang Ye brought Chenchen and Qiuqiu to see their newly born siblings.

Qiuqiu, upon seeing his younger siblings, immediately leaned against the glass, motionless, eyes fixed on the two newborns.

“Uncle Jiang, are these my sisters?” Qiuqiu asked Jiang Ye, tilting his head.

Jiang Ye knew that Qiuqiu had been hoping for sisters, but he clarified, “One is a brother, and one is a sister.”

“Ah?” Upon hearing that one was a brother, Qiuqiu seemed a bit disappointed. “Why a brother? Sisters are so much better.”

“A brother is good too,” Lan Xiping walked over, patting Qiuqiu’s hair. “Later, you and your brother can protect your sister together.”

Even though the sister was a day older than the brother, the idea of the brother protecting the sister still made sense.

With just a few words, Lan Xiping lifted Qiuqiu out of his disappointment. Qiuqiu suddenly realized, “Yes, I can protect my sister with my brother.”

Pointing to one of the babies, Qiuqiu said, “Uncle Lan, why is my brother so ugly?”

Lan Xiping glanced at the baby and chuckled, “Qiuqiu, that’s your sister.”

“Sister?” Qiuqiu’s eyes lit up. “My sister is so beautiful and cute. I meant, why is that brother so ugly?”

Lan Xiping remained silent, not wanting to shatter expose Qiuqiu. If Qiuqiu thought his brother was ugly, so be it.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to see your daddy,” Lan Xiping said, holding Qiuqiu’s hand.

“Okay, I want to see Daddy.” Qiuqiu was still concerned about his daddy. When his daddy was brought to the hospital by Big Dad yesterday, he seemed to be in pain. Qiuqiu wondered how he was doing now.

Chen Li had taken a nap earlier and was now in better spirits. Seeing Qiuqiu coming over, he waved at him and asked, “Qiuqiu, did you see your brother and sister?”

Qiuqiu nodded, “I saw them. Daddy, why is my brother so ugly, while my sister is so cute?” Qiuqiu continued with his familiar remarks.

Chen Li pinched Qiuqiu’s cheek, unsure how to respond. In reality, he had no idea how Qiuqiu could perceive a difference in the looks of the two siblings.

Seeing that Daddy didn’t provide an answer, Qiuqiu went to ask Big Dad, “Big Dad, do you know why?”

Wei Chen replied, “From what I’ve heard, the little brother looks a lot like Qiuqiu.”

“Is that so?” Qiuqiu asked, tilting his head.

Wei Chen nodded.

Immediately, Qiuqiu changed his tune, saying, “Daddy, Big Dad, Qiuqiu ‘s little brother is really handsome, the universe’s super invincible number one handsome!”

His expression was still quite serious.

Chen Li couldn’t help but laugh at Qiuqiu’s tone and, in turn, pinched his cheek. He then turned to Wei Chen and said, “Achen, I heard from Xiping that Yuanyuan and Pangpang didn’t cry when they were born. If it weren’t for Xiping spanking them a few times on their buttocks, they would have only whimpered a bit. Xiping said he was really worried at the time, as it’s not common for babies not to cry at birth.”

Newborns, having spent a long time in amniotic fluid, might have residual fluid in their mouths and noses when born. Crying helps them clear this residue.

Yuanyuan and Pangpang, however, didn’t open their mouths when born, causing Xiping considerable concern. He even suspected that something might be wrong with them. Thankfully, after a few spanks on their buttocks, they finally cried a few times, and Xiping was reassured.

“Achen, do you think Yuanyuan and Pangpang will resemble you more or me?” Chen Li asked Wei Chen.

Wei Chen smiled, “It’s better if they resemble you more.” His personality was too reserved, so it would be better if they took after Chen Li more, just like Qiuqiu.

Of course, regardless of who they resembled more, Yuanyuan and Pangpang were treasures in the hearts of both Wei Chen and Chen Li.

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Yuanyuan = Round/Circle

Pangpang = Chubby/Plump

Gungun = Roll

Qiuqiu = Ball

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