Chapter 253 – Hospital Chaos

Sheng Jiaqi’s question was abrupt and without context. Wei Chen paused for a moment before realizing what Sheng Jiaqi was asking. He looked at Sheng Jiaqi with a puzzled expression and said, “Uncle Sheng, why are you asking me this?”

“Cookie went to Shanghai yesterday, right? He saw a photo of an old acquaintance who bore a striking resemblance to Chen Li, and this person also had autism. So, Cookie became curious and wondered if Chen Li could possibly be this person’s child,” explained Sheng Jiaqi.

After leaving the graveyard, Cookie seized an opportunity to inform Sheng Jiaqi about his findings, hoping that Sheng Jiaqi could investigate further, as Sheng Jiaqi had a wider network compared to Cookie. However, Sheng Jiaqi didn’t disclose to Wei Chen that this acquaintance was from the Qu family. It wasn’t a matter of distrust in Wei Chen but due to the sensitive nature of his father-in-law. Until the matter was clarified, the identity of Mr. Qu couldn’t be revealed.

“Li Li isn’t Chen Yunsheng’s biological son,” Wei Chen disclosed without hiding the truth. “He is Chen Yunlan’s son.”

Sheng Jiaqi looked surprised. “Chen Yunlan’s? Are you sure?”

Wei Chen nodded.

“If he’s Chen Yunlan’s son, why did Chen Yunsheng publicly claim him as his illegitimate child and raise Chen Li?” Sheng Jiaqi couldn’t comprehend.

“Because Chen Yunsheng wanted Li Li’s heart to save his daughter,” Wei Chen disclosed the entire truth since it was already mentioned.

“What!” Sheng Jiaqi looked at Wei Chen in disbelief. “How could Chen Yunsheng be so vicious? To exchange hearts, to change identities, he could even think of such a thing!”

“So, your recent leave was related to this? Did Chen Yunsheng target Chen Li?” After the initial surprise, Sheng Jiaqi guessed that Wei Chen was the only person who could request extended leave. Chen Li must have been in trouble for Wei Chen to do so.

Considering this news and the situation, it seemed that the Chen family had targeted Chen Li.

“Yes, the Chen family targeted him,” Wei Chen confirmed.

Having received the confirmation, Sheng Jiaqi furrowed his brows deeply. Chen Li must be safe, regardless of whether he’s his brother-in-law’s son or not.

“You must protect Chen Li. If you encounter any difficulties, tell me, I’ll help you solve them!” Sheng Jiaqi offered his support, tapping his chest.

“Thank you, Uncle Sheng,” Wei Chen accepted the gesture.

“Alright, you can go now.” Having understood the situation, Sheng Jiaqi didn’t want to delay Wei Chen’s work any longer and allowed him to return to work.

“Okay, I’ll head down now,” Wei Chen said, turning to leave.

Sheng Jiaqi sat back in his seat, deep in thought.

Chen Li is Chen Yunlan’s son, resembling his brother-in-law by 80%, which raises the question: could Chen Li be the child of Chen Yunlan and his brother-in-law? After all, some men from the Qu family carry specific genes that facilitate fathering children, as seen in his son, Cookie.

Sheng Jiaqi made a phone call, which was answered shortly after. “Help me investigate Chen Yunlan, especially about twenty-two years ago,” Sheng Jiaqi requested.

The person on the other end of the call nodded in agreement. Although investigating events from twenty-two years ago could be challenging, since Sheng Jiaqi had requested it, they would strive to uncover some information.

After getting a satisfactory response, Sheng Jiaqi hung up the phone and resumed his work. However, his thoughts were preoccupied with Chen Li. If Chen Li was indeed Qu Ran’s child, what had transpired between Chen Yunlan and Qu Ran? What role did the Chen family play in this matter? Was the relationship between Chen Yunlan and Qu Ran genuine? Did Chen Yunlan know in advance about the Chen family’s plan to use Chen Li as a heart donor?

Numerous questions swirled in Sheng Jiaqi’s mind. Without any concrete data, he couldn’t find answers. But one thing was certain: Chen Li had to be protected from the Chen family’s sinister intentions, especially from the heart transplant operation.

The more Sheng Jiaqi thought about it, the more concerned he became. He made another call and sent a few people to ensure Chen Li’s safety.

At present, the most crucial matter is the safety of Chen Li.


Two days after being admitted, Chen Yunlan disregarded the doctor’s advice and left the hospital.

First, he asked a real estate agent to find a house. Originally, he didn’t intend to stay in China for long, but now Chen Yunlan had decided to settle down there, making finding a house a priority.

After arranging the housing with the agent, Chen Yunlan hailed a taxi, specifying Ci’en Hospital as the destination.

Previously, if he had gone to Ci’en Hospital before talking to Wei Chen, Chen Yunlan would have had a desperate purpose. He would have chosen to kill Chen Yu because her death would deter the Chen family from targeting Chen Li’s heart.

However, after his conversation and collaboration with Wei Chen, Chen Yunlan wouldn’t resort to such an action. Nevertheless, there were things he refrained from doing that left him feeling uncomfortable.

Fifteen minutes later, the taxi arrived at Ci’en Hospital’s entrance. Chen Yunlan entered the hospital and, after inquiring at the reception, headed straight to Chen Yu’s hospital room.


Chen Yu is not in the ward at the moment. She was taken by Chen Qing to the garden downstairs to relax. The ward was left with only Chen Yunsheng and Du Lixun.

Chen Yunlan was about to push the door open when he heard voices from inside.

“When are you going to dig out Chen Li’s heart?” It was a female voice, belonging to Du Lixun. Her tone was calm, as if not discussing gruesome matters but casually asking if someone had eaten.

“Isn’t it because Reinhert is missing?” Chen Yunsheng replied, sounding somewhat frustrated. “Once we find Reinhert, I will immediately bring Chen Li, and have Reinhert cause Chen Li’s brain death. After all, Reinhert planted psychological suggestions in Chen Li’s consciousness. Causing Chen Li’s brain death is just a matter of minutes. Then, as Chen Li’s parents, we donate Chen Li’s body, retrieve his heart. It’s not a difficult task, is it?”

“It’d be best if it were as you say!” Du Lixun snorted coldly. “If anything happens to Xiao Yu, you can forget about the shares in the Du family’s hands!”

Chen Yunsheng, feeling exasperated, said, “Can you stop threatening me with shares every time! Xiao Yu is also my daughter. I care for her too, you know?”

Du Lixun sneered, “Care for her? All the people in your Chen family are cold-blooded. If it weren’t for the ten percent of shares my Du family holds in your Chen family’s enterprises in Shanghai, controlling you, you would have long abandoned Chen Yu. After all, a heart disease patient holds no value for your Chen family!”

Frustrated and feeling pricked by Du Lixun’s words, Chen Yunsheng didn’t want to argue further. He just left in a huff. But when he reached the door of the ward, he saw Chen Yunlan standing outside, with a dark and inscrutable look in his eyes.

“Yunlan, when did you arrive?” Chen Yunsheng nervously asked, unsure of how much Chen Yunlan had overheard.

Chen Yunlan didn’t say a word. With an inscrutable look, he forced Chen Yunsheng into the ward, finally fixing his gaze on a nearby chair, picking it up and ruthlessly smashing it onto Chen Yunsheng.

“Bang!” The chair heavily struck Chen Yunsheng’s forehead, immediately causing it to split open and blood to gush out.

Du Lixun was horrified by the series of actions. Only when she saw the blood on Chen Yunsheng’s forehead did she scream, “Chen Yunlan, have you gone mad?”

Ignoring Du Lixun’s screams, Chen Yunlan continued wielding the chair ruthlessly, hitting Chen Yunsheng as if he were without a care in the world.

Chen Yunsheng was completely disadvantaged from the start due to his slow reactions. At this moment, he was the only one being beaten and cried out under the assault by Chen Yunlan.

Fortunately, Chen Qing returned at this moment, pushing Chen Yu back and immediately rushing to stop Chen Yunlan from harming their father.

However, Chen Yunlan was out of control, not even halted by Chen Qing’s intervention. In the process, Chen Qing himself was struck by Chen Yunlan with a few chairs.

“Why are you all just standing there? Hurry up and take him away!” Chen Qing yelled at the doctors who were stunned on the side. In that brief moment, Chen Qing was also severely hit on the back by Chen Yunlan.

It was only then that the doctors woke up as if from a dream and collectively moved to pull Chen Yunlan away.

Despite losing his composure, Chen Yunlan hadn’t harmed the innocent. Seeing the doctors approach, he threw down the chair, ceased his actions, and, with bloodshot eyes, stared at Chen Yunsheng lying on the ground, holding his head and groaning. He said angrily, “Chen Yunsheng, are you still human? Is your daughter’s life the only one that matters? Isn’t my son’s life worth anything? To save your daughter, you planned to dig out my son’s heart? My son is just in his early twenties, with a bright future ahead. How can you, as an elder, be so heartless?”

Initially, those who had been spectating were blaming Chen Yunlan. However, upon hearing his words, everyone was astonished, finding it hard to believe the actions of Chen Yunsheng’s family. How could there be relatives in the world like this? Wanting to take the heart of their nephew to save their daughter?

How could someone have such a cruel heart?

Even the doctors who had just helped now regretted their actions upon hearing Chen Yunlan’s words. They thought, ‘Such a heartless person deserves to be beaten to death!’

The voices of discussions quickly reached the ears of Chen Yunsheng’s family. Du Lixun, staring bewilderedly at the mocking faces around, let out a sharp scream. Was it wrong for her to try and save her daughter? Was it wrong to want her daughter to live?

Chen Qing quickly understood the situation, slammed the ward door shut with a bang, blocking out the outside gossip, and then squatted down to comfort Chen Yu. “Xiao Yu, it’s okay, don’t listen to their nonsense.”

However, Chen Yu didn’t heed Chen Qing’s comforting words. Instead, she looked at her mother and said, “Mom, is it really impossible to get Chen Li’s heart? Am I really going to die? Why doesn’t that fool Chen Li die, but it’s me who has to die? That idiot Chen Li should die!”

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    1. Their methods are so complicated, so insidious, but completely lacking in logic and efficiency. How easy it would have been to guilt trip him into donating his heart if they had cared for him, “We nurtured you even though you are illegitimate so compensate”. Or to groom him that his purpose was to save his sister like in My sister’s keeper. Just so many ways but they chose the dumbest one and dragged it out for 20yrs. So was the marriage to ensure he didn’t die in their house?

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