Chapter 372 – Escaping with Embezzled Funds

Chen Li was taken aback and finally asked, “Achen, what’s wrong?”

“Some urgent matters came up. I have to make a trip to Shanghai,” Wei Chen said, his tone surprisingly calm.

“Alright, take care on the way.”

Chen Li didn’t inquire further and just saw Wei Chen off.

Wei Chen rushed back to Shanghai without stopping, heading straight to the Wei Corporation building.

Wei Yan was also there and upon seeing Wei Chen, asked, “You’re back? The person hasn’t been caught yet.”

The person Wei Yan referred to as not being caught was none other than Wei Zhenxiong. Wei Zhenxiong didn’t seize the final chance given by Wei Chen. When Wei Chen arranged for the funds to patch the financial loophole in the Wei Corporation’s accounts, on the day Wei Zhenxiong confirmed the money had been received, he absconded with the embezzled funds.

It wasn’t until this morning, when the bank came to collect the debt, that they discovered Wei Zhenxiong was no longer in Shanghai. Wei Chen rushed back because of this, only to find the person had vanished into thin air. Was Wei Chen angry? Not particularly, as Wei Chen hadn’t placed much hope in Wei Zhenxiong to begin with.

Now that he had fled, it was to a large extent within Wei Chen’s expectations.

Under these circumstances, Wei Zhenxiong would definitely find it hard to face the consequences and fleeing with the funds was somewhat expected.

This was Wei Chen’s final offer to Wei Zhenxiong. Since Wei Zhenxiong didn’t want it, whatever happened to him afterward, Wei Chen wouldn’t utter another word.

Wei Chen had done everything he could, fulfilling his obligation to the fullest.

However, Wei Yan couldn’t grasp Wei Chen’s feelings. Thinking Wei Chen was disheartened by this, he reached out and patted Wei Chen’s shoulder, saying, “You… should try to take it easy. Uncle… in the end…”

Eventually, Wei Yan couldn’t find any words to console Wei Chen because he realized he couldn’t find a single positive thing to say about Wei Zhenxiong.

In reality, upon reflection, Wei Zhenxiong’s actions were a profound failure.

“I’m fine,” Wei Chen said, “What about the shares?”

“After discovering Uncle’s escape, the shares he held have been frozen. It’s estimated that soon, the entire Wei Corporation will be up for auction,” Wei Yan said, his tone less than pleasant.

If it hadn’t been absolutely necessary, they wouldn’t have let the Wei Corp go down this path.

“Buy back the stocks,” Wei Chen’s gaze darkened slightly. “There’s always a chance to start anew.”

Wei Yan shared the same sentiment. “I’ve already tasked someone to make the arrangements.”

The Wei Corporation had reached this point due to Wei Zhenxiong’s actions, yet they could rise again under their control, completely disconnected from Wei Zhenxiong thereafter.

“What about Grandfather?”

In this matter, the one who must have been most affected should be the old master.

“Since that shareholders’ meeting day, Grandfather has been at home and hasn’t come out yet,” Wei Yan replied.

“I’ll go home for a visit.”

“Okay,” Wei Yan nodded.

Despite past grievances, Wei Chen was still the grandson of Old Master Wei. He was nurtured by the old man’s own hands.

All past grudges were cleared with the downfall of the Wei Corp. The old man, after this incident, should have understood and decided to step down completely.

Ever since that shareholders’ meeting day, Old Master Wei had ceased to be the helmsman of the Wei Corp and became just an ordinary old man.

Since the Wei Corp’s downfall, the old mansion no longer hosted the lively gatherings it used to. Perched halfway up the hill, all one could hear now was the sound of waves crashing. The entire Wei residence was quiet, desolate.

When Wei Chen returned from the Wei Corporation to the family home, what greeted him was a scene of desolation.

Even though it was the peak of summer, everything should have been lush and verdant.

Perhaps compared to the past Wei family, the current one indeed appeared much more desolate. When Housekeeper Zhang saw Wei Chen coming in, he greeted him with surprise, “Young Master Chen, why have you returned?”

Even though he knew Wei Chen wasn’t Zhang Ze’s son, it didn’t hinder the housekeeper’s deep affection for Wei Chen. After all, he had watched him grow up as if he were his grandson, and even without that blood relation, it couldn’t change the bond formed over the years.

Of course, Housekeeper Zhang didn’t deny that when he learned the truth, he had struggled and hesitated. But upon careful consideration, it didn’t matter much.

Wei Chen was still Wei Chen, the outstanding young master of the Wei family.

Wei Chen nodded at Housekeeper Zhang and asked, “Where is Grandfather?”

“The old master is in the yard enjoying the lotus flowers,” Housekeeper Zhang replied.

During this season, the lotus flowers in the yard were in full bloom, each one vibrant and alluring. For several consecutive days, Grandfather Wei had been admiring the lotus flowers in the yard.


Wei Chen walked into the Wei family’s yard and indeed spotted Grandfather Wei standing with hands behind his back in the small pavilion at the center of the lake. He approached.

Grandfather Wei turned at the sound and upon seeing Wei Chen, a hint of joy appeared on his face. “Achen, you’re back.”

“Grandfather.” Wei Chen called out, about to speak but was interrupted by Grandfather Wei raising his hand.

“I’ve heard it all,” Grandfather Wei sighed. “He chose to walk down a path of no return, and no one could save him.”

Wei Chen wasn’t surprised that Grandfather Wei knew about this, so he intended to address another matter.

“I’m planning to buy Wei Corporation’s stocks,” Wei Chen said this bombshell of news to Grandfather Wei with an expressionless face.

“Achen, you…”

Wei Chen’s gaze fell upon the flourishing lotus pond, teeming with vitality just like this season.

“The Wei Corp can’t fall under our generation’s watch.” Wei Chen’s gaze was resolute.

No matter what had happened before, as long as he was surnamed Wei, the Wei Corp remained his responsibility. While he was around, this responsibility prevented Wei Chen from passively watching the Wei Corp’s downfall. Grandfather Wei looked at Wei Chen with contentment; this was his grandson, the one he had raised with his own hands.

“Achen, I’m sorry for what happened before,” Grandfather Wei finally said.

When he finally expressed his regret, Grandfather Wei felt a sense of relief. The burden that had weighed on his heart these past few days seemed to vanish. Simultaneously, he believed that with Wei Chen and the descendants of the Wei family, the Wei Corp could rise again swiftly.

Wei Chen’s icy gaze settled on Grandfather Wei, calmly stating, “It’s all in the past now.”

It was impossible for Wei Chen not to have harbored resentment towards Grandfather Wei, especially considering the dangerous situation he had once put Chen Li in. However, being raised by Grandfather Wei from childhood had created an immense bond that couldn’t simply be severed.

Now, with Grandfather Wei’s apology, Wei Chen felt surprisingly indifferent, just as he had said — things were in the past, dispersed in the wheel of time. Forgiveness wasn’t the issue.

The relationship between Wei Chen and Grandfather Wei could never return to what it was before.

Grandfather Wei understood this all too well, feeling helpless and regretful. After all, he had caused this situation himself. Apart from overwhelming helplessness and regret, he had no other recourse. He had pushed Wei Chen away, and now that Wei Chen was willing to step forward during Wei family’s difficult times, Grandfather Wei felt incredibly fortunate.

The situation at Wei Corporation was rather complicated. Wei Chen stayed in Shanghai for a full month.

After a month, Wei Chen returned to Beijing but handed in his resignation to Sheng Jiaqi. Sheng Jiaqi wasn’t particularly surprised by this resignation. He had some understanding of Wei Corp’s situation. Wei Chen intended to return to the Wei family to help solve their problems.

Sheng Jiaqi didn’t approve Wei Chen’s resignation but didn’t insist on keeping him either. He simply said, “I’ll keep this position for you. Whenever the family matters are resolved, whenever you want to come back, the job you have now, I’ll handle it for the time being.”

Having worked with Wei Chen for so many years, Sheng Jiaqi always believed that Wei Chen was the best fit for Changfeng Group. He had already entertained the idea of handing over the Changfeng Group to Wei Chen after his own retirement.

Because of this, Sheng Jiaqi couldn’t bear to let Wei Chen leave Changfeng.

Of course, Sheng Jiaqi was willing to give Wei Chen time to sort out the issues at hand.

Wei Chen didn’t dare to refuse Sheng Jiaqi’s decision. He owed a lot to Sheng Jiaqi. Since joining Changfeng, Sheng Jiaqi had taught him many things and had trusted him completely.

So, instead of declining Sheng Jiaqi’s offer, Wei Chen withdrew his resignation.

Moreover, deep down, Wei Chen actually preferred working at Changfeng.

“I’m sorry to trouble you, Chairman,” Wei Chen bowed respectfully to Sheng Jiaqi.

Sheng Jiaqi chuckled, “It’s no trouble at all. Having you stay is good for Changfeng. Of course, I hope you can return to your position as soon as possible.”

Wei Chen’s face remained expressionless, but warmth filled his eyes. “Okay, I’ll be back soon,” he said.

After leaving Changfeng Group, Wei Chen went straight to Xie Chunsheng’s villa. He hadn’t informed Chen Li about his return from Shanghai to Beijing.

When Wei Chen arrived home, Chen Li was playing with Qiuqiu in the living room. Hearing some movement, Chen Li turned and was momentarily stunned.

Qiuqiu was quicker in reacting than Chen Li. Upon seeing Wei Chen, Qiuqiu swiftly got up and toddled toward Wei Chen.

After a month had passed, Qiuqiu had become more agile in walking. In no time, Qiuqiu was standing in front of Wei Chen, reaching out to hug his thigh.

“Da da, da da!” Qiuqiu joyfully called out.

Chen Li realized the situation and hurried over. If it weren’t for Qiuqiu, he might have jumped onto Wei Chen by now.

“Achen, why are you back?” Chen Li’s face was full of surprise. He had missed Wei Chen a lot during the past month.

Wei Chen hugged one and then another, giving kisses affectionately.

After spending a cozy time together as a family, Wei Chen finally told Chen Li about his purpose in returning today. “Li Li, I’m here this time to take you and Qiuqiu back to Shanghai.”

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