Chapter 363 – The Greatest Revenge

And after Lu Xia left, she was not affected by today’s events. She no longer had any feelings for the Lu family, and regarding what Lu Qiu had said earlier, she knew that Lu Qiu’s intelligence would solve it.

These matters had nothing to do with her; she’d rather think about whether she should cook a delicious meal for Jiang Junmo, who had earned some extra money, tonight.

In fact, before leaving the Lu family, she had thought about whether she should seek revenge on them when she returned to the city in the future, to avenge the original owner.

However, after growing and maturing over the past few years, she had thought it over and decided against it. It wasn’t because she was a saint, but she felt that despite the Lu family’s mistreatment of the original owner – their coldness and neglect – they had also raised her and sent her to school. Even the matter of work was retaliated by her, so there was no need to go to extremes.

After all, in name, they were still her biological parents, and if something happened to them, it could potentially affect her as well. Moreover, she knew that with the kind of people in the Lu family, they wouldn’t be able to cause any significant harm.

And today, after hearing Lu Qiu’s words, she was even more certain. The Lu family members she despised the most were Mother Lu and Lu Chun. Judging by the situation, without her intervention, they would likely lead increasingly miserable lives.

Mother Lu, without her job, would lose more and more influence within the family, and Lu Chun, without Mother Lu’s support, would not live well in such an in-law’s house.

So, she would just watch from the sidelines; there was no need to dirty her own hands.

Her greatest revenge against them was living a better life while they struggled.

As for Lu Qiu, as she had said herself, she calculated even against her own family. What kind of feelings could she have for her?

Just as she had said, after she entered vocational school and gained the ability, she never thought of contacting her. So, to Lu Xia, there was no difference between her and the Lu family.

As for Lu Dong, a child who had been spoiled by his parents while growing up, she didn’t need to say anything about how he would turn out.

So, the Lu family, which could be seen through at a glance, didn’t really require her to expend any effort, provided they didn’t come looking for trouble, otherwise, don’t blame her for being rude

After returning home, Lu Xia didn’t dwell on matters related to the Lu family. She thought that since her return to the city, she had been quite busy and hadn’t had the chance to cook for everyone. Therefore, she decided to personally prepare a meal for them.

So, she began preparations in the afternoon, first going to buy groceries with Aunt Wang, then cleaning up the kitchen herself. Aunt Wang tried to help, but she declined her assistance.

Her main goal was to add some spiritual spring water to the food.

Since her return to the city, she hadn’t been able to add spiritual spring water to the household’s water anymore.

This was mainly because the Jiang family had lived here for so many years, and they were accustomed to the taste of the water. If she suddenly changed it, the sensitive Jiang family members would easily notice.

Moreover, Jiang Junmo had made it clear that he didn’t want her to do this.

So, Lu Xia could only add some spiritual spring water to the water bottles of herself and Jiang Junmo during her normal school days.

The purpose of this meal was to provide a different way for everyone to consume the spiritual spring water, as the Jiang family had treated her well, and she wanted to improve their health.

Lu Xia busied herself for most of the afternoon and finally prepared a delicious meal.

When the elder family members returned and heard that Lu Xia had cooked the meal herself, they were all surprised.

After taking a bite of the food, everyone loved her cooking skills.

Only Jiang Junmo recognized the familiar taste and smiled knowingly, giving her a glance.

Lu Xia felt a bit embarrassed by all the compliments from everyone, but she decided that she would cook more in the future to take care of her family’s health. After all, these soldiers were likely carrying hidden injuries on their bodies.


Chapter 364 – Learning to Make Clothes


After dinner, Aunt Wang insisted that Lu Xia shouldn’t help with the cleanup. So, Lu Xia went upstairs and took out the fabric she had bought today, intending to make clothes for Kang Kang.

There was a sewing machine in the house, probably purchased by Aunt Jiang, but Lu Xia had never seen her use it during her time there. So, she decided to figure out how to use it.

When Aunt Jiang heard that Lu Xia wanted to make clothes, she directly helped her open the sewing machine. Nowadays, sewing machines had a large design, and before opening them, they looked like a flat table. In the middle, there was a hidden compartment where the sewing machine was housed.

Aunt Jiang explained how to use it to Lu Xia, and then Lu Xia, feeling reluctant to trouble her further, started to study it on her own. She found the method not too difficult and decided to give it a try.

However, as she started using it, she realized that even though she understood the technique mentally, her hands and feet were not as agile as she thought.

After struggling for a while and breaking into a sweat, she couldn’t finish the sewing and had to seek help from Jiang Junmo.

Jiang Junmo had gone to take a shower but came out to find Lu Xia’s sewing project.

He picked it up and examined it, hesitating for a moment before asking, “Is this… gloves?”

Lu Xia fell silent for a moment. “No… these are shorts I was trying to make for Kang Kang. I initially wanted to start with something simple, but it turned out to be quite challenging.”

Jiang Junmo looked at the shorts, which had already been sewn shut at the bottom, and silently put them down.

He didn’t want to look at it any longer; it was hard on the eyes.

Then he began to teach her. “Using a sewing machine is actually quite simple. Once you get the rhythm, it’s easy. But if you want to make clothes, you should start by learning how to cut the fabric.”

He glanced at the “shorts” she had made.

“You’ve cut this too small; Kang Kang probably won’t be able to wear it.”

“Really?” Lu Xia was puzzled. She thought they should be roughly the right size.

Jiang Junmo sighed. “You might think it looks about right to the naked eye, but when Kang Kang wears it, he needs some room to move, and when you sew, you need to leave some extra fabric for the edges.”

“Oh, I see. I was being too simplistic,” Lu Xia said with a hint of regret. When she had watched Jiang Junmo make clothes back in the village, it had seemed so easy, but she had clearly overestimated herself.

“Ah, I’m really not very clever.”

Seeing her look a bit downcast, Jiang Junmo smiled and said, “You just haven’t learned it yet. It’s actually quite simple. Don’t worry; I’ll teach you. With a sewing machine, making clothes will be much faster.”

“Okay!” Encouraged by his words, Lu Xia perked up.

Jiang Junmo then started teaching her from cutting fabric. Learning this wasn’t as easy, but in the end, he ended up doing the cutting himself. However, Lu Xia quickly grasped how to operate the sewing machine, and at least she could coordinate the foot pedal and hand movements smoothly.

Kang Kang was a small child, so making clothes for him was relatively simple. By bedtime, Lu Xia had already finished making a pair of shorts. She felt a sense of accomplishment and finally breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that maybe she wasn’t as clueless as she had thought.

Seeing her looking so content, Jiang Junmo shook his head with a smile.

The next day was Monday, and both of them returned to school for classes.

As soon as Lu Xia entered the classroom, she noticed Xie Guifang sitting next to Yu Wan.

She paused for a moment, but then acted as if she hadn’t seen her and sat on the other side of Yu Wan.

She gave Yu Wan a look, silently asking what was going on and why Xie Guifang was back in class.

Yu Wan returned her a glance with a message: “We’ll talk at lunch.”

Lu Xia nodded and didn’t pay any more attention to Xie Guifang. However, it seemed like the other classmates were quite curious, as their eyes discreetly shifted in their direction after noticing Xie Guifang’s return. In response, Xie Guifang shot them fierce glares.

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