Chapter 683 – Ye Lin and Qi Xiao Get Married

After returning to the small courtyard, Sun Shengnan told Lu Xia that they had decided to leave.

Lu Xia tried to persuade them to stay, but they had already made up their minds. After all, they had found out about their child’s illness, and they had both taken leave to come here. Knowing that Zhenzhen’s illness required long-term treatment and would likely cost a lot of money, they wanted to return to work as soon as possible.

Listening to her, Lu Xia didn’t have much more to say. That afternoon, she accompanied Sun Shengnan to buy their train tickets.

When Jiang Junmo returned in the evening and heard about the illness, he didn’t know what to say.

The next day, the two of them left after receiving the gifts Lu Xia had prepared for them. Lu Xia was still worried about them and hoped that Zhenzhen would recover. Otherwise, Sun Shengnan and her husband would be in for a tough time.

After they left, Lu Xia returned to work at the school.

But after only a few days, she received a call from Ye Lin asking her to come to the company.

Lu Xia thought something was wrong with the company, so she rushed over as soon as her class was over. However, when she arrived, she heard Ye Lin shyly telling her, “I’m planning to get married!”

“Huh? What?”

“I and Qi Xiao are planning to get married!” Ye Lin repeated.

Lu Xia finally understood, “Huh? When did you decide? It’s so sudden.”

Ye Lin blushed when Lu Xia asked, “Well, we decided recently.”

Lu Xia didn’t say much and asked, “When’s the wedding?”

“It’s on the 11th.”

“What? Why is it so rushed?” It was only five days away from the 11th; that was incredibly fast.
“Qi Xiao hasn’t come back yet?”

Ye Lin nodded, “His car is coming back today.”

Lu Xia remained silent for a moment and then looked closely at Ye Lin, sensing that something was amiss.

“Come on, are you keeping something from me?” she asked.

Ye Lin’s face turned even redder, and under Lu Xia’s persistent gaze, she eventually confessed, “Well… I’m pregnant!”

“What?” Lu Xia exclaimed in surprise. “When did this happen?”

Ye Lin looked somewhat embarrassed as she replied, “It happened when we went on a trip together down south a while ago. I didn’t expect it to happen so coincidentally. A few days ago, when I told him, he immediately proposed marriage. But I haven’t even told my parents about this, I’m afraid they’ll scold me.”

No wonder they would scold you, Lu Xia thought to herself. She didn’t know what to say. In this day and age, getting pregnant before marriage was still frowned upon.

Thankfully, Qi Xiao was responsible and immediately proposed marriage, or Ye Lin would have had a difficult time in the future.

Seeing Ye Lin’s happy and shy expression, Lu Xia decided not to say much for now. She planned to have a proper talk with Qi Xiao when he returned.

Qi Xiao returned very soon. Once he was back, his friends, including Jiang Junmo, found out about his upcoming wedding.

They were curious about why he was in such a hurry to get married, but he dismissed their questions by saying, “Work has been busy, and I finally found some time to come back.”

However, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo found a moment to talk to him. After Qi Xiao promised to treat Ye Lin well, they reluctantly forgave him.

The Qi family had status and influence, so despite the rushed timeline, the wedding was grandly organized.

As a close friend and somewhat of a matchmaker, Lu Xia gave them a generous gift. Even Qi Xiao’s parents thanked her for introducing their son to such a great girl, as it might have taken a long time for them to find each other without her.

Ye Lin’s parents were even more delighted, as their daughter was marrying into a prosperous and respectable family. They expressed their gratitude to Lu Xia for her role in bringing Ye Lin and Qi Xiao together.

So, despite being an outsider, Lu Xia received a lot of thanks for this wedding.

However, Su Man didn’t attend the wedding. Instead, she sent her gift with Lu Xia. Perhaps their lives had taken different paths, and their relationship had grown distant.

In the end, it seemed like a beneficial situation for everyone involved.


Chapter 684 – Yu Wan’s Pregnancy


After their marriage, Qi Xiao rarely left for his work in the south and stayed in the capital to be with Ye Lin.

Lu Xia, on the other hand, occasionally helped at the company, especially considering Ye Lin’s pregnancy. She took on some of her responsibilities, lightening her load.

It seemed like good news kept coming their way recently, as Yu Wan also told Lu Xia that she was pregnant. Lu Xia was thrilled for her and even discussed with Chang Yi the idea of taking on an apprentice to help with their work, so he could have more time to be with his wife.

Chang Yi immediately smiled, clearly delighted by the suggestion. However, he was abruptly snapped back to reality by an authoritative pat on the back from his father.

“What are you grinning about? Get back to work!” Grandfather Chang scolded him.

After Chang Yi had left, Grandfather Chang turned to Lu Xia. “Speaking of apprentices, Xiao Lu, there’s something I want to discuss with you.”

“Please go ahead, Grandfather Chang,” Lu Xia replied, curious.

Grandfather Chang sighed. “Ever since my accident, my former apprentices have severed ties with me for fear of being negatively influenced by my situation. I understand their reasoning; it’s only human. There’s one young apprentice, though, who was quite stubborn at the time. He refused to compromise and ended up losing his job because of me.

When the policies changed, he started a street food business selling dumplings with his mother. He’s skilled, and he was doing well, but he’s a frugal person so his dumplings were delicious and affordable, but he offended some people by taking away their regular customers.

Now his dumpling stand is in trouble, and he can’t sell them anymore. I initially thought that if he was doing fine, I wouldn’t contact him, but seeing his current situation, I can’t just stand by. I was wondering if we could hire him in our store and just pay him the salary of an apprentice. “

Lu Xia laughed when she heard Grandfather Chang’s request and said, “This is a great opportunity! Don’t worry; you can call him over without the need to classify him as an apprentice. Anyone you praise so highly must have excellent skills, so we can treat him as a master chef. This is like getting a talented chef for free!”

Grandfather Chang was relieved by her response. “Great. Since you agree, I’ll have him come over for a trial. Don’t worry, if he doesn’t perform well, I’ll let him go.”

“Good, with you overseeing, I feel at ease.”

Later on, Lu Xia met Grandfather Chang’s young apprentice, who, despite being considered young, was in his thirties. He hadn’t married yet, due to various reasons, and was living with his elderly mother.

After a brief interaction, Lu Xia found him to be a sincere and honest person, which put her mind at ease. She then entrusted the restaurant to Wang Qiuying and resumed her focus on the company’s affairs.

The new factory building was nearly complete, with machinery gradually being moved in. Once the relocation was finished, they would work directly in the new factory. As it was situated quite far from the city center, the company had arranged transportation services, making it more convenient for the employees.

What made the staff even happier was the construction behind the factory building. The towering apartment buildings had already been erected.

Lu Xia had never kept the purpose of these buildings a secret. All the employees knew that apart from some units being staff dormitories, the rest would serve as employee benefits.

After a certain number of years working at the company, employees could purchase these apartments at a heavily discounted rate. They could even use future earnings to offset the cost. Those who made significant contributions to the company could acquire them for free.

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