Chapter 677 – Buying Land

Ye Lin didn’t expect that this would be the reason.

She blushed immediately.

Since starting her own company and becoming the boss, Ye Lin had slowly become more dignified. In order to command respect, she rarely smiled at the office and maintained a serious demeanor every day.

Right now, she rarely displayed such a girlish attitude, and Lu Xia found it quite amusing.

Love truly had its power!

She immediately teased, “Alright, you should go date. Liu Song has been thinking about expanding into the southern market recently, so you can go with him and help stock up at the department stores and malls there. At the same time, you can spend some time with Qi Xiao; it’s not ideal for you two to be in a long-distance relationship.”

Ye Lin hesitated briefly, but ultimately didn’t refuse. “Okay, you take care of the company for now. I’ll come back when you start school.”

Lu Xia was surprised that she mentioned “when you start school” all of a sudden, as it was still two months away. She widened her eyes in disbelief. Was she really going away for such a long time?

After a moment’s thought, Lu Xia decided not to say anything. After all, Ye Lin had been working hard running the company for all these years. This could be considered an extended vacation for her.

The next day, Ye Lin packed her things and headed south, accompanied by Liu Song’s team.

Since their cosmetics had been selling well at the department stores in the northern region, they gradually expanded to nearby cities. Currently, their sales were steadily increasing, and they were dominating a significant portion of the northern market.

It was finally time for the company to expand to the southern region.

As the company’s business continued to grow, the number of employees also increased. However, the cosmetics factory was growing the fastest.

They had expanded it several times already, and they had added more machines to the production line. However, the current factory was getting too small for their needs. Moreover, it was a rented space, which had limitations on their expansion.

So, a long time ago, Ye Lin and Lu Xia had been discussing the idea of buying a new factory or finding a piece of land to build one. Although they had planned this out, executing it was quite challenging. Firstly, finding a suitable factory to purchase was difficult, and secondly, there was no suitable land available for building.

However, luck was on their side. The government had recently publicly auctioned off several pieces of land, and they participated in the auction as soon as it was announced, winning a piece in the company’s name.

Among the land plots available at the auction, the one they secured was considered the least favorable in terms of location. It was in the outskirts, with a decent size but surrounded by desolate areas.

The decision to choose this location was made by Lu Xia. Her reasoning was simple. While the company was financially stable and could have acquired a plot within the city, she felt it was unnecessary. After all, they were running a factory, and with the future development of the capital city, these factories would likely need to move further out. Additionally, the area she had chosen, though currently remote, would become a prominent industrial zone in the future.

What was even more significant was the large size of the land. Apart from building a factory, there was enough space to construct some residential buildings. These could be used for offering benefits to long-serving employees or as staff dormitories.

So, in the end, she settled on this location.

Ye Lin generally listened to her on important matters, and the other employees in the company had no objections, so the decision was made.

When Lu Xia came to work, the first task she faced was the construction of the factory. While residential buildings could wait, the factory construction couldn’t be delayed any longer. Therefore, Lu Xia decided to focus on getting the factory built first, and once the employees and equipment were relocated, they could consider the other aspects.

So, shortly after joining the company and without taking much time to settle in, Lu Xia, along with her assistant, set out to find a suitable construction firm.


Chapter 678 – Design


The factory design plans this time were kindly sponsored by Jiang Junmo.

Originally, Lu Xia felt that having him do this was a bit of an overkill. After all, building the factory was straightforward, and it didn’t require any complicated structures. Even without a designer, the construction team could handle it.

But Jiang Junmo didn’t just go through the motions; he genuinely helped her design it.

However, Lu Xia was thinking that he now had a job at a company, and doing this on the side might not be a good idea privately. She wondered if she should talk to his company or pay them a design fee.

In response, Jiang Junmo just smiled and said, “No need, it’s alright. I’ll inform my superiors when the time comes. They won’t mind this small task.”

“Really? It won’t have any negative effects?”

“Of course not. You’re my wife, my family. It shouldn’t be such a hassle to do something for family. Just think, if someone were a doctor and their family got sick, would they have to report to the hospital before treating them?”

Lu Xia understood when he put it that way.

After that, she stopped worrying and, armed with the design plans Jiang Junmo had made in his spare time, she contacted several construction companies he had recommended.

In the end, she selected the most suitable one, finalized the deal, and entrusted them with the construction of the factory.

However, the construction of the factory was straightforward, just an open workshop, so it wouldn’t take much time.

So, Lu Xia had no intention of hiring a designer for that. However, the employee dormitory building was more complicated.

Jiang Junmo was indeed capable of designing, but Lu Xia didn’t want him to spend so much time on it. After all, as a designer, he would need to be frequently on-site during construction.

So, she decided to hire a professional designer and pay for their services.

When Jiang Junmo heard her decision, he suggested, “Why don’t you consider our company?”

“Your company? Can I do that? Would a state-owned enterprise like yours be willing to take on a small project like mine?”

Seemingly anticipating her concerns, Jiang Junmo smiled and said, “Don’t think that everyone in our company is an exceptionally skilled designer. Every profession requires a certain level of experience. Our company takes on small projects too, mainly to train new talent.”

Lu Xia understood and replied, “Alright, then I’ll go with your company.”

When Lu Xia went to Jiang Junmo’s workplace at the agreed-upon time, he was already waiting for her.

It seemed like he had already informed his superiors.

So, once inside, she was taken directly to the office of the company’s leader.

After the leader learned of her request, without much hesitation, he agreed.

It was also quite a coincidence, or perhaps it was intentional, that they assigned Jiang Junmo’s team to handle her project.

Of course, this small project didn’t require Jiang Junmo to personally oversee it. It was being handled by the junior members of his team, with him responsible for the final review.

Lu Xia felt completely at ease, signed the contract with the design firm, and handed the project over to them.

The construction company estimated that it would take a few months to complete the factory, so Lu Xia arranged for someone to oversee it while she returned to her company to get busy with other matters.

However, there was a surprise waiting for her…

She soon realized that as a boss, she had to make a lot of decisions and sign a considerable number of documents every day.

Lu Xia had only been working for a week, and she was already feeling tired.

Especially when Qi Xiao took the time to call and express his gratitude, mentioning that he had also taken a break from work to travel to Harbor City with Ye Lin.

After hearing this, Lu Xia couldn’t help but shed a tear of envy. She then gathered her energy and continued to work diligently.

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