Chapter 373 – Jiang Ye’s Worries

Chen Li was momentarily stunned but didn’t inquire about the reason. He nodded and said, “Okay. I’ll pack my things in a while.”

“No rush.” Wei Chen said, “We can stay a few more days in the capital, and we’re not settling in Shanghai permanently.”

“Really?” Chen Li’s eyes lit up upon hearing that they weren’t settling in Shanghai. He thought that once they returned to Shanghai, they wouldn’t come back to the capital.

The capital held many memories for Chen Li. If they were to leave, he would undoubtedly feel reluctant.

Compared to having lived in Shanghai for over twenty years, Chen Li preferred staying in the capital. It was where his family and friends resided, and almost all of his fond memories were associated with this city. He had come to regard this city as his home.

Of course, if they were to settle in Shanghai, Chen Li wouldn’t vehemently oppose it, despite the many unpleasant incidents that occurred there. However, Chen Li had come to terms with it.

Wherever Wei Chen was, that was home, regardless of the location.

Wei Chen lowered his head and gently planted a kiss on Chen Li’s shining eyes, saying, “Truly, our home is here. We’ll always be here.”

“Yeah,” Chen Li smiled, his eyes crescent-shaped.

Taking a cue from his father, Qiuqiu mimicked him and planted a wet kiss on Chen Li’s face, giggling afterward.

Later in the evening, Xie Chunsheng and Chen Yunlan returned. Wei Chen informed the two parents about his temporary return to Shanghai.

“Would it be convenient for Xiao Li and Qiuqiu to go there?” Chen Yunlan asked with a furrowed brow. He had heard a bit about the Wei family’s affairs in Shanghai from Xie Chunsheng and was worried that Wei Chen might become too occupied to take care of Qiuqiu and Chen Li.

Wei Chen explained, “I’ve sorted out everything that needed handling for this month. Going back to Shanghai is just to bring the Wei Corp back on track, much like regular work. But the duration might be a bit longer.”

Seeing Wei Chen’s assurance, Chen Yunlan refrained from further comments.

Besides, Wei Chen originally belonged to Shanghai. If he intended to settle there with Chen Li, there wasn’t much they could say.

“Well, take care then,” Chen Yunlan advised, still concerned.

Xie Chunsheng didn’t express any opinion on the matter, simply saying, “How about this? I’ll arrange for a few people to go with you to Shanghai to ensure Chen Li’s safety.”

During this period, the members of the Chen family had been behaving, refraining from any altercations. However, Xie Chunsheng remained uneasy.

Wei Chen didn’t refuse Xie Chunsheng’s concern. Given the people under Xie Chunsheng’s command could even deceive those sent by the Sheng family for protection, having their safeguard added an extra layer of security for Chen Li and Qiuqiu.

Everyone wasn’t naive, and it wasn’t as if they wouldn’t meet again, so the atmosphere wasn’t too heavy. Moreover, the high-speed train from the capital to Shanghai had already opened. If Chen Yunlan wished to see Qiuqiu and Chen Li, it would be convenient.

The decision for Wei Chen and Chen Li to live in Shanghai for a while had been settled. Before their departure, they gathered all their friends at Xie Chunsheng’s villa and threw a party. It wasn’t a farewell laden with much sadness; rather, it was jovial. Young people gathered, chatting freely without many reservations, enjoying a relaxed atmosphere.

Today, Lan Xiping didn’t show up. He was pursuing a direct doctorate and performing exceptionally well, likely to graduate soon.

Tonight, he had an important surgery, hence his absence in bidding farewell to Chen Li and Wei Chen. Jiang Ye also appeared preoccupied. Sometimes, Wei Chen would speak several sentences before getting a response from Jiang Ye.

Later on, Jiang Ye walked to the balcony holding a drink, seeming lost in thought, gazing into the distance.

Wei Chen followed and clinked glasses with Jiang Ye, asking, “What’s wrong? Is there an issue with Lan Xiping?”

It wasn’t that Wei Chen cursed the relationship between Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping, but considering Jiang Ye’s abilities, issues seldom arose. Only matters connected to Lan Xiping seemed to affect Jiang Ye’s emotions this much.

Jiang Ye shook his head, took a sip of his drink, and said, “Nothing’s wrong.”

“You don’t seem okay,” Wei Chen remarked. “Your mind seems elsewhere.”

“Achen,” Jiang Ye suddenly looked very serious, turning to Wei Chen. “I need to ask you for a favor.”

“Go ahead,” Wei Chen’s gaze sharpened, sensing that something significant was about to unfold.

Jiang Ye furrowed his brow lightly and said, “If one day I suddenly disappear, please take care of Xiping for me and tell him that I will definitely come back.”

Wei Chen didn’t respond immediately, simply gazing at Jiang Ye before finally saying, “Why don’t you tell him yourself?”

“I can’t tell him,” Jiang Ye’s face revealed a trace of defeat. “For his safety and for the safety of those around me, I have to sever all contacts, including those with the Sheng family.” He didn’t want to leave Lan Xiping, nor did he want to leave China, but there were things he needed to do, especially considering the pressure from the United States.

Wei Chen didn’t know what dangers Jiang Ye would face in the future. He only patted Jiang Ye’s shoulder and said, “Li Li and I will look after Xiping for you, but there are some things you need to tell him yourself.” Including that last statement, “I will come back.”

Jiang Ye fell silent, gazing at the scenery outside. Despite the calm night, his mind was in turmoil.

Wei Chen patted Jiang Ye’s shoulder once more, not wanting to disturb him further, and returned to the living room.

Chen Li glanced at Wei Chen and asked softly, “What’s wrong with Jiang Ye?”

Wei Chen shook his head. “It’s nothing. Let him have some quiet.”

Seeing this, Chen Li refrained from asking further.

The next day at noon, Chen Li and Wei Chen, accompanied by chubby Qiuqiu, took the high-speed train back to Shanghai.

Wei Yan picked them up at the train station but didn’t know where to drop them off.

He had some inkling about what had happened to Chen Li in the Wei residence, guessing there might be some conflict between Chen Li and the Grandfather Wei, assuming they wouldn’t live together.

“Achen, why don’t you let Chen Li stay at my place for a few days?” Wei Yan turned and asked.

“No need,” Wei Chen declined directly. “Let’s go back to the old house.”

Wei Yan was a bit surprised but didn’t say anything further.

Staying at the old Wei family residence was something Chen Li and Wei Chen had discussed together. Despite the history between Chen Li and Grandfather Wei, Chen Li believed that the blood ties and all connections between Grandfather Wei and Wei Chen couldn’t be severed.

Therefore, it was Chen Li who suggested staying at the old Wei family residence.

Wei Chen didn’t refuse, only saying, “If you find it uncomfortable, we’ll move out.”

The car drove all the way to the old Wei family residence.

Earlier, Grandfather Wei had heard the news and surprisingly came out personally to greet them. Houskeeper Zhang accompanied him. When the car stopped, Grandfather Wei walked over and opened the door for Wei Chen and Chen Li.

Grandfather Wei looked at Chen Li, his gaze somewhat complex. His expression grew even more intricate upon seeing Chen Li carrying Qiuqiu in his arms.

The child bore a striking resemblance to Chen Li. It was likely that Wei Chen had sought surrogacy, using Chen Li’s genetic material.

However, Grandfather Wei also knew that regardless of whose blood flowed in the child Chen Li held, the situation had become quite complicated.

A fleeting complex expression crossed Grandfather Wei’s face. Seeing Chen Li and Wei Chen approaching, he said, “You’re back? Good to be back.”

During this period, Grandfather Wei appeared much older and lacked the same stern demeanor he had before.

“Grandfather,” Chen Li called out, not too affectionate but not distant either.

Grandfather Wei smiled in response and instructed Housekeeper Zhang to usher Wei Chen and Chen Li inside. This was Qiuqiu’s first visit to the old Wei family residence. His curious big eyes scanned the surroundings, occasionally glancing at Chen Li, seemingly asking questions.

Chen Li patiently talked to Qiuqiu, regardless of whether the child understood. Qiuqiu intermittently giggled, appearing entirely comfortable and not at all shy.

As Grandfather Wei led the way, he didn’t forget to observe Chen Li and Qiuqiu. Seeing Qiuqiu’s chubby and cheerful demeanor in a new place without crying or fussing, Grandfather Wei thought to himself that this was an endearing child.

By now, the sky had gradually darkened. Dinner was ready in the kitchen, laid out lavishly on the table.

Grandfather Wei suggested Wei Yan join them for dinner, but Wei Yan declined, mentioning someone waiting for him at home.

Grandfather Wei could sense the distance Wei Yan maintained and felt a bit uncomfortable about it. After all, Wei Yan was still his grandson. Yet, he also knew that the current situation was one he had brought upon himself and was something he needed to endure, despite the discomfort.

After asking Housekeeper Zhang to escort Wei Yan, Grandfather Wei called for dinner.

The ink-black night descended, growing deeper with time.

In Grandfather Wei’s study, Housekeeper Zhang stood behind him, gently massaging his back.

“Old Zhang, what’s your impression of the child today?” Grandfather Wei pinched the bridge of his nose and inquired.

Housekeeper Zhang responded, “Young Master Qiuqiu looks cheerful, has a good temperament, and didn’t cry or fuss today. His appetite is good, and watching him eat can make anyone hungry. Although he looks like a carbon copy of Young Master Chen Li, upon closer inspection, there’s a hint of Young Master Chen in him, especially in the nose. But the most important thing is…” Housekeeper Zhang paused, uncertain whether to continue.

“Speak your mind,” Grandfather Wei waved his hand, encouraging the butler to speak openly.

“The most important thing is that Young Master Chen values him. I believe the master has also noticed that Young Master Chen treats him with deep affection. The tenderness in his eyes is quite similar to when he looks at Young Master Chen Li,” Housekeeper Zhang revealed his thoughts.

Regardless of whose genes flow through Qiuqiu’s bloodstream, as long as Wei Chen considers him his son, then he is Wei Chen’s son. Grandfather Wei’s denial wouldn’t change that.

After all, the entire Wei family now relied on Wei Chen. Even though Grandfather Wei didn’t explicitly state it, the elders in the Wei family understood—the one in charge of the Wei family now was Wei Chen.

Grandfather Wei sighed deeply, acknowledging the truth that Housekeeper Zhang had expressed. Regardless of whether he admitted it or not, Wei Chen’s stance outweighed everything else.

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