Chapter 254 – Settling in Beijing

Du Lixun walked over to Chen Yu, reached out and rubbed her head, saying, “Xiao Yu, rest assured. What belongs to you will always be yours, and no one can take it away.” Her expression was gentle, yet her eyes were ice-cold.

“Mom, you’re not lying to me, are you?” Chen Yu asked, her face clouded with gloom.

“When has Mom ever lied to you?” Du Lixun countered. She had always gone to great lengths to obtain what her children wanted. Her daughter and son deserved the best in the world.

“Okay, Mom, I believe you,” Chen Yu stared at Du Lixun, her expression slightly contorted. Due to her heart condition, her life was different from many others. While others could try things they wanted, she was always told from a young age to take care, to not do this or that, like a porcelain doll, as if she would break at a touch.

Chen Yu was not willing to live her entire life in this state. She didn’t want to pass away prematurely because of her heart condition. She wanted to live freely, just like everyone else.

So when Du Lixun told Chen Yu that Chen Li’s heart would be hers in the future, she began to regard Chen Li as her possession. She could b*lly Chen Li at will and vent all her dissatisfaction towards him.

Why should Chen Li, this fool, have a healthy heart, while she dragged along with a defective one awaiting death? So, from a very young age, Chen Yu began to resent Chen Li. At the slightest inconvenience, she would take it out on Chen Li. As long as she didn’t kill Chen Li and his heart remained strong, she could do whatever she pleased to him!

Chen Yu even instigated Chen Qing to ab*se Chen Li. Perhaps Chen Qing also didn’t like Chen Li’s existence, as he almost immediately agreed with Chen Yu’s proposal.

The siblings found mutual understanding, and from a very young age, Chen Li lived under their oppression.

Chen Yunsheng and Du Lixun turned a blind eye to all of this.

To Chen Yunsheng, Chen Li was merely the source of Chen Yu’s heart. He wanted the ten percent of the shares in Chen’s Enterpises in Shanghai that Du Lixun held. Therefore, he had to find a heart source for Chen Yu to keep her alive. That was the extent of Chen Li’s significance to him. As long as Chen Li was alive, that was sufficient. How he lived was of no importance to Chen Yunsheng.

Du Lixun naturally saw Chen Li as a thorn in her side. When Chen Li was younger, she planned a kidnapping, aiming to use the kidnappers to kill Chen Li. She intended to eliminate Chen Li because he was evidence of Chen Yunsheng’s affair and a witness to her failed marriage. However, due to a twist of fate, Chen Li did not die.

At that time, Chen Yunsheng didn’t know the kidnapping plot was her doing and unintentionally disclosed the reason for Chen Li’s return home to Du Lixun, which ended her plan to kill Chen Li.

However, she still despised Chen Li. Therefore, she allowed the household servants and her own children to mistreat Chen Li, sometimes even inciting the staff to intensify their ab*se.

In fact, things were unfolding just as Du Lixun and Chen Yunsheng had anticipated concerning Chen Li. Chen Li became increasingly withdrawn, cutting off all contact with the outside world. Only in this way, when the time came to get Chen Li’s heart, it could be done quietly and without a hitch.

However, everything changed when Chen Shihuai proposed that Chen Li should marry Wei Chen from the Wei family.

When Chen Shihuai made this proposal, Du Lixun objected. She feared that if Chen Li left the Chen family, uncertainties would arise about acquiring Chen Li’s heart.

However, Chen Shihuai didn’t heed Du Lixun’s advice and insisted on marrying Chen Li to Wei Chen.

As anticipated by Du Lixun, once Chen Li married Wei Chen, everything was beyond her control. No one anticipated that Wei Chen would treasure and protect the fool Chen Li, even to the extent of opposing the Chen family.

The current situation had completely exceeded the expectations of Chen Yunsheng and Du Lixun!

At this moment, Chen Yunsheng was still lying on the ground. The force of Chen Yunlan’s recent attacks was truly uncontrolled. Each blow of the chair felt like a near-death experience. Not only was his forehead bleeding, but he suspected a few bones in his body were broken. Even the slightest movement caused excruciating pain.

Yet, none of the three people in the ward directed any sympathetic or concerned looks toward Chen Yunsheng. It was as if they didn’t acknowledge his existence, let alone consider the extent of the injuries he might have sustained after being beaten by Chen Yunlan. Chen Qing also took several hits from Chen Yunlan. His back was stinging, but he gritted his teeth through the pain and reached out to rub Chen Yu’s head, smiling as he said, “Xiao Yu, whatever you desire, big brother will get it for you. Just focus on getting well.”

Chen Yu nodded and gently squeezed Chen Qing’s hand. “Mm, I got it. Thank you, brother.”


After giving Chen Yunsheng a harsh beating, Chen Yunlan felt some of the suffocating pressure in his heart alleviate. Although he wouldn’t resort to killing someone, giving Chen Yunsheng a beating was still a way to vent his frustrations.

After assa*lting Chen Yunsheng, Chen Yunlan didn’t linger in the hospital. Even before others could clearly see his face, he turned and left.

Just as he exited the hospital, a real estate agent called, mentioning that a house had been found for him and asked him to take a look.

The house was a small villa, two floors with an attic and a small garden. The previous owner had a penchant for a romantic ambiance, and the garden was full of flourishing plants and flowers.

Chen Yunlan instantly liked the small villa and without discussing the price, immediately signed the contract with the agent and transferred the payment.

The agent was thrilled at closing such a significant deal and arranged for a housekeeping company to thoroughly clean the villa inside and out, including complimentary housekeeping services. Chen Yunlan only needed to pack up and move in.

With everything sorted out by the agent, Chen Yunlan didn’t bother and checked out of the hotel that night, moving into his new house in Beijing, officially settling down after nearly twenty years of drifting.

The house felt quiet and empty with only Chen Yunlan. However, over the years, he had grown accustomed to living by himself. Yet, today, as he sat on the small balcony and looked around, he couldn’t help but feel a sudden wave of loneliness.

The moonlight was bright that night, hanging large and round in the sky, casting a silvery glow that enveloped the world.

Curled up in a recliner, Chen Yunlan’s gaze wandered into the distance where the stars sparkled faintly, creating a picturesque night view.

“Qu Ran, I’ve found it. This is what you considered home,” Chen Yunlan said softly towards the distance, a slight smile touching his lips.

In the living room, a once empty wall now held a painting – a child’s artwork. Despite its simplicity, it depicted a house, a bright moon, stars strewn across the sky, and two stick figures holding hands beside the house.

The slow, soothing sound of music brought Chen Yunlan back to the present. He followed the sound to his phone, where an unknown number was calling.

“Hello,” Chen Yunlan answered.

“Hello. Is this Mr. Chen Yunlan? I am Sheng Jiaqi. You might not know who I am, but you surely know who Qu Ran is,” the voice on the other end spoke.

“I know. So what?” Chen Yunlan’s gaze suddenly sharpened, suspecting the caller’s intentions.

“I’d like to discuss some matters regarding Qu Ran. Will you be available tomorrow for a meeting?” Sheng Jiaqi inquired.

“Qu Ran is already dead. There’s nothing more to talk about.” Chen Yunlan concluded and promptly hung up the call.

After ending the call, Chen Yunlan gazed into the distance with a profound look.

Who could be interested in Qu Ran’s matters? Was it his family?

But did Qu Ran even have a family? When he met Qu Ran, the latter seemed like an abandoned child, lonely and helpless.

Chen Yunlan reclined in his chair, suppressing all his emotions.

However, at that moment, his phone rang once again, but this time, it was from Zhuge Yu.

“Chen Yunlan, I heard you bought a house,” Zhuge Yu’s voice erupted as soon as the call connected.

“How did you get this information so quickly?” Chen Yunlan was surprised that Zhuge Yu knew about it immediately after he moved in.

“Hehe,” Zhuge Yu chuckled, “A housewarming feast wouldn’t hurt. Invite me for a meal.”

“Sure, it’s just a meal,” Chen Yunlan agreed readily.

“I might bring Xiao Li along,” Zhuge Yu continued cheerfully, hitting a sensitive spot in Chen Yunlan’s heart.

“Will he come?” Chen Yunlan was somewhat anxious.


“Zhuge Yu…” Chen Yunlan hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Aren’t you blaming me?”

At this mention, Zhuge Yu immediately flared up, “How could I not blame you! I’d rather skin you alive right now! I don’t want to see you for the rest of my life!”

“But now…” Chen Yunlan suddenly found Zhuge Yu’s behavior puzzling. He sensed a deeply rooted animosity in Zhuge Yu’s tone. Zhuge Yu had not forgiven him, so why was he now helping him?

“I know where the boundaries lie. Am I someone who lacks understanding? You’re Xiao Li’s father. He didn’t experience a father’s love for more than twenty years. Should he be deprived of it for the rest of his life? If I didn’t feel that you genuinely care for Xiao Li, I wouldn’t even think of assisting you, you hypocrite!” Zhuge Yu ranted. Despite his strong words, every sentence was heartfelt. For the sake of Chen Li, he could set aside his hatred and let father and son acknowledge each other.

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