Chapter 77.1 – Ordinariness is the Greatest Miracle of Life

After disembarking, three high school students and some lightly injured members of the SIU were sent to the local hospital together. When the doctor saw the injuries on their bodies, their eyes widened, probably not expecting students to suffer such severe injuries in modern civilized society.

Due to injuries involving dermatology, orthopedics, and possibly neurology, the medical examination turned into a thorough investigation. Xiao Pang’s arm was burned by venom, with his hand also covered in blood and flesh. Before he unfolded his hand, the doctor had never imagined the wound to be so severe.

The wounds on Chen Jing’s body also drew gasps from onlookers.

Their injuries required some minor surgeries, and the doctor asked, “Where are your guardians? There are some situations here that need to be communicated to them.”

Their guardian was sleeping soundly in an unknown corridor, surrounded by members of the SIU armed with weapons. No one dared to disturb them. In the end, Xu Tonggui took charge of the entire process. His communication with the doctor was concise but detailed, appearing strangely reliable.

At least much more reliable than their actual guardian who seemed far from trustworthy.

The fake Captain served as the babysitter for the three children here, while the real Vice-Captain on the other side was too busy to handle anything. Frantically writing reports and attempting to fabricate a complete story to explain the reason the ship ended up in such a broken state, someone informed them that something strange had been found in a maritime supplies store on the commercial street.

One more thing to deal with, without much thought, he immediately guessed that there must be the involvement of 001 or Jiang Yujin behind this.

This person was truly a master of deception, appearing idle but actually knowing everything and accomplishing everything behind the scenes.


All of them combined perhaps couldn’t outplay this person. He had a slight suspicion back at the Hongsheng Building, but at that time, he hadn’t suspected this person. However, from that moment, this person had already begun to lay out his plans. If this incident hadn’t happened, and evidence couldn’t be found, he might have continued to suspect without any confirmation.

Deceiving people to death, thinking about it, it truly fit this person’s style.

Hu Li lowered his eyes to the paper in front of him.

【Top Secret File】

【Code: 001】

【Name: Jiang Yujin】

He sighed and put down the pen in his hand.

Most of the SIU members needed to report back to the headquarters, and since the headquarters couldn’t remain unattended for a long time, they had left on the day they disembarked.

Atsha had been completely destroyed, making it impossible to continue gathering evidence there. All the materials had to rely on eyewitness accounts, and with the incident on the commercial street, the remaining people were busy every day. It took them several days before they could finally leave.

The three high school students left with Jiang Yujin. Sitting on the plane, the three injured students sat in a row, watching the person by the window take out their phone.

In an instant, the expression of the person by the window changed. As soon as his expression changed, the hearts of the three high school students immediately sank.

Chen Jing asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Yujin, with lifeless eyes, turned the phone screen to his big son with a tone of grief, “I failed in my Xiaoxiaole game.”

Zhang Xin: “…”

Xiao Pang: “…”

Better not say anything, old man.

The joys and sorrows between people are not the same. Citizen Jiang was in deep grief, while the three high school students fell into a deafening silence.

They were already quiet, and what happened next plunged them into an even deeper silence.

From boarding the plane to disembarking, leaving the airport, they encountered several rounds of people trying to strike up a conversation. The attempts to socialize had nothing to do with the three obviously high school students; they were just silent witnesses.

After rejecting several people who tried to add friends, the person in a wrinkled shirt scratched his head and said, “Young people these days really like making friends.”

Unfortunately, these people seemed to only enjoy going out together or engaging in pure online chats. However, when it came to playing cards or drinking together, he readily accepted without hesitation.

The high school students felt that these people probably weren’t really looking to make friends; chatting was just an excuse.

Zhang Xin and Xiao Pang looked at Chen Jing, who stood silently on the side.

His father being hit on in front of him should be a difficult feeling to describe, probably similar to the indescribable sensation when the wealthy second generation had asked for their help in pursuing Jiang Yujin before.

Today, Citizen Jiang transformed into the enthusiastic Uncle Jiang, personally seeing the other two high school students home. In the end, he returned home with his big son.

A few days after returning to City A, Citizen Jiang finally found time to visit the downstairs barbershop and regain a head of black hair.

With no customers in the shop at this time, only he was present, and the sound of the news played on the television.

“Recently, with the support of enthusiastic citizens, the SIU has raided the headquarters of a large anti-social organization. The organization’s branches are rapidly disintegrating. At the same time, the issue of strange species has been effectively resolved, and the number of strange species is under control…”

The barbershop owner, holding a cigarette, sat on the side and asked, “So, how was the situation resolved?”

Jiang Yujin lowered his head, playing Xiaoxiaole, and said, “The SIU questioned me.”

The questioning was quite grand, with a room full of people who appeared tense, as if afraid he would dismantle the SIU. But it was only limited to questioning. He was a law-abiding citizen and had not engaged in any illegal activities. After the questioning, they had no choice but to send him back.

But it wasn’t just limited to questioning.

Jiang Yujin said, “There are two people in the alley outside, one in the convenience store, and two in the car across the street.”

Ever since he returned on the plane from the South Seas, these few days back home had been quite lively around him.

The barbershop owner’s eyes twitched, “Do you know if someone is following you, or are they coming to me?”

Jiang Yujin laughed innocently, extremely innocent.

The person with an extremely innocent expression received a silent punch from the barbershop owner.

Jiang Yujin rubbed his head, and said, “Can’t last a few days. I guess within ten days, they’ll go back.”

Jiang Yujin guessed correctly. On the tenth day, unable to bear watching people gossip in the small park every day, and secretly going to the small pub for a drink. The person in charge of investigating the high-risk player with Code 001 submitted a request to terminate the mission to the higher-ups.

The mission termination request was not immediately approved. On that day, a small meeting was convened by the upper echelons of the SIU regarding the high-risk player with Code 001.

Hu Li also attended the meeting, and due to various considerations, the small meeting was secretly convened.

The person in charge of investigating Code 001 presented a compiled report, summarizing the target’s activities over the past ten days.

Overall, there was an irregularity that hinted at some kind of pattern. This person lived a routine of staying at home and gossiping every day, occasionally sneaking out for a few sips of alcohol when his son wasn’t around. Occasionally, he would work for a couple of days, look for some cats and dogs, without any abnormal behavior.

The life this person led seemed much more comfortable than theirs, and the more they observed, the more they felt like shedding tears.

Hu Li asked, “Has he shown extreme emotions, such as extreme anger?”


In cases of extreme anger from encountering the high-risk player, the person giving the report found it difficult to express. He handed a few papers to Hu Li and said when the other took them:

“On the morning of the 2nd, the target went out to work, parked his vehicle on the side of the road, and when he returned, he discovered that his helmet had been stolen. He immediately showed a lot of anger.”

The target was angry and sad, staring at his own electric scooter for a long time, as if contemplating the origin of the universe.

At least, this was the most significant emotional fluctuation they had observed during the many days of surveillance.

Hu Li: “…”

If he remembered correctly, within the scope of his knowledge, the target’s helmet had been stolen at least twice.

Hu Li asked, “How does he express his anger?”

The person giving the report pointed to the papers in his hands and said, “It’s on the paper in your hands, Vice-Captain.”

Hu Li lowered his head and carefully examined the contents.

In his hands were complaint letters. Not just one, but several, all addressing the increasing boldness of helmet theft and hoping for action to be taken to create a helmet-friendly city.


Hu Li finally understood why the person giving the report had such a difficult expression earlier.

The high-risk player expressed extreme anger by writing multiple complaint letters, very civilized and polite.

He examined them carefully and found that the handwriting in the complaint letters was different, completely two different styles, and one of them was quite familiar.

Half of the letters were written by Xu Tonggui, if he guessed correctly. The other half should be written by the target’s son.

Angry, hence the complaints, but unwilling to write the letters himself.

Everyone present wore the same expression as the person giving the report.

The meeting concluded, and the result was a reduction in the threat level of the high-risk player. The application for the completion of the investigation mission was approved, and they finally didn’t have to continue surveillance.

Everything seemed to return to its usual state.

Not long after the first joint simulated exam, the second joint exam began. The three high school students returned to school at the first opportunity but needed to go to the hospital for regular check-ups. Chen Jing’s fracture would take some time to heal, but it didn’t have much impact on his daily life. Before the exams, Xiao Pang handed over the research material to the SIU.

The crystal of 【0】 was destroyed, and the vast majority of the issue had been resolved. The remaining task was to deal with the scattered spawns in various locations. The road had been paved to this point, and not continuing would be unjustifiable. Now, it was up to the SIU to handle what came after.

Cultivating spawns was challenging, but eliminating them was relatively simple. With detailed information about 【0】, targeting and eliminating the spawns wasn’t too difficult. The most challenging part was getting the reagents for eliminating spawns distributed to various locations.

When delivering the materials, Xiao Pang suggested using the Luosa Tree. The Luosa Tree could grow rapidly as long as it had nutrients, and with a sufficient quantity, its spores could spread to every place. Without 【0】, the Luosa Tree could no longer appear, but previously, Xu Tonggui brought back the juvenile form of the Luosa Tree from Goose Square. The juvenile form was still preserved in the laboratory, soaked in a special liquid, preventing it from growing but also ensuring it didn’t die.

The laboratory’s research direction shifted towards improving the Luosa Tree spores, enabling them to parasitize things that were parasitized by the spawns. It was an extensive project, but not impossible to complete; all it required was time.

Occasionally working but spending most of his time idling, Jiang Yujin, among others, waited for his big son to return home early after completing the second mock exam.

When the unexpected sound of the front door key turning echoed, he quickly threw the empty beer cans on the table into the trash bin, and also covered the top of the bin with a few sheets of paper.

After finishing the exam, the high schooler, with a calm and unruffled mood, passed through the living room carrying his backpack and unsurprisingly saw the person lying on the sofa.

He brought back a piece of news, saying that there would be a parent-teacher meeting in a few days in the afternoon.

As soon as the words were spoken, the high schooler smelled something and asked, “Drinking again?”

Jiang Yujin shifted his gaze.

Without waiting for him to answer, the high schooler saw a portion of the beer can peeking out from under the paper in the trash bin.

The person on the sofa attempted to explain, “You know, adults face a lot of pressure.”

A lot of pressure, referring to the absence of reruns of his favorite soap opera today and getting stuck in Xiaoxiaole.

The high schooler clearly wasn’t fooled by this excuse. After putting down his backpack, he went to open the refrigerator to check the remaining quantity of beer.

His son didn’t trust him at all, Citizen Jiang sighed.

Not only did he fail to gain his son’s trust, but he also had his supply of beer confiscated for several days.

Without soap operas and no access to alcohol, a significant portion of the joy of lying at home was lost for Jiang Yujin. As a result, he briefly perked up and spent these days working outside.

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